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Kodak EX-1011 Easyshare 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame with Wireless Capability
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $164.99

You Save: $85.00 (34%)


Product Description

Start viewing your pictures and videos right away by inserting a memory card or connect your digital camera. Wirelessly add pictures and videos from your computer or the Kodak Gallery using your Wi-Fi network. Set the mood with music by listening to your favorite MP3s with built-in speakers while you view your vacation photos. Fill it up with memories thanks to 128 MB of internal memory. The convenient drag-and-drop feature makes transferring pictures easy. View your pictures on the 10-inch (25.4 cm), 16:9 wide screen featuring Kodak Color Science for vibrant color and crisp detail. It is optimized with Kodak Light Management Film to provide a bright, clear display with excellent viewing angle. Aspect ratio - 16 - 9 widescreen Display type - aSi TFT active matrix, with Kodak Light Management Film Display backlight - LED Display brightness - 350 NITs Wireless compatibility - 802.11 b/g Contrast ratio - 300 - 1 Image file formats - JPEG & EXIF Video formats - MOV, AVI, MPEG 1 and 4 Audio formats - MP3 128 MB internal memory available Memory cards supported - Secure Digital (SD), Multimedia Card (MMC), Memory Stick (MS), xD-Picture Card (xD), CompactFlash (CF) & MicroDrive (MD) System Requirements - Windows XP or higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, 600 MHz processor or greater, Macintosh OS X 10.3 or higher; PowerMac/PowerBook G3, G4, G5, iMac, eMac, iBook, MacBookPro, Safari 1.1 or higher, 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended), 200 MB hard disk drive space available, CD-ROM drive & Available USB port Dimensions - 13.0 ? 9.5 ? 1.6 inch (330 ? 241 ? 41 mm)

  • 10-inch viewable LCD display; widescreen aspect ratio
  • Wireless capability; add pictures from your PC or the Kodak Gallery using Wi-Fi
  • Play back video and MP3s
  • 128 MB internal memory; compatible with SD, MMC, Memory Stick, xD, CF and MD cards
  • Convenient remote control included

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent features
    The wireless feature is excellent. It is very nice I don;'t have any problems with this....more info
  • Frame Review
    I returned this before I got it and never tried it out, so I have no idea how good it is...more info
  • Terrible Photo Frame; Shockingly Low-Quality
    I can't begin to tell you how awful this product is.

    First off, a bit of background on your humble reviewer. I'm a self-taught geek who does computer tech support as one of my jobs. I've never met a computer problem I couldn't fix, and I do it on a daily basis, sometimes simply for fun.

    So you can imagine my frustration when I purchased this product for my wife's birthday back in June, only to discover that the networking functionality is essentially broken, even with the newest firmware (which is from October 2007, and ships on Amazon's stock of the frames). I was able to get things up and running fairly quickly. The frame connects to the network with WPA encryption and successfully sees the computer. I can even begin playing a pictures slideshow from my Windows Media Player server (which is how you have to set it up to work with a wireless network).

    However--and it never fails--the frame inevitably will freeze after so long. Well, it doesn't even freeze; half the time it simply reboots itself and begins playing its built-in collection of stock photos, right in the middle of your network slideshow. I have ruled out networking problems by trying two different routers. Firewalls are not an issue. To make matters worse, sometimes the frame will not pick up on the Playlists you have configured... meaning, they'll simply not show up in the listings. That leaves you to choose "All Pictures", which are then displayed sequentially each and every time. A quick call to product support quickly revealed that they are completely inept and simply reading from a punch list of troubleshooting options ("Sir, I must now suggest that you check to see if the frame is too far from the router.") Eck.

    Perhaps this all wouldn't be so bad if there were some way to get the frame to shuffle playback. YOU CAN'T. THERE IS NO RANDOM/SHUFFLE OPTION on this frame. The only way to shuffle your playback is to configure a playlist that is preshuffled via Windows Media Player and then load the playlist onto your frame--if you have so much luck, as many times, as previously mentioned, you can't even get the playlists to show up.

    This product is, quite simply put, a piece of plastic trash that hardly even performs its basic functions. The quality control and, perhaps equally disturbing, product support for these frames is bottom-of-the-barrel. I advise you to avoid this product at all costs, as well as any future frames by Kodak. (Their newest line of updated frames still doesn't support shuffle playback by the way.)

    I will be headed to CES this week to see what else is available and upcoming in the photo frame market. I am already strongly considering a purchase of a Sony frame to replace this junk. Its ratings are much higher, it reportedly never freezes, and it does include the elusive shuffle function.

  • was expecting more from Kodak
    Nice enough, easy to set up, but two gripes which left me feeling deflated:

    1. the LCD screen isn't exactly going to impress anyone who's used to working on laptops or owners of flat panel televisions - the image quality is a tad poor - I would have hoped for a higher resolution screen for this price
    2. the stand on the back of the unit doesn't allow for the unit to be propped up more vertically, meaning that if you have the frame in a chest height shelf or chest of drawers, the frame tilts back to a point where the image is difficult to view with any clarity. you can experiment with what I'm trying to explain by tilting your laptop backwards, and watch the clarity and quality of the screen lower....more info
  • Colours are vivid but not accurate and clipped
    One thing that first came to my mind when I turned the frame on and saw my pictures on it is - "Why no one here talks about bad colour reproduction of the frame?" The colour is not natural, and worst of all it is "clipped" (lacks smooth transition). Put a picture with fine variety of shades (for example on a sky) on this frame and you will see what I mean.

    The only reason I kept the frame - wifi enabled access to online gallery.

