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Tristan And Isolde
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  • Will their love stand the test of time?
    Like the great historical couples - Romeo & Juliet, Helen & Paris, Guinevere & Lancelot, Queen Isabelle & William Wallace - Tristan & Isolde is the lesser known (and harder to pronounce) story of forbidden love. Beautifully acted by Sophia Myles (of Doctor Who fame in the UK) and brooding James Franco, it's set amongst gorgeous scenery, supposedly based in Scotland, but definitely not filmed here.

    I always like these historical romances. Slated by others, I find it quite comforting to watch their love unfold on screen, and get quite teary. Perfect for this time of year.

    Of course it's forbidden love story time. Tristan, who's parents are murdered almost in front of his young eyes, grows up to be young warrior, but is seemingly killed in battle, by a poisoned sword. He's given a King's send off, complete in burning boat. (Yes, you put a burning boat on water, the flames are surprisingly enough, going to go out.) He lands in Ireland, still alive, and found by Isolde, a princess of kinds back then. (Try pronouncing it without the 'e' on the end.) She nurses him quite literally back to health with her naked body, and makes him all better. Than he goes back home. Her father arranges a marriage with whoever will fight for her hand for their king, and of course, Tristan wins her for the man who took him in when he was young. There's the little matter of Isolde not telling him who she really was, and they carry on the affair after she gets married. There's no mention of the fact she lost her virginity before she got married, which wasn't the done thing in those days. Blah blah blah, he finds out, the usual.

    Unlike many films, there are no `big' name stars included in this. There are a few familiar faces here and there, but it does work well, without having to think that so-and-so is playing that role, and ruining the film.

    Tristan & Isolde packs a powerful punch to the gut, and certainly left me weepy afterwards, for their love that was ultimately lost, but would last a lifetime. The scenery is breathtaking, and it's a film well worth taking the time out to see....more info
  • it's ok
    I was dead tired last night and needed something easy to relax with, and this movie proved perfect.
    Cast was ok as well as costumes and location production, although it looks like TV production.
    Some things a lil annoying, like brits kill 15 irish and its supposed to be "annihilating of the irish army" - clearly there was no money for mass battle scenes.
    Still overall not the worst movie I've seen....more info
  • I loved this movie!!!
    I bought the DVD before I even watched the movie, which I really don't do that often, but I'm glad I did b/c this movie was sooo good! I normally don't watch these types of movies but I decided to give this one a try and I can say now that it's one of my favorite movies. The situation that they find themselves in is so sad yet it's so hard to hate Lord Mark (Tristan's husband) the one Tristan won Isolde for. It's a really twisted movie and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • An ageless tale of courtly love
    Tristan and Isolde is a very old medieval myth which was the most famous story of courtly love in Europe up until William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. Some argue that it served as inspiration for the love-triangle between King Arthur / Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. Those who have read Sir Thomas Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur: The Winchester Manuscript (Oxford World's Classics) will notice that an incarnation of the myth exists within the story in the guise of Sir Tristram & Lady Isuelt. These days, the most famous version of the story is Wagner's opera Wagner - Tristan und Isolde.

    In spite of being such an ancient tale, and one that has been re-told so many times (in many different ways), like all good stories, it is one that already has & always will endure the test of time. Like all classic tragedies, it is a tale of two people who are SO close to achieving happiness that they can almost taste it, and yet this happiness is forever denied them (for one reason or another). It is a story that is heart-wrenching to watch precisely because it is so realistic. Many of us have had the burden of bad luck which has prohibited us from reaching the phase of "happily ever after."

    James Franco is a fine young up & coming actor who has a very strong & precocious screen presence for his age. Sophia Myles is lovely and she portrays the damsel who is a victim of circumstance nicely. Rufus Sewell is terrific as a kind fellow who is a victim of circumstances of which he is unaware.

