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Omron Body Fat Monitor and Scale
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Product Description

Fat loss monitor with scale. Easy to read 2" extra large digital display. Measures body fat percentage in .1% increments. Weight capacity up to 330 lb (.2 lb increments). Four person profile memory plus guest mode. Displays previous reading. Chrome metallic finish.

  • Provides accurate measurement of weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI)
  • Supports up to four personal profiles, so each member of your family can track their own measurement
  • BMI classified at three levels: underweight, normal, overweight, and obese
  • Provides measurements for people of nearly all heights (3'4" to 6' 6-3/4") and nearly all ages (10 t
  • Measures 12.2 x 11.8 x 2.1 inches (L x W x H)

Customer Reviews:

  • Accurate!
    Bought this scale to help keep me on track with Weight Watchers.

    LOVE it! It's very accurate and never shows varying weights when weighing at different times. It's sensitive enough that if I take off my wedding rings it notices!

    Excellent scale at an amazing price - worth every penny!...more info
  • Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale
    The scale is a fine piece of electronics. It supplies the user with BMI and BFI each time the user gets on the scale. Further, there is a 4 position mememory bank which allows four people to use the scale and keep track of all weights, BFI and BMI for each user.

    Nice scale tht I would recommend to all. Good price too!...more info
  • Omron HBF-400 Scale
    Excellent value for money scale with the added benefit of body fat monitoring. Although body fat monitoring need only be done occasionally, the feature works well and is easy to setup for individual user. Scale is very lightweight and is therefore easily portable. Construction seems a little flimsy but so far the scale has worked fine with no problems....more info
  • Good
    I like the scale but I don't use all of the functions - otherwise I would probably like it more. It is okay though and acurate as far as I can tell....more info
  • Very pleased with product
    Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale

    Received scale and had little difficulty in programming. It does everything I want at a very reasonable price....more info
  • Great scale - excellent value!
    After a lot of comparison shopping online and in stores, I decided to purchase this model - I am so happy that I did. It is solid, consistent, and very easy to set up. This digital scale provides accurate measurements on a very easy to read screen, and the numbers repeat so you have time to write them down if you're keeping track. This scale has the same features and is just as 'attractive' and solid as the much more expensive you won't regret this purchase!...more info
  • Great scale for weighing yourself, but haha bf% is way off
    I dont know how they figure the bf% is accurate. I mean haha its off by at least 5 points. I'm about 6'4" 180lbs and the machine is telling me that I have 20% body fat and am slightly overweight Im practically skin and bones with a little muscle. I've used the Navy formula for calculating body fat and im at about 15% and have got it calculated professionally and it was around 13%.the weighing aspect of the machine is spot on, but the bf% is consistent but no where near accurate. ...more info
  • Consistent
    Consistency. It doesn't matter if a scale is off a pound or two, as long as it is consistent! This scale is consistent and very close to the scale at our clinic. What more can you ask for?...more info
  • Arrived extremely quickly, easy setup, good device.
    The device arrived packaged well, was easy to setup and use (multiple users share it), and the display is easy to read - even in the early morning. :)....more info
  • According to Omron HBF-500 I am an elite athlete! Because it never worked on me.
    Let me start of by stating that this will be the first time I ever returned an item to Amazon. Yes, I sometimes get product I am not satisfied with, but I usually give them away. However, not this time, I will not let some poor soul get fooled by this inaccurate piece of ... plastic! I would be afraid that someone might take these readings seriously and become anorexic.

    Two trainers (sports medicine and nutritionist majors) measured me at the same time. One was at 16.5% and the second at 18%. I bought the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000 Personal Body Fat Tester and it measured 17.5%, heck even the Navy tape measure system measured 20.1%. The Omron HBF-500 estimates 29%! I read and reread the instructions and I keep getting 26% - 29%. Yes I get these results seconds apart. I do not expect it to be perfect, I am well aware of a 1-3 point variance between measurements but 11 points is ridiculous. Am I to believe that I am an "athlete" because it clearly states it does not work on athletes? I am in good shape and I do exercise regularly. However, I do not consider myself to be in the same class a triathlete or any pro athlete. Does this only work on sedentary people?

