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Who Killed the Electric Car?
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  • Informative - an Eye Opening Look at the U.S. Auto Industry
    Anyone who wonders why our transportation system is dedicated to maximum short term profits on inefficient vehicles should take a look at this story.

    Hopefully this will stir us to look at increasing our choices for moving around from nearly total auto dependency to a mix of fuel efficient private vehicles, transit, and better pathways for non motorized travel.

    The alternative is to keep pumping money to the Saudis, and multi-billion dollar military actions in the Mid East....more info
  • excellent film
    Who Killed the Electric Car is an excellent documentary on the frustrating beginning of a new paradigm. Fortunately the economic decline combined with the increasing threat from our dependence on foreign oil will now jump start this new technology....more info
  • A Sad Story for an electric car lovers
    Back in mid 90s when I was in elementary school, there were newspaper articles about researchers working on electric cars and batteries. My dad was an engineer and told me about all the wonderful stories about running vehicles on electricity without any pollution or noise. At the time I didn't know any better, but accepted it a viable alternative at the time. Within several years however, almost all researches were discontinued and nobody heard about them until recently.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find out about EV-1 as I started watching this documentary. I didn't even know that EV-1 existed as early as 2001. At the very first sight of the car, I was totally into it. It was the first time I ever fell in love with a car. Soon they killed it, and we let them did it.

    Why are these people so crazy about buying regular hybrid cars that cannot even go over 50 miles per gallon and paying thousands of dollars for it? We have a superior technology that offers much high efficiency and pollution free driving experience.

  • EV1 cost GM over $100K each to make... no wonder.
    This movie forgot to ask GM how much it cost them to make each one of these EV1 cars. Bob Lutz (Chairman of GM) was recently on David Letterman (to talk about the EV1s and promo the volt)...


    Lutz admits the overwhelming cost of the EV1 experiment and ADMITS the shortcomings (mostly the high cost) of the battery technology that was used. I'm pretty sure these California EV1 users weren't paying a $2000 per month to lease those EV1s... which is what you'd might pay for a $100K car. GM is also maintaining a staff to do the maintenance on the vehicles... no wonder they scrapped the project, simple economics. Do you think these EV1 users would have paid $100K for these EV1 cars to keep?, the creators of this movie only had a $3000 budget... not like they were flush with cash. Do you think GM was going to maintain service personnel to fix these cars when there were only a few hundred on the road... no. Do you think GM was going to 'brag' about how much money they lost on EV1's to this documentary so all their shareholders could express their displeasure with this moneypit idea. Don't think so.

    GM is going to go bankrupt anyway... but dropping HUNDREDS of MILLIONS on this effort just to try and appease California didn't help at all either. I think Lutz is right ...the ONLY way Americans will buy an electric vehicle is when gas is above $4/gal and stays there. Until then... there aren't enough Americans who care... unfortunately....more info
  • Who Killed America's Future

    I will crawl on my hands and knees in 5 feet of snow before I buy, lease or borrow another GM product!!!

    ...more info
  • Screw Hybrids! I want fully electric cars NOW!
    Basically...we could've had electric cars in full swing by now, but beacuase of government we're screwed beacuse obviously global warming and environamental issues aren't that relevant when it comes to meeting their agenda....more info
  • Life Changing Experience
    After viewing the movie "Who Killed The Electric Car?", I was moved to buy my 1999 Ford Ranger and convert it to a battery electric vehicle. It is said that marketing of the EV failed to surface demand from the American consumer. What amazes me, is that as someone who converted my first pickup truck in 1979, as someone interested in the electric car, I was unaware of the entire EV history of the late 90's and early couple of years in the 21st Century. I try to keep up with current events. I never saw the advertising or any word in the news. Surely the systematic crushing of an entire generation of vehicles by a manufacturer is an event of national interest. Where was the media?

