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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 takes golf gaming to new level of realism. Experience the next generation of technology as Tiger Woods comes to life -- you'll see and feel each emotion in detail, as it's displayed onscreen in the faces and movements of the golfers. Play under pressure just like pros, and go further in your game with the enhanced career mode. New Gameface tool with deeper modifications, more apparel, equipment licenses, and specialty items

  • Tiger Woods Comes Alive - See and feel every emotion in complete detail with the introduction of all-new Universal Capture (UCAP) technology. The world's No. 1 golfer seems so real you won't believe your eyes
  • Play under pressure, with bigger galleries, mass crowd movement from hole to hole, and cheers from nearby greens From working on your driving to mastering your putting skills, craft your game with training challenges in the Practice Facility
  • Take on the world's best golfers on the World Tour
  • All-new championship courses, including Firestone Country Club, Glen Abbey, Princeville, Spyglass Hill, St Andrews, and Bandon Dunes
  • Featuring 15 of the world's top players, including Tiger Woods, John Daly, Vijay Singh, Ian Poulter, Michael Campbell, and Annika Sorenstam, the most decorated golfer on the LPGA Tour

Customer Reviews:

  • Best game by far
    There are several ways to use your wii remote. To be a tennis racket? a golf club? a fishing rod? whatever.. but if you've played wii sports and wii play, you probably figure out by now, they aren't very precise control on the actual game play. However, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is.

    You can swing your club with directions, angles and everything. Just like a real golf club. Although you still won't feel the weight the same as the driver you have, or feeling the impact when it hits the ball, but it's pretty real enough.

    Although many players sure like to sit on the couch and move their hands, same with this game! You can just swim your hands without standing up. However, it just doesn't feel right at all. As for this game, you really need to stand up to feel it. They even included all the controls on one remote, so you can actually "use one hand" to do all the tasks without browsing through menus or select up and down. (You can just point to the screen and it will choose the right club for you).

    Graphics is just 480p. there aren't enough resolution to see all the detail. You probably see some weird line noises (no! they are birds!), or sometimes when you are hitting the golf ball on the green, the flag pole will disappear on you in some angles. But that's just resolution problem, you can't expect a wii machine to act like a xbox360.

    I've tried all three, wii, xbox360, and ps3 version. I like wii's the best!...more info
  • A Promising but Flawed Golf Simulation
    After playing Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii for a week now, I think that I can sum up what bothers me about the game: unlike real golf, where you are trained to always look down when swinging, TW07 forces you to look at the screen. On occasion, the game will drift into a swing, even thought the Wiimote is in the down, starting position. The solution is to release the B button and start again if this occurs. Putting also appears to be occasionally out of sync with the Wiimote, forcing you to look at your screen character while putting. The game also will occasionally not let you hit the ball hard enough to reach the cup, which is very frustrating (it will, however, let you chip while on the green). These flaws will frustrate serious golfers, as they take it out of the realm of simulation, making it just a good game. Here's hoping that TW08 fixes these problems....more info
  • A very fun and immersive game for the Wii.
    To be honest, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 is the first golf game I have purchased for a console ... ever. And my gaming days date back to the original NES. Essentially, what sold me on this game was Wii Sports. Yeah, it was a simplistic, bare-bones game. However, it got me thinking how fun the games of the actual sports (golf, baseball, boxing, tennis, and yes, even bowling) would be on the Wii.