    If you ever wanted to expound your horizons on famous myths from a long while back, this is a perfect place to start. Our ancestors, just as we today, knew how to love & they also knew what it was to have the things we love the most be forever just out of our reach....more info
  • Entertaining, if not great
    The story this film tells is different from the one I was familiar with, but putting that aside, i found a lot to enjoy in this film. Chief among its strong points for me was the performance by Rufus Sewell. Yes, Sophia Miles is lovely but I found Sewell's performance and character to be the most compelling in the film. James Franco as Tristan is a little too pouty for my taste and his romance with Miles didn't exactly burn up the screen. I liked the parts with the various British leaders, whom Mark was trying to unify, and the Irish king, who basically viewed them as squabbling children. Overall I thought it was an interesting and well-made film....more info
  • Lovely, and amazing!
    This is a beautifully well-acted, well-written love story. The movie is based on a famous legend which made it all the more appealing. The cast was superb and brought this mix of love, adventure, betrayal, and redemption to life. I highly suggest that you see this underrated flim....more info
  • A new look at an old story: TRISTAN AND ISOLDE
    I first heard the story of "Tristan and Isolde" when I heard a performance of Richard Wagner's opera by the same name when I was in College. Well, now the old story is a movie, and quite a handsome production at that.The screenplay and the actors that were chosen for this particular film made this story far more palatable than Wagner's version.First off, there is No definitive version of this ancient story that supposedly predates the Camelot/Arhurian legends.So, a tweek here and a change there and a not so tragic ending, and voila I LIKED THIS FILM.

    Though the film concerns itself with the the ill-fated lovers, the English Tristan and Irish Isolde, it is the character of Isolde's husband who is also Tristan's father-by-adoption so magnificently portrayed by Rufus Sewell that truly caught my attention.Sewell so often plays dark characters (Dark City,The Last King,The Illusionist)); here,though, he is given a role of immense heart and forgiveness as he must weigh his feelings of betrayal against the wife he loves and the "son" he cherishes.Sewell is impressive.

    This particular "Tristan and Isolde" is set in the Dark Ages among the feuding tribes of England and Ireland.I usually do not care for this time period with rough clothing,tribal wars and blood, but I've got to say this one worked for me.

    That Anne Dudley wrote a magnificent score for this film also aided in my decision to watch this.She does not disappoint at all.
    The DVD extra is one of the best I have ever seen.This film had an extremely low budget and had to face a lot of climate and terrain hardships.To turn out such an epic film with so little money is a testimony to good team work and ingenuity.This film was shot on location in craggy Western Ireland and The Czech Republic in the fall and winter.That's tough!.After seeing the extra I even appreciated the film more.You can purchase this for around $4.00.Such a deal!...more info
  • wonderful love story
    I had never heard of Tristan and Isolde before watching this movie. After watching this movie, it reminded me somewhat of Romeo and Juliet.

    Tristan, a Brit, and Isolde fall in love when Isolde brings him back to health. (At her maid's urging, Isolde doesn't tell Tristan her real name. Instead, she uses her maid's name.) However, Isolde's father, the Irish king, hears about an enemy on land and goes in search for him. Isolde manages to help Tristan escape. The king never knows who it was.

    In an attempt to cause divisions among the Brits, Isolde's father has proposed an tournament. The winner of the tournament will get his daughter in marriage. Tristan volunteers to join the tournament to win the daughter for his king.

    Of course, Tristan and Isolde realizes they're trapped with their duties when Tristan wins and discovers who the bride is. Despite their duties, they find other ways to express their love. As love progresses, they become bolder. However, these bold displays of love soon catches the attention of others. The other people decide to expose their affair to the king.

    Love, forbidden or not, will not be deterred.

    What can I say? Wonderful cast. Wonderful and romantic sceneries. Wonderful story. The only thing that I wasn't satisfied was the development of tension/jealousy between Tristan and his fellow comrades. It was sort of sudden. Other than that, simply wonderful....more info
  • Surprisingly refreshing and entertaining...
    I remember when `Tristan + Isolde' was released in the theaters. My wife was begging me to take her but all I could see was `James Franco' and that to me was enough warning to stay far away. The other day though, against my will, my wife rented this film and forced me to watch it with her. I was blown away with how much I actually enjoyed this movie. It has just about everything you need in a movie of this nature. It has romance, sensuality, warfare, action and plenty of drama. What I didn't expect but received in spades was gorgeous imagery, from the cinematography to the authentic garments `Tristan + Isolde is, above all else, a feast for the eyes.