    This movie opened my eyes as to what is possible. Thanks to this movie I was quickly brought up to date on what exactly happened. This movie is a must see for anyone concerned about rising fuel and food prices (i.e. the economy including balance of payments), reliance on foreign oil, National Security (The war and Terrorism), polution and gflobal warming....more info
  • Great documentary
    I have not seen a documentary in a long time that has made me call-to-arms angry like Who Killed the Electric Car. Recent, and prophetic in showing what is going on right now as far as the auto makers go. The doc makes me want to join the Electric Posse!...more info
  • Excellent film
    I borrowed this film from my local library and was impressed -- the film goes through the history of the electric car and proceeds to tell the tragic story of GM's EV1, in the end convincing the viewer of the conspiracy by the oil companies to destroy the EV1, as it threatened their profits. I enjoyed the film so much that I decided to buy a copy of the DVD for my father & mother so that they could watch it. ...more info
  • How Big Oil obliges us to continue contaminating the environment
    In 1990, the state of California obliged through the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate car manufacturers turning a minimum part of their sales to electric. General Motors launched their EV-1 to the market in 1996, and a total of 800 vehicles ran the streets of California. But at the same time, GM lobbied against this mandate, and they won, in 2003, when this mandate was killed. Immediately afterwards, all those leased electric vehicles were withdrawn. Even worse : they were all destroyed, shredded to thousands of pieces, as if to eliminate all physical evidence this car ever even really existed...

    Bush then gave a tax cut of 100.000 USD to anyone buying a Hummer, in order to "reactivate the economy". You have to consider that the Hummer is a car with an efficiency far below the first commercial vehicle ever built, the T Ford. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Bush also went to war to restore the oil supply by Iraq. We must always bear in mind the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: "The trouble with this country is that you can't win an election without the oil bloc, and you can't govern with it." So, the actual murderer of the electric vehicle is really Big Oil.

    Although GM eventually built this car, a real beauty, silent, fast, and called by one of the drivers in this documentary "sexy", they weren't too fond of it either, since there's virtually no service to be done. No spare parts can be sold : no oil filters, no gasoline filters, no air filters, no motor parts, no clutch parts, no tailpipe parts, etc. Even the brakes had never to be serviced on the EV-1 ! When braking, the power was regenerated and used to charge the batteries, so virtually no wear happened.

    Happily, oil prices have gone wild in recent years, and other car manufacturers began producing prototypes of electric vehicles. Next year, 2010, will have a lot of electric vehicles becoming commercially available, from a wide range of manufacturers. So far, from what I've seen, Fiat seems to have the most interesting proposal, with the Phylla, an electric car with an autonomy of 140 to 220 km, depending on the batteries you buy it with. The most wonderful fact is that you even don't have to plug it in : it recharges with solar panels incorporated in the roof and the doors !
    ...more info
  • Who indeed...
    I sat with my jaw hanging during this video. I am one who does not like to subscribe to conspiracy theories since they leave so many of us disempowered... however there is no denying the facts of this film. General Motors is applauded for their work on an electric vehicle today. Where is the outcry for their blatant disregard for the common good in the past when they destroyed their own product in order to keep their pockets lined and to keep us dependent on fossil fuel?...more info
  • Do You Believe the Government Now?
    This movie really gets you thinking. Is it any wonder that the oil companies have bought up the new, innovative rechargeable battery technology? Don't you think that the reason the gas prices are so high now (and going higher by the day) is that the oil companies (and their friends in the White House) want to force us to have to drill in ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico where they control all of the mineral rights rather than utilize the battery technology we already have that might put a serious dent in our dependence on fossil (non-renewable) fuels? Check out what Senator Bill Nelson from Florida says about the oil companies not drilling within the huge areas of the Gulf of Mexico they already have the rights to drill in. Get your hands on a hybrid now - at least you can start to wean yourself from those money-hungry oil companies (and their political allies) until someone figures out that they might actually make money by utilizing the battery technology sitting on their shelves. Shame on them (but then that's the American Free Enterprise System, eh? Them that has keeps on getting!)...more info
  • conscientious cars should exist everyday
    An incredible achievement in documentary storytelling, this film should be seen by everyone. Why did automakers discontinue producing electric cars? And, more importantly, why did GM pull the perfectly-functioning existing electric cars off the road? And what's the future: Is it the overhyped hydrogen duel cell vehicles or the more reasonable electric plug-in hybrids that are already on the road?...more info
  • GM blew it.
    Watching this movie now is enlightening given General Motor's recent decision to close its plants making SUVs and selling off the Hummer brand. The shutdown of the EV1 project now looks to be a huge lost opportunity for GM. Imagine the demand now if these cars were available all over the country. The movie gives evidence that GM placed all their bets on the short-term profits of the SUV/Hummer market over the long-term wisdom of the electric car. Let's just hope that the US auto industry can use the talents and creativity of their employees to produce non-gas burning alternative vehicles that could be sold all over the world....more info
  • Why we shouldn't bailout criminal corporations!
    GM and other major coorporations that destroy our planet and harm people soley for profit should be brought to justice. However, we instead are tricked by an unrepresentative government into handing billions of dollars from the people that they harm to these same corporations.

