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Burnout Paradise
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Product Description

Make action your middle name, as you control what happens when and where in Burnout Paradise. Welcome to Paradise City. Immerse yourself in the open roads of Paradise City from the downtown streets through the hectic freeways to the sweeping mountain roads; the world is waiting to be explored. Slam, Shunt and Wreck opponents in cross-town race events, where you decide the fastest route to the finish line. Hit the jumps and find shortcuts, smash through barriers and get to the places that other racers can't reach to get that competitive edge. Meet your friends online with the revolutionary EasyDrive system that smashes through the tedium of lobbies and servers and cuts straight to the chase. Burnout Paradise provides the ultimate driving playground for you and your friends to play online on the Playstation 3. Mugshots - Track the length and breadth of up to 2,500 online rivalries Speed, Speed and Even More Speed - The rebuilt, race-tuned Burnout game engine delivers intense speed boost gameplay at a super-smooth and super-fast 60 frames-per-second Crash Deformation - Burnout Paradise features an all-new deformation technology that gives players an astounding close-up and slow-motion view of super-real destruction

In Burnout Paradise players are treated to a rarity in the video games universe: a complete reinvention of an established franchise that equals, if not betters any of the previous games in the series. Yes, this is a large claim, but one that can be explained in a single phrase: Next-Gen Freedom.

Burnout Paradise logo

Driver's heaven is a wide open world
In Paradise City even cars can fly

In Paradise City even cars can fly. View larger.
Go for broke in 'Marked Man' Mode

Go for broke in 'Marked Man' Mode. View larger.
Nothing is off limits, even head-on crashes

Nothing is off limits, even head-on crashes. View larger.
Start a race anytime with 'Easy Drive.'

Start a race any time with 'Easy Drive.' View larger.
Although the Burnout series' over the top mobile action has been its calling card since it ignited audiences on the PS2 in 2001, and later on the first generation Xbox console, Burnout Paradise is the first game in the series that has been designed specifically for play on Next Generation consoles. This has allowed game developer Criterion to rip the training wheels off the game and rebuild it from scratch. The result is a new, expansive world that players can roll through at will. And what a world it is.

Enter Paradise City
Heaven on Earth, at least to road-raging, crash-causing Burnout fanatics, Paradise City is your domain and ultimate proving ground in Burnout Paradise. This expansive driver's playground stretches across 250 miles and encompasses all sorts of road driving conditions, from fun-in-the-sun seaside cruising boulevards, to mountain roads and downtown gridlock. But regardless of what stretch of asphalt you find yourself on, the beauty of this place is that nothing is blocked off and your wits are at least as important as the horsepower under your hood when it comes to racing here. Check out Paradise City's five sub areas (click the links for sample images):

  • Downtown Paradise City
  • Harbor Town
  • Palm Bay Heights
  • Silver Lake
  • White Mountain
Burnout Your Way
Unlike in previous Burnout games, Burnout Paradise not only puts the keys to your ride in your hands, but places you squarely in the driver's seat when it comes to where you can go and what you can do.

Along with wide avenues and crowded highways, the open game design of Paradise City is also jammed full of hidden side streets, back roads and alley ways. These can be used as short cuts in races, that is, if you know where they are. As you explore, commit these potential short cuts to memory because they will definitely come in handy in a tight race. And since we are talking Burnout here, players should not expect uneventful, genteel contests of speed and precision driving. In Paradise City players are always free to slam, shunt and wreck opponents in their bids for supremacy and they will. Also, new to the Burnout series, races can now start anywhere, anytime. Just pull up to a stoplight and spin your wheels to start one in one of five different event classes:

  • Classic Race
  • Road Rage
  • Burning Route
  • Stunt Run (new)
  • Marked Man (new)
Instant Online
Burnout Paradise also keeps the mobile carnage coming while simultaneously setting the new standard in online social gameplay. With the new `Easy Drive' feature you can find friends online and with the click of a button invite them to a race. Once they've accepted the race will start immediately. That's right, no more annoying wait times at online lobbies and servers. And keeping in touch with friends is easier than ever.

Team up or Takedown
In the winner-take-all universe of Burnout teaming up usually isn't the first option that comes to mind, but on these rough and tumble streets it's a good option to keep in mind. With more than 300 FreeBurn Challenges packed into the game, players always have the choice of going it alone against the field as a whole or joining forces with up to seven of your buddies in user-created race routes. Either way, if you are victorious in your takedown you'll get the chance to talk some trash as you exchange Mugshots with your victim via an optional camera hooked to your gaming system or your gamertag/PSN avatar if you prefer to keep your identity on the down-low.

Showtime: Crash Anywhere, Any Time
And finally since a new Burnout release wouldn't be complete without a little something special in the wreckage department, Burnout Paradise continues the carnage with an update of its familiar 'Crash Mode.' Renamed 'Showtime Mode,' players can now crash, bounce and scatter their ride in any location and replay the wreckage over and over in slow motion. One of the most addictive and down right fun features of the game, players activate the mode by simply pulling both triggers on their controller and if they are good enough can also immortalize their Showtime moments on the leaderboards for all to see.

Driving fans this is Next-Gen at its best and definitely the Burnout title you have been waiting for.

  • Rock Paradise City—Shred your way across more than 250 miles of open road discovering jumps, stunts, and shortcuts.
  • Infinite Possibilities—Blaze your path to glory in 120 unique events, using your knowledge of the city to find the fastest routes and get the drop on rivals.
  • Team Up or Takedown—Battle friends online and grab their mugshots, or join forces to complete more than 300 online challenges.
  • Showtime: Crash Anywhere, Any Time—Send your car wrecking, spinning and scraping down the road, smashing through traffic and leaving a trail of expensive wreckage in your wake.
  • Road Rules—Make and break the rules of each road by setting speed and destruction records all over town. Track how many you own against your friends!

Customer Reviews:

  • Frustrating but somewhat fun
    The game graphics are very well done. The gameplay is very smooth and the controls are very well organized. This game is based on open road driving just like city driving. Racing can get very frustrating because crashing is very easy. Traffic is heavy and the added park cars makes you want to slam the controller. I had this game for sometime now and I love playing it but I have to turn it off within an hour because I'll be heated from crashing once and losing the race. Also, you can't restart the race from the pause screen, you'll have to drive all the way back to where the street light was so you can retry that race all over.
    The added bikes make the game much more enjoyable but still frustrating with the crashing.

