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The Marine
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    I have to admit that I have enjoyed all of the 7 or 8 or something like that WWE produced films, this one in particular. Sure some have been better then others but all have at least been entertaining, this one here would be in that category. I always liked John Cena especially when he was a heel, he has always been entertaining. So once WWE really wanted to get going with the movies I knew Cena would be starring in one. I am glad that the film did well enough at the box office for them to let him do another. I found this movie to be very enjoyable even though it is flawed.

    The movie is about John Triton an ex marine who is having a hard time adjusting to his new life as a civilian. After a mishap at a security guard job he took he and his wife decided to go on a trip to any were just to get away on vacation. It is on this trip that they run into some trouble at a gas station, it turns out that some people who are also there just robbed a diamond place and is on the run. When things go wrong Triton's wife is kidnapped by these guys and the chase is on. So the rest of the movie we are treated to an action filled adventure that pits one man's love for his wife against those who have a lust for money and power.

    The strong point of this film is obviously the ridiculous unbelievable action sequences, and I do mean unbelievable. Michell Gallagher and Alan McElroy did a decent job with the script basically just adding a few words to pages full of explosions and fist fights. For this, a WWE film that is just fine and I did not expect any thing else so it makes perfect sense. Director John Bonito shows that he has a talent for making a fun yet over the top action flick and he even makes Cena look good in his first acting gig, so credit to you sir. Director of photography David Eggby did a great job shooting this movie as the camera work is great, Executive producer Vince McMahon knows how to hire the right people. Every one behind the scenes did what a consider a good job given that this was supposed to be a WWE action movie, job well done.

    As far as the acting I think that while Cena has a way to go before he wins any Oscars he actually does a good job with this film, he has a natural charisma that carries over onto the screen. At times it looks like the performance is forced but over all he does a pretty good job in my opinion, I don't know why but I think he would be perfect in a comedy or a family comedy. Kelly Carlson is good as Cena's wife and brings a nice little charm to the film even though at times she gets rough with the other characters. Robert Patrick is great in the lead villain role with a sly humor to him, and his partner Abigail Bianca is just as good. In fact to be honest no one does a bad job in this film and in fact all of them do very well for this type of film.

    I liked this movie I thought it was a fun over the top action flick in the vain of 80's movies [like other reviews have said]; it is a good weekend/afternoon movie. A lot of people talk bad about this movie and John Cena in particular, but I liked it and Cena. I think if Cena is given time to develop as an actor I think he could actually be good. Hopefully he has developed more for the upcoming "12 Rounds"; I will go see it keep up the WWE streak. Hope to see ya there.
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    John Cena - never heard of him -- but man, did he turn in a great performance.
    Silly humor, great action, [no one did handle that snake].
    A movie that will definitely stay on my shelf.

    And boy do I agree - the female characters that bounce back [especially from being back handed] yeah! right! dream on sucker!

    No barn-yard or [you know-what]illiterate language [that I remember]
    Great entertainment - great color - worth another watch.

    Definitely Recommended +++++++++...more info
  • Typical action film with strange attempt at humor
    This is a typical action film with lots of fight scenes and gun fights but little logic. It's amazing that hundreds of bullets can be fired at point blank range with no one getting hit and people getting hit in the face with fire extinguishers, pieces of wood and other objects without so much as a scratch. And then there are people surviving incredible explosions, again without getting so much as a hangnail. The directors attempt at moments of humor failed miserably. They were not only not funny but were very wierd to me.
    I enjoy watching John Cena in action, just as Arnold Schwarzenegger was fun to watch, but this movie just didn't impress me anymore than wrestling does. I think one star out of five was being too generous....more info
  • good debut for john cena
    pretty good movie overall. i like john cena on wwe, so i checked this out. it's good for it being his debut. ...more info
  • Action Movie

    The Marine DVD

    It's interesting to see Vince McMahan and the WWE going into another form of "scripted entertainment", i.e., diversifying. Smart business move.