    I have to say that I was not disappointed! In order to perform a golf swing in the game you, as expected, swing the Wiimote (I find that to be more efficient than saying "Wii remote") just as you would a golf club. I feel that this also adds a whole new side to the gameplay. No longer are you required to just aim your shot and swing with timed button presses and/or the analog stick. The distance and power of your back swing and follow-through actually control the power of the shot. It becomes necessary on some shots to take advantage of multiple practice swings in order to get your shot power just right. Swinging the Wiimote properly can be touchy, especially if you're not used to the system. But once you get it down pat, it's almost like riding a bike -- you'll never forget. (For example, I was playing a round with a few friends of mine who had never touched a Wii. A few of them were having difficulty and seemed to be "punching" their shots every time and only hitting it 70-80% power. One I told to try swinging only with one hand and another I told that I noticed that at the top of his back swing, he seemed to be cocking his wrist. Once they both took that advice in to consideration and adjusted accordingly, they were fine.) There is also an option to swing using the Nuncuk's analog stick, for those that are more comfortable with that style of play. The game also, by pressing the 1 button, lets you select shot types. You can choose from shots like a full swing, punch, pitch, chip, etc. and this option will also let you putt from the fringe.

    One of the things in this that I really like is that there are many effects that you can put on the ball with just small adjustments to the Wiimote. For example, you can add a draw or a fade to your shot by tilting the Wiimote accordingly. In addition, by pressing on the directional pad after the swing (while your ball is in the air), you can adjust the speed and direction of the spin. This can make for some great adjustments to the shot. One of my friends seems to nail an eagle or double eagle from 100 to 250 yards out almost every round he plays!

    Of course, there are also some negative effects of the Wiimote if you're not careful. If you fail to keep your wrist/the Wiimote in a straight line while you shoot, you can end up with an shot that will angle off target a bit. There is also the possibility of slicing or hooking the ball way into the rough, sand, or worse, the water. However, the game has a nice difficulty setting that will eliminate all of these errors on the easy difficulty. Then, after you feel more comfortable with the game and the controls, you can raise it back up to bring these effects back in to play.

    As you progress through the game modes, your character will earn skill points and cash. You can use the cash to buy everything from new items form your wardrobe to watches, new clubs, and even different style golf balls. Through your performance in tournaments, you can also earn sponsorships, which will unlock more items for you, as well as pay you bonus money just for wearing that sponsor's item (i.e. a hat) in a tournament.

    There are a variety of mini/multiplayer games as well. There are, of course, the usual stroke and skin play, but there's also "Tiger Challenge," which gives you 20 different challenges (i.e. beat so-and-so in match play) in order to become master of the links. I found the most interesting game, which happens one that's new to the series this year, to be One Ball. This game is just as it sounds. It is played with only one ball and players alternate shots. This brings a lot of strategy into the game because you have to hit it within a certain ring (within half the distance to the flag) or risk a penalty. However, you also do not want to shoot it onto the green 5 feet away from the pin, resulting in an easy put for your opponent and letting him take the hole.

    Overall, Woods 07 is a very fun game to play and, if you try to purchase everything there is to buy (in addition to raising the cash, you have to unlock the sponsorships), the game will just about never end for you. During the first round of play against my three friends (the ones I mentioned earlier, who had never touched a Wii), all three of them said that it was an awesome experience and that they would probably eventually pick up a Wii of their own. And mind you, one of these friends already owned Woods 07 for the 360.

