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24 - Season Six
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 08/05/2008 Rating: Nr

Always innovative and utterly addictive, the thrilling sixth season of 24 picks up twenty months after last season's shocking season finale and features even more unthinkable and shocking plotlines that take place in another heart-stopping 24 hour period. Nominated for his sixth consecutive Best Actor-Drama Series EmmyAward, Kiefer Sutherland continues to ignite the screen as the rugged hero Jack Bauer, along with gripping performances from the series returning ensemble cast. The seven-disc 24: Season Six DVD set includes all 24 one-hour episodes plus is packed with hours of special features including an exclusive Season Seven preview, over 25 minutes of deleted scenes, numerous cast/crew episode commentaries, more than 20 behind-the-scenes webcast diaries, "Day Six Debrief" mobisodes, several on-the-set featurettes and more.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Best Season Yet
    This is probably the best season yet of 24. It is also the scariest as terrorist do things on American soil that are equivalent to September 11-although they do not use images equivalent to what we saw live during 9/11. The opening is a bit diaappointing as there is little information that links season 4 & 5 when Jack is abducted into a Chinese prison. After 2 years in a Chinese prison, Jack is scarred somewhat physically, but he becomes his old self in under a few minutes-very unbelievable. There is also a bit of a stretch between season's as David Palmer's brother Wayne becomes president with no political experience-strictly off his brother's name sake. There are also appearances of "ghosts" from the past as people who are supposedly dead return to life... I won't give up the plot line. This is definitely worth watching!...more info
  • Never disappoints
    Every season delivers. It's easy to say every season is better than the last but that's simply not true either. "Don't mind the man behind the curtain." (you have to watch this)...more info
  • Not the best but still worth watching
    This season's plot actually will show that what seems to be the main plot will soon end and a new plot will amerge. Almost like to mini seasons melded into one season. For 24 fans it might not be what they have come to expect, but overall still a good view....more info
  • 24-Season Six
    Very dissapointed because I love this serie. Some DVD like # 3 seems incomplete with limited chapters. What you expect to watch by what you read in the guide is not the same quantity of episodes. Apparently there are problems with the DVD's...more info
  • 24, still a great show, despite whiners
    I ditto A. Foges recent review, not sure of his rankings, but yes, i think season 6 is in the top half for sure... I also don't get how people are saying season 6 is 24 going down hill, ridiculous - maybe they are just expecting some better TV at this point? They want a new and better thrill?, good luck Mr. and Mrs. Excessively High Standards of American Entertainment! 24 still works just fine! This formula will require more seasons for me before i tire of it!, if ever! It is by far the only show on TV where i have actually felt like i have a life watching it! Its that engaging!, the couch potato effect has no chance when watching this show!

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Season
    Honestly, I don't write many reviews about my purchases, but I felt compelled to after watching the 6th season of 24. Despite the negative reviews you might have read, I can honestly say if you have been a fan of the previous seasons whatsoever, then you would definitely consider the 6th one a huge treat. The action and acting is top notch, and you don't get bored or irritated with sloppy plot progression. Furthermore, the quantity of material you experience each episode is massive, and truly at it's finest up to this point. I highly recommend this season. ...more info
  • The trouble was the Chinese/Russian plot...
    Man, things were going great for the most violent prime time TV show ever (less the killing of Curtis - one of those moments where clearly the writers simply wants to shock the audience or need to get rid of the actor for some reason). Things went downhill (in my humble opinion)after the Fayed plot was solved. By "downhill" I don't mean disater, because a show of this magnitude, where each episode has so many differnt scenarios, shot on locatiosns cenes, special effects, etc, rarely is mediocre. You get the feel that the everyone involved is giving their best.

    What I mean by downhil is the above mentioned people (cast, producers, technical guys, writers) giving their best for a flawed premise. The Chinese / Russian plot was so farfetched, so forced, so unplausible. After all, the advantage of obtaining some secret technologie about your enemy is useful since he does not know that you possess his defense technology! Also, to see Audrey Raines appears only briefly and as a "zombie" was a bad call.