    This is in fact a terrific action/adventure movie in the mold of the Rambo or Schwarzenegger films (e.g. "Commando") or the Indiana Jones series. The violence is not accurate in depiction of results, but neither is it in any movie where female stars takes full-power strikes and come bouncing back. If reality counted in the movies, there would be no girl-star action movies.

    The violence is actually toned down in favor of action. For example, Sgt. Triton chooses to takes out two very tough villains in exciting brawls when he has a good fighting knife with him. Reality would have been different .... and much bloodier. Not much gore or blood in this picture, however, and you can safely take your pre-teen or teen son. Or yourself. My wife liked it, too, for that matter.

    Don't be surprised to see the knife on the market soon, ala Rambo.

    The acting was top-drawer within the context of the plot. I never heard of John Cena,so I can't be considered biased. Triton was seen first in front of his commanding officer, then interacting with his wife. He was supposed to be emotionally restrained with his commander, and strong but a little reflective with his wife. He was. Then The Marine had a mission. He had to complete it, not emote and burst into tears. After the adrenalin high wore off, he'd probably start shaking, but while things were going on, he didn't have time to be upset. Man, haven't the sweetie-boys who have panned his acting ever been in a fight? I never heard of the star,but he turned in a very believable good performance for the part. The excellent-looking wife did a fine job as well. No nudity in this movie. Unfortunately.

    In sum, a fine example of its type and highly recommended for all. It requires some suspension of belief, but most action movies do.

    Recommended for fans of John Cena, the WWE, and Arnold and Rambo for that matter.


    Gunner December, 2007
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  • An insult to marines
    As soon as this movie started and I saw "WWE" on my TV screen I said "This is gonna suck." And it didn't disappoint. This movie sucked! Bad! It was one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. The story didn't make a lick of sense. You got these bad guys who kidnap a random woman whose husband turns out to be Rambo. The marine chases after these guys, killing them one by one. You'd think they'd just give him back his wife. She means nothing to them. Give her back and they can go on with their criminal business. But no. They hold on to her.

    The marine runs/jumps in slow motion away from explosions at least 4 times in this movie. This movie is filled with every single action movie clich¨¦ and it didn't thrill in the slightest. It wasn't even bad enough to be good. It was just bad. It stunk....more info
  • Action
    Robert Patrick as I have never seen him before. Action Packed and very good...more info
  • The Marine
    Good action the previews show the good part of the movie. Good plot ending could have benn better....more info
  • Anyone Who Gave This More Than 3 Stars... a lie and the truth isn't in them!!

    This movie was awful. From begining to end. Even the title didn't match. Marine? He was a Marine for all of 5 minutes of the movie!! LOL. But that isn't the worse part.

    The acting was terrible. Even the good actors (Robert Patrick) played terrible roles. The plot was unbelieveable, the action was unbelieveable, and the comedy was corny. I think the problem was the script itself, but I think GOOD ACTING could have pulled it off.

    As always I encourage people to see it, but don't spend your money on it. It's garbage....more info
  • Hormone Happy
    'The Marine' has an instant appeal. While not innovative, it sports some eye-popping pyrotechnics and chase scenes that don't give the audience a chance to catch its breath. John Cena fans will likely be enthralled, especially since his character acquires some boxing and martial arts abilities to add to his wrestling repertoire. (Nine lives don't hurt, either.) Even the threads and riveting music draw our attention; both a modest update to 'Miami Vice,' (the TV series). Seeming random at first, John Tritan (Cena) gets established as a sort of Iraq War Rambo whose prowess will undoubtedly help him save his domestic life. Coming home, he finds his new job as a security guard dull, even if it gets him on the eleven o'clock news and another chance to come home Kay (Kelly Carlson), his pretty young wife. The plot is simple: Jewel thieves, who score hideously for keeping a low-profile, have a show-down at a remote gas station where the military couple are also filling up for a trek to leave it all behind. Cornered, they hijack their SUV with Kay left in tow.

