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Sony MDR-NC60 Noise Canceling Headphone
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $119.88

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Product Description

Silence the world around you with the MDR-NC60 Noise-Canceling Headphone. This Noise-Canceling Headphone means you can shut out up to 85% of the ambient noise around you, including jet engines, office printers and subway chatter. These headphones are perfect for work, traveling or just when you're trying to sleep in a loud place. The ear-conscious design offers premium comfort, so you can wear them for long stretches without pinching your ears. For added convenience, the built-in monitor switch allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking off the headphones. The noise-canceling circuit achieves this with a phase-canceling process, providing a noise reduction of 16.5dB at 200Hz. Audio Noise Level - On & Off switch on housing Reduce Ambient Noise Audio Sensitivity - 102dB/mW (on), 100dB/mW (off) Headphone Type - Closed, dynamic Audio Frequency Response - 14 - 22000Hz Neodymium magnets deliver powerful sound Audio Impedance - 40 ohms at 1kHz (on), 100 ohms at 1kHz (off) High quality noise canceling headphones Audio Frequency Range - 40 - 1500Hz Battery Type - DC1.5V, 1 AAA Battery Battery Life - Up to 30 Hours with alkaline battery, 15 Hours with manganese battery Cord Length - Approximately 1.5m Weight - Approximately 230 grams including AAA battery

Silence the world around you with Sony Noise Cancelling Over-the-Ear Headphones. They shut out up to 85% of the ambient noise around you, including jet engines, office printers and subway chatter. These headphones are perfect for work, traveling, or just when you're trying to sleep in a loud place. The ear-conscious design offers premium comfort, so you can wear them for long stretches without pinching your ears. For added convenience, the built-in monitor switch allows you to hear surrounding sound without taking off the headphones. The 40mm dome-type driver has a frequency response of 14-22,000Hz, and one AAA alkaline battery powers the device for approximately 30 hours.

  • Up to 85% (16.5dB at 200 Hz) ambient noise reduction
  • Built-in monitor switch to mute music to listen outside
  • Premium case
  • Lightweight 230g
  • Adjustable, foldable headband

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great
    Bought this product to use on trans-atlantic flights.
    Very pleased with the performance. I find that I am not so tired when arriving, which I attribute to the reduction in noise endured during the flight.
    When using the ear buds provided by the airline, I had to turn up the volume to 6 or 7 on the aricraft system just to hear a movie.
    With these I can turn it down to 2 and hear the movie perfectly with better sound quality.
    Also works great with MP3 player.
    Would buy another pair and definately would recommend them to others....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought these headphones for my husband. He absolutely loves them. He can listen to his music without disturbing the household. These headphones are truly noise cancelling. He cupped his hands over them while off of his head and you couldn't hear the music. I'm happy and he is happy also....more info
  • Distincty dissapointing
    The drivers and sound quality are piss poor, distorting most of the upper-mids and highs, and the garbage noise from the cancellation is massive. Get the audio-technica ones, they're much better....more info
  • Sony MDR-N60 noise canceling headphones
    Great product. The headphones are really comfortable and the noise canceling works real well. Also the sound quality is very good....more info
  • Sony MDR-NC60
    Good product. I compared the Sony with a friend's Bose QC2 and QC3. It turns out the over the ear fit and noise canceling were better than the Bose QC2 and QC3. And the Sony was less that half the price....more info
  • Oscillating hum very annoying
    The oscillating hum I found to be quite irritating. I returned them the day I got them at no cost and received a timely refund. Kudos to Amazon.

    Otherwise the headphones were very comfortable and had good sound & noise cancelling quality. But the humming, vibrating oscillations made our $25 Coby noise cancelling headphones a better pick.