    -Looks great and the cars handle good
    -Game is far from short
    -Crashing and take downs look amazing
    -Real time damage

    -NO DRIVER, it really upsets me that EA couldn't put a driver in the car.
    -Can't restart a race.
    -Crash easily.
    -Game is far from easy.
    -Maps are complex.
    -GPS is horrible. It doesn't tell you when to turn till the last minute.
    -Added Trophies were late! EA released trophy support for this game but I already completed 50% and I'm not planning on starting all over.

    ...more info
  • What racing gamers had been waiting for: FREEDOM
    When you used to play racing games, didn't you wish you could take any road you wanted to get to any place you wanted?, have different cars with different specs that made it hard to choose the "right"?, Been able to just jump into the online action from the very road you were driving at the moment? enjoy the adventure of discovering your surroundings?. Paradise city gives you all of the above, and more.

    The graphics are excellent, the sound is great and gets better as you get the best cars. You can try to beat the best time for any road, offline and online. I've been trying to beat a friends best times in downtown paradise, since my current cars cant beat it even if I race perfectly, im encouraged to get better cars and "rule the roads".

    By the way, theres a challenge or race waiting for you at all intersections in the city. I heard some complaint about people hating the fact that you had to drive back to the begginning of a race to race it again, thats FALSE. Just open the fast menu and select "restart previous race" or something, and your back.

    I could talk about the many things this game offers, but part of the fun is to discover it. Im still figuring it out and have been playing for several days now. Recommended 100%...more info
  • Yes im in Paradise!
    There is no better way to describe this game other than addictive. The gameplay is exciting, addictive and keeps you hooked on for hours. I own quite a few titles on the ps3 and by far this game has kept me interested than the others. Also its not jus the graphics thats impressive but also the audio. It sounds just amazing on my Logitech THX 5.1 speakers and the visuals and crashes are tremendous on my Samsung full HD LCD TV.All in all a feast of absolute fun on the PS3!...more info
  • Burnout's updates continue to give this title fresh legs
    I didn't think much of this title when it first came out but I continued to see the developers adding new content and fixes FOR FREE all the time even a year after the game was released and the price was right. Its funny b/c a lot of the reviewers who posted previously with negative critiques have all been addressed with updates and fixes from the developers(ie. restart events, offline multiplayer). I bet they would change their review now.

    - blown away at the content available and fun factor that this game offers for just $19.99.
    - real sense of insane speed!
    - sound of the engines are so satisfying and unique per car.
    - visuals are awesome
    - not just about racing it's also about stunts, takedowns, billboard seek/destroy, and crashes too.
    - Multiplayer is also super easy to jump into and also has a lot of replay value with a ton of challenges and multi-player modes.
    - bluetooth headsets work flawless online(better than other games IMO)

    Now, while i definitely recommend this title based on overall fun and value...there are some things that to me would make this title even better.

    - a speedometer! I would love to know how fast I am going as i fly down the highway! That seems like a obvious omission.
    - some type of heads up gps display with route planning options...b/c it is super tough to look down at your mini map going 150mph down the road trying to avoid obstacles. ( i miss turns ALL the time)
    - the map is a great resource but I would love to see all the shortcuts I have found illuminated in another color so i know where there are at and when to expect them during events.
    - a dedicated crash mode event would be cool too
    - some drift events would be a lot of fun through sections of the map which require you to reach some minimum drift points or based on accuracy of the drift around corners and actually staying on the road.
    - some type of evade event similar to marked man but with the ability to evade cars by taking short cuts or pulling away from them at top speeds to a determined safe zone.
    ...more info
    I purchased this game and loved it at first but got boring after a couple weeks. It has good graphics and realistic crashes that always seem to be unique. One way to play is to free roam where you drive around and try to crash other people and take them out. This is fun for a while but quickly gets old repetitive. There are also different types of races but it is very difficult to figure out which way to go. The games advertises that it has 250 miles of open roads, stunts and 120 unique events. They recently release two different free downloads to the game as an added benefit. One download expands the size of the City and the other download adds motorcycles which is cool. The price has came down a lot in the last couple months. I would consider it a good buy now. ...more info
  • Burnout - with a difference
    If you are familiar with earlier Burnout games, prepare yourself for a shock... Paradise does not (at least in it's initial releases) throw trophies and cars at you. In fact, for a beginner or newcomer, the game is much harder to pick up and enjoy.

    Now, don't get me wrong - you can enjoy driving around, but take part in a race and you will initially be met with frustration. And for Burnout, frustration is a new thing. Burnout has always been about fun, breaking the rules, making crashing fun. But in Paradise, the early cars crash easily, and BANG, the race is over.

    The developers created a game where, if you lose a race, another is around a corner. There is (or was) no restarting of races. This would be fine in a game where winning was easily achievable, but the new open city makes finding the correct route much harder. You have to learn the route -- learn the city even -- before you can win. This results in much frustration early in the game. Lots of losing. A feeling of not progressing.

    For newcomers, this can be very irritating, and I would say it has been the greatest design flaw in the game.

    However, help is at hand. Criterion have released several updates, and the forthcoming February 09 update addresses a lot of these issues, making early cars easier to handle, and adding a restart race option.

    I believe this will change the game for beginners in a way that brings players back to the game -- and encourages them to download paid-for content of course.

    Once the city plan is learned, and you get a few crash-proof cars, Burnout Paradise is a load of fun. It rewards patience and practice with thrills and adrenaline rushes.

    But you do need that patience... which for Burnout, is a game changer....more info
  • Great game if you like to drive around for hours
    A great way to kill some time. You can drive through 'Paradise City' for hours, without getting bored. This is definitely one of my favorite 'car raceing game'. And the soundtrack is very good, too !...more info
  • VROOOMM!!!!
    This is a fun, fast paced, crash and burn racing game. I love it. The graphics are top notch and the music/SFX are great. Plus, citerion keeps updating the game with new cars, bikes, races, features and it's all free. The online play is smooth and easy to customize. I love this game, i've had it since it came out over a year ago and I still play it constantly.