    The draw of the film may be more conservative, for its gung ho military preface and a plot where the hero saves his wife. There are drawbacks for everyone, though. The acting overall is below a television par, and the dialogue is mostly flat. Taking references meant to be funny from 'Deliverance,' 'Terminator,' and 'Freddy Krieger,' the screenwriters borrow heavily because they seldom have anything new to offer. The female feistiness also seems token, like the characters were meant not to offend the audience with any vulnerable traits. (Undoubtedly, they are also drawing more ringside entertainment as well.) An understandable draw for some, 'The Marine' will undoubtedly please no matter how predictable it may seem. 'Die Hard 2' with Bruce Willis did the same story a couple decades ago and did it better.
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  • Action Packed Movie!
    This movie was the debut of wrestler John Cena. He is the many timed
    heavyweight champion of the WWE. He has proven to be entertaining as a wrestler. In this movie he saves the lives of some fellow marines in Iraq from some al-Quaidi terrorists. He is discharged for disobeying orders.
    He and his lovely wife Kate whos is played by Kelly Carlson decide to
    take a trip into the mountains. On their trip they drive into an altercation involving some dangerous jewel theives. His wife Kate is snatched and taken hostage. These jewel theives are led by a vicious
    villain played by Robert Patrick. He truly comes off as being evil. This
    kidnapping results in some nonstop action. Triton gets involved in high speed chases and many hand to hand situations. Triton even encounters crooked policemen. There are even explosions all during the chase scenes.
    Cena and John Patrick have a battle to the death to end the movie. There
    is also an exciting rescue scene. All in all this was a very entertaining movie....more info
  • action-packed and powerful!!!
    I really enjoyed watching this movie. It was action-packed and steady paced all the way through!!! John Cena rocked this movie!!!I would watch it over and over again!!!In fact,I DID!...more info
  • The Marine
    Being a John Cena fan you can never be sure that the charisma that he shows on the small screen will translate to the big screen, but after watching The Marine he does not have to worry about that. All the action in the movie keeps fans glued to the screens and wondering what could possibly happen next. Not a dull moment in the movie. Can't wait for it to come to the movies cinemas here in Australia in June 07 so we can watch him larger than life and in surround sound, will make a great movies even better. ...more info
  • WWE really jack up the image of the Marines
    I really hope the American Military didn't support this movie considering how things are going over there in order to recruit more bodies. If so that was a poor attempt. After watching this movie it left me quite speechless. War is entirely different, and should not be made glamorous for recruiting purposes.

    "The Marine" is a very simple film with a few minor twists here and there. In the tradition of The Rock, John Cena has begun a movie career after gaining notoriety as a wrestler. Both wrestlers/actors are muscle bound former college football players. Whereas The Rock has now proven he can act in a variety of roles, Cena has just proven that he can do action. His role in "The Marine" is evidence that he may very well be successful in films, but he will need to find better material than this. The directing here is nothing special, but seeing this is John Bonito's first feature, I have nothing to support my cause as I have nothing more to base it on, but he is able to deliver a film that is very easy and even if Bonito got a little explosion happy. The plot however, is pointless. Throughout this movie these imbecile thieves call attention to themselves every chance they get. After robbing a jewelry store, they don't just stroll away as no one outside knows what they did. They blow up a cop car. Why? I have no idea. One member of the group is prone to telling sad stories of his youth. Too often the camera lingers on the bad guys and then quickly gives us a shot of Cena running. Sure, Patrick is a bigger movie star than Cena, but this is Cena's movie. I really did not care about the bad guys other than how Cena is going to kick their [...].