    Further, this movie should be mandatory viewing for every high school civics or goverment student.

    I'm personally driving my 1993 vehicle into the ground until I buy the new Tesla 4-door electric vehicle. I'll do nothing to ever support GM and bury hard working people with more illegal government debt and taxation....more info
  • A must see
    You must see this to beleave it, and people don't understand why GM is in such trouble. They have there own answer to there problem yet do nothing about it. I wonder if President Oboma knows about this????...more info
  • Great documentary proving that large corporations decide for the people!
    Since Nikola Tesla's days have we had the technology to run cars on electricity but the reason we have yet to see this now is because it will make no money to the elite members of the Govt. and Corporations, all greedy and corrupt. This film shows that tha technology was released and when "they" realized their blunder, they pulled the cars away against the will of the American people. Wake up folks and get involved!...more info
  • Who Killed the Electric Car, and 5,000 American Soldiers ?
    This video shows, to what depths, the automobile manufacturers and the oil companies will sink, in order to maintain and improve their PROFITS.If America,and the world, had "Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles" there would be very little need for imported OIL.
    Nearly 5,000 American soldiers would not have been killed , more than 30,000 wounded. Plus the Iraqi civilians, killed or wounded. What a sad, terrible, unnecessary waste, of people and the world's resources.
    The cost of the war in Iraq, for ONE month, would pay for the supply
    of a free PHEV to every American citizen. This Video is a "must see", for those
    interested in the background, to what goes on in BIG business.
    ...more info
  • Not only big oil is screwing America
    This movie once again proved to me that big business doesn't care about the world or the people in it. All the talk now about hybrids and wanting to be independent of big oil is a crock. This proves that they already know how to make a good electric car and buried it for more profits. I for one am not going to buy a new car until I can get an electric on....more info
  • Who's Sorry Now? GM, I Hope!
    I recently watched the Who Killed the Electric Car? DVD and must say, it is an eye opener. I was in California when the state mandated that car manufacturers produce vehicles with zero emissions. While it was in place, I saw all kinds of electric cars here in the Palm Springs desert - the EV1, Honda and others. That was a decade ago.

    Apparently, the auto companies, with help from the oil companies and politicians, convinced California to drop the mandate, and the electric cars were immediately pulled from consumers who loved them! The EV1 electric car that is followed in this documentary is one hot little car, but GM killed it, recalled all of them (they could only be leased) and destroyed them rather than sell to consumers who were begging to buy the vehicles.

    So, we've had the technology for a quiet, practical around town electric car for years. The Japanese got the message and started producing hybrids, while the USA car companies came out with gas guzzlers like the Hummer.

    Now, we are paying for big business greed and politics.