    Let's hope Sony (I expected much better) can fix this faux paus. ...more info
  • Buy this over Shure and Bose!
    This product turned out exactly as the "good" reviews stated. I have yet to hear the buzzing or thumping that many reviewers seem to perceive. My thoughts are that this sound is only heard in a select group of users. I have used it at home (with a movie playing on a loud LG tv at 27 in the same room) and in a loud office. It works GREAT for both. It blocks out almost all talking, others typing, etc and allows me to get quality work done without interruption. I can listen to music at a lower volume, which is def. a plus for my ears. Additionally, it has great music quality and great bass. Sound is better with the NC (noise cancelling)_ on, but is good with it off also. Works well without the cord, as just an NC device. I have to say, it does take a little bit of time to get used to the anti-noise. It is a weird pressure on your ears, but only when you think about it. Oh, it is also VERY comfortable. Not like the QC2 which is way uncomfortable. The Sony ear cups fit well over the ears and are very cushioned. Same goes for the headband. Plus you get a nice leather carrying case. And for this price, you simply cannot find a better option for NDC Cans! I tried Bose QC2, Shure SE115, Sony MDR NC40 and returned them all. : ) Frankly, this verion of the Sony NC headphones is much better and actually does what I "thought" NC headphones did. ...more info
  • Very bad
    Turning on the noise canceling generates a loud low-frequency oscillation. As near as I can tell, this is the only time the headphones put out any bass at all. My old noise canceling Maxell headphones that were half the price three years ago were much better. ...more info
  • Vs. Bose Quiet comfort
    I compared my Sony MDR-NC60 to Bose QC 2 and 3 at a Bose store (I took my Sony into the store). This Bose store had a station specifically made for the QC headsets that plays back loud jet noises (like the airplane cabin condition). In terms of noise canceling, I couldn't detect any differences between the Boses and Sony. I like that with Sony, you can take the electrical wire off and use it only as a noise canceling headset while not listening to music. The Bose doesn't allow you to pull the wire off the headset. So, even if you are not listening to music and want to use it to cancel noise, you are still stuck with the wire hanging. Plus, the Sony was 50% less expensive. It was a no brainer for me!...more info
  • NO BASS!
    I think that these are a good set of headphones for the most part but, EXTREMELY OVERPRICED and the bass is equal to the bass on headphones from the 1970s or something. They have amazing clarity but I, for one, LOVE BASS. The MDR-NC60 model was not what I was looking for at all. Bose wins this one hands down. In fact the $70 Skullcandy headphones have subwoofers in them and the bass blows the sox off the MDR NC60's. I'm returning these for a Bose pair first thing in the morning. ...more info
  • No problem
    I haven't had this product for a long time and look forward to try it on a long flight but it seems to be doing what it's supposed to. I use a 3G iPhone and it works fine; no humming sound as experienced by some buyers....more info
  • Silence is Golden
    This was an unexpected surprise purchase for its price. I used these headphones on a recent flight, and was highly pleased with the sound quality and noise canceling affect of the headphones. While the headphones will not totally put you into total noise isolation, nevertheless they compare well if not better to those famous "Bose" headphones everyone is so willing to praise. At half the price of Bose, these headphones are money well spent for about the same effect. The only downsize it there is a noticeable, but low level buzz in the earphones when used in a low noise environment. The sound quality of the headphones was excellent and covered all the ranges of my music from very high to very low frequencies. A subjective feature I noticed was the longer the headphones are worn, the quieter they appeared to be as they settle into a close fit. A useful features is the monitor ability on the headphones to listen to conversations without lifting up the headphones. A good buy for the price, overall quality and features offered!! ...more info
  • Pros/Cons
    -Great sound quality (When listening on these, I've heard some parts of songs I'd never heard before)
    -Noise Canceling works well (I have yet to try it on a plane or a train, but I have tried it in a room with a lot of people talking, and it does block a lot of the noise out)
    -The headphones look fantastic
    -There is a convenient button that you can press when you are using the NC feature and it stops the music so that you can hear outside noise

    -The headphones get uncomfortable after a while of use
    -When the NC feature is on and you walk around, a buzzing sound in one ear is heard with every step (It gets extremely annoying, so I only use the NC feature sitting down)
    -The carrying case could have been designed better...more info
  • Geat headphones for the price
    They work very well with the noise canceling turned on or off; I take them on a flights from the east coast to Honolulu and have no problems having them on for over 9 hours....more info
  • Great product for the money
    After doing my research, I ended up buying these for my husband for Christmas. He's quite the audiophile, so I was nervous about purchasing something like this for him, but he's been talking about wanting some for a long time. I initially looked at Bose, but after reading the reviews on here, settled on the Sonys, and it was a great choice. He loves them. Wears them while he's mowing the grass, using the leaf blower, whatever, and says they are very comfortable, the sound quality is exceptional, and the noise-canceling feature does just what it is supposed to do. For the money, as far as we are concerned, you can't go wrong with these....more info
  • Good noise cancelling, and great comfort, and it's a SONY
    I consider myself as a lucky one this time!

    Purchased this one after reading many reviews (mostly positives) from a web site for about 70$ for a SONY certified refurbished one, and it didn't work out at all, it had all kinds of noises and discomfort.

    So, called SONY customer service and asked to return for exchange. After a long time waiting (a month and a half), they finally said they had no similar refurbished one in stock for exchange, so they decided to mail me instead a NEW one! So, my misery turned into my luck this time.

    As soon as I received it, I checked out, boy, am I happy! It blows the old one away, and worked out very well so far. Good noise cancelling, and great comfort, and it's a SONY.

    So, a good lesson, don't buy expensive refurbished electronics without careful evaluation, even if it's re-certified....more info
  • Excellent value and fun to use
    Headphone preference is highly individual with regard to both of the two most important issues, namely sound quality and comfort, and with regard to the less important issue of style or appearance. For me, these headphones get top marks on all three of these issues. I also give them top marks for cost and portability (the cans rotate to fold flat), and for using standard batteries (one AAA).