    The game has three different four different types of events for cars - Race, Stunt Run, Marked Man, and Takedown. You can use any type of vehicle for the events (except for bikes, see below) and the cars are broken down in terms of speed, stunt, and aggression.

    Cars made for speed are extremely fast but not very strong. Aggression vehicles are strong and can smash others off the road. Stunt cars are a clever mix between the two.

    Then there are the Bikes which have time trial runs and races. The bikes are crazy fast and have tight handling, however they don't have any boost capabilities.

    Paradise City also goes through times of day and the city accurately reflects this in terms of visuals and traffic level. for example, at 1:00 am it's very dark and there's not much traffic.

    Also, the game has exclusive online-only cars. The updates and extras don't ever seem to stop with this one.

    Beware: you will spend hours and hours playing this. Your family, friends, and girlfriend will think you've lost it. But it's worth it. ...more info
  • AWESOME-AWESOME-AWESOME-Go Buy it or Download it from PSN
    I got this game on special at my local Brandsmart store for $18.88 back in April 08. Since then I can't stop playing it. I'm currently working on getting my Elite License. The Graphics on a 58" 1080p Plasma are unbelievable. The crash scenes are intense and very realistic. Online play is the fastest I've seen. I have a few PS3 games and Burnout Paradise is the only one which by simply pressing the directional button 2 times you can actually go online and be playing with 8 people in under 30 seconds. It's that fast. Go get the game. PSN has it as a download for $29.99. I prefer a actual BluRay..

    Enjoy. ...more info
  • Fun racing game
    This game is different enough from other racing games to make it fun and something new.

    In a nutshell the object of the game is to complete street races and perform stunts and jumps to open new cars.After completing so many "tasks" a new car is released for the taking into the game.You then have to wreck out that car to own it.So when you get your new car it will pretty much be totaled.Not a problem though because all you have to do is drive through a body shop and you are good as new!These shops are located all over the game so not a problem to find.

    It is also fairly easy to spot the car you need to wreck because if you drive around long enough you will see it whiz by and will definately stand out from the regular traffic.You will also easily be able to find the stunt locations while driving around just look for bridges and cliffs.The DJ on the radio will offer tips and hints to help you as well.

    For the most part this game isn't very challenging although when you reach top speeds and hit something(which is easy to do) you will wreck out and have to retry.One of my favorite things about the game is watching the wrecks,they look awesome in slow motion!

    I really only have two complaints on this game.First I do like some of the music but some of the tracks are questionable,particularly the Avril Lavigne song.I didn't know people still liked her?It drives me crazy when I am into the game and her song comes up so you will probably want to put your own tunes on here.
    The second thing is the setup for selecting the car you want to use.You scroll through and each one drops from the air of a junkyard.Not that that is a bad idea considering that they are junk once you wreck them but it really takes an unnecessarily amount of time for them to fall,especially when you have your collection built up.I would prefer a faster more direct approach to viewing your cars.

    This game has a certain charm and flow that is fun to play and of course watch.While it is not my favorite racing game,it is a great addition that is fun to play and a definate keeper....more info
  • Great fun and great value

    I give this game 5 stars all the way. My car game experience is strictly arcade style. I've been a huge fan of the Burnout series. My favorite before this is Revenge, and my least favorite is Dominator. It's difficult to compare Paradise to it's last-gen predecessors. The experience is completely different. In Paradise, you are in an open environment (Paradise City). In the "career mode" you pick and choose challenges at each traffic light. Whether it's "Marked Man," "Stunt Run," "Road Rage," or "Race," you're overall goal is to get your Elite license. There are a lot of hidden locations to uncover that make the game enjoyable. The online aspect is simple and efficient. You hit the direction pad, choose "freeburn" mode, and you instantly enter an online game. Or you have the option of choosing which one you want to join. There is little to no lag online. At least none that I experience (I still play this game). It has huge replay value.

    Graphics are great. The challenges range from easy to moderately difficult. There is no shortage of cars. You have about 40 cars to unlock (I'm estimating off the top of my head - don't remember exactly). Each car has a "pimped out" model available to win once you complete what is called a "Burning Route" which is essentially a timed race from point "A" to point "B." In total (between burning routes and license upgrades and sponsor codes) I believe there are around 83 cars (or close to that number) available. The free bike pack adds a new feel to the game and some added play time. It's great quality for a free add-on. The bikes ride very smoothly and will satisfy any speed junkie. Day and night-time racing (one of the free add-ons) is a refreshing change of pace. Weather is random - cloudy/foggy to sunny. This adds a new dynamic when racing. I find myself holding off on all races until the fog clears, otherwise I get extremely frustrated crashing into traffic and buildings.

    The online experience is not troublesome and there is no lag. There are many challenges available online among friends. Some as simple as power parking, highest jump, biggest stunt score to full on races and road rage events. The marked man is a lot of fun online. It goes round-robin, where everyone gets a chance to be the marked man for a timed run - and everyone has boost except the marked man. The winner is whoever was not picked off by his/her peers.

    The updates and add-ons have been free. The party mode multiplayer pack that is coming out this week will cost $$$. But all other addon packs that have been added to make this game more enjoyable until now are free. There is also more free content coming out this year.