    This should be required viewing for every American citizen. I highly encourage everyone to watch this....more info
  • This is the real business world
    Very thought provoking and a very timely topic. The topic this movie addresses, is very important when considering everything from...
    1. Buying a car
    2. Choosing a church to attend
    3. Electing county school board members
    4. Electing a U.S. President
    Detroit (US Auto Industry Exec's) have made their own bed. Now they want us to bail them out. This is an argument to put more engineers in office in Washington....more info
  • GM's Electric Car would get 250 Miles on Todays Batteries
    I've watched the movie several times trying to cath the little things. Dr. Ovshinsky wasn't happy about GM selling his battery to Texaco. The car went 120 miles on a charge with that battery. The first cars came with defective GM Delco batteries and were only replaced with Ovshinki's battery when he made an unathorized press appearance highlighting his metal hydride batter for the car. GM scolded him for it. But really folks, the car today would get 250-300 miles on a set of lithium batteries, those nice new ones that don't burn or explode when crushed or pierced, lithium polymers I believe they are called. Exxon has been very engaged in trying to corner the market on Lithium batteries, for at least a decade.

    The award winning author who, in the movie, claims that GM would sell you a car that runs on pig manure if they can make a dollar, misses the elephant in the room. The elephant is that with no engine and transmission, only an electric motor with 3 moving parts, GM and its dealers would be hard pressed to charge so much money for the car. A regular engine has thousands of parts in its engine and transmission, thousands of operations more to make those parts, and a tearful amount of maint. costs for consumers. The electric car got around all of that. That's why they killed it, thats also why the "award winning author" is completely wrong about what GM would or would not sell you.

    Keep in mind that the hydrogen car Bush has in mind will keep us going to his friends gas stations to fill up on hydrogen which they want to make from nuclear or natural gas. The cost? More than gasoline.

    The Wall Street Journal recently reported that if the nations car fleet were converted to electric overnight, our current power plants could supply 75% of the electricity demand if the cars charged at night.

    This movie is important for you to see. Its perfect evidence for the case against corporations running America. Treason for them is often, just good business. ...more info
  • Understanding the Energy Crisis
    Very good program to watch to enlighten us to some of the reasons why we are in the current situtation of being "strangled" by prices at the pump.
    Alternatives to oil are there, have been tested successfully and those in charge choose not to allow them to be implemented.

    The electric car is not the perfect alternative but its a definite step in the right direction. We could have been 10 years into this by now but instead, we chose union with the freak Saudis.

    I can appreciate in a way how slaves felt now....more info
  • The Killers of the EV Remain Free Today
    Perhaps now more than ever, there has become a renewed focus on finding more sustainable ways to live in terms of energy consumption. Though the soaring gas prices have indeed caused many of us to take note and become a bit more eco-conscious, when a similar movement began in the 1990's it was a myriad of competing factions that in fact pulled the emergency brake on such a movement.

    Who Killed the Electric Car is an interesting documentary on the entire electric car life span for conception to production to dismantling in scrap yards just a few years later. The electric car phenomenon that swept the country amongst like minded individuals and in particular celebrity types in a way that perhaps predated the necessity of living a more sustainable life and rather focused on the desire to life in such a way.

    Thanks to the EV movement that made driving an electric car fashionable and trendy, the demand for EVs began to peak and a push was on to increase production of electric cars to meet the demand that was creeping up ever so quickly.

    But all of that came to a crashing halt. The film seeks to address some of the possible culprits guilty for killing the electric car. Though certainly no charges of murder could be brought, what certain individuals and organizations did to ensure the rapid demise of the electric car was comparable to stabbing the heart of the electric car movement and ensuring it would never breathe another breath.

    The movie seeks to point the finger at the different individuals and organizations that killed the electric car movement. There is a spotlight shone upon the gasoline and oil companies just as brightly as there is one cast upon politicians who were more concerned about protecting the interests of Big Oil rather than the consumers' that were buying the EVs interests.

    However, what is most interesting is the expose that highlights how the automobile manufacturers also had a hand in bringing down the electric car. It is amazing to think that even when a demand was so prevalent for EVs that the automobile industry would bend to outside pressures to ensure that oil dependent vehicles would live on past the EVs.

