M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers
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Product Description

The compact Studiophile AV 40 powered reference monitors deliver the same proven M-Audio technology favored by top producers, recording engineers and musicians around the world. The combination of 4 polypropylene-coated drivers and 3/4 ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters provides punchy lows, crisp highs and a balanced, uncolored response. Custom cabinets with dense wood construction deliver more accurate bass response than you could ever get from plastic multimedia speakers. And for the highest possible fidelity, the Studiophile AV 40 monitors also feature OptImage III wave-guide technology and a 20 watt-per-channel internal amplifier that utilizes Class A/B architecture. The Studiophile AV 40 reference monitors are the perfect solution for traveling musicians or anyone who wants top-notch sound from their desktop multimedia system. M-Audio's proprietary OptImage III wave guide improves overall detail and clarity while minimizing sound issues that can plague other compact monitors. The system works by improving the overall efficiency of the tweeter as well as time-aligning the drivers. This ensures that the audio from each driver reaches the listener at the same time, guaranteeing precise stereo imaging and accurate response. If you require extra bass response, the Studiophile AV 40 monitors have you covered. MDF wooden cabinets, bass reflex design and an integrated bass boost switch let the Studiophile AV 40s crank out plenty of low end perfect for urban/dance music, DVDs and more. Unchecked, all speakers emit electromagnetic waves that can wreak havoc with your computer's video monitor or a nearby TV. The Studiophile AV 40 monitors are magnetically shielded so that all of your electronic equipment can coexist on your desktop without interference. Front-panel volume control Rear-panel on/off control Bass boost control MDF cabinet with bass reflex port design Frequency Response - 85 Hz - 20,000H

  • 4 polypropylene-coated woofers
  • 3/4 ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters
  • OptImage III tweeter wave guides for superior imaging
  • 20-watt-per-channel amplifier with Class A/B architecture
  • Magnetic shielding

Customer Reviews:

    Well I guess I am what you would call a Speaker Freak... I have all sorts of different kinds of speakers and amps through out my house from 15" Peavey Black Widows with Ch-2 1" Horn Drivers for my 12 channel 100w PA system to the very smallest yet interesting I-pod speakers. It has been my quest to find the smallest speakers with the biggest clearest sounds. I have waisted my money on some speakers but not this time.. The M-AudioAV-40's speakers are the best "Self Powered" Speakers I think I have heard..
    I would have to say they are right up there with the Alesis Point Seven Reference Monitors I have for recording etc, but those cost much more then the M-Audio speakers.. I paid $118.00 for the M-Audio40's plus shipping.. I was looking for Digital speakers, but after reading the reviews on the M- Audio speakers I had to try them..
    The M-Audio Speakers are bigger then your average computer speakers and much more heavy.. Weight is infact an important Physic of a Speaker cabinate, it's Resonance and it's over all over sound performance.. Make some room for them.. They sound better at ear level so if you can elevate them it would be better... If you are deciding to buy the M-Audio speakers, spend the few dollars more and get the 40watt over the 20's I think these would make great book shelf type speakers over computer speakers, but either way I think you will be impressed with them...
    I have had the AV-40's for over a week now.. I have pushed them to their limits with the computer, Ipod and DVD type sounds. The one Negetive that concerns me is there is a point in the threshhold of volume headroom where at about 90% of the input level and 90% of the speakers volume, You hear it cut out and clip like it can not handle the power or maybe it is just a saftey for the speakers.. This happens with more punchy snappy type music and notice it mostly on the snare drum beat.. Other softer music you can reach the max with out any clip and with virtually no distortion... That might be alittle disapointing to some who like their music turned up all the way to 11! (LOL) Don't worry though as there is plenty of great sound until you reach that the Headroom of clip.
    For the money, I think these speakers are worth it.. They look great and they have a Great quality sound, but keep in mind they do have their Limits. In Reading all the rave reviews I did also read the bad ones.. I do hope these continue to work for all of us giving them such high ratings.. So far so good... A great addition to my collection! :-)
    Bryan... Tulsa,Oklahoma
    ...more info
  • Great speakers
    Agree completely with most of the reviews out there (4-5 stars). I wanted a speaker primarily for music listening and multimedia for sub 150 bucks (considered Klipsch, Logitech z2300 and Swan mk2...). They sound great all around, but they are slightly large - wasn't expecting them to be as deep as they were making it a little hard / unusual to put these on a desk.

    Very happy with the purchase.
    ...more info
  • one of the best desktop speakers for audiophiles!
    I wanted a desktop speaker with good flat response. I bought logitech z2300 before this. Those massive speakers are good for hip-hop, video games etc They do not cater to needs of a musician - who wants to listen to the background music rather than vocal part or the beats. Most of the speakers including Bose companion series just cannot stand in front of these. They lack a good mid range response. These units are awesome. They have a flat response and render awesome sound quality for $200. If you are musician or an audiophile, I highly recommend this speaker. There is a knob at the back to switch off the extra Bass boost.