    Overall: 7.8
    Gameplay: 8
    Graphics: 7
    Sound: 7
    Value: 8
    Tilt: 8...more info
  • Lazy living room golf
    A great way of getting golf exercise with out the tee time expense. I love the graphics and the holes seem so real. I love this game....more info
  • I know this topic has been beaten to death lately...
    But something needs to be said. The reason I'm writing this review is that Tiger Woods uses deception to trick people into voting against things that they, in fact, support. Before examining the present situation, however, it is important that I tell it like it is. Lest you think that I'm talking out of my hat here, I should point out that he twists every argument into some sort of "struggle" between two parties. Tiger unvaryingly constitutes the underdog party, which is what he claims gives him the right to promote the total destruction of individuality in favor of an all-powerful group. Now that I've said what I had to say, I should remark that this review may not endear me to some people. Indeed, it may even cost me a friend or two. However, friends do not let friends get trampled by batty tightwads like Tiger Woods. The truth is the truth and we pay a steep price whenever we ignore it....more info
  • needs improvement
    I only bought this game the other day. It's def a great game idea with the whole wii effect but the game is really not made well enough. Let me explain why, when you go to putt it just goes to pull back without you even moving I think it's cause the whole sensor thing. to sum this up the game is def cool and a great buy but I would like to see how they can improve this game....more info
  • Swing Like Real Golf
    I think this game is great. My son and I were playing late into the evening. He was having the problem with club hitting early and I was hitting long and straight consistantly. So he started coping my swing which is to draw back slow and controlled. Swing through like real golf, hips slide forward and shoulders turn to left and you got yourself the perfect swing. I do use "The Four Magic Moves" by Joe Dante with the early wrist break that seems to keep me straight. Otherwise I love this game it's like playing golf for real. Pay attention to your swing mechanics and you will be fine....more info
  • fun and frustrating at times...just like real golf
    fun game with at times complex controls. just takes practice. its more about keeping time with your on screen character. just keep your motions fluid, don't jerk it back or it will start your swing before you do...just like wii sports golf. the multiplayer aspect of the game is the funnest part....more info
  • A very good simulator, an excellent game... any pain from the flaws are ones that I am happy to bear
    Type into Google search the following search term, *with* the quotes: "tiger woods pga tour 07 for wii review".

    The first link in search results should be the review by gamespot-dot-com. For the most part it is a very fair assessment. Below, I reinforce or add to that review.

    The manual and screen tips aren't perfectly clear about how the wiimote should be swung to send the ball straight (vs. hook or slice). Generally speaking, to hit a ball straight, you hold the wiimote such that its face is pointing straight up to your ceiling. If you twist your wrist at all (like when you twist a doorknob) such that the face of the wiimote is pointing towards a wall during your swing, then you hook or slice.

    Incidentally, there is a handful of reviews complaining about the 'inaccuracies' of your swings, as translated onto the screen. Some of those complaints are legit (i.e. the oddly random instances where the game strikes the ball while you're still on your backswing). But the more minor inaccuracies are either from gameplay, from unfortunate interpretations of gameplay, or from hardware. (1) Some of the quality of your game is based on your in-game 'experience.' You basically start off as a beginner, prone to errant shots and some inherently bad play out of roughs and traps. But as you continue playing (and beating opponents), you accumulate 'experience points.' You get more of these points if you win a challenge than if you lose. These points can then be distributed among all your golf skills (there are several pre-defined, fixed categories). As you accumulate experience, you also improve your game. So my advice is to give it some time! (2) A few of the reviewers are complaining that their backswing is not properly translated onto the screen, or that they can't get less than 75% power on a swing. That's because the power of your swing is dictated by the animation on the screen, not dictated precisely by your own actual arm's 'range of motion.' So you might pull your arm back to swing only a few inches, but the player on the screen will make a full backswing. **The power of your swing is not precisely based on how far you swing the wiimote, it's actually based on timing according to the animation on the screen.** Personally, I don't mind this game design 'flaw' as much as some others might. (3) Make sure your batteries are good. That appears to cause some strange swinging behavior too.

    When I first got the game, I thought putting was disappointing, for two reasons. Reason #1: I would pull my putter back, then try to hit the ball, but the sensor bar or wiimote doesn't recognize that I am attempting to hit the ball. So my arm in real-life follows through while my character on the screen is still on his backswing. While this happened 10-15% of the time during my first 5 hours of gameplay, that percentage has decreased down to 2-3% after about 25 hours of gameplay. Reason #2: The game frequently attempts to make putts seem more dramatic, and appears to 'override' some of your control of the putt. Specifically, it appears that if you are putting for the win or for eagle AND you have it lined up properly, at the moment you start your backswing, the screen shrinks down to 4:3 'movie-mode' (as if it's going into a story vignette in an RPG), the wiimote rumbles, and the game appears to strike the ball for you. When I was first learning to play, it didn't feel like I had as much control over how hard I hit the ball as I should. I believe now that this 'added drama' has no bearing on my own mechanics and their effects. In fact, if the game developers wanted to make me more nervous during such key putts, then I think they did their job!