    Imagine for a second the manufacturers of the EVs actually seizing back the EVs from the consumers and then shipping them off to be destroyed at a scrap yard. Sound a bit too totalitarian for your liking? Well, the truth is that happened right here in America.

    The film does a fine job exploring as many different possible avenues for those that could be found guilty for killing the electric car. The documentary is done in such a way that certainly there is a bias shown toward the pro-EV movement and arguments but ample time is devoted to ensuring that both sides of the issue are in fact addressed.

    Narrated by Martin Sheen, the documentary is well crafted in the sense that there are a lot of different interviews pieced together in a way that is methodical and cogent. Toward the end of the film when the players are identified as being either guilty or not guilty, a sort of mini-trial snapshot is translated to the film well.

    Who Killed the Electric Car is a very good look at a decision made less than two decades ago that certainly now is having adverse ramifications on both the environment and economy. It would be interesting to learn whether or not had the EVs in fact been invested in and supported to the same level as petroleum dependent vehicles whether or not today we would be so dependent upon oil and so impacted by the fluctuations in the price of the oil we consume.

    Though there are several parties outlined as being found guilty of killing the electric car, the one main thing to take away is that the parties involved in this senseless killing should to this day be held accountable. And when you are accountable for such an act, you too should be punished.
    ...more info
  • Gets you thinking.
    This DVD will get you thinking. Why destroy all the cars? Who was behind it? Why get rid of the electric car program all together? This DVD will make you question allot of things and sheds light on things that were brushed under the table. This is a must see DVD!!!!...more info
  • One of my all-time favorite documentaries
    A great movie about electric vehicles with the potential to create a revolution that would improve everyone's lives here in USA and across the globe. Also a perfect example of how the power, control and influence of a few big corporations and interests over our government put their interests before the benefit of the population of the earth.
    This movie is very informative as well as fun; A very good quality production that everyone should watch!...more info
  • Too bias for my taste
    First I must start by stating my political affiliation (liberal) and my love and understanding of cars (BS in Mechanical Engineering and currently work in Power industry). I think the solution to our pollution problems is definitely electric cars, but I found this movie to be extremely bias and provide little useful information. I would suggest to anyone that is interested to read "The Car that Could" by Micheal Shnayerson. It gives the full story of GM producing the EV1 and the challenges they faced. Once again I would love fully electric cars to be available in the market today but I believe this movie did not confront the subject with objectivity. People who like this movie should watch more Micheal Moore....more info
  • A jaw dropper! What U.S. automakers are pulling on us
    As gas is sitting at 4 bucks a gallon,you will be open mouthed after seeing this video.U.S. automaker's had the technology out here years ago, and pulled it from the market with the help from lobbyist's.

    Like with Al Gore's "Inconvient Truth" video,this is another have to see. I bought it like the Gore video,to educate myself and then family.They are both lost from my collection,as it is making rounds to places I never have thought.

    Knowledge is power!Power is casting your vote come election(s),and one that takes control from those dead set on allowing the environment to continue on a downward spiral, and us leaving this mess to our kid's / grandchildren to solve....more info
  • Find out why politicians don't care about $4+ gas
    Seeing is really believing. See whey the car companies are now seeking federal loan guarantees....more info
  • Who Killed the Electric Car MUST SEE THIS
    The movie " Who Killed the Electric Car" is an EYE opener. I would suggest that everyone watch this and then call your congress man or woman.
    Let us all do our part in reducing and eliminating the use of Foreign OIL

    Why the Big 3 might go under GREED GREED GREED... It is a no brainer and Cheveron to throw away the plans to a battery that had the power to bring the electric car to speed.

    What a waste of our bailout money if we let GM and the rest have it .
    If they re-tool and re-train their workers that is another thing but to continue to make a car /truck that gets 29 mpg maybe? and think that is good WHAT A JOKE.