    Only 1 - I did find it difficult to adjust to the map navigation. Using the compass in conjunction with the map on the bottom right corner of the screen can be rather confusing at first when trying to get to certain destinations. It took me a while to get used to, and sometimes I still take wrong turns. It gets frustrating at first when you are trying to follow the map in a race at the same time as keeping your eyes on the open road so that you don't crash into traffic. Just keep in mind that the game is a different experience and will take you some time to learn your way around the City. Start off with challenges you know you will enjoy and work your way up to the ones with a steeper learning curve....more info
  • not that great
    This game is fun but it does not have many choices. For example, There is no customizetion at all. There are only 75 cars and you get them very quickly. So it makes the game short. I am glad that they made it $20 because it is not worth it. Crashing is very easy, the Ai is stupid, they run into cars all the time which you do have to dodge. I didn't even beat and I quit playing because of bordom. Trust me this will get boring! In the end this could of been a fun game but it isn't. I hope this helped you and you should look for a different game like midnight club 4 or gran turismo. Thanks. ...more info
  • A fun game to explore... but different from past Burnout games
    If you've never played any of the previous 'Burnout' series of racing games, the basic premise of these games is the fun of crashing your car into other cars, objects, to cause as much damage as possible... and just for the fun of aggressive driving. To do all the things that you normally can't do, and actually be rewarded for "bad driving". The cars, objects, and courses are beautifully rendered and the crashes are nothing short of gorgeous. And that's what we've come to expect from this series. However, this latest incarnation comes with some big differences from previous games. Instead of many different tracks from all over the world... there is only one large fully rendered city (that seems to have been inspired by L.A) and surrounding forested areas which you can also explore. This gives the driver the freedom to explore a virtual city to an extent that probably can't be matched by any current game. There are also lots of different hidden alleyways, buildings, etc... that you can drive into or drive off of. There are still different racing events throughout the city to participate in by going to key road intersections to initiate them. But gone are the various tracks around the world. Also, not all of the areas are accessible. For instance, you can only drive into certain buildings... most are blocked off. So although this game is really fun, I do miss the variety that the previous games in this series offered... especially the exotic tropical forest tracks in earlier games. Here are a few pros and cons:

    -Amazingly detailed graphics/crash dynamics/lighting

    -Freedom to explore a huge area... an entire rendered city.

    -The developers actually provide lots of new free upgrades to this game... like new vehicles. They recently added motorcycles.

    -This game is more affordable than most PS3 games... and offers lots of bang for the buck.

    -The music is nice... especially the famous track from Guns & Roses :)

    -limited track scenery

    -races are not as fun when the track routes are less defined... it's easy to get lost during a race. But this is only a matter of taste. You may like the flexibility of finding your own shortcuts more than I.

    Conclusion: Although I think that this game could be improved upon, it is undeniably fun to play. You can lose yourself for hours exploring the massive city and it seems like new upgrades are constantly being added via your internet connection. But with all that said, I think that "Burnout 3" for the PS2 was the most fun and addictive to play. They had the perfect winning game formula... and then they had to change it. Here's hoping that they go back and use the winning formula they had on the next Burnout game for the PS3. ...more info
  • Burnout Paradise... (Game Rocks)
    ok well this game is totally awsome, the bikes update was amazing and everything and plus thats the reason i bought it, was for the bikes and they were everything expected... this game is an overall amazing game and theres not much bad a person could say about it except that it should have like ofline multi-players besides just playing online with peeps, but besides that tha game rocks... and the trophies are like easy to get also etc. just one thing you gotta keep your speed up to win, so work hard at it and you'll become a prodigy, plus you can pull of so many tricks etc its just amazing :=).....more info
  • Great game!
    This game is a lot of fun and enjoyable. Great, lengthy soundtrack and fun gaming.
    Unfortunately, I never recieved my order from who I purchased it from,
    so I got a refund and purchased it elsewhere....more info
  • Buckle up, it's a bumpy but fun ride
    My favorite PS3 racing game is Motorstorm but this was almost as much fun. The cars in this game don't drive, they more likely fly because of the devilish speed and power that the player can inject.

    Fun and entertaining with sleek graphics and an element of adventure when driving and discovering the sights is very enjoyable. I can't wait to play this again, after starting it this week I am always craving to turn on my PS3 and firing this baby up....more info
  • First Game I Played On Our PS3 - It Spoiled Me!!
    This game has only a few quirky drawbacks and other than those, it's PERFECT! Apparently they solved one of them a few days ago by adding a restart feature so you don't have to go back to the initial intersection to start an event again when you don't win it. Another thing that irked me was always having to find a Junk Yard in order to change to a different vehicle...Instantly being able to select another vehicle from a pulldown menu or instantly being able to visit the Junk Yard seems so incredibly sensible, that's probably why you're instead forced to drive around for 2 or 3 minutes until you locate a Junk Yard to change vehicles.

    Also, on certain Burning Routes, you get bum steers from the flashing turn signals that supposedly lead you on the correct route in order to beat the time. For example, the Burning Route for the V16 Revenge nearly drove me INSANE! It was my final Burning Route and I literally tried that thing AT LEAST 150 times over the course of 2 days, getting extremely frustrated in the process. I will say that our copy of BP is out-of-the-box, no online updates and it gives a turn signal to take Nelson Way (2nd right out of the tunnel). I watched a guy do this on youtube who drove against oncoming traffic and never took his thumb off the boost in order to beat this route taking Nelson Way. You have no idea how incredibly difficult that is to do without crashing at least once. What I didn't know is there was a much easier route where you take the first right turn (N Rouse Rd) after exiting the tunnel instead of following our copy's recommended route. I took the first right turn and completed the route on my first try with 20 sec to spare! I've seen video of the PC version with N Rouse Rd as the game's recommended turn, so it appears the PS3 port was intentionally changed to Nelson Way, at least when our version was produced. While I appreciate a gaming challenge (or I would've quickly given up on this one), I don't like being the butt of some inside joke by the developers. I had to find my own alternate route to win the GT500 burning route too.

    Also, because I simply drove off of one of the Super Jumps at a low speed, I never got credit for it and I crossed it off my list of potential Super Jumps...So I needlessly spent several hours cruising around the area looking for the final Super Jump. Another Super Jump can be made 2 different ways (without giving a spoiler away)...Do it one way and you don't get credit...Do it the other way and you get credit. These programming failures make no sense to me. Finally, the Stunt Runs were so incredibly difficult, that's the only part of the game I couldn't complete (out of choice). After winning 7 of them, I just stopped because they weren't fun. It was simply too hard to score points in the given time...

    So with all of those quirks and gripes out of the way, this really is a masterpiece of a game! Just playing offline should provide one with about 150 hours of gaming time before it reaches the point of diminishing returns. Not bad for 20 bucks! Play it enough and you might even find an easter egg-type bonus. For example, boost through the Angus Wharf fuel station (with Paradise Ferry on your right) and the Best Buy Oval Champ pops a wheelie as you exit. Pretty cool, but doesn't work going the other way.

