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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K 7.2MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)
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Product Description

Panasonic's Lumix DMC-FZ8 digital camera features a powerful 12x optical zoom lens (equivalent to 36-432mm on a 35mm film camera) with f/2.8 brightness. While the DMC-FZ8 boasts the same high 12x zooming power, it also enhances mobility with its compactness and easy joystick operation.The Venus Engine III image processing engine gives it even higher image quality and speedier processing. The FZ8 also incorporates the Intelligent Image Stabilization system, which Panasonic is including in other Lumix cameras being introduced simultaneously with the FZ8.Effective resolution has been increased to 7.2 megapixels, which supports the FZ8's enhanced functions. For example, Panasonic's Extra Optical Zoom function provides additional magnification - to 18x when taking photos with 3-megapixel resolution. The resolution of the LCD has also been increased to 207, 000 pixels, and the larger, 0.44-inch EVF (electronic viewfinder) has a resolution of 188, 000 pixels, making it easy to see both when monitoring and playing back images.Other features that improve usability and convenience include enhanced operation with a multi-purpose joystick, which further simplifies exposure compensation. Frequently used functions, such as light metering, AF (auto focus) mode, ISO setting, and white balance adjustment, are quickly and easily handled with the Quick Setting function. The position of the AF area can be selected among the 11 positions in the single point mode, the multi-point mode and the spot mode. When manually focusing, the focus area is automatically magnified and movable for greater control. White balance can be adjusted on two axes to better express the photographer's intended coloring.

  • Includes Accessories - Battery Charger, Battery Pack, Lens Cap, Lens Hood, Lens Hood Adaptor, AV Cable, USB Connection Cable, Strap and CD-ROM
  • 7.2 Megapixels, up to 3072 x 2304 resolution, 848 x 480 at 30 fps - We recommend purchasing a 1GB SD Memory Card for practical usage
  • 12x Optical, 4x Digital Zoom
  • Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens - 11 elements in 8 groups (3 Aspherical lenses / 3 Aspherical surfaces)
  • 2.5-inch Polycrystalline TFT LCD (207 K Pixels), 100% Field of View, Turkish language

Customer Reviews:

  • Can Anyone Help with Repair Request
    I have had this camera for over a year and I love it. But now I need HELP. The LDC screen cracked in my purse and now I don't know what to do. Is the LCD screen replaceable and could I do it myself? Any advice will be greatly appreciated....more info
  • Fantastic bargain
    My wife and I purchased the FZ8S ahead of our honeymoon. The camera was extremely easy to learn, and provides excellent image quality and zoom capability. It's more featured than a basic pocket camera, but doesn't go to town like a DSLR. For people (like me) who are above novice but still well below professional when it comes to picture taking, the FZ8 is simply a fantastic buy.

    Yes, at high ISO/low-light levels and deep zoom levels it tends to produce fairly noisy images. To this I say, "Well, it's still only 250 bucks". So there are some sacrifices one must give for the price.

    Still and all, it's a great buy for the budget shooter....more info
    I love this camera. It is really my favorite camera I have ever had. I recommend it 100%....more info
  • I enjoy using this camera!
    I have owned this camera for over a year and am very happy with it. It is my everyday camera around the house. Originally I purchased it after reading reviews while searching for a camera to use to shoot pictures of stage productions at our local HS. After using it for two seasons of productions, I love it's size, handling, silent operation, superzoom and intelligent ISO features for stage work.