    The film follows turmoil between Britain and Ireland. Ireland's king Donnchadh is relentless in his devastation of Britain, so much so that the English lords and barons are attempting to form an alliance in order to rise up against Donnchadh. In the films opening sequence though, the Irish invade the Castle Tantallion and slaughter all but a few English. This act leaves a young Tristan an orphan and Lord Marke a widower. Marke takes Tristan under his wing and grooms him to be a great warrior for Britain. In a harrowing battle sequence all seems lost when Tristan is presumed dead and sent out to sea, receiving a service worthy of a King. Tristan is not dead though and winds up washing onto the Irish shore to be found by Donnchadh's beautiful daughter Isolde. Isolde keeps her find a secret from her father and nurses Tristan back to health. She also happens to keep her identity a secret from Tristan, an act that proves to be disastrous, especially when love begins to blossom.

    Tristan returns home to his people and quickly offers his services in a tournament being held by Donnchadh where the barons of Britain will battle one another for the King's daughters hand in marriage. The winner will not only marry the beautiful Isolde but he will also secure a truce between Britain and Ireland (a truce that proves to be more like a ruse). Because of all that Marke has done for Tristan in the past he offers to win Marke a wife, unaware that the wife he will be winning is the one his heart truly desires.

    The film then follows the torrid affair between Tristan and Isolde, a love affair that brings a nation to its knees. To avoid telling you the WHOLE story I'm going to stop here and let you find out the rest on your own.

    The tail of Tristan and Isolde, based off of the 19th century opera written by Richard Wagner, has been told and retold and has cemented itself in pop culture. Sure, the names Tristan and Isolde may not be familiar to us, but the names Romeo and Juliet are, as are Guinevere and Lancelot. It's obvious that many of the `tragic' or `forbidden' love stories that populate theaters today are spawn of this particular love story.

    As far as the acting is concerned, there are a few standouts and a few disappointments. The first standout is the beautiful Sophia Myles (who looks remarkably like a young Kate Winslet to me). Sophia is not a standout in looks alone though for her performance as the lovelorn Isolde is one of the most heartfelt and convincing in the film. Second to her would be Rufus Sewell who plays Lord Marke. He shows a remarkable amount of sincerity and passion, emotions I had not seen in him in his previous performances. My one disappointment was James Franco, and I don't know if I can honestly call it a disappointment since I knew I wasn't going to be fond of his performance. He doesn't have much emotional range and so he comes off stiff and unbelievable as a lover. His action scenes were savage and well done, but when it came to delivering real emotion he failed in my eyes. I wish they had found a young actor who could have handled that side of Tristan, for we know they are out there. I found myself wishing that someone like Ryan Gosling had taken the role.

    That small complaint aside I truly feel that `Tristan + Isolde' is a solid film that delivers magnificently, especially when you walk in expecting nothing. I was astounded at the quality of the film making as well. Nothing looks cheap, as it very well could have. Let's be frank here, no one expected `Tristan + Isolde' to reach any demographic higher than teens so no one was expecting this to take any Oscar type awards. When that is the case often times the budget is low and thus the sets and the costumes and the pure quality of the film is low but in this case the sets are spectacular, the costumes are radiant and the quality of the film is beautiful; truly top notch. So, with that said, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves this type of film. Any fan of period epics with action, romance and drama will surely find much to enjoy within `Tristan + Isolde'....more info
  • A love story, but so much more.
    This movie is for those of us who still enjoy a great love story. For those of us who know love, have experienced it and understand it, even if we've lost it. However, this movie is so much more than a love story, with the history of war between Ireland and England. Its a complete package, beautifully done....more info
  • Not 'run of the mill' Hollywood
    I was exceedingly impressed with this film. You must be an emotionally driven person to enjoy it because this film is all about emotion. I guess there just wasnt enough blood and guts for a couple of the folks who posted reviews. This movie is anything but boreing! Its not just some love story someone made up to make a movie. It is an age old legend birthed in the dark era that has stood the test of time!! Finally someone with a great idea for a film. It is a self proclaimed low budget film but you cannot tell. I appreciate the honesty of the story; not overdone or flaky by any means. The chemistry between Franco and Myles is utterly captivating and I am in awe of the musical score! I actually purchased the soudtrack before I bought the DVD. I think the music is one of the elements that drove this story home for me. The emotion of every scene is carefully portrayed in the music.