    By the way it cant even get weight measurements right. It varies up to 1.8lbs! I swear I try to stand on the exact same position and it still varies, it even varies more if I reposition it on the same surface. So how do I know which is right. I would not even mind if it was slightly inaccurate, but I do demand consistency. How else am I to track progress? One last rant. The guy pictured on the box looks as if he is in ok shape. Why does it work for him?...more info
  • as others have said
    The precision and accuracy of the weight measurement is quite good. This fat % calculation is not accurate, but may be precise. I'd guess if one had a professional assessment of body fat one could track changes with this scale, ignoring the absolute quantity....more info
  • Sounds good but don't waste your money
    I purchased this scale because I have a water retention problem and I thought this scale would help me control it. However while I could get weighed on this scale I was unable to obtain any of the other information. The instructions were unclear but even trying to use it several different ways it didn't work....more info
  • Amazing Scale!!
    This scale is wonderful! It works everytime and I love that you can program the scale to your height, gender, and age so you get accurate results! I recommend it! its an amazing product!...more info
  • Waste of Money
    The only read out I could get was the weight. The purpose of this particular scale was to read my body fat and that's the one thing that didn't work. ...more info
  • Can't get it to work.
    I purchased this recently and was looking forward to the arrival. Upon arrival I quickly found that there are a lot of do's and don'ts. Quite frankly, too much to remember. When I did finally figure it out I was unable to get a correct reading for any of the measurements. My weight was off by 60 pounds (too low)!!! I set it up for my mom as a user, and she also had incorrect readings. I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing...completely useless....more info
  • Consistent, easy to use, packed with features
    Title says it all..... My household loves it. If you have more than one person in your house that's committed to getting in shape this year, this is the digital scale you want. Add one to your Cart now....more info
  • I like the scale
    I have had this scale now for 3 was easy to set up for three people if you are educated enough to read the directions. Body fat measurements do seem high but then again I could just be fatter than I like. I am working on that and this scale will help me. I would recommend this to a friend. It's a value....more info
  • Ditto: Not for athletically fit people
    I have owned this scale and used it each and every morning under the same circumstances for more than a year now. I have held off writing a review because I wanted to be sure of my opinion based on personal experience. Here it is: The weight scale is consistent with itself. That's all anyone needs is consistency, whether it be plus or minus a .10 or more from another scale. Stick with one scale day to day and you can't go wrong. But the other readings: The Body Fat, the Visceral Fat, the Skeletal Muscle, are crazy wrong for someone who works out six times a week and is athletic, like me. I started out a little over a year ago forty-eight pounds heavier than I am right now. Since I kept a journal each day of all the measurements from the Omron scale, I can say that it is wrong, crazy wrong. During the year I have been in training, working with a trainer and slowly changing my diet, I have gone from obese to slim, trim and have muscles that give me that "ripped" look. But the Omron scale will have none of it. The above mentioned readings have changed only slightly from my starting point, by no more than 2 or 3 percent at best, while my total body weight has dropped roughly 21 percent. I can't believe the body measurements of this scale are anywhere near accurate. I've gone down four pants waist sizes. Where I had a beer gut, I now can look straight down and see my belt buckle without having to suck in. You can see my ribs! I've packed on solid muscle everywhere it is supposed to be: upper and lower body. So this scale is a joke for all but one thing: Giving you your body weight. I'm disappointed I spent the money on it. ...more info
  • Unuseable
    I had to return this item because I bought it for my wife and nothing in the advertisiment for it said it could not be used if you have an artificial knee (or any other medical implant for that matter). She just had a new knee installed and so she can't use it.

