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  • What a great movie.
    James Franco is amazing in this movie. This is a great romantic movie and it actually has pretty good action scenes. A great movie in my opinion....more info
  • Deceptive Advertising by Amazon
    I ordered this DVD (Tristan + Isolde, 20th Century Fox) fully expecting it to be a DVD production of the Wagner opera. There was nothing I saw on Amazon.COM to indicate it was just a movie. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I believed I was searching under "Opera" and "Wagner", so I believed that the "Tristan + Isolde" I ordered was indeed the opera.
    SO, I am accusing Amazon of false and disceptive advertising. SHAME ON YOU, Amazon!
    Had I been a more astute opera fan, I guess I should have realized that James Franco and Sophia Myles are not Wagnerian opera singers. My failing....more info
  • Beautifully shot and romantic
    I love watching movies like this. Period romances are great and tragedies are even better. Though I didn't love Tristan and Isolde, I did like it alot. The look of the film is just stunning. Muted colors and filtered light really enhance the feel of the film and make the dark ages appealing.

    The plot, however is a bit choppy and empty at times. The trailer to the film is actually a bit decieving. When viewing it, I thought the film would go in an entirely different direction. I was actually pleasantly surprised. Whom I initially perceived to be the 'bad guy'-wasn't and it was a nice change of pace.

    What really makes this film work is the wonderful acting. Sophia Myles as the lovely Isolde is genuine and really fits the role. But it is James Franco that really elevates this film. His tender, tragic portrayal as the brave Tristan really won me over. He does tortured very, very well. He looks the part, he acts the part and even though his English accent is not up to par, I barely even noticed it because he is just an engrossing presence on screen. You can just tell that his heart is breaking when the woman he loves must marry another.

    After viewing, I did some research on the actual legend and found that it varies from different sources. Still, I feel that the tragedy part of the myth stayed intact, no matter what version it derived from. I found the film's intrepretation to be memorable and perfectly adequate for this day and age. ...more info
  • Tristan revisited
    While this is not a very good movie, the actors are all excellent and charming - it is a great love story....more info
  • Fabulous Film
    This movie was fabulous. The acting,costumes, and script. I will view this over and over again....more info
  • More like the Camelot story - again
    This timeless love story has been told many times over in print. From its origins as a Celtic story, to the French romance to Wagner's Opera, there are many versions and each of them is intriguing in their own way.

    But there are key elements to the story. The love potion that the couple drinks, the broken sword that indicated that Tristan slew the Queen's brother. The story predates the Arthurian legends and is probably the origins of the Arthurian legend. It contains some magical elements that made it a fascinating story about a noble knight, Courtly Love and betrayal.

    This production of the story, staring James Franco as Tristan and Sophia Myles as Isolde with Rufus Sewell as King Mark, presents us with the lovers triangle and is well done for a Hollywood tale with the usual Hollywood spin. The costumes are attractive and the scenery is probably the best part of the film.

    However, I was not impressed with the interpretation of the story. I felt that the plot had been changed a bit more than I would have liked. Tristan is not the noble knight portrayed in the original story. And the stiff acting by James Franco left that part lacking in so many aspects that for me, Tristan was neither attractive nor heroic. King Marke, in the original story, is the betrayer, always looking to find fault with Tristan and looking to catch the lovers in some kind of compromising position. In this interpretation, Marke is the one wronged, and he is the one betrayed. The couple, in the legend, never ventures further than Courtly love, Tristan always being the honorable knight. In this version... well, Hollywood must have its love scene.

    And the magical element? The love potion which is the reason in many of the stories for the two who fall in love, is left out, the story becomes changed a bit, and the whole responsibility is placed on the lovers, not the magic. The love potion is excluded.

    So, we go back to, ok, Hollywood did a number on the original story, and they do that, don't ya know. We still are looking at a movie and its merits.

    The acting of Rufus Sewell is a standout. Sophia Myles is also as beautiful as she is talented. But we come back to James Franco. Sorry, but he was unimpressive as the Hero of the story, lacking in presentation, dialogue, and at times he looked like he was dragging himself through the part.