    I will say that Cena has the build and look of an action hero in the grain of Jean-Claude Van Damme. He fits right in with the 'unstoppable 80's action hero mold.' He is 90% muscle and 10% charm. He has few lines of dialogue but does well enough with what he has. Robert Patrick hammed it up, but seemed to relish playing a wise-cracking psychotic murderer. No one else is worth mentioning, as it seems paychecks were just collected. Cena, who is also a rapper, had also been wearing military attire at his matches. No doubt he is doing so for publicity sake of this movie, which celebrates Marines as heroes which is great but nothing he can do is going to generate enough interest to make "The Marine" a success.

    ...more info
  • "My Man" Cena
    This movie is awesome!!!!!! It's action packed & if you're a WWE wrestling fan like myself you will definitely want this for your collection. I went to see this movie on the day it came out at the theater and I waited for it to come out on DVD so I could own it. Plus I LOVE John Cena. He's a HOT wrestler & actor:-) So ladies this movie is a MUST SEE & OWN. Thanks Amazon!!!! ...more info
  • Action
    Lots of action, but totally unbelievable, just like watching wrestling. Amusing enough to watch but not to own....more info
  • Maybe 2 1/2 stars.
    For Cena's first movie, it was okay. Lot's of explosives but I really wouldn't recommend the movie. Some okay jokes, and the story line was kind of weak. Typical ransom, give me back my wife type of movie. I recommend that you wait till the movie comes on television, and then decide if you want to buy it or not. ...more info
  • Non-stop action from beginning to end!
    I was skeptical of this movie featuring a WWE wrestler (WWE wrestlers are notoriously bad actors) and because the movie was produced by the WWE rather a than a major motion picture company. However I was wrong. The movie was full of action and special effects. John Cena did a respectable job acting. The theme and plot were very entertaining, not cheesey or bogus. If you like action movies such as "Arnold" movies or Rambo movies then you will very much enjoy this movie!...more info
  • Fun to watch! . . . If you like sheer action & pure entertainment, it won't disappoint you. Guaranteed!
    Last night, I sat comfortably on the sofa at home to watch two action movies consecutively on Star Movies Channel.

    The two movies share one common feature: They were no-brainers! That is to say, they were pure entertainment, & best of all, you don't need a brain to figure out what the story in each movie was all about.

    Once in a while, I like to watch no-brainer movies, just for the fun of it. Sometimes, just for random stimuli. so to speak!

    The two movies were:

    - 'The Marine', starring John Cena & Robert Patrick;
    - 'Transporter 2', starring Jason Statham;

    The first movie was, to me, beautifully choreographed with fiery pyrotechnics & gun blazing actions all the way, from start to finish. There wasn't a dull moment.

    It had a very simple story plot: A gang of merciless diamond robbers on the run, kidnapped the wife of a recently discharged US marine from Iraq, who later went on a long chase through the marshland & wilderness of South Carolina to save her.

    At the onset, I did not realised that the movie was actually a promotional vehicle for the people behind those seemingly senseless head-banging & body-crushing wrestling tournaments on television. John Cena was one of those guys.

    Since I don't like to watch any of their televised wrestling matches, I got to see, at least in this action movie, a lot of his wrestling manoeuvres as he threw those robbers & some other bad guys who stood in his way.

    Acting-wise, John Cena was somewhat kayu (a colloquial term for 'wooden'), but he had quite a naturally likable disposition. He certainly reminds me of Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock, the wrestling guy turned actor (e.g. 'The Scorpion King', 'Walking Tall', 'The Rundown', 'Doom', just to name a few), especially with the cheeky wink.

    Physically, John Cena was huge, but who cares, as long as he could fight & clobber the bad guys in the movie.

    I reckon the only actor who really stood out in the movie was Robert Patrick, who played the leader of the robbers. He had certainly put on a lot of weight, when compared to the first time I saw him in the second part of the Terminator trilogy, as model T1000. I also recall him as an FBI agent in the 'X-Files' television series.

    This movie actually reminds me of two two action movies I had watched before, namely, 'The Punisher', starring Thomas Jane as a DEA agent turned vigilante, Frank Castle, & 'The Mechanik', starring Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai Cherenko, an ex-operative from the Russian Special Forces.