    At first, I thought that the graphics were 'disappointing.' The players at times looked a bit too pixelated (especially on my 42" Panasonic TH-42PX60U from 6+ feet away). After fiddling around with my player's physical profile, this problem seemed to go away a little bit. I also thought that the textures (i.e. grass, trees) were only decent. But after playing for a few days, I stumbled upon the scenery in Match Play competition against Jim Furyk (in Tiger Challenge mode), which is quite detailed. (For those of you familiar with the 'Virtua Fighter' games, my best guess is that the graphics in Tiger Woods 07 for Wii are close to the type of graphics you'd find in Virtua Fighter 4.)

    As far as the disappointments of this game go, I thus believe that some experience and understanding of the game diminishes those disappointments.

    The 'fun factor' and sound effects are where this game truly shines. First, the fun factor. Like past versions of Tiger Woods PGA, you can create your own golfer, down to age spots and facial hair. In addition to playing in "PGA Tour" mode, you can play golf according to other formats, such as 'Skins' and Match Play. Tiger Woods PGA for Wii unlike past versions includes formats such as 'One-Ball.' The 'Tiger Challenge' requires you to complete a wide range of challenges, either against fictitious golfers, real-life golfers, or on 'skills' courses (i.e. hit the ball through rings, hit the ball onto bullseyes). While I've only been playing this game so far on "Easy" mode, my guess is that things get particularly difficult on the harder modes, making the game challenging enough to spend days on.

    Sound effects are very good on Tiger Woods PGA for Wii, in my opinion. Probably no different from other recent versions of Tiger Woods PGA, but there were times when I heard bird sounds or an airplane overhead, and I was tempted to peek out my window to see what was going on, only to realize that the sounds were coming from the game. The music soundtrack is catchy and varied, as far as soundtracks go.

    The only games that I'm willing to keep right now are Wii Sports, Excite Truck, and Rayman Raving Rabbids. And I will likely keep Zelda and Madden after I get those. But while I'll keep most of those for when friends and their kids come over (I'm a 29 year old professor, LOL), I can definitely say that I will be keeping Tiger Woods PGA and that it's a fun one to play even after the friends leave!

    Overall: 4.5 stars (rounded up to 5 stars)...more info
  • Best video game golf experience... not the best video game
    I've only had Tiger Woods 07 for the Wii for a few days and played a few rounds. My first impression is that visually, this game is no different than Tiger Woods 04 for the GameCube... there's virtually no improvement in the visual quality of the game over a version from three years ago on a previous-gen console. I've played the demo of this game on the XBox 360 and it looks fantastic there (I assume it looks equally magnificent on a PS3). So right out of the gate, we're taking a big step backwards... I would have expected some improvement in graphics, maybe not a lot, but some. There is a lot of scintillation in the textures, especially the complex stuff like trees, shrubs and grass.

    The manual is pretty thin, with minimal information beyond the basic game controls. For instance, in PGA Tour mode, when you play a stroke you might get some icons appearing on the screen... but there's no indication what they mean. They obviously have something to do with the experience and skills system, but it would be nice to have an explanation of what they mean.

    Of course, on to the subject that everyone is sure to be talking about... the Wiimote controls. Yes, this is the reason why I got this version of the game, with all its graphical shortcomings, instead of the XBox 360 version. Wii Sports is still an impressive game almost half a year after the launch of the Wii console, but Golf was one of the games on Wii Sports that I felt let me down the most, because the controls were so flaky and inconsistent. My hopes were that since this was a dedicated golf game, the control system would be significantly better. For the most part, I am not disappointed. There are still some strange and annoying things, but overall, a lot of them can be overcome with technique and form, I think. For one thing, I found it incredibly hard to hit a straight shot. Even holding the Wiimote with one hand and swinging it very carefully to keep it flat I found I had a strong propensity to hook it pretty badly, so I've taken to gripping the Wiimote rotated about 45 degrees and I get straight shots most of the time. The other frustration I've had with the controls is that once in a while I get an inexplicable dead spot in my backswing where the game thinks I've completed my swing, which usually results in a low-powered hook or slice way off the course. It seemingly never fails when I'm having a good game, I'll get one of these strokes and end up blowing a good score because I have to take a few extra strokes to recover.