    I have had enough of movie critics. I dont think that films like this one should suffer at the hand of some stupid critic who has no idea what people want to see.

    This one is right up there with LOTR, Braveheart, Gladiator. Moving. Inspiring. Captivating. SEE IT.

    ...more info
  • Sooo romantic...
    Filmed in beautiful rural Ireland which adds to the romance...James Franco is definiitely hot in this......more info
  • Tristan and Isolde not your typical chick flick
    Tristan and Isolde came before there was a Romeo and Juliet. And I can see perhaps why they are less talked about. The movie is not the best chick flick but not the worst. There is a lot of war and you have to keep track of the characters.
    I feel like there isn't enough character development. I found Melot more admirable than the character of Tristan. Tristan tries to be selfless but ends up becoming selfish as he pursues Isolde regardless of the fact that she is now married to the man who took him in. Both characters choose deception to be together knowing that peace in Ireland depends on the said marriage.
    The actions and decisions chosen by the characters cannot be undone and I think that is what leads to their downfall. I rented this in the hopes that watching this may make me shed a few tears but would otherwise be an enjoyable experience. This movie itself is not all that bad just know what you are getting into....more info
  • A good movie
    I have to admit I loved this movie. A love story yes but also a movie filled with action. James Franco is great as the heart stricken Tristan. He is able to do something that not many actors today can do. He acts well with his eyes. I'll explain. You feel his pain without him saying much. Robert Deniro comes to mind (Sleepers)as an example. You really feel a chemistry between Tristan and Isolde because of their acting skills. Will James Franco ever be as big as say Leo Decaprio or Matt Damon? Probably not but this is his moment to shine. Enjoy....more info
  • The Lovelorns.
    Tristan and Isolde was quite beautiful to watch. The love story between the two is intense and heartbreaking. The stars of the film, James Franco and Sophia Mlyes did a wonderful job as the star-crossed lovers. This story screams Romeo and Juilet but this movie does have a mind of its own. Isolde is forced to marry Tristan's primary guardian and of course Isolde sneaks out in the middle of the night to join Tristan for a mid-night romp, a snitch notices their closeness during the day and tells Isolde's husband. As you can expect tradegy befalls one of them but still this movie is so much better than i thought it would be, I recommend checking this love story for all ages out....more info
  • walks a fine line and delivers
    Too much action for a chick-flick and too much romance for an action adventure, Tristan is classic movie making that defies the categories. Fortunately the movie doesn't try to stick to Wagner's version of the story which would be too static for a two hour film. What we do see is a wonderful variation on the story which is quite believable. Everything is well done and tragic in the best sense of the word. The locations evoke dreamlike imagery and there's even something of a liebestod in the conclusion. Beautiful moviemaking....more info
  • Beautifully shot and romantic
    I love watching movies like this. Period romances are great and tragedies are even better. Though I didn't love Tristan and Isolde, I did like it alot. The look of the film is just stunning. Muted colors and filtered light really enhance the feel of the film and make the dark ages appealing.

    The plot, however is a bit choppy and empty at times. The trailer to the film is actually a bit decieving. When viewing it, I thought the film would go in an entirely different direction. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Whom I initially perceived to be the 'bad guy'-wasn't and it was a nice change of pace.