    The game's graphics are truly STUNNING, even at speed. I recently purchased Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and was so disappointed in the vehicle controls and painfully slow graphics (after playing BP) that I couldn't even play it more than a couple of hours. This is an expanse of a game that will quickly ruin your left thumb if you're playing the stick without glove protection. It gets intense, then you can cruise at your leisure until you're ready for it to get intense once again. The sound effects are also so well done that you'll start to believe you're really driving the vehicle at times...The ultimate achievement for a game developer.

    Most of the vehicles are easy to master and you'll soon be doing jaw-dropping jumps and crashes right out of the box -- Just like I like em! One other curiosity is the DJ. He's Chatty Cathy at the start of the game throughout the soundtrack...Then someone shot him or something because you suddenly hear nothing else ever again from him throughout the rest of the game. Not that I missed him or anything, but he just went dead-air for the DJ with no explanation (unless I missed it). Overall, this is a near perfect PS3 racing/driving game...Too bad I played it before any of the others!...more info
  • An Arcade Racer with speed to spare
    This game plays fast... really fast. The RoadRage races remind me of the old Daytona USA arcade races. It's one of the easiest racers to ease into and is not for the perfectionist racer.

    The game plays faster than any Need For Speed game ever made. And the downloadable content is almost endless. MUST OWN for pick-up and play racing lovers. Any price < $30 is a STEAL for the amount and quality of game!...more info
  • Arcade Racing at Breakneck Speeds
    January is the quintessential slow months for video games. Fortunately, each year they're seems to be a stand-alone title that gamers looks forward to filling this niche. Last year, it was Capcom's Lost Planet, & this year, Criterion's own Burnout franchise has come, reached, & sped past the expectation of January being a "slow" month (pun intended). Despite the low standards that come with delivering a game in January, Burnout Paradise provides one hell of an intense racing experience, sure to occupy arcade purists for months. If your looking for some good ol' arcade racing, you have come to the right place.

    As my title suggests, Burnout Paradise is fast, very, very fast. In fact, it may very well be the fastest racing game created, well, ever. And while it is possible I am overlooking some clear competition for this title, I have severe doubts that any game has retained this level of consistent speed, scrambling traffic-dodging, & rock solid framerate concurrently. So yeah, it's fast, take my word for it.

    Besides the utterly insane speed at which this game is played, Burnout Paradise is accompanied with essentially the largest re-invention of the franchise to date: the open world. Now for the most part this is a good thing. It lets you decide when you want to partake in which events, & it gives you the keys to an immensely detailed & varied world to explore (one of my favorite Paradise pastimes). Not only that, but the open world paves way for some new & particularly interesting design choices (both positive & negative). First, you have the very coherent way by which you go about joining races. To join a race, your required to do little more than roll up to an intersection, hit your gas & break simultaneously, & wait for the seamless racing experience to begin. It's a simple way to join races to be sure, but for this pro, there are some conflicting cons that leave a lot to be desired. For one, once a race is started, there's no simple way to go about restarting it. Sure you can stop the race, turn around & return to the starting intersection, but the lack of a simple menu option is frustrating. To be fair the racing in Burnout Paradise will never punish you for getting off to a bad start or making the occasional mistake, so a lot of the times you won't even want to restart during mid-race, making the complaint a little forgivable in the long run. Besides the lack of a restart option, Burnout:Paradise also makes a questionable choice of how it thinks you should race through the city. Where most racers of this kind give you checkpoints to guide you through the perplexing metropolitans, Burnout Paradise give's you little more than sporadically flashing signs to guide you through the city. Now, in another game this would all be fine & dandy, but in Burnout:Paradise - a game which is played at such an intense speed that merely blinking will flip you into a turbulent explosion of shrapnel - the implementation is somewhat questionable. Otherwise though, the open world gameplay has turned out to be a huge win for the Burnout franchise.

    While my review may make it seems like Burnout:Paradise is flawed past the point of no return, I assure you this is not the case. While it's true that the game is not everything it could have been, this still is the next-gen arcade racing game that fans of the genre have been waiting for. It's fast, it's fun, & the gameplay is tight... presuming you don't find yourself lost.

    4 Stars - A must-buy for arcade racing fans ...more info
  • Avalia??o Burnout Paradise
    Excelente Jogo! Tem como ponto forte a dirigibilidade. No entanto, tem como ponto fraco a aus¨ºncia de legenda em portugu¨ºs....more info
  • Amazing Game, best of the series!
    Free roaming around the city is the best. Wanna race? Pull of to any stop-light and smoke your tires! Wanna go online, 2 clicks of the d=pad and your online with up to 7 other people! Great game!...more info
  • Just a super game
    Very engrossing and plenty of sustained fun for my 14 year old son. Graphics are awesome and the controls are very responsive. Great selection of tracks too. The only negative I came across is the weak music selection. Apart from that I'm very happy!...more info
  • Not a Good Burnout Game
    Burnout Paradise has fantastic graphics and car handling. It really is a pleasure to drive around in the city. But, most of the game is not up to par with my favorite Burnout game - - Burnout 3: Takedown.

    B3:T had something called SPLIT-SCREEN MULTIPLAYER. This is a feature that I take as granted. The actual disappearance of this feature was something I could not accept. There is absolutely no trace of it, and it's disgusting.

    The other thing I have a problem with is the game's structure itself. Many other reviewers have mentioned this as well. When attempting a race, failing is not the best option as there is no available choice to just "restart" if you fail. Everyone does it. When you fail an event, you hit start and press RESTART! Then, you magically appear back where you started the event. This is not the case in Burnout Paradise. When an event is failed, you must drive all the way back to where it started, which is difficult because the map does not have target points that you can set (like GTA does) so you can drive to it fast. It's ridiculous.

    I've put the game down. Not only is the structure terrible and the multiplayer MISSING, but the incessant drone of "Paradise City" by G&R that plays EVERY TIME YOU START THE GAME drove me crazy after the 3 times I played it.