    ...more info
  • Sturdy accurate scale
    My husband and I both like this scale. It is easy to use and accurate based on weekly weigh ins at our doctor's office. It is very sturdy and looks attractive. We haven't taken the time to learn about all the features but we are very happy with this product....more info
  • Excellent Scale
    Great scale. Very interesting to see this much information about your body. Helps monitor weight over a long period of time. Very consistent....more info
  • Excellent scale
    I don't care about the other feratures, I just wanted a great scale and this is it! And it is pleasant to look at as well. Feels sturdy, not plastic. Great scale, worth every penny....more info
  • The best one out there
    This is the best scale i have had. Very easy to understand and very accurate....more info
  • Gym quality equipment
    You get the same gym quality diagnostics with the this multi scale at home. Product manual is short but sufficient. its important to read the instructions before using the sale.

    ...more info
  • Omron HBF-500 Body Composition Monitor with Scale
    Works great as a scale. The body fat percentage calculations are a bit suspect as they are +/- 19%, on average, higher than two other sources that closely relate to each other....more info
  • Scale by Omron
    Its nothing to look at (cheap plastic which the silver will rub off eventually). It works as far as I can tell --- I don't have any means of checking its accuracy....more info
  • Incredibly accurate weight but no athlete mode
    The weight measurements on this scale are surprisingly accurate. To test it out, I weighed a full suitcase. I then took out one item, weighed it, and weighed the suitcase again. The item weighed one pound. The suitcase weighed exactly one pound less after removing the item. Impressive.

    The one drawback is that the body fat monitor is useless for athletes. If you have more than average muscle mass, this is not for you. Otherwise, very nice product....more info
  • consitent measures, but inaccurate
    The Omron HBF-400 was far from fulfilling my expectations. The ONLY reason I bought this scale over a "simpler" one was because of the %BF feature, which happened to be a fiasco. My %BF oscillates around the mid 20s. According to this scale I'm 38% fat!! My body composition was measured in a BODPOD (a VERY VERY expensive machine) last summer and it was 34.5% back then, when I did not even work out. You get the picture. If you are out to monitor your body fat, I highly encourage you to stay away from this product. Even if it works for you initially, once you become an "athlete" (translate: not sedentary) it won't work. I'm returning this product NOW (first one I return ever in Amazon)....more info
  • My daily sanity check & motivator!
    I have lost approximately 70 lbs. in the last 4 months... I'd have an exact figure if only I had not put off purchasing this scale until 2 and a half months ago!

    This is the best scale I've ever utilized and provides me daily input as to the reality of my momentum! Prior to this scale I never listened to scales as I started off as a 300 lb. large framed male, my weight could fluctuate as much as 12 lbs. in a day and 3 of the 5 reputable weight charts out there have my end weight falling below my actual lean body mass as I am large framed and am putting on considerable muscle. I'd weigh myself but pay more attention to how I fit into clothing as a motivator.

    This scale tells me everyday exactly where I am and where I'm going! Each morning I hop on and log my weight, BF%, SM% and BMI in an Excel spreadsheet, no one measurement matters and as such, no more getting bummed when I see my weight boomerang because of water retention or a skeletal mass increase. Heck, weight has become a secondary motivator to an increase in Skeletal Muscle and decrease in Body Fat percentages. What's more, it allows me enough insight to recognize a potential plateau and break the pattern.

    I've read some gripes about the BMI accuracy, I qualified mine weekly with calipers for the first 4 weeks and the deviation was a rounding error, it's very accurate. About the only complaint I have is that the weight differs about 2 lbs. from utilizing the general scale and testing with your profile and handle bar.

    This has been a great purchase and allows me to focus on my personal body type and track realistic goals. I recommend it to anyone whose trying to maintain discipline in weight loss, fat loss or muscle gains....more info
  • Change User Hard To See
    I found it difficult to change to new user. With my wife and I using this unit we found it hard to change settings. The main difficulty is reading and understanding the setting buttons. You need to bring the unit close to you in order to view and change the buttons. Cannot not see while standing over it, and letters on buttons too small for my eyes. The display number is very large and readable however. Also, be sure you have paper and pencil in hand if you want to log in your numbers to compare with earlier readings....more info
  • Reviews cover different model numbers HBF400 and 500
    Buyers beware: Many of the higher reviews for this product are for the higher end 500 model, which is misleading. There does not seem to be HBF500 for sale on Amazon.