    Game play is not significantly different than previous versions of the Tiger Woods franchise. You have the EA Game Face tool for creating your character (strangely, no matter how I altered the face to try and look like my own, I can't shake the impression that the face still looks somehow like Tiger Woods). As you compete in Tour events you earn cash and experience points. You use the cash to buy new clothes and equipment that can give you skill bonuses (for instance, a certain driver might give you a bonus to your driving power/distance), as well as branded items that, once you start getting sponsorships, can help you earn additional money as a spokesperson for their merchandise. The experience points are gained for using specific skills on the course, and translate into skill increases in those skills (demonstrating control of your shot power gives you power experience points which can then be used to increase your power skill).

    There is a "Play Now" mode, which, as far as I can tell (darn the lack of useful instructions!) generates 18 holes of golf from a random sampling of all the available courses, as well as an anemic tutorial mode which barely covers the basic functions of the Wiimote, and doesn't cover spin control at all, plus a Tiger Challenge mode and PGA Tour mode where you play through a calendar of tour events, each with its own purse and entry requirements, on a quest to be a PGA Tour champion.

    I've never golfed in real life, and the few times I've been to a driving range for fun have been an exercise in poor coordination, so I'm probably at a grave disadvantage to someone who actually plays golf and has better swing mechanics. That said, since I don't golf, I can't really comment on how accurately the Wiimote simulates a real golf swing. I've played Tiger Woods and other similar golf games on other consoles and I usually master them pretty quickly, but adding the actual physical act of swinging the Wiimote like a golf club will definitely add greater depth and difficulty for me, I'm guessing, especially considering there are different difficulty levels which, as best I can tell (darn that useless manual again!) makes the Wiimote more sensitive and renders a more accurate representation of the swing.

    I've only scratched the surface of this game, but so far I'm pleased with it. The biggest attraction that the Wii has for me is the innovative new ways in which the controller can be used, so I will continue to be drawn to games like Tiger Woods 07, that use the controller in non-traditional ways that more closely simulate the activities in the games....more info
  • A lot of fun, but patience required for the learning curve
    Tiger Woods 07 is a lot of fun, but it is not easy. The controls take practice and patience to pick up, and even then it is still hard. It is true that the player will occasionally hit the ball when you don't want it too, but that is usually because the player did not swing correctly. Once I got the swing down, this became a rare occurence.

    A lot of people say the graphics are bad, but I think they look great. Not super realistic, but not PS1 or older quality. Looks good to me. I don't see ny pixelation, etc.

    Great game, glad to have it....more info
  • fun, good depth
    the graphics is overall more than adequate, and i like the interface a lot. you buy the game because you want more of wii golf, and that's exactly what you get.

    all kinds of different game modes (one ball, skin, alternate shots, match play, so on) are available and you can play out a career of 5 years, with all kinds of stat tracking if you're into that stuff. over the course of your career you build up abilities, and it's a lot of fun to see the golfer that is yourself becoming better and better. the wiimote control is awesome--it's hard as hell but hey, even if it's only a game it's still practice makes perfect. for instant gratification, simply switch to easy mode and you basically have wii golf.

    multi-player is fantastic, can't ask for more.

    like everyone else, the one knock is that graphics could be better, or more crisp. but when you actually start playing you'll be so immersed that's the last thing you'll be thinking about.

