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Titan Quest Immortal Throne Expansion Pack
List Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne continues the epic story across the dark and more sinister Underworld of Hades. In this epic quest of good versus evil, players will encounter the greatest villains of Greek mythology. Brave the attacks of Cerberus, and hazard the banks of the River Styx. Along with new foes, players will fight alongside Agamemnon and Achilles, interpret the prophecies of the blind seer Tiresias, and use the wiles of Odysseus to conquer this dark new adventure. Uncover hundreds of powerful, unique new items and use Caravans to store them as you quest through the Underworld of Hades

  • Additional character levels - Bring existing and new characters to new heights
  • 8 New character classes - Master entirely new skills by combining existing skills
  • Exotic monsters and locations throughout the Mediterranean -- then cross the River Styx and enter the heart of Hades
  • Collect pieces of rare equipment that give players a powerful bonus
  • NPCs can now create artifacts from recipes

Customer Reviews:

  • Titan Quest TOI
    Fun action ggame, more depth, more story line...a blast to play. This includes the first game also, so it ia a good bargain!...more info
  • Very Buggy
    I have played throug the main game a few times both single and multiplayer. The game is very fun but has quite a few bugs. The copy protection system does tend to lock up my machine quite a bit. I downloaded a hack to turn the copy protection off and I dont get near as many lockups now.

    I dont believe the addon is worth $30. It has locked up a couple time totaly deleting all the items stored in my storage chest. I just had another crash and now all my quest are missing and I cant do anything. This means a new install and the loss of several hours of building my character. I wont do this I will put the game up on the shelf and look at it as a loss.

    I have played quite a few games in my time and even games that had a few bugs here and ther. I have to say this is the most buggy game I have ever played. Mys system is a 3.2Gig machinf with 2gig of ram and the recomended video card. And it is still slugish and jerky.

    The first bug That drives me crazy is the fact that I cant bypass the video intro and have to sit through it each time I start the program....more info
  • Great expansion
    I like this expansion because you can wait until you beat the original game before loading your character into it, or start a character within the expansion pack right away. The artifact and new scrolls to use in battle are excellent and with new armor sets and the dream mastery, you just cannot go wrong....more info
  • Great Expansion
    It had been awhile since I'd played this game. I first played it after most of the patches were released and stopped after completing the game on normal difficulty with an Assassin class character. I purchased the expansion right when it came out and was quite impressed. I won't go through the details since other reviewers have painstakingly done so already with great accuracy. I just found the game played better and the little things like footprints and the addition with the experience bar, while not actually adding to the gameplay, just makes it that much funner. A work of passion as you might say, they want it to be (for what it is) the best at what it does. It shows in this expansion. Yes, you need to finish the original game to play the expansion. There are plenty of NEW areas to play in the original if you haven't completed those yet. I would still recommend the expansion even if you haven't completed the original game yet because it patches the original to 1.3 and gives more extensive drops from the monsters and chests. I really liked Hades and the darker feel of the game, without being overyly devilish in anyway. Just more of a creepy dungeon crawl then the original. This game is no Diablo II but is original enough in the skill system to warranty playing. I haven't played World of Warcraft but the skill system, from people I've talked to who have, is probably somewhere between D2 and WOW. It copies that game some, but then, who wouldn't? It's a defining game in the MMO genre. This is more of a single player game but I don't see how that's a bad thing. The game actually finishes without requiring 3 years of subscription to fully explore while still being long enough to give you all the gameplay you ever wanted. You can actually get to a high enough level to have a truly established character before going to the next difficulty level (epic and legendary). Epic difficulty is easier at first because of the extra experience the expansion gives you but the difficulty goes up as you play. I find that the environment really gets me into this game. In the orient, I actually feel like I'm walking through a wilderness on vacation somewhere, just need to get past a few monsters to enjoy the scenery (more then a few). Great game, buy it if you liked the original. If you've already patched the original and it didn't work, this won't either. The game does seem to be very sensitive. I had to really tweak my system to get it running well, but it was worth it. For those who don't know how, hopefully it works right the first time. ...more info
  • TQ - Immortal Throne
    The upgrade is a genuine upgrade. But what the product really needs is a way to generate new maps. The characters are interesting, but it gets tiresome finding the same things in the same places every time....more info
  • Titan Quest 2
    A great add-on to the original. They clearly listened to suggestions from their user groups....more info
  • More than just an add-on!
    For those of you who have played Titan Quest and wondered about certain "improvements" that were missed when Titan Quest appeared a couple of years back, Immortal Throne addresses those issues quite nicely. The additions (caravans, being able to separate relics from items, auto sort buttons) are very welcome and make the game that much better. The minor but necessary improvements as a whole make Titan Quest a much more playable game, however, those looking for a radically different game will be disappointed. There are new monsters and a new quest, but the game is still Titan Quest. I recommend to all those that have played this game to go out and buy the expansion as soon as possible. Overall, it makes Titan Quest a much more enjoyable experience....more info
  • Great game... bad support.....
    This game is a really great game!! the gfx is a 9.5 ( a over kill compared to d2) the sound in the other hand not so great. the music only play for 2-3 mins per sections of the game the sound fx's are good at 1st but gets tired out sence the music doesnt play for very long.. the game play is just as same as d2 and the char buils are a big plus in this game compared to d2 is much better. you get to have 2 diffrent skill builds witch is better to have then d2 witch means you get 2x's more char class's. the game plays well online hardly any lag. (gamespy servers) the story line as to some ppl might not like but is good to me and could be better but doest really matter like in d2 where all you want to do is get far and get stuff done & move on to the next quest.. (if your more into story then play offline this go's for both 2d & tqit)