    Together with 'The Marine', they shared one unique & yet common feature: It's all about the adventurous exploits of a one-man fighting &/or destruction machine!

    The second movie was actually a sequel to 'Transporter', also starring the same actor.

    Both 'Transporter' movies were apparently hemmed by the famous French action director, Luc Besson, famous for his action flicks, 'Taxi I to IV'.

    His other movie credits also included 'Nikita', 'The Professional', 'Kiss of the Dragon' (with Jet Li in starring role), 'Wasabi', 'Unleashed' (again with Jet Li in starring role) & 'Hitman' (which I had not yet watched);

    In both the 'Transporter' movies, Jason Statham played Frank Martin, a retired US Special Forces operative, now turned mercenary transporter of cargo & people, with no questions asked.

    In this particular one, he was unwittingly implicated in an engineered kidnap attempt of a young boy he was supposed to protect. The young boy was the son of a powerful US government official, involved in cross-border anti-narcotics policy making.

    The bad guys were the Colombian drug cartel, who had financed a team of rogues led by a real nut case, called Gianni, who had injected a deadly virus into our hero to force him to do all the dirty work.

    The rest of the movie centred on our hero fighting for his life, as he systematically tracked down & eventually neutralised all the bad guys, while also succeeding in getting the young boy out of harm's way. It was quite fun to watch our hero replicating some of Jackie Chan's signature fighting antics in the movie.

    I read that Jason Statham had some sort of martial arts background, which probably explained his physical prowess & agility, just like Jean Claude van Damme, in the fighting sequences.

    For me, the best action sequence in the movie was the segment, when our hero drove his beefed-up Audi up an incline to fly into the air, with an ingenious somersault manoeuvre to dislodge a time-bomb attached to the under portion of the car, with the timely aid of a large hook suspended from a harbour crane located nearby. Wow, that was really cool!

    Just like the first movie, there wasn't a dull moment in this one, as it was also beautifully choreographed with adrenalin-pumping action sequences throughout, from start to finish.

    Acting-wise, Jason Statham probably fared better than John Cena in my view. His many acting credits included 'Ghosts of Mars', 'The One' (with Jet Li), 'Italian Job', 'Cellular', 'Chaos', 'Crank' & latest 'Rogue Assassins' (with Jet Li, which I have yet to watch).

    The bottomline of my movie review: The two action movies, although seemingly no-brainers, have been real fun to watch, at least for me. If you like sheer action & pure entertainment, they won't disappoint you. Guaranteed!...more info
  • Lots of Explosions But Still Dull
    THE MARINE proves yet again that an action movie needs to have the focus on the hero and his motivation. When a film like this one has some truly outstanding fiery explosions to maintain a viewer's interest, that attention span will last only for as long as do the FX, and even with that there are diminishing returns. John Cena, the WWE wrestler, is John Triton, an ex-Marine discharged from the Corps only because he disobeyed orders to save the lives of three fellow marines. You would think his commanding officer would have understood. He takes a job as a security officer and gets fired immediately, again for just doing his job. The primary problem with THE MARINE is the expectation that one has in terms of why one sees this film. I choose to see action movies that have a hard to achieve balance between the exploits of the action star and the believability of the plot. Stallone had no problem doing that in any of his RAMBO films. Cena has a long way to go to find this happy medium.