    I recently went on a band and choir tour with our local HS. I planned on taking my DSLR setup (I stopped using my DSLR on around the stage because it does not have a completely silent shutter) with multiple lenses and a camcorder, since I would be shooting stills and video of their activities and performances. In the end, I decided to leave my fancy setup at home and only take the DMC-FZ8. I shot inside the bus (most of the pictures with the backlight windows), outdoors and on the stage. I was most nervous about the quality of the video and audio. In the end, I was surprised with the video and audio results. In one video some of the students where standing on some some red rock formations in Southern UT singing. I was 150 feet away and also below them outdoors and the audio was clear. I was surprised. Throughout the four days, I used every setting the camera has. And to think I didn't have to change a lens! My DSLR would have been a handling nightmare trying to catch candid action shots of the students. One disappointment with this model is that you cannot change the zoom while shooting video. Of, course the DMC-FZ28K has that feature. I also want Panasonic to add a hot shoe feature to the camera line so I could use a tilt and swivel flash. I love Panasonic cameras, excellent value and great results. I own two other models. ...more info
  • a wonderful camera
    I have Panasonic DMC-FZ8 for 2 years now. I LOVE it!! It comes with a great battery that could lasted a whole trip. I bought it with me with on two of my trips to China. During each trip, I took around 400 pictures, and afterward it still had a bar of juice in it. Moreover, it has an awesome zoom feature that could be equivalent or better than some of the SLR camera. The image quality during daytime is great. A little grainy at night, other than that it is truly an amazing beast....more info
  • Awesome.
    I purchased this camera after several hours of research in an effort to not repeat the mistake I made two years ago of wasting a nice sum of money on an Olympus Stylus from Best Buy.I'd like to thank the people who typed reviews here on Amazon which I read thoroughly,as well as several other sites.
    I'm happy to say that my time paid off because this camera is well worth $225. I would of glady paid more.
    The optical zoom produces beautiful,sharp pictures.I live near mountains and the shots I have taken are oustanding compared to what I have used in the past.
    The flash is powerful, the menu is easy to use.
    I'm in no way anything near an expert when it comes to cameras,but I have used many point and shoot types and am always attracted to a clear picture and reliable flash.So far so good with this Lumix.
    I'm hoping to get a Nikon D80 some day,and am trying to master this Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8K in order to make baby-steps towards the more difficult slr cameras.
    I really like to get the most out of my cameras, and find this Panasonic simple to use and figure out.

    On the downside, I don't like the shoulder strap provided.Maybe I put it on wrong, but I'm always worried that it's loosening.
    On certain settings it can be slow, and will pop up a window asking you to ''Please wait 6 seconds''.
    These aren't biggies for me though, so I gave it five stars overall because I am impressed....more info
  • Excellent camera
    We have been very happy with this camera. The picture quality is excellent even in zoom. It is very easy to use and not heavy (which was my only concern with it as I have a problem in my arms -- but I have no problem holding it and taking pictures for a long period!). ...more info
  • don't care for
    I don't care for the camera. A lot of the pictures are blurry. Could be the operator but I don't think so. I would think the stablizer would take care of that problem.
    The manual needs to be simpilfied. Very confusing have to kept turning pages to get to one item. Would not recommend...more info
  • It's a great product. I enjoy it. Thanks
    It's a great product. I enjoy it.
    I am not a professional so...
    Thanks...more info
  • Wow, what a camera
    Researched and researced for the specific inclusions I require in a camera. The Lumix, Panasonic DMC-FZ8, was the only one----now to learn how to use all the dozens of functions. It is a little more cumbersome than my other camera but the zoom and battery type were so important. Far zoom, I can confirm, requires a tripod---I did not get a real good picture of the eclipse without it. So far the picture quality seems excellent. There is a good size instruction manual to work with and it is pretty well written. I am having some difficulty locating a place to get the auxillary parts, i.g. filters. When I am proficient w/this camera I believe it will be a 5 star item....more info
  • Great Camera
    The camera is pretty nice for the price you get it for. It actually has the option for raw and jpeg format which is a great feature. The 12x optical zoom is not too bad (about comparable to a 32mm lens) and the view screen is fluid. Although this camera has no slr, the shots still come out somewhat accurate. Unfortunately there is no option for a release cable or remote, so you are left with taking steady shots with the timer. It's not really a big deal, but it would have been nice to have that option. Overall a decent camera to take pictures, at a semi-professional level. ...more info
  • didn't love it
    the no flash photos were sooooo yellow and pixelated.
    In general the color quality was poor.
    ...more info
  • A nice camera for the transition from Point and Shoot to DSLR
    I got back into photography after a 10-12 year hiatus. I started with a point-and-shoot Kodak, but it was obvious that that wasn't going to cut it. I needed something that was easy and quick to use, but had a good assortment of manual controls.

