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BlackBerry HS-655 Bluetooth Headset
List Price: $139.99

Our Price: $37.75

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Product Description

Optimized for BlackBerry devices and compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones, the ultra-light and comfortable BlackBerry 655+ Bluetooth Headset uses cutting-edge technology to deliver clear, secure communication. The headset supports 128-bit encryption to ensure the privacy of your phone calls. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology maximizes sound quality and reduces background noise, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly, even in loud environments. Its sleek design includes a discreet contoured earpiece and a carrying pocket that clips conveniently to your BlackBerry carrying case or shirt pocket for easy transport. Soft-gel ear tips in three sizes provide a personalized fit, and an ear hook offers added stability. The pocket case vibrates with each incoming call, while the headset controls volume and mute options, allows you to answer calls, and supports voice-activated dialing as well as last number redial.

  • Digital Signal Processing technology maximizes sound quality
  • Soft-gel ear tips in three sizes
  • Up to 3 hours talk time; 80 hours stand-by time
  • Blackberry RIM Original Accessory
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • comparison with Plantronics 510
    This headset is almost weightless and extremely comfortable. The reception is very good. The only drawback is that occasionally it has to be reconnected to my cell phone. It is not necessary to go through the whole pairing process, but it still takes time. The other drawback is that my Blackberry 8830 seems to crash whenever I try to answer a conference call with the headset on. This may be a problem with the phone and not the headset. The Plantronics 510 holds the connection much more reliably and has excellent reception, but it is heavier and not quite as comfortable. ...more info
  • Nothing special
    I was somewhat dissapointed by this device especially that is has been branded by Blackberry. I was expecting a lot more. They advertise the device being functional upto 30 feet away from your phone, if I walk about more than 5-7 feet, voice quality starts detioriating rapidly.

    While using it when driving, I have had 50-50 positive and negative responses from the other end. Some people tell me that it is just too loud and that it is picking up all the noise around me. Other says, it sounds like you are just talking on a cell phone (which is what I would at least expect it to do).

    Controling the button to switch off and on, pick up an incoming call, and ending a call isnt the greatest. It doesnt work like they would intend it to. At times I push the button to pick up a call, it does nothing. So I have to revert to my phone to answer the call.

    Overall it is an acceptable device, I don't use it heavily except when driving.

    I will certainly keep my eyes open for other devices out there. I would highly recommend against buying it if you are buying it because it is branded "Blackberry". It is a mediocore device by my standards.
    ...more info
  • Works great with Blackberry curve
    I bought it and used with my blackberry curve. It works great...the device is slim and light and fits into your ear perfectly. The only thing is that you need to make sure to keep it clean all the time. ...more info
  • Pretty Great Headset
    Pros: Lightweight, small, great sound quality, extremely comfortable.

    Cons: Static if you wear on the opposite side of body from your phone (ie, earpiece in right ear, but BlackBerry in left pocket or holster on left-side of body)...more info
  • Compact bluetooth
    I have a blackberry pearl and this bluetooth headset works well with my phone. Feedback from friends and family indicate that they can hear me much clearer than on my previous bluetooth headset(Motorola H505). It took a little getting used to (it's really small!) but I am happy with the purchase. The carrying case makes this a must have for me!...more info
  • Blackberry Headset HS-655
    I recently purchased this headset and am very pleased with it. It came with 3 sizes of urethane earpieces so I found one that fits snugly in my ear. The headset is so small and light I do not need to use the supplied wire loop. Sound is loud and clear thanks to the earpiece. The holster idea is great- it vibrates when a call is coming in and the earpiece automatically answers the phone as soon as I remove it from the holster. Someone complained about the reception- I experienced poor reception too, at first. I have a Blackberry Pearl and in the Options/Security Options/General Settings, I found a setting for Bluetooth Signal Strength. The default is the lowest setting. I had to enable password protection to change this setting, but once changed, I could disable the password protection again. Now, my headset operates clearly up to about 20 feet from my phone....more info
  • Poor Sound Quality - Maybe not... Updated
    The performance of this headset is disappointing. I originally ordered it because my Moto headset (HS850) seemed to have low volume when used with the Blackberry 8830 (the HS850 didn't have this problem when used with a Moto V710 phone). I figured since the HS 655 was optimized for Blackberry by Plantronics, it would be the best choice. Reviews rated the Plantronics version highly. My experience: Comfort and fit was fine. Features and operation also fine, although it lacks the ability to switch between calls during Call Waiting. Volume for me was excellent (solved my original problem) but people consistently complained about the sound quality on their end - lots of noise, static, etc. The headset was never more than about 2 feet from the phone (same side of body) so range wasn't the problem. I called my own office voicemail to record the sound quality from various locations during my commute and confirmed the poor performance. Switching back to the Moto HS850 got rid of the problem, so I figure the phone is ok.
    This one's going back. Maybe it's just a defective unit, but I'm done with this model. The hunt for a decent Bluetooth headset continues...

    I ordered a Plantronics Voyager 510 based on the high marks so many reviewers gave it. It had the same noise problem as the HS 655 (crackles, etc) on the receiver's end when paired with the Blackberry 8830! Now I figured the phone was at fault. After playing with a couple of settings, I found that the encryption setting was causing the problem (Bluetooth setup -> highlight the device ->select "Device Properties" -> set Encryption to "Disabled"). With encryption disabled, the problem is gone. So probably the HS 655 was fine all along. The 510 may still be a better choice since it has a noise cancelling microphone while the 655 does not, but the style is definitely "old school."
    (It's puzzling that RIM didn't make sure the HS 655 was fully compatible with their own phone, or at least put something in the headset instructions to disable the encryption feature. Then again, they had really poor documentation that came with the product: a quick start guide that didn't even describe how to change ear buds (3 sizes provided) or how to mount the ear clip that came in the package. They did have a card that directed you to their website for more info, but there wasn't anything more descriptive there either. I had to go to Plantronics web site to get the more complete user guide for their 655.)...more info