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Battlefield 2 The Complete Collection DVD
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Product Description

Lock and load, soldier! The Battlefield 2 Complete Collection puts you on the frontlines of 21st century combat. There's a war going on and you've been dropped into the middle of it. Use the bleeding edge of military technology as you fight for one of the three military superpowers - the US, the Chinese or the newly formed Middle East Coalition. Survive in frenzied close-quarters combat in the world's most dangerous hot spots. Hit the enemy on their home turf and unleash the world's deadliest military forces, using their fury and high-tech arsenal to survive -- then complete your mission and get home alive. Features Battlefield 2, the Special Forces expansion pack and two boosters.

Battlefield 2 features: Expanded battles - A new Euro Force moves against Chinese and MEC troops for control of all-new Asian locations 3 new maps - Operation Smoke Screen, The Great Wall of China, Taraba Quarry 4 new vehicles & 8 new weapons New award - EU Special Service MedalBattlefield 2 - Armored Fury features - First-ever attempted invasion of America -- all-out war comes to American soil 3 new maps - Operation Harvest, Midnight Sun, Operation Road Rage 6 new vehicles 1 new award - American Theater Special Service Ribbon

  • Take control of over 30 land, sea, and air vehicles including: tanks, helicopters, fast attack vehicles and fighter jets
  • Command a variety of solider classes including: Assault, Sniper, Special Ops, Combat Engineer, Medic, Heavy Weapons, and Anti-Tank units
  • With in-game success, players increase their rank from recruit all the way to General -- unlocking new weapons, medals and more
  • Head online for award-winning Battlefield franchise multiplayer action with up to 64 players
  • Maps scale to the number of players engaging in battle (16, 32, or 64), for an intense experience every time

Customer Reviews:

  • If you like war games, this one is a must...
    For those that read this review you must know that this game is simple the best FPS with online gameplay available. Each time you go into a new battle maps sizes will change depending on how much players are playing, and you can also talk with evryone while you're blowing tanks and firing machine guns. The installation is a little slow, and loading times sometimes are annoying, but all of this waitings are worth the money. You must arm yourself with an, at least, a Pentium D processor with 2.80Ghz and 2x2 Cache Memory, an Nvidia Geforce 7300 LE 256MB and 2GB of RAM. You'll need this if you want your game to run as smoothly as possible. See you on the Battlefield Soldiers!!!...more info
  • Good Game. Couple Issues.
    This is a great game but there are a couple problems. If you hit the Prone key to lay on the ground and shoot, your accuracy instantly goes perfect. This leads to tons of players instantly hitting the ground when they see an enemy, a tactic known as 'dolphin diving'. ...more info
  • Great game!
    The game is great but some times hackers are getting too annoying!!!
    EA games has release a new patch that should get rid off hacks but it's still in BETA but looking forward for my 3rd year of playing this game!!...more info
  • Quality Game, but Unbalanced and Air Power Heavy
    I have been playing the Battlefield franchise since the first demo, and have owned Battlefield 2 since its launch circa 2 years ago. Although the series has had its ups and down, (with the pinnacle being the BF1942 modification Desert Combat by Frank Delise and crew), with the recent crop of Battlefield games being mindless cash ins, (ever sine EA bought out DICE games and Trauma Studios). Nevertheless, Battlefield 2 is the best retail version you can currently buy. With that being said, there are several issues with BF2 that have only gotten worse with each subsequent EA/DICE patch which has led to a drastic inbalance in the game, with air power completely dominating in every level, (although there are infantry only levels). When the game first launched, the balance was fairly adequate, and ground troops using mobile AA or the defenses on a carrier could take out a pilot who was repeatedly bombing a spawn point, but that has changed. The only way to actually take out another plane is to be flying in the air, and to dogfight him/her until only one of you is surviving. This leads to several issues that almost have completely ruined a lot of the enjoyment one can experience in Battlefield 2. First, most people camp the planes, (I've seen 8 people camp for an a10, 7 for a j10), and some will force a teamkill on you if you happen to get in the plane before them, (putting your score in certain areas in the negative ). This is incredibly frustrating, and although I understand that jerks are abundant online, I'm surprised a patch doesn't prevent forced tk's. If you enjoy flying, as I do, I recommend joining smaller servers.