    i'm still giving it 5 stars because it's got me hooked. puts a smile on my face when i drive a 350 yarder straight down the fairway, or making a 40 foot birdie putt :)...more info
  • Very enjoyable game
    My wife and I have been very pleased with the purchase of Tiger Woods 2007 PGA Tour for Wii. The graphics and game play are very realistic. We are both golfers and find that by playing on the Wii, our regular golf game has improved....more info
  • Some Manager at EA got their bonus because it was 'On Time'
    Being a software developer, I understand a thing or two about how hard it's going to be to make a really good golf game for the Wii. This game has obvious bugs that cannot be ignored, and if EA wasn't so interested in rushing it out the door for an 'on time' delivery they could have done a really good job.

    The Good:
    The game (when the controls work) is so much more fun than any other console golf game.

    The Technical Bug:
    The widely talked about controller glitch. Even setting the swing difficulty to 'easy' does not completely alleviate this. The best way to avoid this is to take a fast backswing. The slower your backswing the more likely this annoying 'feature' is to show itself.

    The Annoying things that EA could have, and should have fixed:

    The menu is maddenly frustrating to navigate because they decided that the Wii-mote pointing should trigger the scrolling of the menu.. this results in your menus scrolling out of control because you moved your wii-mote to the wrong area of the screen.

    I've yet to find a way to set the power on my putting guage. Similar to other golf games, you have short, medium and long putts. In TW, I think they forgot to give you control over which one you're using. It's unsanely frustrating when you have a 55ft flat putt and can only make the ball go 50ft (tip: you can actually chip while you're on the green)

    Evidently you can't swap out your clubs. You can buy better clubs, but good luck using anything other than a 9 degree driver, 3-wood, 2-9 Iron, PW, SW, and LW. This makes for some pretty serious gaps in the approach shots.

    The fonts are too small. I have a Vintage 1999 32" CRT TV and can not read the text in several places. EA obviously didn't test (or ignored the results) the game in 480i on an old fasioned TV.

    Bottom line: Congrats to the release manager at EA for getting your 'On Time Release' bonus, however you screwed the rest of us out of what could have been an awesome Wii game had you taken the time to do it right. Please at least make some improvements for TW-2008....more info
  • Tiger Woods 07
    The game is fun to play, but the instructions in the small book that came with it are not very helpful and setting up the game is extremely difficult. I still have not found my way to changing to different golf courses. ...more info
  • WII golf game
    Got this for my son and he loves it. He can go home every night after work and play a game of golf. It has a good variety of golf courses. He plays it every day. Great item! It even makes me want to play....more info
  • Frustrating beyond comprehension
    I've had this game for about a week now. At first I was really thinking I kept hooking my shots to the right because I wasn't swinging accurately. So i was really excited about being able to improve with time and practice. But after many hours of concentrating, and watching the remote swing perfectly, still, 9 times out of 10 it hooks to the right. At this point it's much more common for me to be hitting from the rough on my second shot than it is from the fairway. So that's my first BIG complaint - I can't hit a straight shot for a life of me, and when I finally do it seems completely random and without reason. This last game I started only holding the remote with one hand, and as I bring it down to swing, I twist it in towards my body like I'm bowling, and then it hits straight. There's something very wrong with the controls here.

    My second HUUUUGE complaint is that about 25% of the time when I'm putting, the game will think I'm swinging forward when I'm still bringing my club backward!! AHH!!!! I've lost the same event two times in a row against a computer controlled character because of this. I just got so frustrated about 5 minutes ago I almost threw my controller at the TV.

    The other thing that really bugs me about this game are the graphics. I understand it's the Wii and not the 360 or PS3. But they put gratuitous things in the game like animals running around in the background, and they took seemingly NO care with them to make them look anything beyond terrible. Why put a deer in the background if it's going to make the game look bad? Add it if it'll enhance the atmosphere, but if you can't make it look good, take the stupid things out. The golf characters all look pretty good, and the grass and trees all look pretty good. I bought the Wii for gameplay though, not graphics. For that I have a nice PC.