    I love my Prius and in 3 more years it will be a PLUG in Prius currently I get 51 mpg in Summer 42 in Winter and that is STOCK not a plug in yet, after the plug in add on it will get 103 mpg..
    ...more info
  • General Motors Blew It!
    The film reminded me about another movie, "Tucker, the Man and His Dream" which also tells of a better car that was pushed off the market by those who want "free enterprise" but only for themselves, not their would-be competitors.

    In our capitalist system, General Motors is, like any other publicly-held corporation, supposed to be in business to make money for its stockholders. In killing the EV-1, General Motors put the interests of the oil companies ahead of its shareholders. Less than a year ago, before the current spike in oil prices, GM's stock was over $35 a share. Today it is at $10. If GM had kept making EV-1 for those people who wanted them, they would have owned the automobile market today and their stock price would be through the roof! Talk about short-sightedness....more info
  • now is the time
    the movie was very nicely done and has motivated me to sell my truck and by a plug in hybrid along with researching new technology. we have the technology to do what ever we want. it is time to start using that technology to slow down global warming. This presidential race is very important with global warming...more info
  • watch this DVD or suffer the consequences
    Paranoid about the role of big oil in keeping us dependent on oil and foreign oil in particular (Big Oil has offshore bank accounts loaded with cash) Their power in your daily life is immense Watch the story of the EV1...more info
  • Excellent Documentary
    This is a very interesting and informative documentary, and it also made me VERY angry that these wonderful little cars are no longer available. We need to get them back!...more info
  • Decent film, slanted perspective.
    Well researched and presented film. Blatently leaves out the fact that auto-makers by law have to service their vehicles for 10 years if they leave them on the road. Demonizes the industry for destroying the electric model car. Otherwise the film does a decent job of portraying the green side of the energy argument. ...more info
  • Give me my bailout money back!
    I recently saw this great documentary at an EarthDay event in Cocoa, Florida. I was suprised to learn all the negatives about electric cars were thought up by the auto industry, themselves. I was shocked at how GM took all the cars back (to the dismay of the people who had leased them) and CRUSHED them! It was a stupid and sad move by General Motors. I'll never think of them in the same way again. If that's the way our American car makers are handling consumer demand these days, I say, Let them Sink!...more info
  • Great documentorie
    Thoughtful and true story of a giant corporation not making the best decision for the future....more info
  • Must-See Documentary
    This DVD should be required viewing for every US citizen. It is an excellent documentary of what has transpired and what continues to transpire in our auto industry. This is not just hearsay, as it includes interviews with several former GM employees who were part of the electric car experiment. It's very captivating and entertaining to watch; not just another boring documentary....more info
  • Good Historical Perspective
    A very good coverage of the history of the car companies activities against the electric car and of recent electric car developments....more info
  • Excellent film
    This documentary cuts right to the heart of the scandal around the stifling of alternatives to the polluting oil-based car industry, and the fact that it is kept on a personal level and follows the fight the owners of the electric cars put up to save them makes it lively and interesting as well as informative...more info
  • Great Documentary
    This film shows the evidence that we really need these cars.
    Factually I blame big oil for the lack of electric vehicles.
    However if more people were aware of these cars they would write a letter to their congressman and tell them to help get these on the market.
    Time to say goodbye to oil!!!!!!...more info
  • Classroom use
    My students loved it! We were studying environmental issues and our country's dependence on foreign oil. Very informative.

    P. Shepherd...more info
  • Does for cars what Blue Gold does for water!
    I really loved the murder-mystery foundation of this film. It reminded me fondly of The Corporation and it's sociopath analysis of corporations as a person. But what I really loved about this film is the natural pacing and visual build of its message. It reminds me of one of my other favorite political films, Blue Gold World Water Wars, which also builds with a visual language of its own to a horrifying emotional end. See this film! ...more info
  • Forgotten by the News Media???
    It's amazing, there were good working American-made electric cars over a decade ago. I remember when they came out, I was giving them a few years before I got one--when suddenly, they were pulled out of the market.

