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Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike
List Price: $599.00

Our Price: $449.00

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Product Description

Only Schwinn? can leverage more than 100 years of cycling expertise into better-engineered fitness products, and the Schwinn? 230 Recumbent Bike, with its walk-through design and scores of innovative features, is no exception.

Save money on monthly gym fees and get yourself in shape with the compact, comfortable Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike. The 230 boasts many of the high-quality features of the Schwinn 213, but adds several extras, including a nicer, easier-to-read instrument panel with a three-position angle adjustment, a slightly lower pedal height that produces a more comfortable riding position, and an easy step-through frame. And that doesn't even account for all the essentials, which range from 16 resistance levels to handlebars with an integrated heart rate monitor built into the grip.

The handiest feature, however, is unquestionably the anatomically designed recumbent seat, which not only offers a dual-position lumbar support for added comfort, but also a micro-adjustable fore/aft seat slider that accommodate a variety of body types and sizes. Other details include six preset programs (calorie goal, BMI measurement, recovery test, results mode, quick start, and manual mode), 10 profile courses, and transport wheels that both protect your floors and make the bike easy to store.

Track your time, interval time, RPM, watts, distance, pulse, speed, calories, and resistance on the 230's LCD console.

  • 16 resistance levels
  • 6 preset programs and 10 profile courses
  • Programs include calorie goal, BMI measurement, recovery test, results mode, quick start, and manual mode
  • Adjustable-angle LCD viewing console
  • Workout stats include time, interval time, RPM, watts, distance, pulse, speed, calories, and resistance
  • Wide recumbent Bio-Fit seat with dual-position lumbar support and slide bolsters
  • Wide comfort Schwinn Bio-Fit pedals
  • Quality recumbent handlebars with integrated heart-rate grips
  • Walk-through design
  • Reading rack and water bottle holder
  • Transport wheels for easy movement

Manufacturer's Warranty
Frame - 10 years, mechanical and electrical - 1 year, wear items - 6 months, labor - 90 days

About Recumbent Exercise Bikes
Despite the competition from trendy new fitness inventions, exercise bikes continue to be popular options for home exercise. They offer the same aerobic benefits of riding a bicycle at any time, in any weather, without leaving the comfort and safety of home. Exercise bikes don't take up much space, require little or no balance or coordination, and can provide an effective workout for all levels of users, from beginners to serious competitors. While the same could be said for a number of other types of home fitness equipment, the exercise bike is one of the few that allows you to watch television or read a magazine while you work out.

The term recumbent literally means "lying down." Exercising in a recumbent or reclining position allows the user to have full ergonomic back support, without causing strain on the arms, neck and shoulders, all of which can be common effects of using an upright bicycle. For many people, having convenient access to quality exercise equipment is critical to sticking with a long-term exercise program.

  • Compact stationary recumbent exercise bike with 6 preset programs and 16 resistance levels
  • Easy-to-read LCD monitor displays time, distance, speed, calories burned, and more
  • Comfortable recumbent seat with dual-position lumbar support and fore/aft seat slider
  • Recumbent handlebars with integrated heart-rate grips; wide Bio-Fit pedals
  • Water bottle holder; 10-year frame warranty; 1-year warranty on mechanical and electrical

Customer Reviews:

    This bike is a great excercise tool for those who can't get out. I ride this everyday and it is very quiet. It is made solid so I expect this to last me a long time. My previous bike broke after 6 months but I did not buy it through Amazon....more info
  • Schwinn Recumbant
    Overall this is a great bike. It is smooth, comfortable, and has many different degrees of difficulty which match differences between my wife and I. Also, the programs that come with the bike are varied and fun to use. The pulse moniter works great and is easy, just hang onto the grip. My only complaints are minor. One, it takes well over an hour to assemble. Two the screen is mounted high which makes it difficult to watch TV while riding. I have to look to one side to view the TV aroung the monitor....more info
  • Better thanxpected
    When my wife said she wanted this I figured it was going to be another clothes hamper. She also wanted it in the Living room. Well after assembly, not horribly difficult, it actually turned out quite well. It's comfortable to use and not at all noisy. Can actually hear the TV without blasting it. The programming is a little tricky but I use the quick setup and it works just fine for me. ...more info
  • Great exercise bike.
    The Schwinn 320 is a great product ... but I refused the original delivery as it was terribly damaged ... subsequently purchased locally ... Amazon quickly refunded my original purchase, so that was good ... I purchase many items via Amazon and will continue to do so ... shipping of the Schwinn is a management decision/problem. Too bad they can't get a better arrangement for packaging and shipping.
    ...more info
  • Not Bad, Not Great
    I got this in a Gold Box deal, so it was priced pretty reasonably (I think it was around $300). Setup was straightforward with all the tools you need to put it together. You may need to unpack it outside and bring the pieces to its final resting place separately. The box is HEAVY. All tools needed are included.