    I LOVED Wii Sports Golf. But it was really short and way too easy. So I was excited about the prospect of a content-rich golf game using the Wii remote. But this game makes me want to throw it out my window and put in Wii sports... at least that's fun!...more info
    This game at first looks seems amazing, but as you play it, you bump into the swing bug. If you want to play the game where you actually use the controller as a golf club, you "lose" swings. Occasionally, (about 4 times in a 9 hole round for me), the game misses your swing. You take your backswing as normal, but when you bring it around for the hit, the game jumps the gun and hits it too early. This results in a weak, off target shot.

    I can't think of anything more frustrating than to play a good hole right up to the short shot and then have the game mess up in this way, causing you to lose the hole and possibly the match.

    In short, this game is bugged. Don't buy it!...more info
  • Not EA Sports' strongest effort
    I was VERY excited when this game was released for the Wii, so I ran out and bought it immediately. Madden for the Wii was such a great, new interpretation that I thought this, my favorite PC game for years, would be a gaming breakthrough. After several hours of attempted gameplay, I have been severely underwhelmed. I applaud the effort to take advantage of Wii's novel interface, but the control algorithms and utilization of the Wii control's sensors for this game are very buggy. Many times during a normal swing the system registers a swing either starting during my backswing (resulting in 50%-ish strength shot in some random direction), doesn't register my swing at all, or is quite erratic in how it registers my swing when it picks it up as you would normally expect.

    I will be trying the old-style controls with the nunchuk controller, but this takes away the game play advantage of the Wii - I would much rather play this on a game system with better graphics if forced to use old-style controls.

    Save yourself the $$ and frustration and buy the Tiger Woods version for your PC, Xbox, or PS3 and enjoy endless hours of gaming - the Wii version is a poor effort. It makes me very, very sad to say this as I was looking forward to this being the "coolest thing ever!"...more info
  • Why dont you just put it on easy swing level
    Why don't you put the setting on easy swing level rather than normal. It will help a lot....more info
  • A hole in one
    I'll keep this brief as others have all ready touched on most aspects of the game.I would like to concentrate on the control which I think is absolutely on par with a real swing. I found that playing with two hands on the remote is not only spot on but the only way to go for getting the best results. Keep your head down and swing through,perfect shot every time. Pull it up and come across,slice a decent percentage of the time. Me and my friends have no problem putting it in the fairway every time with minimal amount of learning curve. Likewise we found there to be no problem with putting either. It's really a feel thing,after a few tries you'll be draining putts from two feet to twenty feet without a problem. All in all an excellent effort thats not without some flaws but deserves to be in your gaming library especially if you're an avid weekend golfer like myself....more info
  • This game sucks!
    ...and I'm usually not very critical but they controls were awful. I'm a huge fan of the past offerings of this game. This one just didn't cut it. Using the nunchuk is tons better than using the wiimote but it still lacks considerably compared to say the 2004 ps2 edition. Putting, OMG, and hitting a half-swing shot is impossible with the wiimote. I'll give it a two because it's there first offering with the wii and honestly I'm glad that they released this game for the wii but I can't deny that I was dissappointed. Like and earlier post, I was worried that I'd mess up my real golf swing trying to adapt to this game and it's inaccurate controls. I haven't sliced a ball in God knows how long but I was a regular "hack" on this game. My advise would be to rent first even if your a long standing fan of the series. Approach with caution.......more info
  • Controls are Broken.
    The controls of this game are broken.

    When you start to swing and take the Wiimote back, even just a few inches, your game character already does a full backswing.

    Sometimes the game character swings on it's own, specially when putting.

    I'm sticking to Wii Sports Golf....more info
    Unless $50 is pocket change to you and you are a video golf nut, pass on Tiger Woods '07. I bought this game after playing the Wii Golf (in the Wii Sports package) and really enjoying it. Of course, Tiger Woods is great in the way that you can outfit your character, play real courses, play different modes, etc. But the main reason for the Wii to exist-- swinging the Wii remote "like a golf club" needs IMMENSE improvement.