    What really makes this film work is the wonderful acting. Sophia Myles as the lovely Isolde is genuine and really fits the role. But it is James Franco that really elevates this film. His tender, tragic portrayal as the brave Tristan really won me over. He does tortured very, very well. He looks the part, he acts the part and even though his English accent is not up to par, I barely even noticed it because he is just an engrossing presence on screen. You can just tell that his heart is breaking when the woman he loves must marry another.

    After viewing, I did some research on the actual legend and found that it varies from different sources. Still, I feel that the tragedy part of the myth stayed intact, no matter what version it derived from. I found the film's intrepretation to be memorable and perfectly adequate for this day and age. ...more info
  • Beautiful and Refreshing!
    It is not just a tragic love story, nor is it just a sword-wielding knights movie, and this is exactly what I like about this movie. Before this motion picture, my knowledge about Tristan & Isolde was Wagner's opera. But I have to say that this movie has given me entirely different feelings. The different twists to the story, the removal of "the love potion" for one, make the love story all the more realistic and touching.
    James Franco as the handsome Tristan is affecting as both a heroic warrior and a tormented lover. Some may argue there is lacking in his portrayal, I'd say that there is layers and depth in his acting. Besides the extremely convincing physical acting, such as sword-fighting, Franco portrays Tristan with great internal strength and emotion subtleties, which are all consistent with the character as a young boy. Matching very well with Tristan's strength, Sophia Myles' Isolde is beautiful, intelligent, and earthy. Thanks to the wonderful acting, the passionate love between Tristan and Isolde is revealed beyond a somewhat clich¨¦d script. Rufus Sewell gives a sensitive portrayal of Lord Marke, who, instead of a villain, was written as a good guy in this movie. The emotion complexities from the love triangle successfully raised the tension of the story.
    A beautiful film like this would deserve a beautiful score, and indeed, it got one. Poignant, elegant, and with a Celtic flavor, Anne Dudley's score captures the spirit of the story and vividly brings out every detail of the drama. The cinematography gives a somewhat dark colored palette that reflects the gloominess of the time while preserving the raw beauty of the Ireland coast. I regret that I missed the chance to see this film in theatre. It would have been magnificent!
    ...more info
  • 5 stars for bucking the trend
    There was no way on God's green earth this film was going to be a great comercial success - not in the UK, and sure as Hell not in the USA. But don't let that put you off. It's quite beautifully filmed, very easy on the eye, and the script, which can get a little embarrassing with these films, is not bad at all.

    Rufus Sewell is good as the sensitive and forgiving warlord, Marke - he should get more roles like this. James Franco is a little underplayed (though still watchable) as Marke's trusted ward, Tristan, and Sophia Myles makes a good, believable Irish princess, Isolde. If I've a criticism, it would be that Bronagh Gallagher, as the faithful Bragnae, could have had a larger part. The Arthurian theme is obvious, though the heartache and infidelity is played out without cynicism. The purists may complain that the essence, et al, is not true - but it never stopped Mel Gibson, did it?

    What I really like about this film - and what I believe ensured it would never make the big leagues - was that it was brave (or naive) enough to buck a certain solid gold maxim - Irish/rest of the world = good/opressed - English/British = bad/opressors. It should get five stars for that alone. I enjoyed it.


    Baby Cromwell

    ...more info
  • tristan & Isolde
    DVD skipped scenes and the sound went out several places. I tried it in two different players. I mailed it back on 12/31/07 and still haven't heard anything from them (as of 01/16/08) I sent them an e-mail asking about it and haven't gotten a reply....more info
  • Seaside Romance
    Trisan and Isolde is a perfect date night movie. My husband, who is not overly enthusiastic about some of my girly movies actually enjoyed this one. To be honest, this one has a little too much violence for me, but the romance is well worth waiting for.

    I had the feeling I was watching a version of Romeo and Juliet or Guinevere and Lancelot and it has an almost Shakespearian/Camelot mood with an almost identical plot trajectory. The names of the characters almost don't matter, because it is the romance of the doomed lovers that gets our attention.

