Swann SW42-ALR DVR4-Alert 4 Channel DVR
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Product Description


  • Display Resolution: 720X480 (NTSC)
  • record resolution: 320 x 112: 640 x 24 (NTSC)
  • 4 Ch. Input/ 1 Ch. Output
  • Fixed HDD rack (supports up to 250GB)
  • Record Modes: Continuous, time chedule, motion triggered
Customer Reviews:
  • Use it to record yourself throwing it in the trash!
    I spent a great deal of time installing cameras for one of these DVRs (for home security) only to find out that the DVR did not work. Silly me, I called tech support only to find that Swann is an Australian company so their tech support is never open when anyone except for American vampires or long-haul truckers might be awake. By using the Swann website, I've found that the HD is defective and Swann will not replace it unless I pay to return the unit to them. This company does not stand behind it's products. Do not buy this DVR. You should absolutely not rely on a piece of junk like this for any sense of security for life, property, or business....more info
  • Small unit does big job
    Swann is among the leaders in DIY security and has been in the business for many years. The DVR4 Alert is the smallest stand-alone hard drive based DVR unit. We have been tested 2 units and had no problem with them at all. The unit is housed in an aluminum case and has a 40 cm fan for cooling installed in the rear (you can disconnect the fan to make the unit quiet operation). AC adapter accept 100-230 AC (global voltage) and output 12VDC/3A, and can be interchange with most power supply for external hard drive. Both setup and operation are very simple. Unit can be used for anywhere that you don't care about sound recording.

    Here are some facts:
    Dimension: 8"x5.25"x3.25" (20cmx13cmx8cm); About the size of two stacked external hard drive.
    Record/Display: NTSC and PAL
    Record mode: Continuous; Time scheduled; Motion Triggered
    Input: 4 videos
    Output: 1 video
    Hard drive: 3.5" IDE, support >300GB (tested 300GB)
    ...more info
  • 2 Swann DVR4- Alerts
    First DVR4-Alert was defective, it would not recognize any hard drives. It was exchanged for another DVR4-alert, this recognizes the hard drive but gives a hard drive failure error most times when recording after a few minutes. Units are not reliable enough for 24/7 security. Save yourself a head ache; spend more money and buy a better DVR....more info