    I tried the Kodak Z12is, but was unsatisfied with the image quality. Sent it back and got a Lumix. Glad I did.

    The picture quality, especially at 100-200 ISO, is very good. And, you can set the shutter speed and aperture manually, and you get a match-needle style meter (am I showing my age?) that gives you a +, - or 0 to center an indicator on. I felt right at home after using my old Praktica back in the day.

    The zoom is truly amazing. I think it's something like 38-432 in 35mm numbers. Impressive for such a small package. Plus, it's got the renowned Leica lens. In fact, Leica and Panasonic have cooperated on several cameras, so there might just be a lot of Leica in the Panasonic (or a lot of Panasonic in a Leica...either way, a good thing).

    It is also expandable...with the included extender, you can attach any 52mm accessories, such as polarizers and other filters. Attach a Tiffen 3+ Close-Up lens and you get some pretty incredible macro ability. Plus, they make wide angle and teleconverters that will mount to the extender, further increasing the capability of this camera.

    On a tripod is where this camera really shines. With a 60 second maximum shutter speed, this thing is ideal for long exposures, and even astrophotography, to a limited extent.

    Here's the thing; I originally got the Lumix because I wasn't sure if I would be interested enough in taking pictures to invest in a DSLR. I didn't want to pay $800-1000 dollars for a camera to collect dust.

    It hasn't. I've taken probably 2-3000 pictures with the Lumix since I got it 7 months ago...that's about 14 pictures a day, on average.

    Ironic now, that I'm looking for a new camera. The Lumix has brought back my interest in photography, but can't satisfy it wholly. I'm itching for better high-iso performance, interchangeable lenses, and a shutter with a bulb setting for longer exposures. The Lumix is good if you make snapshots and occasionally want to do some more serious artistic shooting without lugging around a huge camera. Not as much if you're a photo enthusiast who occasionally likes to do snapshots.

    Don't get me wrong. The Lumix fulfills its purpose wonderfully as a bridge camera. It can't replace a DSLR, but I'd still recommend it to anyone who's in the market for a point and shoot with great flexibility. Definitely better than the Kodak Z12IS.

    If I didn't like it, I'd be selling it on Ebay. As it is, I'm passing it on to a family member who's interested in learning more about photography.

    The proof is in the pudding. Here are some shots that I've made with my Lumix: info
  • An excellent learning tool with decent price.
    Here's my update for this camera. Tom in Texas writes this..."low light performance is somewhat limited".
    I say "very limited". It's been my frustration that when I take indoor shots, it's very poor quality. Especially evening time. Noise? I think so, but for me, real issue is when I use the flash. Photos turn so blue-grayish. I compared w/my fossil Fuji(written below). Even w/that Fuji, flash used, it does not look that blue. So far that's really disappointing, but in the day time, in door, looks ok, but not great.
    I won't return the camera though, since it takes great outdoor shots. Fits nice in hands, too.

    I got this camera less than 10 days ago as a Xmas gift to myself. After I did some research on similar items, and owning a Pentax p&s, Fuji finepics6900(it's a fossil DC), I settled w/FZ8. It does take great shots. I've taken some pics I really like. At least this camera filled my expectations.

    While it takes great scenery pics, I'm not so satisfied with portraits I took. I've been trying different settings and modes, but not quite there. Maybe that's why Lumix came up with "face detection" on FX18, a newer model. But, by looking at pics taken by the two machines, I don't think there is much difference.

    Battery life is excellent. Buy extra one though, and you'll be all set. The "hood", I love it! I go to beaches often, so this item is a must for me. I think video is pretty good, too. Very clear. It looks like it can record upto 22mins. w/a fully charged battery.
    My pentax vid wasn't this good. Fuji didn't even record sound!