    well there are some problems with this game that many ppl are still having with this game (even with a high end pc) the game crash's..
    this game has crashed on me every time ive played for longer then 30 mins.
    dont know if it a memory leak issue or a Core 2 Duo issue or "both". i have 2.5 gigs of ram so i see no reson why its a memory issue unless the memory doesnt get dumped for all the monsters and stuff youve killed 15-25 mins ago ( witch the dead bodys doesnt dissapier over time like other rpg's) i have also done some reserch on the core due/ hyper thred issue.. this game was build off the core due/ hyper thred chip engine ( intel of course) so if your pc has one of these cpu chips your good to go but if you got a pent 3 or 4 standerd you might have problems as well.

    over all sides the problems & such this game is a great game if thq would only release a patch to fix the crashing issue's & memory dump leaks & so on it could of out done d2 on the community side sence there would of been more pepole playing this game if it wasnt for the game crash's...more info
  • THQ got it right :)
    High praise for Titans Quest: Immortal Throne!
    I've played many many PC games and know what features I wish games would have. Titan's Quest: Immortal Throne got them all right :)
    Yes, there are still some minor dislikes and I'll mention those at the end.

    Things I like:
    - You are resurrected with all your gear when you die.
    - Resurrection is never very far from your corpse.
    - Full on loot? Throw down a teleport.
    - side by side item comparison windows at every seller
    - side by side item comparison of equipped items with inventory items
    - Character window includes easy to understand critical stats
    - instant swapping of weapon and left/right mouse key functions
    - Nice balance of graphics and game play
    - Graphics aren't ground breaking but do fit the game perfectly
    - Excellent voice acting
    - good dialog - if you take your time and enjoy it instead of rushing through the game :P .. it's the journey not the destination :0

    Multi-Player specific:
    - Superb multi-player game play
    - ultra easy multi-player set-up over internet or lan - THAT WORKS!
    - Teleport system easily keeps party connected
    - side by side item comparison in trade windows
    - Works flawlessly with Team Speak (high praise for Team Speak!)
    - Any of your characters can play in multi-player and single player

    Things you may not like...
    - too easy at normal game level and you cant change to higher levels till you beat the game. Mowing down hordes with impunity is the norm.
    - limited.. theme, can get monotonous. No matter your equipment layout or powerset, the sum of the game is kill everything, gather loot, power up, repeat. But that's not to say it isn't fun to see cool new powers, weapons and armor, new monsters, new towns, scenery, etc - which they did a fabulous job of designing.