    What I like about it:

    Several levels of resistence.
    Fairly comfortable.
    Several programs.
    Heart rate monitor.
    Realtively sturdy.

    What I don't like about it:

    Doesn't pick up signal from Polar HRM (Many do and it would be a nice feature to have so you don't have to grab the grips to get a heart rate).
    Heart rate monitor is slow. When you grab the sensors, it starts counting up from about 70 and takes close to a minute to get a reading that is accurate.
    Ity has a 20lb flywheel, but it doesn't seem like it does, and the flywheel isn't mated to the pedals so you can't get it going like a spinning bike.
    Seat isn't very secure. At higher resistence levels you don't notice, but at lower ones, it allows the seat to rock around and make noise as your body moves.
    Hard to read LCD. You need a good light as there is no backlighting and the LCD isn't particularly clear as to what the numbers displayed show.

    But, it works, hasn't broken or lost parts, and does what it is supposed to do, which is to give you a good workout....more info
  • Schwinn Recumbant Bike
    This is a great product. It exceeded my expectations. I would recommend having 2 people when putting it together. The bike is so comfortable and quiet to ride....more info
  • Okay Recumbent Exercise Bike
    I've had this bike for almost a year now and I want to make a few comments.

    I read in a review that it didn't fit anyone 5'4" or smaller. I'm here to say that that's not what I found. I'm just under 5'4" and my mother is 5'2" and we fit fine on the bike.

    I must have been one of the lucky ones when it came to shipping. It arrived quickly with no damage to the bike. The box had a couple of punctures but the bike was fine.

    It's been a okay bike for the most part except the seat can get a little uncomfortable after a while. My toes also start to go numb after riding for more than 20 minutes. I've never had a recumbent bike before so I don't know if this is normal. All I know is that it makes the ride very uncomfortable and hard to continue.

    I am having an issue which started a few months ago. I'm getting a clunk from the left side. This seems to be a problem with this bike as I have read other reviews indicating this problem. I haven't called customer service yet and I don't know if I will. I have a feeling it will cost me just as much to service it as it would to buy a new one. And let me add, I would not buy another schwinn. ...more info
  • not here yet!
    Today is November 25th. I purchased this bike on October 24th. It is not here yet. I have traced item's delivery. It is sitting about 40 miles from my home. I have contacted Amazon 4 days ago and have had no response from them. They want me to review the product??...more info
  • Schwinn
    Nice bike, very easy to put together and good exercise. The LCD monitor could be upgraded to a brighter and nicer looking one....more info
  • Great Bike
    I decided to buy this product based on the other reviews I read here and elsewhere on the web. I have never been one to exercise but i have enjoyed this bike tremendously. It came very promptly and the instructions for putting the bike together were easy to follow.

    I would highly recommend this bike to anyone who is looking to start an exercise program and is worried that they are too out of shape to start. There are many different programs to chose from and it helps to visually see your goal tick down.