    I have had the game for almost a week and have played quite a bit. It is still EXTREMELY difficult to hit a good, solid, straight shot. It can be done, but I find myself having to swing my arm so hard in such a herky-jerky manner that my arm is literally in pain. I don't know about you, but I don't really want to have my right arm sore because of a stupid video game. I should say that I am a reasonably athletic 30 year of man and a decent golfer. I'm not some total pansy, but swinging the Wii remote for Tiger Woods is MUCH more difficult than swinging a real golf club.

    Second and worse are the horrible glitches in the game. It takes quite a while to get the hang of the swing (you have to be COMPLETELY still before you start your backswing or else the remote will read it as a swing and hit is about 50%). This obviously screws you if you are playing in a PGA event. Even with lots of practice, I still get the glitch quite often on my putting. So if I play a round of 18 for a PGA event, I lose probably 5-6 shots because of glitches in the program-- not cool.

    I think that golf for Wii has a ton of potential and I am very hopeful that EA will sort out the problems with this game-- make it glitch free and less physically demanding. Again, unless $50 is nothing to you, pass this one up and hope for either A) improvements to the '08 game or B) Nintendo to produce a game similar to the Wii Golf but with more courses, types of games, etc. Either that or just stick with the Wii Golf! I probably should have spent my money on the "Super Swing Golf" which looks silly, but at least I wouldn't have myself headed to a Tommy John surgery with the stupid Tiger Woods '07....more info
  • Best Tiger Woods yet
    The game rocks--the control is better than I expected and the graphics are decent. There's a couple of areas that need improvement, otherwise this is the best tiger woods I've played. The graphics on the other new consoles may be better but the Wii remote translates hand motion excellently. Well worth the borderline insanity caused by learning to play the game (very much like real-life golf). You'll be swearing at David Feherty like never before. Considering how quickly EA put this game out, it is fantastic....more info
  • good ideas. poor execution.
    I am going to keep it short and sweet. It should be easy to make a good golf game with the wii remote. Here is where EA went wrong I think.
    1. Graphics are lacking even for the wii.
    2. No left handed option. You can swing left handed, but your ball will slice right a lot. I mean a lot.
    3. You need to watch the screen to hit the ball. very counter-intuitive for real golfers.
    4. the menu system is very unintuitive.

    That game is not unplayable. Its actually kind of fun once you get to the course and your able to hit with the power that you want to hit with and everything registers okay. unfortuatly the other half of the time it is very frustrating....more info
  • Best Golf Simulation Ever!
    That's what this game is... a simulation. We know that the swing controls aren't 1:1 and sometimes the controls seem very frustrating, until you remember your golf swing doesn't command perfection either.

    The game can be played at your own pace: you can skip through the animations using the fast play option in the pause menu. Or you can play slowly, watching all of the animations and taking your time in preparation for the next shot.

    Each shot takes patience, and if you rush your shot, you are likely to screw up.

    Some of the shorter approach shots and chip shots seem undoable, but you can change the type of shot to 'punch' 'full' 'chip' 'flop' in order to obtain your desired distance. This game needs a lot more thinking and patience in order to execute properly and get the most fun out of the game.

    There are 18 courses to choose from.

    The character creation is kind of difficult to use, but there is far more customability than with the Mii's.

    People complain about the putting. Although it is more difficult that Wii Golf, the putting isn't all that bad. Just remember that the power is based off of your on-screen movements rather than your off-screen movements. They give you the right line, and its your job to match it in direction and power. The putting isn't supposed to be super easy, and that's where the challenge comes into the game.

    The ball spin ability works great.

    Well, these are my comments on the game, and if you have the patience to plan out every shot, then this game is for you. I imagine real-life golfers would have the most fun with this game.

    ...more info