    Final Thoughts:
    The 1st 5 minutes of game play my impression was.. eh, not bad. Not really impressed or blown away, nothing new here that hasn't been done to death by other games. But the more I played...
    The more appreciation I had for the game. Very smartly done interface, good graphics, sound, voice acting and excellent game mechanics. There are SO MANY things they got right in this game I am just amazed. 30 minutes into the game I was still nodding my head in appreciation for all the little things I'd wished for in other games.

    Couple weeks later and still having fun with it in single player and multi-player.
    If you're going to play Titan's Quest, spring for the expansion "Immortal Throne". It improves on a whole lot of gameplay mechanics, adds the very cool Dream Mastery, and adds a enough additional content to make it a must have.
    Fun game, glad I bought it! ...more info
  • Loads of mindless diablo2 clone fun
    Great stuff tons of drops good monsters challenging difficulty.

    Two down sides.

    1. At least for the archer/hunter character the skills aren't that fun. I miss the multi-shots or strafe etc. of diablo 2. Archers shoot very slowly and do not have the strength to wear enough armor to protect themselves from the hoards that they cannot mow down quickly enough

    2. Nature mastery summons are grossly underpowered. They die immediately. This sort of balance appears to be lacking all over. Seems to be difficult to construct a good build to survive and it is up to your magic items to carry you through as opposed to your skills.

    Still the game is enormously fun with challenging boss and regular battles abounding. I just feel like they could have invested a little more into the skills groups....more info
  • Pretty solid expansion
    First off, I don't know how people are having so many problems running this game. I have a 1.8ghz AMD single core processor with 2000mhz FSB, with a AMD X550 video card (Pretty dated) and I have run this game both with 512mhz of ram and 1.5ghz of ram with few issues on medium settings. I'm not saying your specific set up will or won't face issues but I wouldn't be so easily swayed by people's horror stories.

    This is a solid expansion though. You constantly hear this game being compared to Diablo 2 and I feel that this expansion basically added many of the things that I really missed from games like Sacred and Diablo 2. Here are my favorite additions to the game...

    -Finally a button to sort your inventory.

    -When you kill a boss you get a quest update like notice of the experience you receive for killing the boss.

    -You can now track how much experience enemies are worth easier because you have a yellow exp. bar which is your true exp. and then you have the standard green bar that show where you were and slowly fills up the yellow bar.

    -The ability to "craft" items kind of like you can with the horadric cube in Diablo 2 by using enchanters to make artifacts. Enchanters also have the added bonus of being able to strip runes and such of a weapon so you only feasibly need to hold on to 1 or 2 sets of runes you use regularly, something not even D2 had.

    -Being able to undo spent stat points. I was pretty upset on my original characters when I found out I couldn't do this after going for strength and dumping points in to energy.

    -Better item filtering, you now only pick up items that fall within the filter you are using and can't pick up items without holding the filter buttons ie. if I'm holding "x" to pick up only magic and better items I won't accidentally snag rusty copper daggers anymore. Awesome in multiplayer.

    -It goes without saying that the Dream mastery is a pretty cool addition. I have yet to get many points in it though because it's my secondary class on my new character.

    -Cross character storage is completely awesome.

    -Haven't made it to Hades yet but they promise roughly 10 hours of gameplay out of the added chapter which seems fair for a single play through.

    I really can't think of any strikes against the expansion that aren't already issues with the original game, I'd say it's a good buy, but don't purchase it from CAIMANOUTLET because they are absolutely horrible to do business with....more info
  • A bit more of everything
    The IT expansion has shown the programmers actually DID listen to the people playing the first game. More of the fun things and less of the not so fun. I don't wish to spoil any of the surprises, so I'll limit myself to saying the items found and made are a lot more interesting and while the storyline doesn't make much sense it is fun....more info