The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh Season (Collectible Krusty Head Pack)
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Studio: Tcfhe Release Date: 10/07/2008 Run time: 484 minutes Rating: Nr

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  • ok
    one of the dvd had little pieces of cany stuck on it.the rest were fine....more info
  • Awesome season!!!
    My all time favorite show hands down. Season 11 with the Krusty the Clown collectors box. Must have for all Simpsons fans....more info
  • This is why I stopped watching "The Simpsons"....
    ...and only watch the first 8 seasons ( which rock by the way!). The humor takes a downhill turn in this season. Not as funny. Not as witty. Just boring, mundane and trying too hard to be funny. The "Treehouse of Horror" on this season even sucked which was very disappointing. Oh Well. ...more info
  • Great just like the rest!
    Just like the 10 seasons before it, this 11th collection is great. Best price around was here on amazon especailly for the collectible package. ...more info
  • Worth the money!!!
    I'm really glad I bought this from because it was cheap and quickly delivered. The episodes are hilarious and will keep you entertained for hours, so the season is a must-have for any true Simpsons fan. As for the box, it's a little more difficult to get the discs out than with the other DVD releases, but it's not as hard as people are saying. I was able to get them out with breaking the box or scratching or smudging the discs with my fingers. This release is definitely worth buying!...more info
  • A bit of a let down...
    I am a huge Simpsons fan, but as I was too young (and too sheltered growing up) my parents would never let me watch the show. So now I own seasons 1-10, and have practically memorized them all. When I purchased season 11, I was just as excited to watch them, but for some reason... I dunno, it's like the season took on a whole new style. I was rather disappointed. I really can't say much more than that, because I don't understand the root of the problem. If you liked the previous seasons, you'll probably enjoy this one, but I don't know if I would buy this again if I had to do it over. ...more info
  • Excellent Season...Horrible Packaging.

    The Simpsons Season 11 is one of my favorite seasons, because of "Behind the Laughter" and "Beyond Blunderdome", however there are plenty of great episodes packed up in this season. Speaking of packed up, the box for this season is awful. I mean, please, whomever is designing these, please stop. Every time I want to watch Season 11 I have to take great care to remove the disc and I clean them every week because fingerprints inevitably get on them. This doesn't happen with any other season. When I remove a disc from the box, I'm a bit worried I might tear the cardboard because it's just so horribly designed. I tend not to be so negative in reviews, but this box is really bad! Please change it to something easier to access. I personally liked the way Seasons 6 to 10 handled it, with the book format. It was easiest to access and didn't forsake cover art or make you have to unfold just to get to a Disc 3 or 4. So please, change the box!

    J....more info
  • Pretty good season, commentary not up to the usual standard
    I've bought all the Simpsons seasons when they come out to DVD, and enjoyed them all very much. This season seemed to have more "mediocre" episodes, in my opinion, but that's okay - it's what I expected upon seeing the list.

    I was pretty dissappointed with most of the commentary though. In past seasons, Matt Greoning was on just about all the episode commentaries, as well as various actors. This time none of them were around but for a handful of episodes. I still enjoyed listening to the commentary with the other involved people, but it just wasn't the same enjoyment I got from previous seasons....more info
  • Stick the Krusty Face on the Fridge!
    Aweesome as always. The face box has changed. It is actually the flat box with a raised Krusty stuck to the front. I stuck mine on the fridge! Enjoy! Now I am waiting for "12."...more info
  • Show is a 4 the casing is a 1
    I know some people think the show has really dropped off in quality by season 11, but I don't agree. I don't think this is the greatest of seasons, but it does have a lot of quality episodes. When a show has run as long as The Simpsons it will get a bit stale, but there is enough magic in the series that keeps it interesting to me year after year. The casing for this season is absolutely horrible. Besides the extended face which makes the case twice as thick as it needs to be, the discs are just shoved into cardboard openings inside. Two of mine has scratches on them. I made my own case and got rid of the "collectible" Krusty head as soon as I could....more info
  • Simpsons continues to rock
    After 10 seasons, some reviewers were lamenting about the drop in quality, but I found Season 11 to be refreshing and still a gem for the gags and provided nice (although extreme) insights into the ugly side of human nature.