    Tristan is a much more reluctant "Lancelot" character who seems to be a slave to his fate in the way a Rock star doesn't need to look for attention. He seems destined to cause chaos and while he valiantly tries not to follow his heart. Isolde is like a goddess from his lost at sea dreams.

    What is most intriguing is the way Tristan is brought back to life and how Isolde risks her life to protect him from her father, an Irish King. Tristan has some amazing scenes where you can feel his valiant actions take over in an astonishing display of protective power.

    This movie left me dreaming of walking on misty shores. You could almost imagine the scent of the sea and the secret cave hideout with the fire was romantic.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Tristan and Isolde
    This movie purports to have "epic battles, political intrigue and forbidden passion." That sounds like something for everyone, right? Not quite. The epic battles are two dozen men cutting each other to pieces, the political intrigue is a room full men who all want to be king, and the forbidden passion is two people who can't control their hormones despite the many lives that depend on it.

    Right away I was confused by the set-up. Tristan is "killed" in a battle. (I know there wasn't a doctor, but if Isolde knew he was still alive at a slight touch, how did everyone else miss it?) After the battle, the losers are sent back to Ireland and Tristan is floated out to sea on a funeral boat. Somehow, the floating boat makes it to shore first and Isolde nurses him back to health before the Irish return. This is when we are supposed to believe they have fallen in love. This appears to be no more than two or three days. Tristan has been fighting for the unification of these tribes his entire life and a pretty girl makes him think of nothing else. I am very romantic. I love a good love story as much as anyone. This was not a good love story. You will be rolling your eyes one minute and shielding them from gore the next.
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    Very stylish production, with a real feeling for the period in the clothes, architecture, etc. It follows the general outline of the legend while adding many arresting new touches, creating a lot of suspense. No Isolde of the White Hands or those other medieval authentications, but a powerfully told story of love and politics. The battle scenes--and there are many--are tremendous....more info
  • Great film, great love story
    This movie was fantastic. James Franco does an amazing job, and the movie is very well-done. ...more info
  • Are these people SERIOUS?
    I never wanted to see this. The trailer did not appeal to me and neither did the storyline, but like many times in the past when things I expected not to like ended up surprising me, I gave it a try. For old times sake and, well, my sister made me...

    First of all, one of the main characters, Tristan, reached the height of development for his character in the very first scene when he was about ten. It is very bad when the greatest amount of personality seen for a character is within the first five minutes and done by a different, much younger actor. I kept expecting Tristan's character to DO something, SAY something, but all he seemed to be good at was standing around brooding and moping, continuously on the verge of tears. They were joking, right? I don't think I have ever seen a dude cry more in any movie. The really terrible thing is that I'm a girl and it bothered me. I think most of my problem was with the actor's portrayal of the character.

    Now, Isolde...I don't know what it was about her, but I also disliked her character. It might not even be the actresses' portrayal but the couplement with Tristan, which I suspect is the case; because when I think about it, she wasn't too bad. I truly felt sad for her when she realized that it wasn't Tristan she would be marrying but the man who had raised him. I completely understand that times back then were different. She doesn't get to choose the guy she really wants to marry, and of course, she marries the other man and is unhappy because Tristan keeps giving her moon eyes...Probably my main reason for absolutely despising this entire movie was that, despite Tristan's lack of character, the man she ended up marrying actually seemed nice. He deserved to be married to someone good, especially after his first wife's death. Also, because he was pretty much a father to Tristan, he deserved better treatment and not what he got: his wife and adopted son traipsing off into the forest for adulterous encounters. I was completely disgusted and was ready for both of their ultimate demise. Of course, Tristan and Isolde both deserved happiness, but I do believe that their actions (although Isolde never really did have much of a choice in life as it was) were stupid.

    I noticed the only time Tristan ever smiled was after both he and Isolde did it, which was absolutely horrific. What did Isolde even like about him??? I know this is supposed to be some epic love story, and I am all for that, but Isolde and Tristan's betrayal of someone who didn't seem bad or evil at all, was what really did it in for me. And I also can't seem to get past the fact that Tristan's character felt wooden and was badly portrayed, but whether by the script or the actor himself, I can't be sure. I've seen the actor in other things and he was okay, but this was just...People can say whatever they like, but I don't think that any love story, based solely on adultery, could possibly be epic, in any way, manner, or form. Frankly, it insults me.