    Don't buy it. Play Burnout 3: Takedown or simply any other Burnout game. This is a waste of time....more info
  • Quite simply; the best racer on PS3 / Xbox 360
    Simply put, this game is the best looking, best feeling, best controlled racer on current generation hardware. It is fast and (above all) fun. The high-speed car dodging will make you gawk and laugh, and the intense, visceral crashes will make you groan and guffaw. The open-world design can be a little intimidating at first, but it is something you can quickly and easily get used to.

    I can't recommend this game enough, especially at this ridiculously low price. For less than $20, you are getting a game you will just pour hours into....more info
  • Get need for speed undercover instead. Trust me
    This game was no fun compared to Need for speed undercover for PS 3. In burnout you don't control you'r jumps. Damage to your car not great and there is a stupid fix up shop that dosent work. It is hard to follow the map and where to go unless you like to press select every 5 secounds. Any way go with the Need for speed Undercover and you will get a much better game plus. If you are a 5 to 10 years old however get the Burnout Paridice. If you are a muture teen or adult I would say get Need For Speed Undercover. Yes its more expencive but you get what you pay for. You may like Burnout Paridice, You will LOVE Need for Speed Undercover. Hope this helps....more info
  • Fun Free Roam & Racing; Not Much Depth
    Racing games don't appeal much to me. I'll take a game of MarioKart 64 any day, but I did enjoy Burnout for the PS2 moderately. This time around EA incorporated a free roam system where you could basically roam around Paradise City and do races and tasks as you choose. I guess think of it as a huge interactive menu.

    The huge draw of Burnout has always been the crashes. On the PS3 the crashes are more intense than ever with some pretty bone crunching sequences that even made me go "ouch" even though there are no animated drivers and it is an "E" game. Racing in a free roam city is fun, but if you decide to quit a race or restart you will stop a race at wherever in the city you are and will have to drive back to the starting point, which is a bit of a drawback.

    Multiplayer is a riot. Roaming the city with your friends is pretty fun and adds a lot of variety to the types. Switching between online and offline is easy and doing races and roaming with live players adds a new dimension. The game also added a downloadable motorcycle add-on.

    Graphics and sound are top notch. If you have a topnotch sound system then you will enjoy some of the best racing sounds in a video game. It sounds like they were ripped from a Michael Bay flick and have the "umph" to give your subwoofer a nice boost. Car designs and models are great and gameplay framerates are smooth although there are some little hiccups that have been known to plague EA games on PS3. Reccomended for racing fans....more info
  • Open World...
    Finally you are able to do more in a Burnout game than you ever thought possible. The menus are gone and you can start any event when you want to. There is still a crash mode even though it has been renamed. I like that motorcycles have been added to the game so you something other than just cars. You leave events by sitting still for a period of time and you are out. Online is very easy to access in fact when I first starting playing the game I accidentally went into the online. You can even download cars and other features from the playstation store. This is the best Burnout game of all time....more info
  • Good (but not great) update on a classic title
    I purchased a PS3 for my family for Christmas. But the first game I purchased for myself was Burnout Paradise. Why? Because I really liked the older Burnouts on my GameCube. Generally, this is a major improvement on the older games. I've been enjoying myself a great deal playing it, and that's ultimately the reason I play a game.

    The more free form nature of the latest version of the game took a little getting used to, but I like it better now. In fact, I suspect that the more free form nature of each of the races (and there's a heck of a lot of races here) means that I will be making progress and not peaking out in the game for a long time. That means that the cost per hour of playing time is even lower. So this is a cheap game to play.

    The promise of more downloadable content in the future is also nice, adding even more playing time at low cost. They've already added motorcycles. New vehicles, including a hover car, and a brand new island are in the works for 2009.

    I have to mention that if cost is no object and you want to play the game NOW (as opposed to waiting a day or two for shipping), you can download the game from the PlayStation Network. It's about $10 more expensive than buying the game from Amazon, but you can play immediately. It's your call as to whether that's a good deal for you.

    Why not 5 stars? Well, my daughter really liked crash mode. Now that it's gone, she looks at me with those sad eyes and I can't give the game 5 stars.

    I can't fault the game for the quality of online play. It's out of their control if other players aren't all that much fun. Perhaps Criterion might make more structured online areas in the future?...more info
  • A Satisfying Racer
    My son and I have been playing this for a couple weeks now. Okay, my son has played quite a bit more than I. We're very satisfied with the graphics. Playability is wide open. Only one time did we use the sixaxis and noticed it took a little more practice so we've been sticking with the normal mode. I found the races hard to win, my son not so much. Overall very satisfied with the game. The first thing my son noticed and said was "How can I tell how fast I'm going?" No speedometer....more info
  • Worth the price of admission, fun for hooligans!
    The graphics in this game are absolutely luscious, particularly the lurid slow motion crashes which have a cinematic feel and some amazing kinetics. The soundtrack is hip and fits the action perfectly. The vehicles sound wicked and the dynamics/physics are excellent - e brake turns are accomplished easily and sweetly. The free range driving experience will suit those who don't want a lot of rules and the ability to stop at will and crash some gates or do a "super jump" will appeal to those who like treasure hunts. It has kept my teenagers entertained for hours already. Highly recommended for those who like cars, car games and a bit of free form fun....more info
  • Burnout Paradise iz 2 fun 2 put down!
    i was hugely disappointed with Dominator BIG TIME!! cuz Revenge was fun as hell!! and i LOVE this game!! its almost like GTA with the little map at the bottom!!! the showtime thing is different but really AWESOME!! the Road Rage really has been my favorite feature since Burnout 3, BUT BUT BUT THEY NEED TO STOP PUTTING AVRIL LAVIGNE IN THE GAME SOUNDTRACKS!!!! what the hell is wrong with people nowadays??? NOBODY gives a flying fig newton for AVRIL!!! she's not rock, she's not punk, she's not cool and she's not even PRETTY!!! WEREWOLF!! EA STOP putting Avril in the frickin games!!!! and put more thrash metal, hardcore punk and old school hip hop in them! i dont wanna listen to emo when i'm crashing!!...more info
  • could not play the game amazon screwed me over!!!
    amazon refused to do a sell draft to get the ps3 to play it and charged my card for it i finally back charged it all. so in the end amazon did me wrong. ...more info
  • One of the best racing games
    Well just as the others have said, this game is one of the best in terms of racing/driving genre. The free roaming of the game is nice if you just want to "mess" around and explore. The races themselves are fun to do. It is not as simple as getting into your fastest car and go to any race you want. You need to think of what type of car is the best for the kind of race you are joining, be it straight racing, road rage (You have a target number of how many of the other AI racers you need to "take down". In other words make them crash.), man hunt (AI racers try to take you down as you race to a designated location), stunt run, burning route, etc. One thing I have noticed is that the game tends to put drone cars in your path while you are doing any type of racing. They seem to be conveniently located in your path just beyond a turn, hill, intersection. Other than that minor irritation, this game is a blast to play. ...more info
  • Long and Fun Game
    To break it down I'll give you the good, bad, and the ugly of this game.