    Amazon, can you disambiguate the reviews?...more info
  • Fantastic, Accurate Scale
    I recently had my resting metabolic rate measurement (RMR) in the doctor's office as part of a weight loss plan. The reading for this scale was within 1.5% of the reading taken in the doctor's office! At some point I will compare the body fat percentage meausurement with that of calipers, so I don't have a comparison for this measurement. Nevertheless, the scale was worth the purchase and it was a bargin....more info
  • Not Worth it!
    I am a physically fit 5'7" 155lb Marine who bought this product mainly for my wife mainly on the manufacturer's description; I have to say I am VERY disappointed. The body fat and BMI measurement are totally wrong. Their error margins is about 6-10 error points (off). Simply, you will be miss informed. You are better off going to a fitness center for an accurate check of your weight, BMI, and body fat. My body fat and BMI according to this scale are 19 and 24 respectively. This is way off as the less accurate tape measure method is about 8% body fat; and my gym's computerized pinch method have me in the ball park of 5% body fat and a BMI of about 18.

    My advice to those looking to buy a sclae is that you look beyond this scale. It is not worth wasting your money on. The only thing it's good for is as a decoration or a place to rest unwanted rubbish. ...more info
  • Good scale
    This is a good scale if you like to know your body fat percentage. It also stores past results in memory so you can compare but the scale gets a little confusing and you have to turn off and on a lot to reset. Otherwise it is very good and I would buy it again....more info
  • Perfect Measurement device
    I have owned this for a month now.
    The device works great and shows Weight, Fat and BMI.
    Once I created the profile per my details, it is much more convenient to use....more info
  • Wife Likes It
    I am going to keep this short and sweet. This baby replaced our older scale. It has bells and whistles my wife was looking for....more info
  • Worth every penny and more!
    This is a fantastic product! It is very constant (but I've found more accurate if you use it in the mornings before eating or drinking anything). It really does help you keep track of your body composition. With that knowledge, it inspires optimum health. For me, it has become somewhat of a game--see which numbers I can raise or lower this week. Its fun and easy to use, and that is way more than I expected from a scale....more info
  • I'd give it a 4.5
    Fairly nice looking scale. Much more consistent than my Taylor I bought a couple of years ago, but then this was a bit more expensive, too.

    Overall I am happy with my purchase. I have not tried the fat analyzer component to it, as I bought a hand-held unit for that.

    It seems pretty consistent, but sometimes has difficulty deciding where it wants to settle in at. ...more info
  • Good scale
    I really like this scale. I do not use the body fat functions. I use it for measuring my weight only. It is a nice, light, dependable, electronic scale. The numbers are easy to read without glasses. The only feature I would like to see is a lighted display....more info
  • Accurate, consistent and feature-packed. This scale rocks!
    What has me so excited about a scale? Yes, this scale has great features and add-ins. But the main thing that I LOVE about this scale is that it is CONSISTENT and accurate. I have had previous digital scales (for example: Thinner brand) where you could weigh yourself three times in a row and get three different results - up to 2 lbs different! This is so frustrating for dieters and those who are closely watching their weight.

    The Omron HBF-500 scale will give you the same result three times in a row, perhaps plus or minus 0.2 lbs at the most. No more wild swings and trying to guess what your true weight is. The body composition monitor and other features (multiple user settings) are great, too. But you don't have to use these features all the time - you can stand on it like a regular scale and get your weight, too. I'm very glad I upgraded our scale to this model. I am no longer frustrated by our scale - this is a consistent, accurate scale that works as advertised....more info
  • maybe as good as they get
    The weight measurement seems to be very accurate. As for the other features, I'm not sure. I went to a nutrition lab and they had a scale that measures in the same way as this one, only a much more expensive, commercial model. The weight was the same as on my Omron, but the body fat was about 5% more on the Omron than this commercial grade machine measured. The resting metabolism rate was almost 200 calories lower on the Omron. So all I can say for sure is that the scale is accurate. As to the other features, like the body fat %, it is probably not very accurate. But for the price, it's probably as good as it gets. For me, the important thing is that I see it is consistently increases/decreases in the various measurements, as I'm trying to get in better shape. ...more info