    Putting the characters and their actions aside, I never really was able to become involved in this film. The pace seemed wrong. I just don't think they picked the right actors for the parts, or that the story was done in an interesting way. The only good things I did find in the entire movie were the ocean scenes, the characters Melot and Marke, and the music.

    Overall: Not worth watching; a waste of time. ...more info
  • worst movie ever
    It was terrible. Tristan was the greatest fighter around and had the most melancholy spirit. He spent most of the movie morose and scowling. yes, his family died, but EVERYONE'S family died at the beginning. as for Isolde, she she had an opportunity to not marry King Mark-when she first met him she could have been honest with him-, but she married him anyway, and then started sleeping around behind his back. i cant feel any sympathy for her because she chose to marry someone other than Tristan and then she chose to cheat and then she chose to run away from her problems which screwed up everyone else's lives....more info
  • Superb
    Wonderful acting, beautifully filmed in Ireland and the Czech Republic, a variation on an ancient and timeless tale, and well worth watching. The box office grosses worldwide simply underscore the fact that movie making is a real crapshoot, which those in the business know all to well. Ridley Scott was behind this, and they used every dollar as frugally as they could; yet the grosses are terrible given the exceptional quality of the film. So much work and so little return. People have to love movie making just to be willing to run the gauntlet of such a risky process.

    Having grown up around top-notch filmmakers, including Academy Award winners, and having watched them sit home for months at a time waiting for their next project that would take them away from their homes and families for months at a time, merely underscored what a tortuous process it is. Furthermore, to witness a film being made is like watching salami being produced; it is not something that you want to see - for example, it is boring beyond belief.

    Tristan and Isolde -- with superb performances by James Franco, Sophia Myles and Rufus Sewell -- should have been box office magic but it wasn't, although it is certainly a creative success. This should be fair warning to all who aspire to work in the film industry that its streets are paved with heartaches and only gold for a few. You have to be driven and love it, or it will kill your spirit if nothing else. Yet, isn't that the message of this movie; namely, sometimes love does kill the spirit and people, but in the final analysis it is magic and worth it....more info
  • Tristan & Isolde
    I loved this movie as taking place in old Ireland with the fighting between the different tribes,and how they repaid favours, especially giving away a daughter. Sophia Myles was wonderful in her role as Isolde. She adds such a vulnerability to the role, but in a strong way....more info
  • More like the Camelot story - again
    This timeless love story has been told many times over in print. From its origins as a Celtic story, to the French romance to Wagner's Opera, there are many versions and each of them is intriguing in their own way.

    But there are key elements to the story. The love potion that the couple drinks, the broken sword that indicated that Tristan slew the Queen's brother. The story predates the Arthurian legends and is probably the origins of the Arthurian legend. It contains some magical elements that made it a fascinating story about a noble knight, Courtly Love and betrayal.

    This production of the story, staring James Franco as Tristan and Sophia Myles as Isolde with Rufus Sewell as King Mark, presents us with the lovers triangle and is well done for a Hollywood tale with the usual Hollywood spin. The costumes are attractive and the scenery is probably the best part of the film.

    However, I was not impressed with the interpretation of the story. I felt that the plot had been changed a bit more than I would have liked. Tristan is not the noble knight portrayed in the original story. And the stiff acting by James Franco left that part lacking in so many aspects that for me, Tristan was neither attractive nor heroic. King Marke, in the original story, is the betrayer, always looking to find fault with Tristan and looking to catch the lovers in some kind of compromising position. In this interpretation, Marke is the one wronged, and he is the one betrayed. The couple, in the legend, never ventures further than Courtly love, Tristan always being the honorable knight. In this version... well, Hollywood must have its love scene.