    Well, that's it. Anyway, I think the show still did not jump the shark, but this will happen soon....more info
  • What is everyone talking about? Season 6 rocks!
    I have read the reviews made by other people, and frankly, I don't know what they are talking about. I have watched all the seasons of 24, starting from season 1, and I am able to judge all of them fairly. My order is as follows:
    Season 1
    Season 6
    Season 2
    Season 5
    Season 4
    Season 3
    Don't get me wrong. I put season 3 last, but it was still a damn good season. By definition, anything to do with 24 is amazing, and season 3 was no different. But I digress.
    Season 6 is more action-packed, more suspenseful, and generally more well-done then the previous 4 seasons. Each episode kept me on the edge of my seat. More than once throughout the season, I audibly gasped. There are times throughout the season where you forget to blink for minutes on end, as thrilling as the gunfights are, and there are times when you blink repeatedly to get the tears out of your eyes.
    The characters are spectacular. Specifically, Tom Lennox and Philip Bauer (and of course, Jack Bauer) are truly wonderful. 24 is very obviously not a -laugh-out-loud show, but Tom Lennox made me chuckle quite a few times with his reactions. Philip Bauer is positively creepy, and it is impossible to take your eyes of of him.
    In conclusion, the other reviewers all seem to be a bit crazy, because season 6 is the best season of 24 in a long, long time. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Not too great...
    As mentioned by the other reviewers, this season of 24 was not too great, nothing compared to seasons prior.

    @ Mr.Bruno: have you even READ Ayn Rand? How could you even compare the nutjob ultra-"patriots" with Rand's heroes? Rand was all about people's individual rights - right to life being a key one one of them. The whole strike in "Atlas Shrugged" was prompted by the heroes' demand of that right (and by extension - of their right to property). Please, take some time to read the actual books before stating something so ridiculous. ...more info
  • You can never go wrong with Jack!
    The title says it all. You will not go wrong with 24. All seasons rock!...more info
  • 24 season six
    This is the most exciting drama on tv today .
    The choice of actors fit the characters they play.
    This drama keeps you wanting to know more....more info
  • From tragic hero to sadist? 24, torture, and the degeneration of Jack Bauer
    I entirely agree with those reviewers who think season 6 was awful. Having said that, I actually thought the season had gotten off to a promising start . . . too bad it went off the rails so quickly. For me, the major drawing point of the show has always been (Sutherland's brilliant portrayal of) the character of Jack Bauer. Here we have (or had, anyway) a finely nuanced take on the classic tragic hero figure. What made Bauer such a compelling character in previous seasons was that he was always presented as the only person who could get the job done, the guy to whom all the really hard choices would invariably fall. For example, decisions about whether to resort to the extremity of torture.

    Whatever your ethical and political views about the legitimacy of torture as a means of extracting information in the real world, I think most of you would agree that, in the past anyway, 24's depiction of this was always very earnest, if not quite sophisticated. (Lengthy philosophical discussions about rights vs. utility vis a vis torture would likely not make for very good ratings.) With season 6, unfortunately, this earnestness has virtually disappeared.

    Part of what was so fascinating about Jack Bauer was that the guy was nearly always the one who ended up having to do the "interrogating." You couldn't help but wonder what his continually having to commit these horrific acts might be doing to him on the inside; and to my mind, this is really where Kiefer Sutherland's acting chops shone through. In fact, we were given a glimpse into Bauer's damaged mental interior when, early on in season 6, he watches in horror as Hamri Al-Assad tortures the guy who betrayed him to Fayed. He says "I don't know how to do this anymore . . ." or something to that effect.

    I was really hoping that this scene would be the start of a much more personal, self-probing psychological look at Jack Bauer as he begins to confront his inner demons. Obviously, the writers had other things in mind. In hardly any time, Bauer's back in form, torturing and killing left and right. But this is a different Bauer from the one we've seen in previous seasons: this Bauer tortures and kills not with utilitarian resolve, but with what can instead only be described as sadistic relish. Recall the scene where he whispers to Fayed to "say hello to your brother for me" before he kills him. Or when he's about to interrogate Gredenko and says "now we're going to have some fun." There's even a scene in the season 7 teaser where, again, about to torture someone, he snarls "I'm going to enjoy this."