    When all is said and done though, this is still an excellent game and much better than BF2142 (mostly because of no ads), but you will have to have patience and play on a decent server to gain much enjoyment out of it. Really, I'm only playing it until Quake Wars is released in a month or so. I am certain that the people over at ID Software will pump out yet another quality release that is balanced in every respect, much like Enemy Territory for PC is to this day. I will all but abandon BF2 once Quake Wars comes out, because EA/DICE have pretty much dropped BF2 like a bad habit since their spyware/adware infested BF2142 game came out, (which is completely subpar in every way imaginable).

    If you are a new player, then I recommend this pack, (with all of the expansions), but know that you will be at a disadvantage for at least the first 100 hours of play time. Veteran players have a majority of the weapon unlocks, (gained through an experience points system of sorts), and you will not be able to compete in ground combat for the most part, unless you are in a vehicle. As far as system specs go, they are not as demanding as they were 2 years ago, and a medium build machine should run this flawlessly. Finally, if you want to ever be a good pilot, invest in a solid joystick, because you will be a sitting duck with a mouse and keyboard in a jet. I can usually tell who is flying with a mouse/keyboard, and they are always my priority targets.

    At the end of the day, this is still a great game, but has been bogged down by a lack of support, major nerfing of infantry weapons (c4 especially), and EA's overall disregard for their player base and for the bottom line. Honestly, as much as I love the Battlefield series, this is my last Battlefield game because I have a lot of disdain for EA due to its ill will towards the community. Also, this is most likely the final Battlefield game that will ever be Ad free/Billboard free. EA/DICE's recent deal with major advertising agencies essentially makes this a sad trend....more info
  • Every Battle Imagined for 1 Low Price
    This game will out last any 1st person shooter story line by 100 fold. Every battle is different.
    It took a while to install and set up (almost 2 hours) but, was well worth the wait. Installation went smoothly. Just follow the directions included in the booklet. The hardest part was coming up with a screen name.
    Get a smoking computer (dual core with at least 2Gb Ram), a good high end Video card, a sound blaster XFI Fatal1ty Pro sound card, some head phones with a mic and a joy stick (for the jets), load up this game and lets play WAR!
    See you on the Battlefield! ...more info
  • Cool
    This game is cool, but it features lots and lots of bugs and, something very good (see the * at the end). First you can apaly for a commander or join a squad, you can be squad leader or a member. If you don't join a squad you are a lone wolf. Sqauds have orders. Commanders give orders to squad leaders, and squad leaders give orders to their troops. A good thing about being in a sqaud is you can call for artillery, UAV, suplie drops and vehicle drops, (you can do that as a commander to). A bad thing is, you dont obey your commander or run off, you get kicked from squad, (only in online play). Before you spawn you select a weapon. Diffrent armies have diffrent weapons. There is U.S.M.C, U.S.N, Euro forces, British special forces, RUSSIAN SPETASNAZ -On allies- There is MEC (Middle East Collision), Chinese liberation forces, MEC special forces and insurgents are the enemeys. You can choose which armie you want to be everytime you spawn. (You cannot change armies online). There are 2 fighting forces in every map. For example there could be British SAS and insurgents. There are also unlockible weapons online. There are to unlockible weapons for each rank you get. I started out getting a upgraded medic gun. I got a weapon for good guys, and for the bad guys. The normal weapons include, bazookas, shotguns, grapling hooks, ziplines, granadeds, C4, mines, vehicle mines, claymore mines, knifes, flash-bang grenades, timed C4. Diffrent kits include diffrent weapon combos. There are many kits: Special forces, Sniper, Ausalt, Support, enginer, anti tank, medic. Medics have medi-kits and Support has Ammo bags. There are many maps, my favorite is Gulf of Omen and WAKE ISLAND 2007. Each map has a storie on how it came to be a battleground, and I know what your thinking, Wake Island, WW11? I thought this was 21st century warfare? Wake island was captured by the MEC forces just so you know. There are many things to ride in on each map. There is heliocpters, planes, dump trucks, tow trucks, cars of civalians, boats, HUMVEEs, and so much more, heck there is millions of things to ride in/weapons. There are also mounted guns and missle launchers to shoot enemeys, air support. Some maps can only be played in multiplayer... WARNING- If you don't update your game on the battlefield website you are owned!