    And the magical element? The love potion which is the reason in many of the stories for the two who fall in love, is left out, the story becomes changed a bit, and the whole responsibility is placed on the lovers, not the magic. The love potion is excluded.

    So, we go back to, ok, Hollywood did a number on the original story, and they do that, don't ya know. We still are looking at a movie and its merits.

    The acting of Rufus Sewell is a standout. Sophia Myles is also as beautiful as she is talented. But we come back to James Franco. Sorry, but he was unimpressive as the Hero of the story, lacking in presentation, dialogue, and at times he looked like he was dragging himself through the part.

    So, in all fairness, the movie was not uninteresting. But there were times when it overly resembled the Arthurian Legend, with the King being wronged by his queen and her knight. It did seem to be working towards yet another version of King Arthur, and in that respect, it seemed unoriginal. The elements that made it unique seemed to be left out, and the viewer was left with the impression that, yup, yet another remake of the story of King Arthur. And if I wanted that, there are film versions of that story with better acting. medievalcrusadesbabe...more info
  • Beautifully romantic, but still disappointing...
    While I love this movie for the intrinsic romantic value, I must confess myself to be disappointed with the storyline and the portrayal of the characters. For anyone who has read the legend of Trisan & Isolde, this movie will be a grave disappointment.

    The historical inaccuracies run rampant across this movie. First of all Tristan & Isolde were romantically involved only up until she married Lord Mark, then, because of Tristan's high moral beliefs and his love for Mark, they did everything he could to stay away from each other. Second, Lord Mark and Isolde hated each other from the beginning. In fact, it has been suggested that they never consummated the marriage. thirdly, in this timeframe, Ireland was ruled by a queen who followed the ancient Druidic religion. She took consorts, never making kings of the men that she loved. And in actuality, Ireland never really had a high king, merely high ranking chieftains for the multitude of tribes.

    Isolde (first of all they don't even pronounce her name correctly in the movie!!) is portrayed as a meek and, at times, pathetic woman. In the legend, Isolde is a warrior queen of Ireland, a woman who suffers no man to be her better. This Isolde is willowy, wispy and altogether forgettable.

    Tristan is the most irritating figure in this movie. James Franco, for all of his smoldering good looks and stunning physique, gives a childish quality to this character, one whom you expect to throw a temper tantrum at any moment. And, like that spoiled child, once he has what he so desperately claims to want, he throws it away the minute he is done with her.

    If you're looking for romance, this movie might do it for you. As for me, I'll stick with the books....more info
  • Great Movie
    This movie is the best movie I have seen in a year. Don't get me wrong James Franco was hot in this picture. I figured this movie would be boring but it caught mt attention. I seen James's other movies so I thought I should watch this one. All I have to say is that I love it!!...more info
  • Awesome Movie !!!!
    A coworker lent this movie to me yesterday evening and I watched it and thought...Brilliant! I've never been a fan of James Franco (even though I've seen flashes of him in the Spiderman advertisements, didn't even know who he really was to be honest & didn't care to find out, until now ;). What a gorgeous man! I'm buying a copy of this movie & Annapolis (another movie I heard he's in) to add to my collection right now. This movie is definitely a KEEPER !...more info
  • romanticly sweet
    this was such a good movie, not exact to the myth of the lovers.... but a really romantic story that was so close...more info
  • Slowly paced in parts
    Yet this film was a good rendition of an ageless story of duty -v- love.

    James Franco does a passable job of the hero who is in love with one he is not meant to have

    The downside is some dialogue is a little unclear....more info
  • Fabulous Film
    This movie was fabulous. The acting,costumes, and script. I will view this over and over again....more info
  • Not my cup of tea
    Bought this video because my dad said it was a wonderful movie. I am probably more old fashioned than my dad even because i thought the whole concept was bad. I did not enjoy the thought of a woman being with 2 men no matter what the reason. Or the other way around for that matter. A love story that is based on betrayal of the worst kind isn't worth it....more info
  • Tristan revisited
    While this is not a very good movie, the actors are all excellent and charming - it is a great love story....more info