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Open Season
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  • Love the movie
    When my 5 and 8 yr. old grandsons come for the night this is the movie they watch at bedtime because they know it by heart. They seem to relax because it doesn't take any brain power when you know every word. I put it on one night and there was the today show. I had taped over the VHS so we went straight to Amazon and ordered the DVD. It had come in by the time they came back so all is well and they are usually asleep before the movie is over. Thanks Amazon for saving me-I knew I could count on you!...more info
  • This movie gets funnier every time I watch it.
    It was funny to begin with, but I like it even more every time I watch it. Of course I have my favorite parts. Martin Lawrence does a great job as Boog. I think it's his best performance....more info
  • Not Very Good
    Well... it just felt like it tried to hard... the scenes that were meant to be heart-rending/funny/etc. just seemed way too pedantic; same with the animation. It's like ... okay here is the anticipation in the opposite direction he's going to move, and now he's moving! It's like... it should be transparent... just a general sense of good movement / storytelling.

    To me - it is a bad movie if I would rather be being bored than watching the movie... I got about 30 minutes in and then sort of skipped through the rest to see if it remarkably improved... which it didn't ... at all. If you're getting something for your kids; I will not get this - because it will make them stupider by watching it. They will fail at life; and then instead of your kid taking care of you in your old age you die sad and lonely in a gutter because G.W. Bush already spent your social security, sorry....more info
  • Very Pleased
    The PSP movie was delivered quickly and we are totally satisfied!! Very reliable and will use them again....more info
  • Outstanding Blu-ray Title
    It took a while to get past the eye-popping saturated color and mind-blowing detail of this Blu-ray disc (its that captivating) to even pay too much attention to the story. On a 70" JVC 1920 RPTV hooked up via HDMI from the new Sony sub $500 player the picture is simply superb and often stunnning. Color and detail are almost overwhelming and 3D. Definitely a good choice for showing your system off to friends.

    THE STORY: True, it isn't a new formula at work here, which should be no real surprise from the mainstream media outlets these days, but it is highly entertaining. While it wouldn't win any Academy Awards for best screenplay, the story is engagingly told and voice talent keeps it fun. If you want zany and over the top buy some Jerry Lewis movies! This movie should appeal to all age groups.

    THE SOUND: I'm sure my receiver is showing its age at not be able to fully decode the new formats. It will usually default to THX, which is not the best compromise. Maybe I'll update this review after I can fully evaluate the sound, but I'm sure I'm not alone in this respect.

    EXTRAS: I don't really spend time with these, unless its a Klingon Diction Seminar (jk)

    Buy it! Most folks will be glad they did....more info
  • OK movie, Great Blu-ray
    Open Season is an ok movie. There are a bunch of individual bits that are quite spectacular.. the rabbits are a hoot, and the broken dam part is amazing for example. However, one begins to believe after several viewings what an ultimately empty movie this is.

    But... as I am writing this, I can see my daughter's face. She is entranced. She really likes this movie. She's five now and has seen it at least five times that I am aware of. And you know what? She still enjoys the heck out of it.

    There isn't too much objectionable content in this movie. You can see an incredibly out of shape and over-the-hill male rear-end in one shot. I didn't realize it before watching the blu-ray version (Hah! A blessing and a curse!), but the dude is definitely missing his pants. The villain can be scary at times, shooting a rifle and brandishing a knife at the animals. There are also some poop jokes. It's rated PG.

    The extras really aren't anything to write home about. They seem to be the same as the Standard Definition Special Edition.

    This review is for the Blu-ray version: The picture is amazing, it looks 3-D. Sound is good as well.

    I have seen the SD version upgraded to 1080i on a Sony DVP-cx995v, and upgraded to 1080P on a Toshiba hda20, and now the Blu-ray version on the PS3 60GB. These have all been on a Sony 60" KDS-60A2000 which is capable of 1080p.

    Out of all three, I think that the Blu-ray version is the best followed by the Toshiba (I realize this is a bit apples to oranges.. also, since this movie was made by Sony, I doubt it will ever be released on HDDVD).

    So, if you want to show the beauty of Blu-ray this might be a good title. It's a family-friendly film, and the picture is stellar.

    My review out of 5:
    Movie: 2.5
    Blu-ray Picture: 5.0
    Sound: 5.0
    Total: 4.0

    ...more info
  • Excelente para mostrar tus 1080p "/Same as swps: 1080p show off
    Quiz¨¢ no es "la pel¨ªcula" pero es bastante divertida y quiz¨¢s, una de las mejores maneras para mostrar como es que los 1080p se ven en tu teatro en casa.

    Para ser la primera animaci¨®n de Sony, estuvo bien: para mostrar su campa?a "Full HD", est¨¢ mejor.

    Maybe it's not "The movie" but it's fun to watch and really handful to show off your 1080p home theather setup.