    Summary: Drive around a complete city trying to unlock more cars to add to your collection. Try to accomplish barrel rolls, flatspins, burnouts (certain vehicles have a boost that you can only use if it's full, and you try to use all of it while gaining more to "chain" your boosts), donuts/e-break turns, drifts, jumps/air time, crashes ($$ of damage), takedowns (other drivers- online and off), and races (timed or against other drivers).
    At the push of a button you can even swing online instantly to join friends, try out "accomplishments", or compete in races/challenges.

    _The Good_

    Graphics are great, the cars look amazing and reflect damage as you drive. Some cars can take a bigger beating than others, so choose carefully for races (esp. online).
    The most fun I had was unlocking and trying out the new cars. And then trying to get the "Burnout" versions of each. Two of my faves are definitely the police cruiser and the car I received with the unlock code (GT Steel Wheels), which basically looks like a mix between the proposed new Camaro and the new Shelby.
    Driving around the city is a blast, you can roam wherever you want to, just picking and choosing what events you want to do. And you can find events easily thanks to the map.

    ***The CRASH system is still in the game despite what you may have heard. And it's not even hidden. Just press R1 and L1 at the same time to start "Showtime" on ANY road.***

    Half the fun of the game is just driving around exploring the city. I was able to find all the "Crash" gates, still working on finding all the Billboards (which you crash through of course), and I'm almost done finding all the "Super Jumps."

    Much like the last Burnout, they've continued with different classes of cars. "Stunt" class earn boost quicker with tricks/jumps, etc. "Speed" class has the burnout boost (can only use when full). A good number of cars in this category are VERY fast, but also very weak structurally and it's a good chance it won't survive a hit. "Aggressor" class earns boost quicker by taking out enemies (And not only that but the bar increases in size!).

    _The Bad_
    Sometimes when you're online it can get frustrating if someone has a better car and continually crashes into you while you're trying to complete challenges, or worse, when you crash into them to take them out, it gives them the takedown because their car is more robust. Also sometimes you'll be driving along and think that you're going to miss a curb, only to have your car completely taken out by it. Which is a shame considering you're probably boosting at the time.

    _The Ugly_
    Certain challenges can become VERY difficult if not frustrating. Especially the "Stunt Events" which require a certain number of points. Some of the races can also be difficult if you take a wrong turn along the way. I will say that when a turn is coming up your car will turn on it's blinker and every upcoming intersection is shown on the top of the screen so you know what roads are coming up. Which is a GREAT feature.
    Think you can handle the highway? Try driving the wrong way and into oncoming traffic and see how long you can last.
    ------ ------- ------ -------

    You'll need a certain number of completed events to unlock a car, but unlocking a car isn't done until you've hunted down the driver that owns it. You have to have patience and just drive around until you see him in your rearview or he passes you on the road. Then the fun begins as you chase and run him down.

    Online: this is fun once you have enough cars to play around with. The races can be tough and if you take someone out, you'll get their "card" with a snapshot of them. If they have a webcam or the PS3 Eye hooked up, it'll take a snapshot WHEN you hit them. Heh, nice feature (just watch out for some of the gestures!).

    **Also another little tidbit of info: If you're in a challenge or race offline and mess up, just stop. This will stop whatever challenge you're doing and you can drive back to the start to try again. This will save you a LOT of time.

    Overall: A lot of fun and hours of gameplay to keep you occupied. Definitely would recommend this for Burnout fans or just someone that wants to drive around exploring, doing tricks, etc. Try visting the rock quarry, or drive around the old dirt racing track (this is a lot of fun with friends online).
    Also if you don't like the current track of music, just skip it with a push of a button. And if you REALLY don't like that song, go into the options and customize which ones will pop up and when. If you have a particular song you want during races, go ahead and set it up that way.

    Update (Sept 26th): Trophies have been added, and for those who have completed most of it, unforunately they're not retroactive. You'll have to start a new game and go from there. Good luck and have fun earning your trophies!...more info
  • very fun game
    This is the first burnout game I've played, and I love it! A racing wheel and a 54" hi-def TV really enhance the experience. I usually like to have a few drinks, a toke, and just drive while smoking a cigarette. I sometimes do that in real life, but unfortunately you don't reset and get a new car when you crash.

    I love the open world environment because I can just explore. The graphics are very nice. I wish they would have the option of light, medium, or heavy traffic. I really want to try heavy traffic, so I can weave in and out like during rush hour. Also, this game would have been more complete if it had a speedometer.

    Online is probably the best feature of this game. Press right twice and you're online. Taking people out is awesome, especially those who have weaker cars or don't know how to drive well. It's fun being a bully sometimes.

    Overall, this is a very satisfying game. Well worth the 60 something dollars that I spent. ...more info
  • Best Arcade Racing game available
    Best arcade racing game available. Hours of gameplay and lots of replay value. Best if accompanied with a steering wheel like the logitec driving force gt. I hooked up the wheel and paradise burnout to my PS3 two weeks ago and have not taken it out of the PS3 since....more info
  • Burnout returns and it's all good
    Burnout was one of the most fun racing series on the PS2. It's combination of crazy crashes, sense of speed, and easy to play mechanics wowed gamers all over. Now it's back for the PS3 and 360, and you have next gen crazy racing at your disposal. Unlike the Burnout games of the past, this is like one huge "sandbox" GTA style driver, giving you a gigantic city as a playground. You can drive anywhere in the city, and start racing events at stoplights. It's a welcome change, and it allows you to just pick up and go. Graphics are really nice, though not jaw dropping but the sense of speed and the crashes are still there.