    With these headphones there is also the issue of noise canceling. For me, they perform as well as the Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones, which I consider the gold standard for noise canceling headphones.

    The Sony headphones are extremely similar to the Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones in size and shape, and in using standard batteries, and I think they are about the same in noise canceling and sound quality. I give the Sony headphones the edge on appearance. The most important difference for me is that the Bose earpads are slightly larger, and therefore more comfortable for me. I like both the Sony and the Bose, and I use them....more info
  • Great Bang for the Buck
    I bought a set of these, refurbished, for under $[...] shipping included. Overall, I love the quality of these. Solid construction, velvet plush leather. The sound quality is phenomenal, I heard details that I never realized in my music before. The only con is the slight background hiss when Noise Canceling is on and the music is off. When music is off, you cannot hear it at all. Compared to the Bose QC2 or the smaller QC3, this headset is on-par with it in all aspects except price, which it easily wins hands down.

    Overall, I would recommend the Sony MDR-NC60 to anyone looking for an affordable set of quality noise-canceling headphones! ...more info
  • very comfortable
    If you looking for high quality, comfortable ware for long time, name brand, but not very high price Noise Cancellation headphone, then this is the one you need to look at.

    only one thing I don't like is the size, little bit too big to put in my notebook carrying case
    ...more info
  • Ear Protection & Headphones in One
    After reading many reviews and owning the Sony MDR-NC60's for 6 months there seems to be some things people miss. Yes Sony makes great headphones at a reasonable price, but these are really more then headphones. I have 3 uses for the headphones, First is listening to music on the lawn tractor. Second is listening to music while running the snow blower. Third is listening to music while flying on a commercial airline. All three are very noise environments.

    The MDR-NC60's where purchased to "replace" a pair of Sony MDR-V7 that I still own and use to this day, just not in the three aforementioned environments. As I have been getting older just blasting music over the noise just became unacceptable. The sound quality of the NC-60 is not as good as the V7 in a quite areas as the NC60's are a closed headphone and can not reproduce as accurately. However get in constant noise and the NC-60 really take out the background, not totally thus the 85% rating, but listening to music while snow blowing or lawn mowing is very enjoyable.

    Noisy environment does not equal office talking and people walking about. I found that the noise cancellation works best on engine noise, that lower frequency constant hum. I have read bad reviews based on office environments however the frequencies in office noise is usually a higher pitch then that of engine noise. If they did cancel those frequencies you may hear it affect the music too, something to keep in mind.

    I too have run into the background noise issue that has been mentioned in other reviews with no audio in only. If the headset is turned on and the headphones are not plugged in I have heard and felt the loop back noise mentioned by others, however plug the headphones into a device and turn the device on and it stops. The device does not have to be putting music out just powered on. I am sorry but I can not fault the active electronics down to a one star rating for this and fail to mention there really is a work around. Maybe some people just don't experiment or they really did get bum headphones, can only tell you what I have found.

    True test = flight from New York to Hawaii, 11 hours of air time and used the headphones the whole time. I hate flying due to the earaches caused by the jet engine noise. Previous flights have been with nothing or with other headphones and drowning out the engine noise. These trips have been from New York to Florida or Texas, shorter flights and miserable results. I got off the plane in Hawaii and felt great these headphones really saved me this time.

    I can not compare to other Noise Cancellation headphones as yes I admit I am a Sony headphone fan and just could not find any demos to work with. I bought the headphones on spec alone and have not been sorry.

    Comparing headphones to headphones. I have 4 pairs of Sony's I can use and the following.

    Sony MDR-V7 = 5 Stars
    Sony MDR -NC60 = 4 Stars
    Sony MDR-E828LP=4 Stars
    Sony MDR-V150=3 Stars

    Sony MDR-V7 = 3.5 Stars
    Sony MDR -NC60 = 5 Stars
    Sony MDR-E828LP=2 Stars
    Sony MDR-V150=2.5 Stars
    ...more info
  • Sony MDR NC60 are just great!
    I recently bought Sony NC60 Noise Canceling Headphones and they are just great. I like them very much! :)...more info
  • not as good as Bose
    I very regret to buy Sony-NC60. Before I buy this product, I tried my coworker's Bose. It is very good. However, I thought Sony should be a good one too based on its big Name. After all, its price is only half of Bose. However, when I got Sony-Nc60, I found it has a low drum sound when you turn on the Noise reduction switch, which is very uncomfortable. I called Amazon second day I got it and try to change for a Bose. They say I have to pay 25% restock fee. So I have to keep it even if I do not like it. So potential buyers, if you really want a noise reduction headphone, get a Bose. Only if you are tight for finance, you could consider this Sony-NC60.

    That is my real review without any favor of Bose or Sony....more info