Motorola Home Monitoring Kit w/ Bundle
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  • motorola home monitoring
    The unit has two cameras that capture images and transfer the images to computer.
    It is supposed to have remote viewing capability but the code given with the unit is not valid. I contacted Amazon and Motorola. Motorola did not reply to my e-mail. When I called them they were not helful. I will not recommend this unit....more info
  • Complete Garbage
    Do NOT waste your money on this trash!!! Words cannot even begin to describe my frustration with this product, and with Motorola's technical support for this either. I've installed multi-thousand dollar security systems with no real problems before, but this cheap piece of trash is nothing other than that - trash....more info

    Do not buy this old out-dated product! I'm a fan of Motorolar Products...

    Cell Phones, bluetooth headset, 2 way-radio...but not this!!! new product support in their website at all....Old one only!!!!...

    Oh, boy!!!...Good luck who ever wants to buy this product!...more info