    However, quite a number of episodes for Season 11 seemed to have contrived endings with no continuity involved any more. That is fine for the halloween episodes, but for the normal canon, it seemed to be ending due to lack of time or imagination (or both).

    Not having caught the later seasons, I sincerely hope it improves....more info
  • Long wait, worth it for The Complete Eleventh Season!!
    Although, not released as timely as others, it was worth the wait! Another impeccable season of The Simpson's!!The Simpsons - The Complete Eleventh Season (Collectible Krusty Head Pack)...more info
  • No More Stoopid Cases
    I just bought the latest Futurama DVD and altho nice and colorful it was the cheapest piece of crap I have ever seen. I could have printed a Futurama image on a piece of cardboard and folded it in half myself. And now it seems The simpsons DVD collections are following suit. Well...Im out. I have avoided the stupid "collectible head" sets all the way to season 10 and now even the standard boxes are ridiculously constructed. I am going to buy the Krusty Head box for a massive TEN DOLLARS(thats 25% for crying out loud!!)cheaper than the standard box and then I am going to buy a 96disc wallet and THROW AWAY ALL MY SIMPSONS DVD PACKAGING!!!

    Other than that...The Simpsons is awesome. And I absolutely love the commentaries! Keep em coming! I wonder if I could get a discount on shipping by just having the discs sent with no case......more info
  • The wonderful Simpson's Season 11 review.
    This is not so much a review per se of the simpson's 11th season DVD package of each episode as it is a statement of the quality of the product.

    Matt Groneing and company always puts out a top notch product. Disc's that are full of a boat load of extras such as deleted scenes, episodes with commentary, featurettes, hidden easter eggs and other things that we all have come to love and expect from Matt and FOX home video.

    The artwork is awesome and the collectable Krusty the clown box is top notch as well. Unlike other DVD's that are collectable and made with "Gimic" packaging that can't be placed with your other DVD's, this one can still stand up and be placed in line with all your other Simpson's season editions as FOX as been smart enough to place the Krusty head package inside a plastic sleeve that keeps the package together and upright so it can be placed or shelved like the other season of the Simpsons.

    Altogether I would give this a 5 out of 5 stars. Quality packaging along with quaility episodes and special features. A wonderful Christmas gift for any Simpson's fan.

    Also this seasons episodes were some of the best. They include, The Mansion Family, Saddlesore Galactica, Bart to the Future, Treehouse of Horror X, Brother's Little Helper and many others including the poignant episode where Ned's wife is accidently killed, "Alone Again, Naturu-diddily"

    So enjoy all 22 Season 11 episodes and the countless special features which include audio commentary on ALL episodes, deleted scenes, original Sketches, Animation showcase, In line with Matt Groening, The many Faces of Krusty the clown plus many more. Also included is a Season 11 mini-booklet that contains all information on each and every episodes along with the credits and other information plus trivia.

    Special guests that are in this seasons episodes include Lucy lawless, Kid rock, Dick Clark, Tim robbins, Butch Patrick, Jay North, Willie Nelson, Ron Howard, Henry Winkler, The B-52's, Penn & Teller and Britney spears as well as many many more.

    You really can't pass up this seasons adventures which include Lisa growing up to become President, Moe getting a facelift, Bart and Homer end up in a Leper colony, Homer annoys Mel Gibson, Apu and Manjula have octuplets and Homer is abducted by evil horse-jockey trolls and Bart goes beserk on ADD medicine and plows through Springfield in a tank. Plus many more fun episodes.

    This is a nifty little package that any TV fan will love and enjoy for years and years to come. I'm sure like me you can't wait to open this package up and watch these classics all over again.

    ...more info
  • the best of the simpsons
    i like this movie because this movie bring a free pass for the simpsons ride thank you very much becasue i have a free pass ty ty ty ty ty ty very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    olga...more info
  • The end of the funny
    This is the point of the simpsons where many people believe that the show starts to decline
    I agree
    If you really want great simpsons, buy season four, the best comedy of all time....more info
  • Great Season
    I Rate it with 4 stars only cause in my opinion the best was de 6th, however this season is great, this episodes are full of weird jokes such as Family Guy, those was the best times of the simpsons not too rude but cruel,and not too dumb as the new episodes ...more info
  • The Packaging Wasn't THAT Bad!
    While this season marked a certain downward trend in the comedy styling of the cartoon series I so love to this day, there were still some gems this go round.