    This documentary tells why. Owners of these cars were happy with them, they looked good (blended well with other cars, can't even tell them apart).

    These days though, when the news media talks about electric cars as cars of the future that may not work--I always wonder--haven't they done their homework? We already had electric cars and they were great!...more info
  • the electric car is not dead
    It almost seemed a little too good to be true... a car that runs on 100% electricity, has zero emissions and can go as fast as any combustion engine car. As I was watching this documentary, I was trying to figure out what some of the main drawbacks were because with any new technology, there are always going to be unforseen problems and concerns. I do believe that the oil companies and car manufacturers definately have lots to lose in the wide spread sale of electric cars but there are issues with the practicality of these electric cars as well. For examble... it takes about 8 hours to charge them so you'd have to make sure you don't travel too far without having it fully charged. From the looks of them, they required a specialized plug for charging, not a standard household plug.

    All issues aside, we are about to see a re-emirgence of the electric car. Today, people can have their Priuses modified to become plug-in hybrids. Both GM and Chevy plan to release fully electric and plug-in electric hybrids as soon as 2010. It seem as though all of the problems with the EV1 have been eliminated. Some have suggested that the electric cars will force us to build more power plants. From my understanding, they have hybrid solar cars which will be available soon.

    This is a must watch documentary which gets us thinking about how big businesses run everything and will do everything they can to protect their assets. After watching this video, you'll understand why the new electric cars will be so expensive. Also, you'll understand why most of them will not be fully electric, but electric/gas hybrids.

    ...more info
  • Great documentary with a lot of information
    I first saw part of this documentary on TV, and could not find it anywhere else. Then I found it on Amazon and loved every minute of it. Watch the special features. There is a lot of valuable information about electric cars and their feasibility for the future. The documentary in itself is interesting and funny. You have some history of the electric car, history of what happened at this new intent of making an electric car, and it left me with the desire to build my own electric car. I'm an engineer, what did you expect? Buy it, you'll like it....more info
  • The Future
    This is an awesome DVD that fills in the blanks about the EV1 for those of us who don't remember it, who never got to drive it, and who wondered what happened to it. ...more info
  • I love this movie
    What an incredible story. Everyone loves the car, so Detroit kills it!? Makes you wonder why the car companies are having trouble today....more info
  • GM -- Now Reaping What They Have Sown
    This is an excellent, thought-provoking, revealing film detailing the truth behind what really drives the auto industry (and all big business in this country). Contrary to what most Americans believe, we are NOT a democracy. Unfortunately, our country is dollar-driven and short-sighted; guided by greedy CEO's who want to eke out every last penny they can from every last drop of oil they can suck from the earth before even entertaining the thought of pursuing alternative, renewable energy resources. Shame on you, GM! You had an opportunity to make a difference; to be on the cutting edge--the forefront of a new era--and you blew it! You got what you deserved and never should have been bailed out. ...more info
  • Extremely Informative
    This film has never been more relevant than it is now. The facts presented show just how efficient and affordable these cars were as well as showing just who killed the electric car....more info
  • Sad truth about our country's addiction to monetary profits
    I had never even HEARD of the EV1, and I was living in Michigan (home of GM) during the time those cars were released. I wish that these cars could have gotten more support from their makers (and that they could have made a 4 seater)! And its too bad that better technology exists, but politics keep it out of the public's hands. This is an excellent, eye opening movie for anyone who hates car pollution. ...more info
  • Who's sorry now?
    This type of documentary is what corporations AND consumers AND government need to see to make the changes necessary before we kill our planet. Have you seen the recent "green" GM commercials with the plug-in cars? Hopefully, we are all learning the hard lessons. The first time I saw it (rented), I was depressed at the end. I bought a few copies as Fathers' Day presents to show "what might have been". Watching it again, I noticed all the things people are doing to make zero emissions possible. Finally, I'm glad someone documented the grass-roots activism that took place which doesn't make it into mainstream media. That specific battle seemed lost, but the war might yet be won. ...more info