    So why does this get under my skin so much? In a word, because it's cheap: it reduces an interesting character to the status of caricature. This whole Bauer-as-sadist turn is completely at odds with the way the character has been developed throughout the previous seasons; it's also kind of insulting, really, that the writers didn't think their audience would mind (or notice?) such inconsistency. Jack Bauer has devolved from a complex, morally conflicted tragic hero to something more resembling your conventional action hero, the likes of which you'd expect to see somebody like Bruce Willis or The Rock play in some mindless summer blockbuster. (Imagine how angry you'd be at Christopher Nolan and David Goyer if--God forbid!--admiring their darker-more sophisticated take on Batman, you were to go into "The Dark Knight" this summer only to be treated to Christian Bale and company trading cheesy one-liners back and forth a la George Clooney and The Governator in Batman & Robin! If the very idea of this makes you shudder too, then you know exactly how I feel about 24 season 6.)

    Bottom-line: if the writers don't soon recognize--and redress--the error of their ways, I think 24 is in danger of becoming a parody of itself . . . that is, assuming (too charitably?) that it hasn't become one already....more info
  • suspenseful escapism
    Based on many of the reviews and a gradual disaffection for the previous 3 seasons (particularly 5), I waited a long time before finally giving in to curiosity and buying this season. Imagine my surprise then when I found season 6 to be as entertaining, gripping and nearly as emotional as the first two seasons. But even more than that I was delighted to find Season 6 so very fortunately free of bad acting and kitchen sink drama that has so plagued the last three seasons.

    This is mindless, but suspenseful escapism, and, given that the threat mechanism of the plot is exactly the same as every other season, I have to say that the writers are to be lauded for their inventiveness on taking Jack Bauer on another journey as entertaining as this. There are genuine surprises in this season - plot twists that keep you guessing, even when admittedly, there is no longer any sense of whether Jack will make it through or not.

    For the customers who are trying to make up their minds, imagine that you've never seen 24 before - imagine you have no investment in previous characters. Put aside judgment and enjoy this excellently made TV Series. ...more info
  • Don't Understand The Critical Panning...I Loved It!
    Though widely-regarded as the weakest season (barring early feedback about the just-released Season Seven) of the TV series "24", I still found the season to be just as emotionally compelling and intense as any of the previous efforts.

    I will admit that, for (at least for me) the first time in show history, the late-season plot (regarding a piece of circuit board machinery) became a bit unbelievable. Of course, all of "24" requires the viewer to suspend reality just a bit, but this time it seemed completely implausible that Jack Bauer would be allowed to complete his task. Aside from that, however, this season created some very thrilling moments and acting, including (my highlights):

    -The introduction of some other Bauer family members (let's just say they don't share Jack's patriotism).
    -The "Islamic prejudice" storyline that mirrors the feature film "The Siege" in its high drama.
    -The acting of Vice President Noah Daniels (played by Powers Boothe), who mirrors the inspired performance of Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan) from Season Five, who also makes an appearance in this season.
    -The return of Jack Bauer from his detainment in China and how (or if?) he is able to transition back into normal society.

    As usual, the intensity of Kiefer Sutherland's Bauer as well as the "staff" of CTU Los Angeles turn in great performances, with special props given to James Morrison as Bill Buchanan.

    Thus, I cannot see where others saw this season falling short of previous efforts, as I found it to continue the "24" tradition of exciting plots, great acting, and mind-boggling twists and turns along the way....more info
  • Excellent service
    The DVD we ordered from the New/Used category arrived in perfect condition (new in its original wrapper) within the specified time. I wish though that I could have had the option for faster delivery so that it could have arrived before Christmas. ...more info
  • 24 Season 6
    AWESOME...have to watch 24-Redemption, it makes it that much better knowing how it all links up!...more info
  • Good but not Great!
    I do like 24, it's a great show! But season six started to go downhill just a little. It's just not as good as season four or five. Two good actors that have been on there a while got taken off the show. I have to say though, season six is still good to see!...more info
  • Season six let me down a bit
    After an excellent season four and five season six let me down just a bit. In the end season six was able to regain itself. The only thing I did not like with the plot is the writer did not do a good job with President Palmer he was out of the picture too early. But in the end how could I hate 24 or Jack....more info
  • Worst Season of 24 Still Better than Most TV Shows
    After watching the entire 6th season I could see why it got so many bad reviews and is considered the worst season of the show. It starts out great with Bauer returning from doing hard time in Chinese prison and trying to prevent terrorists from using nukes. Some shocking details are revealed (Remember that bald guy who was advising Pres. Logan in season 5? You soon find out the deal with him and it's a mindF.)