    Robert Patrick is the Bad Guy. He mugs, makes unwelcome advances to Cena's wife, and generally conducts a criminal campaign on the fly. You know that an action film is off kilter when the Bad Guy by default becomes the focus of interest. Cena does little more than take beatings, give beatings, narrowly escape death in fiery car crashes, and scowl on cue. If Cena has a future in acting, that future is probably in the ring as a wrestler. ...more info
  • Cinematic History
    The first 15 minutes of this brilliant film are probably the best 15 minutes ever captured. The rest of the movie is dull and a bit annoying in an awesome action that doesn't make any sense with terrible acting sort of way. But those first 15 minutes I seriously watched twice because I was laughing so hard I cried the first time through. Watch this movie because it has by far and away the best opening scene any film could aspire to achieve. ...more info
  • Mediocre and Uninspired
    The Marine is a film about a marine that has just been discharged and is back home with his wife. When she's kidnapped by the bad guys, the game is on. It's an action movie and I think most people can spot what this movie is going to be like from that description. So if you're not a person that enjoys action movies like Rambo or Commando then I can safely say that you won't enjoy this film. It's still a paint-by-numbers affair so it's doubtful you'd suddenly find yourself enjoying this type of film.

    But I am someone who enjoys action movies like Rambo and Commando. So I waited till I found myself in the right mood to watch an action romp, and I stuck this DVD in. The movie starts out with some promise. After John Cena's character is discharged from the military, he takes a job as a security guard. The scene that followed that was fairly entertaining - with Cena throwing around his weight. While that scene is entertaining, it is also meant to show that Cena's character is miserable outside of marine life. This hints at some inner turmoil that is then left behind completely and never again brought up in the film.

    Robert Patrick does a great job as the bad guy. I thought he was very good. I did not care for his henchmen as they didn't seem to bring anything to the table. Likewise, John Cena is not an actor. He doesn't need to be in an action movie if the plot is compelling but it's really not. There aren't any memorable action scenes that stick out in my mind as I reflect back so all I am recalling is the awkward delivery that John Cena had. I also didn't care for his character's wife; who was very attractive but had a quality about her that said there was nothing going on upstairs. The pair is not a couple who are developed characters; the wife especially comes off as an arrogant shrew and so as a viewer, I'm not invested in the film when she is kidnapped.

    All in all, this movie would have been a better film as a focus on Robert Patrick's jewelery store heist and escape. That was much more interesting than The Marine and his walk through a swamp. But that's just my opinion.

    R.C....more info
  • Bad Movie By A Bad Wrestler
    Do not bother! Cena does not have the potential of the Rock or even Kane for that matter. They are just trying to make more money off of the uneducated wrestling fan!...more info
  • a MAN movie
    Basicly this story is about a retired marine whose whife gets kidnaped from a hostage situiation. Well it's definatly action packed...but not completly true to life. Lots of explosions and fight sceans that are unnecessary. But it is very fun to watch if you don't mind random cars blowing up all over the place....more info
    I never expected to be so thrilled and entertained by this almost tongue-in-cheek non-stop action thriller.
    Robert Patrick (The BAD Terminator, in Terminator 2) is perfect as a vicious killer, but still pokes fun at his own movie when one of his killer friends who is failing at getting "The Marine" off their back, comments: "This guy is worse than the Terminator!".
    The DVD and Blu-ray releases are crystal clear and fully color satutated. The spectacular stunts are supported by an incredibly potent DTS soundtrack....more info
  • lots of action~caution on the language
    This movie has a lot of action, and my husband loved it. I do, however, warn you about the language. I wouldn't have any underage viewers present if you watch, and the language even made me want to leave the room, but if your okay with that, the movie is very action-packed....more info
  • I Salute John Cena!!!
    I rented "The Marine" with no expectations except for good action and "eye candy" (Mr. Cena is a beautiful man). I always enjoy the classic good vs. evil story and seeing the bad guy get it. Think of the 80's action movies and that is what "The Marine" is like. I enjoyed the movie, and while I am not a wrestling fan, I do support the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) because they support our troops all over the world. They make trips to bases every year and risk their safety to entertain the wonderful men and women of our Armed Forces! John Cena has a very likable quality, and because of his love and appreciation for our troops and their families he can rest assured that I will gladly give my dollars and support to him in whatever he undertakes. God Bless you John and the WWE!!!...more info