    I am looking forward to getting into a shape other than "round" :) and this bike is a big part of that. ...more info
  • Definitely Great Machine for the Price
    I researched recumbent exercise bikes after having used a very expensive one that I liked very much in Physical Therapy. I had a recumbent bike years before that I became dissatisfied with quickly. This bike is actually better than the one at the Physical Therapist's that cost several thousand dollars. The only negative I have to say is when I ride it it I can hear it, but that is probably because I am not using a mat underneath. There is carpeting that I don't care about in the room where I use it, so I didn't bother to buy a mat. Either that or the base area needs to be adjusted somewhat. Otherwise it's great! I would highly recommend it to anyone interested....more info
  • Solid Quality
    Before ordering this exercycle, we checked out a number of different makes and models locally, read reviews, compared pricing. Amazon offered the best price and we are very pleased with this Schwinn model's mixture of price & quality. Installation was easy as all parts are clearly marked. ...more info
  • Poor packaging or poor parts
    When I took this bike out of the box I noticed a large jagged crack on the front of its plastic base unit. I don't know which was cheaper, the parts or the febble attempt to protect them. Now the only thing getting a workout is the warranty. ...more info
  • great bike!
    This is a great bike! It was here pretty quickly, infact, i was alittle shocked at how quick delivery was. I was worried about putting it together, but i read these reviews and learned the easy way. looking at the pictures, instead of reading the directions made putting it together a piece of cake.
    I have had this for about a month now, and it works great! Its quiet and easy to work the computer controls. I am very happy with this purchase!...more info
  • recumbent bike
    This is a great bike for me. Therapist told me that I needed a recumbent. Very easy to put together - did it myself in a little over an hour 9fifty eight year old female). Important to read instructions - especially the wiring that goes through the front post. Very comfortable and easy to use the programs....more info
    ...more info
  • very pleased
    I am very happy with my Schwinn 230. The price was somewhat comparable to the stores, however, the free delivery was a plus and without tax. The delivery company called prior to delivery to assure I was here to accept it, (a good thing)and all was well with the box and the machine. I love every thing about it! A great deal for the money! I assure you I will not use it for a coat rack. The assembly wasn't so bad, about an hour, except be watchful how you put it together because you have to take it apart again to add things. I love Amazon, they have it all, and are so accomodating! ...more info
  • bike
    bike is everything i thought it would be easy to assemble, very quiet,
    and comfortable...more info
  • Excellent quality & price!
    I had researched many recumbent bikes before making this purchase. This was the highest rated, even against many higher priced models.

    The assembly instructions were easy to follow and it took approximately 90 minutes to assemble.

    I love the preset programs! I have been using the Schwinn 230 twice a day, morning and evening, since I received this bike and can really tell the improvement in my muscles. Prior to buying this bike my workouts were done on a treadmill. I did not realize my muscles would respond so differently using a recumbent bike. I love the results!

    The integrated book rack is wonderful. My workout time goes by so fast, since I am usually involved in a book while doing my workout.

    This purchase through was perfect from beginning to end. Amazon had the best price for this bike and the delivery time was very good.
    ...more info
  • Great piece of equipment
    After a couple workouts now, I can only say I am very satisfied with this bike. I wanted something that I could use early in the morning (as I can't get to the gym before work). I also wanted something substantial - as I plan to put a lot of miles on it. I chose this model over the less expensive 203 - and I am glad I did. Overall, a stable, smooth, and very capable excercise bike.

    My one hesitation on purchase of this item: I was unsure if this model would fit me *really well* - being 6'5" does pose certain challenges ;) Well - after getting it all set up, I found I had plenty of room. Probably a couple of inches to spare, even.

    This item showed up very quickly, and the packaging was in fine condition. Note: the box it ships in is very large - over 6' long and also quite heavy. Assembly was a breeze. Instructions were clear and all necessary tools were included. The construction of the 230 is beefy throughout - and feels really solid, even for a linebacker sized person, like myself ;)

    The key elements: the crank mechanism is clearly very well designed (and totally silent too). Solid, smooth transitions from level to level, as well as a very fluid crank rotation. The seat and handlebar feel just right, and is generally comfortable. The computer display is intuitive and offers many different workout options.

    Points of contention:
    -The plastic shrouds feel a little cheap. No biggee.
    -It would be nice if the display was backlit.
    -The adjustment knob is integral to the stability of the seat, and requires a lot of screwing in and out (for forward or backwards adjustment). I wonder if the knob might wear out?

    Overall - if you are looking to avoid high, ongoing gym costs, or just want a great home option, the Schwinn 230 is a great piece of equipment. All in all a great product.

    Happy spinning. ...more info
  • A great vailue
    My first use of a recumbent exercise bike was in a hotel. It was a Nautilus and I was so impressed I thought I would buy one for home. However, when I started to research the Nautilus bikes I just couldn't justify the $1000+ price. Finally I broke down and purchased the Schwinn 230 as it seemed to offer enough of what I was looking for and at a great price.

    When I received the bike (faster then expected) I was amazed at how simple assembly was. All tools were provided and the instructions were simple. The bike is stable and quiet and joy to use.