    So, in all fairness, the movie was not uninteresting. But there were times when it overly resembled the Arthurian Legend, with the King being wronged by his queen and her knight. It did seem to be working towards yet another version of King Arthur, and in that respect, it seemed unoriginal. The elements that made it unique seemed to be left out, and the viewer was left with the impression that, yup, yet another remake of the story of King Arthur. And if I wanted that, there are film versions of that story with better acting. medievalcrusadesbabe...more info
  • walks a fine line and delivers
    Too much action for a chick-flick and too much romance for an action adventure, Tristan is classic movie making that defies the categories. Fortunately the movie doesn't try to stick to Wagner's version of the story which would be too static for a two hour film. What we do see is a wonderful variation on the story which is quite believable. Everything is well done and tragic in the best sense of the word. The locations evoke dreamlike imagery and there's even something of a liebestod in the conclusion. Beautiful moviemaking....more info
  • Beautifully romantic, but still disappointing...
    While I love this movie for the intrinsic romantic value, I must confess myself to be disappointed with the storyline and the portrayal of the characters. For anyone who has read the legend of Trisan & Isolde, this movie will be a grave disappointment.

    The historical inaccuracies run rampant across this movie. First of all Tristan & Isolde were romantically involved only up until she married Lord Mark, then, because of Tristan's high moral beliefs and his love for Mark, they did everything he could to stay away from each other. Second, Lord Mark and Isolde hated each other from the beginning. In fact, it has been suggested that they never consummated the marriage. thirdly, in this timeframe, Ireland was ruled by a queen who followed the ancient Druidic religion. She took consorts, never making kings of the men that she loved. And in actuality, Ireland never really had a high king, merely high ranking chieftains for the multitude of tribes.

    Isolde (first of all they don't even pronounce her name correctly in the movie!!) is portrayed as a meek and, at times, pathetic woman. In the legend, Isolde is a warrior queen of Ireland, a woman who suffers no man to be her better. This Isolde is willowy, wispy and altogether forgettable.

    Tristan is the most irritating figure in this movie. James Franco, for all of his smoldering good looks and stunning physique, gives a childish quality to this character, one whom you expect to throw a temper tantrum at any moment. And, like that spoiled child, once he has what he so desperately claims to want, he throws it away the minute he is done with her.

    If you're looking for romance, this movie might do it for you. As for me, I'll stick with the books....more info
  • Will their love stand the test of time?
    Like the great historical couples - Romeo & Juliet, Helen & Paris, Guinevere & Lancelot, Queen Isabelle & William Wallace - Tristan & Isolde is the lesser known (and harder to pronounce) story of forbidden love. Beautifully acted by Sophia Myles (of Doctor Who fame in the UK) and brooding James Franco, it's set amongst gorgeous scenery, supposedly based in Scotland, but definitely not filmed here.

    I always like these historical romances. Slated by others, I find it quite comforting to watch their love unfold on screen, and get quite teary. Perfect for this time of year.

    Of course it's forbidden love story time. Tristan, who's parents are murdered almost in front of his young eyes, grows up to be young warrior, but is seemingly killed in battle, by a poisoned sword. He's given a King's send off, complete in burning boat. (Yes, you put a burning boat on water, the flames are surprisingly enough, going to go out.) He lands in Ireland, still alive, and found by Isolde, a princess of kinds back then. (Try pronouncing it without the 'e' on the end.) She nurses him quite literally back to health with her naked body, and makes him all better. Than he goes back home. Her father arranges a marriage with whoever will fight for her hand for their king, and of course, Tristan wins her for the man who took him in when he was young. There's the little matter of Isolde not telling him who she really was, and they carry on the affair after she gets married. There's no mention of the fact she lost her virginity before she got married, which wasn't the done thing in those days. Blah blah blah, he finds out, the usual.

    Unlike many films, there are no `big' name stars included in this. There are a few familiar faces here and there, but it does work well, without having to think that so-and-so is playing that role, and ruining the film.

    Tristan & Isolde packs a powerful punch to the gut, and certainly left me weepy afterwards, for their love that was ultimately lost, but would last a lifetime. The scenery is breathtaking, and it's a film well worth taking the time out to see....more info
  • Seaside Romance
    Trisan and Isolde is a perfect date night movie. My husband, who is not overly enthusiastic about some of my girly movies actually enjoyed this one. To be honest, this one has a little too much violence for me, but the romance is well worth waiting for.

    I had the feeling I was watching a version of Romeo and Juliet or Guinevere and Lancelot and it has an almost Shakespearian/Camelot mood with an almost identical plot trajectory. The names of the characters almost don't matter, because it is the romance of the doomed lovers that gets our attention.

    Tristan is a much more reluctant "Lancelot" character who seems to be a slave to his fate in the way a Rock star doesn't need to look for attention. He seems destined to cause chaos and while he valiantly tries not to follow his heart. Isolde is like a goddess from his lost at sea dreams.

    What is most intriguing is the way Tristan is brought back to life and how Isolde risks her life to protect him from her father, an Irish King. Tristan has some amazing scenes where you can feel his valiant actions take over in an astonishing display of protective power.