    The colours are very poor. (And don't look at those kodak picked demo pictures preloaded on the frame - they are made to look good on it)....more info
  • Just what they wanted...
    Needed to buy a Christmas gift for my brother and sister-in-law who had everything. Boy, did I hit the perfect idea. They loved it. I was a happy camper as I could sit in my living room and order from the ease of my couch and had it delivered to my home in time for Christmas Eve....more info
  • neat product
    This digital picture frame was a perfect christmas gift for grandpa! He enjoys seeing all the pictures we loaded on a memory stick for him and it is very easy to set up and use....more info
  • It broke after 1 year and 1 month! NOT Covered and want $125 to fix it!
    This frame was excellent so we bought 2. Not a issue until the product became a year and a MONTH old. Now its not covered under the Mfg warranty anymore. They are telling me its a FLAT Repair fee of $125! They wont even look at it and call with an estimate. I received it Dec 07 and they tell me it was mfg'd in Nov 07 so its past the mfg warranty time period according to the serial number and its a flat repair fee, regardless of what is wrong with it. Thats rediculous and I wont buy another Kodak thing ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • great
    The product was how he said it was. I am amazed how fast it got here. I wife loved it....more info
  • Perfect addition for any digital photo enthusiast!
    This is a great digital photo frame. It's easy to use and offers on/off programming. It accepts any digital card as direct input to the frame. Screen resolution is crisp. I highly recommend this frame for anyone considering a digital frame....more info
  • gift for daughter
    I purchased this digital picture frame after searching for the best one for the money. My daughter loves it - she said it was easy to upload her pictures and loves it....more info
  • too small
    turned out to be too small a picture size. Unless you are at eye level right in front of it you cant see well. picture quality was fine and easy enough to get started but am returning it for a slightly larger display....more info
  • Quite good overall....
    Bought the frame a month ago.....overall I liked it.

    These are the good and bad things in my opinion:

    - Easy to start-up.
    - Being able to connect it straight to a flash drive and play pictures from there. No cables to the PC required.
    - Can see the photo from all angles.

    - Black frame is too wide compared to the LCD screen inside. Was going to put the 10" one but I felt like I was going to put another monitor on my desk next to my computer monitor.
    - The frame plays the pictures in the same order everytime. Makes it kinda boring after going through them a few times.
    - If you're looking for a frame to put in your living room, go for the 10" one.
    - Unless you have a huge collection of photos, you might get quite bored with it after awhile.
    - Would be good if we could add a text or description on the photo while being played.

    ...more info
  • Good buy!!
    I'm still in the process of learning how to use it, but as far as I'm concern it does what it suppose to do. The pictures are clear....more info
  • Unfulfilled Potential
    The concept of a wireless photo frame (EX811) has the potential to simplify the process of refreshing the pictures on a photo frame. Most people already upload pictures from a digital camera onto a computer. What if you could simply drag the pictures into a folder on your computer where the frame is "watching" via WiFi. Nice!! No fumbling with memory cards and waiting for the files to transfer. So what's the problem? Well apparently the picture frame couldn't be made smart enough to remember what computer and share drive you want it to view when you power on the frame. I mean it remembers your network name and encryption keys but they couldn't afford one extra bit of data to say "start" here. Instead it reads pictures from internal memory at start-up. So I'll just leave it on all the time. Right? Wrong!! You see it grabs all the picture at the start of the slideshow and it doesn't appear to ever go back for more. In addition, it struggles if the folder has a large number of photos. They couldn't grab some at random periodically. It restarts on its own periodically when it drops its network connection. After mashing on the remote for a couple of hours, I decided that it would be easier and more reliable to fumble with a memory card. In conclussion, my advice is to skip the WiFi features for now. Eventually a manufacturer will focus on how people will try to use the frame. For now they seem content to just stamp "WiFi" on the front of the box....more info
  • Kodak Easyshare?
    This picture frame program is not worth the price. I would not buy it again. The documentation is less than minimal--very little help from the website.

    The product has easy share in the name--you would think EasyShare software would set up the slide show, but there is no ability to use Easyshare.

    I have several pictures that I loaded in a flashdrive (jpegs) that create an error message and are skipped for no apparent reason. The frame is formatted in fat 16, (Windows) even though it is advertised as Mac/PC. Unless you format SDs and flashdrives to DOS the frame cannot see the pictures on the drive. Nowhere in the documentation is this explained!...more info
  • Stay away from this product
    I have had this frame for 13 months. It broke. I went to get it fixed from kodak and they told me that it is out of warranty and it would cost $150 to fix. I refused to pay them another dime and will buy another manufacturer's model for that same price. ...more info
  • Kodak Easyshare review
    Works well. The interface can be somewhat confusing, if you want to select a given folder....more info
  • Works as described
    I bought this as a present for my mom, who is fairly tech savvy. She had no problems viewing pictures or setting up wifi. It works great with Kodak gallery which she is a big fan. She loves when we send pictures and they are just there when she gets home....more info
  • Poor customer service
    It took nearly one month from order date to recieve the merchandise. This created some problems getting the product to Christmas recipents. Products have never been tested.

    In addition, the supplier never informed me of the delays. Awful service....more info
  • Limited ways to organize photos
    I have my pictures organzied in folders like Cruise, Christmas 2007. The ditital picture frame will only display one folder then you have to manually select the next folder. The only way to display groups of pictures is to rename them numerically. 1, 2, 3, Other wise the pictures are organized alpha by file name. So A christmas tree 2007 plays first and then A good time at sea 2008 plays next. This really annoys me. You put pictures in albums for a reason, why can't this frame display them that way?...more info
  • Digital picture frame
    The best yet that I have seen. The pictures are sharp and clear, easy to use. I'm going to be buying two for gifts and would recommend to any one that's interested....more info