    The show goes into a nose dive after the whole nuke situation is resolved. A second plot involving a Russian Defense microchip comes up and it's a snoozefest. The show bascially turns into Grey's Anatomy with guns. Character and family relationships are explored in too much detail and are just plain not interesting.

    The new characters are for the most part lame compared to the old cast which was pretty much entirely killed off in Season 5. Miles O'Brien, Chloe's ex-husband, is the only reltively interesting character and he has a good storyline but the writers pretty much quit trying to develop his character in the last third of the season. Ricky Schroeder's new character, the dangerous head of field ops, is a lame evil version of Jack Bauer much in the same way Chase Edmonds was a lame younger version of Bauer.

    I recommend buying the dvd if you're a hardcore 24 fan like me and have not yet seen it. Otherwise, pass.

    I know this sounds like a mostly negative review but overall I still think 24 is a great show and the last remaining show, along with the Shield, from TV's golden age (Sopranos, Wire, Sex & The City etc.)....more info
  • have to see this
    As a fan of this TV serie, I recommand it. This season 6 is as usual a good one, had a lot of fun watching it....more info
  • 24 - Season Six
    The best way to watch the televison show 24 is to watch every episode back to back. It provides non-stop entertainment....more info
  • Started off strong...
    I just finished watching season 6 yesterday.

    I watched all of the episodes over the course of 2 days: it was a true '24' marathon!

    I have to honestly say that I enjoyed the season IMMENSELY up until 11pm-12am. This segment represents a complete character degeneration on the part of jack bauer. He had just finished 'saving the whole world', single-handedly taking out Fayed and his men, when, after a phone call from my LEAST favorite character, Audrey Raines, Jack pulls a 'Tony'. The fact that Jack, who we know goes to ANY length to serve the interests of his country (breaking into foreign consulates, tortures anyone without hesitation who possesses knowledge pertaining to national security), chooses to essentially SEND HIS COUNTRY TO WAR by giving a piece of a nuke to the Chinese in exchange for the LIFE OF ONE WOMAN really REALLY irritated the heck out of me. I seriously felt personally disrespected. After all of the admiration I had for Jack Bauer, I would NEVER think that he would do such a disservice to his country.

    The remainder of the season left a bad taste in my mouth. The way Jack acted seemed extremely out of character.

    Additionally, other basic things really confused me pertaining to Jack. Why, after getting information out of Markov, did Jack proceed to try and exit from the main door?! Did he forget that there were many embassy/consulate security guards on the other side? Did all of his training go out the window?

    Other aspects of this season were absolutely delightful:

    ~ Chloe and Morris' on-and-off again relationship. I loved the tension and the tender moments that the two shared. Both characters are absolutely endearing and Morris provided some much needed light comedy at times. It was refreshing.
    ~ The growth of Nadia. I loved watching her 'grow' into her newfound position as the head of CTU. She made mistakes, but learned from them in time. Also quite enjoyable was the love triangle that developed between her, Doyle, and Milo.
    ~ Jack and Marilyn. LOVED the chemistry that these two shared. The tension and tenderness shown really added to their characters, especially Jack's. I was really hoping that she and Jack ended up together... and that's saying a lot as I really dont go for the mushy stuff often. Additionally, I was SERIOUSLY expecting Josh Bauer to be revealed as Jack's son, not Graem's!
    ~ Doyle was a phenomenal addition to the show. What a tough, strong character. I dont understand, however, why Doyle even cared at ALL about saving audrey. He seemed as though he was a logical character, not one that would seemingly do an about-face and support releasing Jack from custody to exchange a piece of nuclear technology for a woman. ABSOLUTELY ABSURD. I ended up rooting for Doyle throughout the season.

    In conclusion, this season had all the qualities and potential in the beginning to be something really, really good. It definitely disappointed, however, due to the fact that many events took place that may be viewed as being WHOLLY out-of-character and illogical, especially on the part of Jack Bauer. On the whole, the well-executed action sequences, new character additions, and the fun, new character dynamics make the season enjoyable....more info