    This movie left me dreaming of walking on misty shores. You could almost imagine the scent of the sea and the secret cave hideout with the fire was romantic.

    ~The Rebecca Review
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Love this movie. Have watched it 5 times and think about watching it everyday. Great story! Great acting!! Great Everything!!!...more info
  • Directly from the text--excellent!!
    I went to this movie last year with some trepidation because I just knew that the screenwriters would mess with the original text. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised!! Almost line-by-line from the beautiful French romance. Well worth every minute. I just love it when someone cares enough about an original story to tell it as it was written....more info
  • Enchanting
    I watched this yesterday and was glad that I grabbed it at the library. I loved the trailer and somehow missed this, when it played at movie theaters. The plot was interesting and the cinemetography was amazing.

    Overall, I'd suggest it as a perfect date movie or a "chick flick."...more info
  • Just...WOW!
    I love this movie!!!! I absolutely adore it!

    The passion shown between the two lovers is beautiful. Some guys may even like this movie because of the action sequences shown around the Irish plotting. Where the movie was screened was absolutely amazing! After I finished watching the movie the first time, I wanted to move to the Irish coastline! What's nice about the film is that it's not a cheesy love story about a pre-madonna Romeo and Juliet, if I may. Although, it is a LOT like R & J, I would say that Tristan and Isolde is better, in my eyes. There is a fine line between the two.

    If you love chick flicks, love stories, drama, or action...this is a movie for you!

    The acting is beautiful and flowing throughout the movie. The costume designer for the movie knew his or her stuff, too. They didn't just throw them into clothes. It seems like the movie took time to film pending on the Irish weather and costume creation.

    I would give this movie 6 stars if I could!...more info
  • Swords And Sweethearts--A Better Than Expected Historical Romance
    I'll admit something up front, my expectations for "Tristan and Isolde" were extremely low. The movie was dropped into theaters with no screening for the mainstream critics, and this usually spells disaster. So, I am surprised to say that "Tristan and Isolde," while far from perfect, has a lot to recommend it. As a historically based Romeo and Juliet type story, we're introduced to two sides of a conflict raging between Britain and Ireland.

    The first half of this movie is certainly its strongest. In it, the political dynamic is well established. When in battle, a young British prince (played by James Franco) is killed--he gets a customary funeral at sea. The pontoon doesn't stay aflame, however, due to rain and the vessel makes it to the Irish shore. Franco, who is actually clinging to life, is rescued by the Irish King's daughter (played by Sophia Myles). The scenes played here, with an innocent tenderness, are effective and well acted. Franco returns to his home without knowing the girl's real identity only to later (unwittingly) win her as his King's bride in a sporting competition.

    The second half of the picture, however, falters a bit. As Myles joins the British as their new Queen, her attraction for Franco is rekindled. What has been a well balanced combination of history, battle and romance now turns itself into a brooding melodrama. With illicit rendezvous' and knowing glances, this becomes an overheated tale of adultery. Franco spends this half of the movie behaving like a moody, spoiled child. Seriously his dialogue all but stops and he pouts for the rest of the movie! There are some nice moments at the conclusion, but unfortunately the film has started to drag before we get there.

    But, overall, I'd recommend "Tristan and Isolde." I really enjoyed the first half. I thought the performers were good--it is great to see Rufus Sewell as something other than a villain, for a change. The production values, cinematography, and battle choreography are all noteworthy. A handsome film in all regards--I'd rate this at 3 1/2 stars for losing momentum when it needed it most. I'm rounding up, however, because the film was still a pleasant surprise. KGHarris, 12/06....more info
  • Tristan revisited
    While this is not a very good movie, the actors are all excellent and charming - it is a great love story....more info
  • Fabulous Film
    This movie was fabulous. The acting,costumes, and script. I will view this over and over again....more info
  • Excellent!
    Very stylish production, with a real feeling for the period in the clothes, architecture, etc. It follows the general outline of the legend while adding many arresting new touches, creating a lot of suspense. No Isolde of the White Hands or those other medieval authentications, but a powerfully told story of love and politics. The battle scenes--and there are many--are tremendous....more info
  • Tristan & Isolde
    I loved this movie as taking place in old Ireland with the fighting between the different tribes,and how they repaid favours, especially giving away a daughter. Sophia Myles was wonderful in her role as Isolde. She adds such a vulnerability to the role, but in a strong way....more info
  • Not my cup of tea
    Bought this video because my dad said it was a wonderful movie. I am probably more old fashioned than my dad even because i thought the whole concept was bad. I did not enjoy the thought of a woman being with 2 men no matter what the reason. Or the other way around for that matter. A love story that is based on betrayal of the worst kind isn't worth it....more info