    I went to guitar center to check these out. Even the guitar center guy told me that these are the best for professional hearing. It costs under 200 bucks!! :)

    Vijayant Bhatnagar
    NJ, US....more info
  • good quality speakers
    system is bulky on desk but otherwise sound is crisp and clear. good quality speakers overall. only one minor thing, i would like them to have the on/off switch button on the front of the speaker and not the back. its a bit of a hassle to switch on and off. ...more info
  • Impressive
    I was looking for a small pair of quality speakers to use with my 24" Mac. I've had puny speakers, you know the normal PC type speakers that can't even deliver the sound for a video conference. I found these at a price point better than many PC speaker systems. Remember, these are "monitor" speakers. They sound great, have great imaging and don't distort when you want to turn them up a bit and fill a small room. A far better spend and a great way to listen to that collection of tunes off the iPod as well. Couldn't be happier with a purchase....more info
  • Excellent Sound
    I should qualify my comments by admitting that I am definitely not an audiophile. But I think my ear is good enough to appreciate that these little speakers put out some very clear sound where you hear what you're supposed to hear the way the artists meant for you to hear it. The only thing they lack is the bass response I wish they had. If a subwoofer as good as these speakers were part of the package, I'd be very happy indeed. As it is, I'm happy enough. And I should add that a friend of mine who IS very knowledgeable about sound systems and has an audiophile's ear was extremely impressed with these speakers when he came to visit and listened to a variety of music through them recently. He thought that they delivered superbly "accurate" sound. In fact, he raved about it. And that's high praise from someone with expertise who is very sparing in his praise....more info
  • Lack of bass & treble controls spoils it
    Lack of bass & treble controls spoils it, bass not that great as expected or talked about in other reviews. ...more info
  • M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Powered Speakers
    Excellent speakers for my PC. The AV cord was kind of short, so I had to buy a longer cord. Otherwise very happy with the sound quality and the look of these high end PC speakers. I love that you can plug in your Ipod directly to the speakers....more info
  • Awesome bookshelf speakers - everything I wanted!
    These speakers are EXCELLENT! they've got great dynamic range, and very good bass response. I am very happy with them, and pleased that with all the options out there, I selected them....more info
  • Great set of speakers
    Purchased these on both written and personal product reviews and I've not been disappointed at all.
    Great monitor speaker sound....more info
  • aunruh
    The AV-40's are great value speakers. One would be hard pressed to find better sound for the price of a pair of these. Turned my laptop to a very respectable sound system. Highly recomended for anyone that is looking for bookshelf speakers with super sound. Would be perfect for students living in dorms or small apts....more info
  • Kinda Large; Surprising Bass
    I have a large mp3 library & wanted good speakers. Was leaning toward the Logitech Z-2300 with THX certification but just don't have the floor space for the large subwoofer. I've had the M-Audio Studiophile AV 40s about a month and really like them. They have great frequency range (for my listening anyway) and I was totally surprised at the bass (even without using the bass-boost control). I've been surprised at hearing clear upper notes and bongo drums on another song that I don't remember hearing before. ONLY drawback is that they are kind of large for desktop speakers, but I wouldn't exchange them because of the great sound....more info
  • simply awesome
    Don't listen to the naysayers on this website. These speakers rock. I read one review that said the bass was not deep enough. Are you kidding me? I have yet to use the "bass booster" option and think it's plenty. Money well spent in my opinion. Go ahead, make the purchase :)...more info
  • Solid Performance
    The speakers are attached to our TV. They provide plenty of volume for everything we've watched. I've played some CDs and my I-pod to check them out for music and the sound is crisp. I am pleased with the performance, the price, and the look....more info
  • Nice speakers for a decent price
    Speakers work great but my usb turntable hooked up to them through an RCA cable will only play to a certain volume. I need to buy an amplifier. this is my only complpaint but other than that good speakers. ...more info
  • Excellent!
    When I looked for speakers, I discovered that speakers seemed to be a beauty-in-the-eyes-of-the-beholder thing. For lots of speaker systems, lots of people liked them, but there were also people that disliked them (or worse).

    These speakers seemed to be a cut above in the reviews, so I decided to go for them despite their price.

    I love them!

    I use them on my desk, so I don't use them at very high volumes, but I occasionally do crank them up. They're great low; they're great loud. You can just FEEL the craftsmanship!

    I highly recommend them. ...more info
  • They are really great speakers for the price
    I think they are much better than the Bose Speakers at this price - the lows are not bad, mids and highs are good. I have mine attached to Mac Pro and they sound really great for the price.

    [Updated] - I will rate it a 5 - After listening for about 3-4 days, seems like Audio is much better than what I have experienced before from computer speakers. Hate to say this, they sound almost as good as my B+W floorstanding speakers that cost many many times over. Amazing for this price and I must say I hate a big logo on the speakers....more info
  • Very Satisfied after Six Months
    These speakers are vastly better than the cheap, plastic pair they replaced. Their rigid, heavy construction is reminiscent of my B&W 804's. Of course, the AV 40's are no match for the 804's, but they are excellent for the price and very easy on the ears when sitting at the computer for hours. Highly recommended. Enjoy....more info
  • At Last !!
    At Last I have found a computer speaker worthy of mention. I have worked in the computer field for over 18 years and have never heard such full music reproduction. I chose these speakers because I also dabble with computer based music recording using a Presonus Firestudio and Cubase 4. The dual inputs was some great forward thinking. The sound quality is unmatched by anything I have heard in such a small package and price.

    Don't even hesitate, buy them now !!...more info
  • Got what I expected.
    I read several reviews that indicated that these monitors were a great bargain and they live up to the reviews. I wanted them for monitoring signal in my home studio system and I am so happy with these that I am considering buying a few more pairs for other applications. ...more info