    Like someone wrote, usb code could be pain if you have to upload a lot of pics, say, more than 300. I may purchase a sd card reader. I think stabilizer does its work, but sometimes I have to wonder how good that is. With this camera, I became to like using a tripod. This camera is an excellent learning tool for someone like me, a novice in photography and wants to learn more and be better at it. With all the functions, battery life and the items it comes with, you can't beat this price! Recommended!

    To James E. Sink "Sound Man", thanks for sharing your photo info on your Moon pic. Due to the info, I could start taking some great Moon shots, I never thought I could before. ...more info
  • Good Camera
    This is a very good camera for this price. I havent purchased it for my personal use. I gave it to someone as gift. Only thing is image size (3 MB). In and all, my experience with the camera is very good. I give the rating as follows :
    Image quality - 4.5/5
    Built - 3.8/5
    Easy to use - 4.5/5
    Optical Zoom - 5/5
    Overall - 4.4/5
    ...more info
  • Top notch camera!!!
    I researched for weeks to find the perfect camera that wasn't just a point and shoot, but didn't take a college degree in Photography to operate. It has a great simple mode that will do everything for you, but tons of features that you can customize and manually operate as you become more independent in taking pictures. I love the rapid shoot feature, great zoom, and crystal clear pictures! It is a little bulky if you are used to small digital cameras, but the size and weight feel great in your hands due to the great design of the hand placement. You can also turn off the display and take pictures through the viewfinder. If you zoom in while using the viewfinder, you will see the actual image zooming in, which my Kodak wouldn't do. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone that is looking for a great mid-level with SLR likenesses!...more info
  • Amazing
    I love it. It's taken some amazing pictures for me, and I'm still just learning how to use it properly. This is a great camera that you won't be disappointed with!...more info
  • GREAT CAMERA !!!!!!
    I am a novice photographer at best, and this camera makes it easy. The controls are easy to use and well thought out, and I think the picture quality is second to none. ...more info
  • Purchase of Panasonic Lumix DMC-FC8S Digital Camera
    I was very impressed with the quality of the purchase process. You provided good reviews of the available products. The camera itself is quite good and all I expected it to be.

    I will definitely go through Amazon again for my purchases!
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8S 7.2MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)...more info
  • Great camera for a a sub-$200 P&S digital camera
    I was looking for a P&S camera as a replacement for a long obsolete P&S camera that was slow and half the mega pixels as the FZ8k. I have high mega-pixel cameras for my work and interchangable lenses that cost 4X the cost of this camera. I wasn't too interested in the brand or model, but wanted something that was versatile and simple enough to use for recreation. Having owned leica cameras in the past and currently own a Panasonic DVX100 videocamera, the Dicomar lens was of particular interest. So, I ordered the FZ8k. I will say, its delivery was scheduled for after Christmas, instead, it arrived yesterday (24th) in time to charge the battery and take it to a holiday dinner party (way to go Amazon.) At the party, I wasn't even the first person to use it, but a party guest who was curious about it started snapping pictures. Talk about ease of use right out of the box!

    The images were all acceptable for the occasion even with the lack of familiarity. It is a camera for the average consumer who wants to get the most bang for the buck without the hassle, but I'm sure most P&S cameras offer hassle-free operation, but the FZ8k for the money is certainly a bargain especially with the Leica (licensed?) lens.

    There are alot of extended features in this camera for the those interested in taking the time to expand their picture taking interests, but what I've seen so far, it's an excellent camera to capture the moment.

    As far as the 'noise' a few have noted, all digital cameras whatever price will exhibit noise under specific conditions and this camera may be more excessive than others, but for 99% of the average picture taker the results should be more than acceptable. For the others who are critical of this aspect, should explore and find a camera acceptable for their requirements (and most likely pay more.) You can spend hundreds more, even a thousand more for a camera, and still end up with noise if you don't exploit the camera's sweet spot, but for $200 plus the features, this is a good deal hands down.

    Personally, I never thought I'd ever own a Panasonic digital still camera, but now I do and am pleased with the results so far. Other brands I own or have owned (digital and film) include: Nikon, Rollei, Hasselblad, Leica, Fuji 680, Mamiya and Contax. Like everything else electronic, I suspect even this camera will be obsolete in the next year in value, price and performance....more info
  • Great digital camera for the price!
    I've recently got into digital photography and am learning all of the features of digital cameras (other than point and click). The FZ8 provides all of the manual features that I would want, plus it does take great pictures especially outside.