    I tested the PS3 version mostly, and yes it IS better than the 360 one. Being the lead platform this time around no doubt helped in that regard. If you have a PS Eye, you get a drivers license with your mug on it, and if playing online, and using the Eye, it takes snap shots of your face when you crash(or your friends if they too have the Eye). Music tracks on this one are great, providing a nice assortment of driving music, with tracks from previous Burnout games also making an appearance. And heck, when the game starts, you're greeted by Guns N' Roses Paradise City. Uber cool. ...more info
  • The best racing game period!
    After reading other reviews, I feel I have to comment on this. It's not the games fault some people don't want to do anything online other than talk and crash into people. If you don't like it, leave to the lobby and find another room! There are PLENTY of rooms.

    I usually don't care for racing games much and have played a few including Midnight club LA, other burnouts and NFS. I LOVE there are NO COPS in this game, there are other things to do like find billboards and smash gates and there are also stunt runs, marked man and road rage events other than racing. I think it has a rather good mix and you can choose what ever you want to do. All the extra FREE DLC content that comes with this game would have cost the same price of this game with other company's! They are releasing additional DLC that won't be free, but will also include trophies like the party pack and the Island which I will not hesitate on purchasing after all this game gave to me!

    It really is a BLAST and even if you never tried a racing game and think you may want to, I HIGHLY recommend Burnout Paradise, either in the disc form or downloaded from the PS network like I did... rather nice not having to pop in a disc, just sit back, turn no the PS3 with the controller and go! :)...more info
  • This is the best use of a TWENTY known to mankind
    I like Paradise City gameplay better than GRID and GranTourismo
    My absolute favorite racing game ever (why else am I wasting my time writing this when I could be doing something else)
    +Excellent control response feels realistic, not kid game(arcade style)
    +Huge World +Excellent Challenges besides 'racing'
    +Sunset and sunrise are beautiful and that changes the colors of everything, fog now too.
    +You can listen to your own music on your PS3 "in game" (so you don't get in a situation of having to listen to the same stale songs over and over)
    +Some very nice cars, with paint colors all customizable
    And the developers didn't waste any resources on stupid 'drift racing'
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Racing & Crashing Fun
    This is a heart-pumping thrill ride through an amazingly rendered 'real world' that lets me exorcise all my Starsky and Hutch street racing fantasies. As well as Dukes of Hazard stunts and jumps and on and on. If you like street racing or car stunts then this is a must have. The Amazon sales pitch and screen shots are real, and it plays as good as it looks. It's like putting yourself in the best movie car chase scenes! When you do an E-brake turn you can see your own dust, and if you're on mud it's brown. Details details.

    While there is a lot of destruction (some in super cool slow mo to show off the physics engine), it's all just sheet metal not people. This antiseptic aspect of 'Paradise City' is fixed with the neat-o multi-player mode where you can talk with the people you are racing against, beating up on, or joining together to perform team challenges. It's a fantasy world, so no speedometer ('cos you're going far too fast!) and you're always getting lots more boost.

    The Good: Looks more real than $25 million flight simulators. Racing. Stunts. Variety of game play. Excellent online modes. Fun. Challenging. Can use six axis motion control. Lots of cars with different profiles.

    The Gripes: No dual duels! Single-player or go online and have a blast. So much on screen you will really want a big widescreen. The cars are made up, not models of real makes. Lose a race; you have to drive all the way back to the beginning to try again.

    Overall? Best racing PS3 game I own.
    ...more info
  • The first true next gen racer
    The Burnout series was never truly known for its innovative game design. First and foremost it was all about hectic, fast, arcade racing. As the series has progressed from its humble beginnings its focus on spectacular crashes had made it the racer of choice for those of us who love big loud explosions along with our racing cars. When this feature had reached its peak in Burnout Revenge the developers decided it was time to take Burnout to the next level.

    Its hard to believe that this is the first racer to take place in a fully realized city. One of the major foibles of the originals was a seemingly endless menu system of events that would give anyone a headache after awhile. Menu's within Menu's until you were lost and couldn't find your way back to the start menu. Of course that's an exaggeration but it certainly became annoying and the devs decided it was time to NEVER take the gamer out of the car. Everything from race events to crash events occurs at every stop light in Paradise city. You'll never have to leave the game to change your car or play an event.

    With over 120 events at many stop lights you don't have to drive far to find something to do. The only hiccup of course is that when you want one particular kind of event you have to drive all the way back to that particular stop light on that particular street name. You can edit the menus to show you only one kind of event so theyhave made this as tolerable as possible. The only other problem with this open city structure is that it doesn't allow you to replay a race you've just lost. Instead you have to drive all the way back to the stop light which really doesn't help when you cant remember what street it was on.

    It's easy to nit pick when someone is the first to innovate a genre so I'd prefer to thank the devs for taking a chance on something new. The online system is also seamless, you just click the in-game menu, and turn it on and wallah you are online with other players from around the world. Its really that simple. For every small problem the game truly does give a fresh take on a genre that is running out of ideas. Burnout Paradise is truly THE next gen arcade racer to own. So grab that new PS3 rumble controller and set your sights for paradise.

    ...more info
  • Awesome but not as good as Burnout Revenge on PS2
    I guess it's a bit unfair to compare this to Burnout Revenge which is my all time favorite racing game, bar none.
    This is a very cool game but the controls take some adjustment. Now you use the right trigger button for the gas, left trigger for reverse, X for Boost and [] (square) for the brake.
    I'd really like it to be able to map out the buttons so I can use X for Gas and right trigger for boost. Reverse isn't much of an issue for me. My wife has a much harder time playing this, than she does Revenge.
    The Burnout Pardise looks awesome but you can't smash other cars off the road anymore and no more Smash ups at Intersections. I also seem to crash a lot more in this than I do in Revenge, but, overall, I really like this game. Being able to power drift in Wriggly Field is pretty cool.
    This is a good follow-up to the other Burnout games but how I long for Burnout Revenge 2 on the PS3! That would be Intense!...more info