    For Sony's first animation, was ok but it does a better job showing off sony's "Full HD" motto....more info
  • Amazing!
    This movie is a classic! The blu-ray disc brings out the most amazing picture. You can even see the fur on Boog move gently in the breeze.
    I am new at blu-ray, but so far I am very impressed with the picture quality and also the sound as we have ours connected to a complete surround sound system....more info
  • Lame
    The main character and his friend get drunk, break into a convenience store, and completely trash the place. This is all supposed to be hilarious good fun. Does any responsible adult actually vet this garbage before the filmmakers shovel it out?...more info
  • Decent film, but Copies Shrek
    This movie is a reasonably good animated film with a major flaw. The animation is great or at least on par with what is expected today. However, the film completely copied the relationship between Shrek and donkey. Their banter is nearly identical. I found it to be so similar that I could not finish watching the movie. This flaw ruined what could have otherwise been a good film. ...more info
  • funny
    i have to say that kids movies have come a long way. this movie is very comical and i 27, love it i think as much as my son, thats 2. the humor is funny for all ages....more info
  • open season is okay!
    The movie itself was good. All the characters and voices were good, except for the main character by Martin Lawerance he doesn't bring any characteristic to it and doesn't make it unique like the others do so well. But the Blu-Ray dvd is wondeful, the quality is very sharp and great to see and the sound is wonderful, full use of the blu-ray system.. ...more info
  • Funny,funny, funny..
    such a cute movie. It was about making friends and sticking with them. I know it was a push for PETA but the sound track and the one liners were so cute....more info
  • We love the bear!
    The movie is entertaining and fun. Hunter's beware, the animals are on the move. ...more info
  • Funny!
    I liked this film the first time I saw it, but wasn't enamored. I've now watched it several times and each time I grow to appreciate the comedy more and more. The teaming of Martin Lawrence and Ashton Kutcher was genius. The dialogue was so fast paced I missed a lot the first few times -- but, it reminded me of my reaction to Beverly Hills Cop. This film is touching and funny. Great for adults and kids....more info
  • At Last, a Decent 'Big Studio' Animation Effort
    Generally I don't care for the type of animated movies by the big studios dominating the present Western film culture. "Open Season" is one of the few exceptions. This 2006 film is the first animated effort from Sony Pictures Animation, and features personality that the other 'big studios' can't really boast of in their repertoire. For the first part, this film is BEAUTIFUL - this animation is just superb. The 3-D animation really shines by appropriately caricaturing all the characters but everything still remaining very fluid and, for lack of a better word, 'real' - the most stunning examples being the main ursid and ungulate.

    This film focuses on Boog, a housegrown bear saved by a ranger. His comfortable life of sleeping in the garage and starring at a local park show is shattered when he meets Elliot, an outcast, uni-horned deer. A night on the town and the two find themselves left out in the wilderness. Boog is horrified at the prospect and immediately sets on returning home. Elliot agrees to lead him there if they'll be partners, and so the two set off on a colourful adventure back home - made slightly difficult not just by the wacky inhabitants of the wilderness, but also by the opening of 'open season', and a particular, loose-screwed hunter, who's out to stop a supposed animal conspiracy.

    There is never a dull moment during this film - from my favourite scene, where Boog and Elliot party in a convenience store, to the ultimate showdown between the animals and the hunters (still a shortage on wolves, though). But my foremost beef with the film is Martin Lawrence, voice-actor for Boog. I don't like the way he implements his own 'lingo' to an over-extent into Boog. It misses the point of the character to me - any adept voice actor knows that his or her job is getting into the role, not vice versa. Ashton Kutcher, on the other hand, is spot-on as Elliot. The gorgeous animation, entertaining characters and the ultimate climax make this one of the better examples of 'big studio' animation in recent years. Still doesn't say much, but a good attempt is better than no attempt at all - here's to you, SPA, for setting an example.
    ...more info
  • Shrek Meets Born Free
    A big and kind, but scary seeming, guy just wants to be left in peace when his peace is invaded by a small four-footed wise cracker with big ears. Sound familiar? The big guy is a tame grizzly bean and the annoying hanger on is a deer. Although the bear has been peaceful for years, the ranger who takes care of him is forced to return him to the wild. The bear is now a fish out of water and totally unprepared for life in the wild. But he should be all right as he was taken high into the mountains away from the hunting grounds.

    But a flood sends the bear, deer, and many others down river to where they are endangered by the local hunters. Now the bear that just wanted to be left alone has to figure out how to deal with the wild and protect everyone from the hunters. Of course there are lessons to be learned while this is going on and everything winds up for the better.

    Most of the elements of this movie are very familiar. The animation is reasonably good with a consistent level of cartoonishness. The story is pretty good and most of the characters are well realized. I was rather pleased with this film although its focus was different from what is shown in the trailer (the business with the hunters only comes in in the end). Not too rude or too cute, check it out....more info