    Likes: Great pictures, lots of manual controls to play with if you are learning how to use them, light weight, good macro mode, easy to see lcd, RAW mode, image stabilizer is great, great zoon (12x), really great value.

    Wishes: A little faster on startup would be nice, USB 2.0, better low light photos.

    Overall a great digi cam... you wont be disappointed!!...more info
  • Fantastic Photos w/ease of use
    Panasonic does not get the hoopla like Canon and some other big name brands,
    but it is simply a beautiful camera!
    I can't say enough good things about it.
    I had a 3mp Panasonic for a few years until I got this one a year ago.
    I have taken thousands of photos, it is simply a class act camera.
    I recommend Panasonic to all of my friends who are thinking of
    buying a new digital camera. Obviously is it not an SLR camera
    but it might as well be one! The 12x optical is great! The image
    stabilizer is super. ...more info
  • great value good for beginners
    I was looking for a good camera for a beginner like me. I wanted a great zoom (this one has 12x)but I did not wanted a huge bulky camera. This one is small enough to still fit in my purse. I have fun taking great fotos with this baby. I dont have to worry if I am not sitting so close since the zoom takes me close. Good buy for the money. Make sure to buy a memory card as large as you can afford so you can enjoy shooting away and also enjoy the video recording features. Highly recommended it.
    ...more info
  • very impressive
    After many many many years having taken my pictures with a point and click Canon Ixus I decided it was time to move on. After looking around, asking others and reading reviews I opted for the FZ8. It was a decision taken based on performance and price (it costs less and then similar point and click cameras).

    The past week I have taken about 750 pictures under different circumstances and at all levels it matches my expectations or even surpasses them.

    the camera is very easy to use and the menu leaves nothing to be desired. It is an easy camera.

    For those in limbo over what to take I can recommend them this camera very much. It will provide you with a lot of happy moments: not only taking the pictures but as well looking at them for a long time to come.

    For those who are a bit hesitant: yes, I know that there are better cameras out there but there are even more worse cameras out there. For the home user who wants to make the move to a more sophisticated camera this one will not disappoint you at all.
    ...more info
  • Large but love it...
    This camera is large if you are used to the little qute digitals that slip into a shirt pocket or a small purse. I like a camera that feels more substantial and this one does. Great zoom and very versital adjustments. Good stabilization too. I have used it often already and have no complaints. Battery life seems to be great. One thing though, you will have to get an SD card or a gig or more as 7.1 megs is alot of resolution. The built in memory only nets you 4 to six pictures at full 7.1...more info
  • lumix fz8
    I love this camera with its stabilizer format and its easy access menu. The zoom is very evident and the battery and long lasting....more info
  • Excellent for the price
    While this camera can't compare to a high end digital SLR, it's a great camera for the price. A 12x zoom lense, RAW capture mode, and wide selection of manual and automatic modes make this camera very flexible. You can set the ISO (low light sensitivity) for this camera, can run in full auto, full manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, plus an assortment of "scene" modes that let you optimize for different conditions. There's also an "easy" mode for photographers that don't want to mess with all those settings.

    Image quality is very good, as long as I stick to the lower ISO settings; especially at the ISO 100 setting, the resultant images are very clean and detailed. As it true with any camera that uses a small imaging sensor, low light performance is somewhat limited -- but that's not a problem that is limited to this camera, since virtually all of the competing cameras in this price range use similar sized sensors.

    One other notable feature is the speed of this camera. If you've only previously used "point and shoot" digital camera, you'll be amazed at how fast this camera takes a picture when you press the shutter button. If you halfway depress the shutter button first (which engages the autofocus and autoexposure), depressing the button the rest of the way will give you virtually instantaneous pictures -- the wait is so short I can't distinguish it. Even if you don't engage the auto functions first, this camera is still fast, with a delay of under a second....more info