    *Mods dont usaly work on Complete collections but if you update your bf2 cc it will work! = )

    Sorry about the spelling.. I was in a rush, dinner!...more info
  • Nice but limited in single player.
    Single player mode is very limited. to run special forces packages you must be connected online even in a single player mode which you may get dropped out sometimes by EA online servers. However, it is so much fun. ...more info
  • A Great game....if you have a great computer!
    Ok, so let me start with my computer specs. I have a Compaq Presario 2038X which I got for Christmas. I expected to be able to play this game fine (it's a new computer for crying out loud!), however, I was mistaken. I wound up playing it with 800 by 600 resolution, with everything set to low, and this computer couldn't even handle that. I'd get maybe 5 minutes of solid gameplay and then the game would either freeze or kick me off the game to my desktop. Soon thereafter, I wasn't able to play the game at all and I'd get a black flashing screen. At first I thought maybe it was a virus or some new hardware, but it just appears this game is incredibly demanding. At first, these were my specs:
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+, 1 GB RAM, 250 GB hard drive, and Nvidia 6150LE integrated graphics.
    Just last week I went out and bought a 2GB RAM expansion from newegg for around 90 bucks, which I couldn't pass up. I didn't expect it to do anything for this game, maybe boost loading times if anything, but I was wrong. I now am playing it on 1024 by 786 resolution with everything set to medium, except textures which are set to high, with no lag at all. I have not had any problems at all since. This is a great FPS, but just make sure you keep up with the patches and your computer can run it! My computer met the recommended system requirements and I still encountered problems! For this price with all the expansions, it's quite a deal.
    ...more info
  • eh
    this game is great but 2142 just blows it away more with interactivity, graphics and the like, as it should. if you have a system that can handle 2142, get that instead. but if you want a modern-day shooter, this is the title for you....more info
  • This game rocks!
    "Hey I need a ride."
    "Ok, hop in!"
    "Ten-four, thank you."
    Battlefield 2 is the best game ever this is what you do..
    First you set up a acount.
    Make sure you game works.
    Get the patches.
    Get a mod or two, I recomend Project Realisim (I think it is called that).
    Next make sure the mod works.
    Get ready for the fight of your life!
    Watch the intro (Which rocks!).
    Next log in.
    Select a map.
    It loads.
    Once it is done press play, and hear is what you do...
    First you see a map come up on your screen. Click the dot that you want to start at. Press the squad button at the top of the map. Become a commander or join, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie e.t.c.
    Next switch back to the map screen click a weapon and press done. You can be a medic, enginer, pilot, seal, speical forces troop, sniper, anything!
    There are four armys, two on a map, U.S. and England and Russia as Allies for the (bad guys lol) there is China, Insurgents, Rebels. You guy has spawned were you want him to. Lets make our guy a medic. We move our guy around and aim with the controls we set. We learn about, HUV, artillery, scans, crates and more, we are a commander. Now we head into the chaos. We see a MEC coming, MEC's are the Chinese. We blast away when he isn't looking. We notice one of are troops are dead, we quickly run over to help him. We see a sniper and he dosen't see us. We open up our como-rose, a command system. We select we see a sniper. Just then someone comes in a tank and blast's him out of there with it's turett. We run up and find a dead body. It is dead so there is nothing we can do to it. (It is not the enemey sniper, it is one of ours.)
    We take it machine gun and run up. Someone yells, what are your orders sire? We say we need to clear out the base ahead. Everyone takes out a grapling hook and throws it up there. We run down stairs and take over the base. We raise our flag, this is ours. We come arcross a brige. No ones on it anymore we all moved up. We plant C4 then run, run like a bat out of hell. 3, 2, 1, everyone out of there we yell, then we blow it. The enemeys are angry. We set up a helicoptor above are base and plant machine guns. Then we put mines on the ground. Then there is a huge battle! Will the Allies win? Buy the game and find out!
    ...more info
  • Registration and support
    BF2 is a great game, some small flaws, but a great game. Special Forces is a pretty good add-on. Armored Fury and EuroForce do not add very much to the gameplay, but installing them is a hit or miss proposition. From my recent, last couple of days (04/27/07) experience, EA does not have a reliable method to register the Booster Pack add-ons so that you can play them. The number of other owners who also have this problem and are getting little to no help from EA is quite large. I was lucky, after using the right information over a period of four hours I was finally able to register and play the add-ons, but the registration process is not reliable, the same information that allows the registration of the game might not the first several times you try.

    This pack is a good value for BF2 and BF2:SF, but the installation procedure for the Booster Packs is amateurish and should have been done reliably. If future games are released with this type of registration I will either return them or never buy them in the first place....more info