    The biggest surprise in all off this? The Schwinn 230 is made by Nautilus!...more info
  • Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike
    Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    I went online and looked at consumer reviews of several exercise bikes. The Schwinn 230 reviewers were largely highly positive to laudatory. The one theme that stood out in my mind after reading all reviews was -- "solid machine; excellent value for the money."

    I bought the machine "sight unseen" a month ago. I can honestly state that it indeed is a "solid machine" and "excellent value for the money." [One thing I did not know beforehand -- Schwinn is a product made by Nautilus, the famous exercise equipment maker that's been around for ages.] I like it very very much and hop on about 3-4 times a week for a 30-minute workout. The rest of the family does too.

    One other important observation -- I have never, repeat never, in all my years come across a product with such crystal clear assembly instructions and logical parts and tools arrangement in labeled packaging. Someone has given a lot of thought to making the process as friendly and foul-proof as possible. I put this together, leisurely, within an hour whilst watching TV on the side.

    I highly recommend it, especially to those with bad backs, those who are bothered by the up-and-down motion of elipticals, or those who can't risk damage to the knees by treadmills. ...more info
  • Superb Bike
    The bike is great in all respects. It is a well built and well engineered bike for an affordable price. My bike was delivered by ADF truck lines and they did an o.k. job, in that the box was still mostly intact and the bike was totally damage free. Amazon has no business letting OOPS (UPS) deliver such a cumbersome package. If the package is relatively small, then there will probably be no problem with OOPS (UPS) delivering same. Feel confident in purchasing the bike, but pray that OOPS (UPS) is not the carrier assigned to deliver it. ...more info
  • Schwinn 230 Recumbent Exercise Bike
    I haven't used the 230 long enough for any kind of reliability data. With only a few ambiguous directions, the bike was fairly easy to set up. I love how quiet the bike is! At 5'10" I find the it comfortable and easily accessible. The computer works flawlessly and is easy to operate. To this point it certainly deserves a five star rating. I hope there will be no reliability issues but it is too early to tell. I would buy it again....more info
  • Easy instructions for set up the Schwinn
    I thought the Schwinn people put together an easy manual to assembly the bike. What I liked especially was the way they laid out the parts, screws, etc. Each one was labeled with their size and a corresponding number to the blueprint. If one doesn't know what size each screw is, they can identify it by the number associated with it and the installation manual. Also, I appreciated their quick response in replacing two damaged parts. Everything was up and running within 10 days. Thank you....more info
  • Great Choice!
    I'm turning 50, blew out a knee, and needed to get off the treadmill for a bike. The Doc reommended a recumbent, so I started researching. My treadmill was "gym quality" worth about $1800 new when purchased. Never a problem with over 10 years with it, so I knew I needed quality, but not wanting to spend close to $2k on a "gym quality" bike machine when I figure my next "machine" could be a walker 10 years from now! This machine fits the bill! I set it up this weekend and already a few workouts. Setup was expected based on these reviews (be sure to read the instructions very very carefully - I made a few wrong connections but it's built so that you can disassemble mistakes without worry, at least the ones I made). The quality of the machined parts feels of the highest. The bike is extremely quiet (I could never hear my tv in the workout room with the treadmill). Computer provides the same resistance, timing and heart rate functionality as the "Life Fitness" machine I was using at the gym for a short time - so I know its resistance and measurements are at industry-standard. (My only very minor complaint - the LCD readout on the computer dashboard is only black/gray and tough to read in my dimly lit room - Schwinn: change it to red lcd - I'd pay extra!). And most of all, it "feels" just as solid as the bike machine at the gym. I can still burn a similar amount of calories as the treadmill, and unlike the treadmill, read a newspaper or watch the tv with this machine. I remember Schwinn for top-notch quality as a kid buying (ok my dad did the buying!) their bicycles (do you remember the "Sting Racer" and the "Apple Krate"?) and lost them for a number of years. I am glad they are back with a fun and quality-built offering, at least for the gym!!...more info
  • Schwinn 230 recumbent exercise bike
    I love this "bike". I'm 72 and had a back injury a few months ago. The only way I was getting around was slowly and with a cane. After using this bike for 2 weeks I'm up to 4 miles in 15 minutes and my back no longer aches but I'm walking fine now. ...more info