    The 'Behind the Laughter' episode, which was a take on the popular VH-1 'Behind the Music' for starters is probably the most hysterical of all the episodes on here. 'Eight Misbehavin'' when Apu and his wife give birth to the octuplets is a close second. 'Last Tap Dance in Springfield' and 'Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner' are also up there.

    Then there were the sillier ones that I turned my nose up at like the episode where Bart takes the meds for having ADHD (Brother's Little Helper) and the Spring Break episode where Homer has a nervous break down and they take him to Spring Break (Kill the Alligator and Run).

    Now the packaging: I must admit, I was like what in the world when I received this, but it's really not that bad like some have made it out to be. None of my discs were scratched or skipped. They were packed in extremely tight and you did have to fiddle with the cardboard a bit.

    I would say the other packagings were better, and this was kinda cheap, especially with the fact that the collectible head was not the case, but glued onto the regular version....more info
  • Krusty's Head is filled with wonder!
    Simpsons Season 11 is a gem! There are some great episodes in there. My only complaint is how difficult it is to remove the discs from the packaging and the overall flimsiness of the packaging. I foresee it all falling apart after a handful of viewings. ...more info
  • The decline begins
    Still some good episodes but definitely some clunkers. I would only buy if you're a hard core fan (which I am)....more info
  • Krustisious!!!
    Well, it's the Simpsons. There was a time in which Homer became SUPER dumb, but apparently for this 11th season, he got back on the road. I gave it a 5/5. You will not be dissapointed....more info
  • Horrible Packaging
    I like The Simpsons and I have liked the series for a long time. I religiously buy the DVDs when they are available. However, there is one thing that I don't like about The Simpsons and it is the terrible packaging the manufacturers create - and it keeps getting worse as the seasons progress. This season is no different. For instance, the outer case is bulky with Krusty's image and it does not fit on the shelf. Because of the awkwardness of the package, the manufacturers provide you with an ill-conceived plain plastic wrap to protect your collector's item, which makes the total outer package look even more awkward. Then on the inside, the DVD sleeves are basically two pieces of thin paperboard tightly glued at the edges, so the DVDs are sandwiched in between the sheets of paperboard. These disc "protectors" make retrieving the discs difficult. So difficult, that I purchased the DVDs over a month ago and I have to make it to the last two discs, because pulling out the DVDs feels like a task.
    Like I said, I really like The Simpsons, but this is getting bad to the point that I don't know if I will buy next set in the series. ...more info
  • bye bye original simpsons
    after buying this season i have officially decided to end my collection here. this was the worst season yet out of the 11. i mean they have done a lot of bad, really bad plot twists but this season takes the cake.

    they kill mod, barny sobers up, and how many lame guest star episodes can you throw into one season. almost every episode included a guest star that completely made the shows feel like lazy sell out material.

    the classic clever humor of the simpsons in long gone. i miss the episodes were they were more like real people, with relatible stories.

    they should of canceled the simpsons after season 10 and kept the futurama series going insted, it has way more creative witty humor (well except benders big score and beast of a billion backs.) benders game was good tho....more info
  • Great Season but bad packaging
    Ok, so this is an awesome season of the simpsons. I love the episode where they think Bart has ADD. But, the packaging is just awful. Sure the Krusty case looks SUPER COOL, but once you get inside you see that the dvds slide into slots instead of just being placed in like typical dvd cases. I scratch my dvds almost every time I get them out. So, heads up on that. This is definitely worth buying, though, simply because it's a really funny season. ...more info
  • Worst. Packaging. Ever.
    Awkward, annoying, makes the discs incredibly difficult to access without damage, the box has a 3-dimensional Krusty head so it will not fit on a shelf...

    Who designed this? Ralph Wiggum?

    At least the annoying 'Homer Head' set had an option for you to send away for a REAL storage box....more info