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Microsoft Reclusa Gaming Keyboard (Black)
List Price: $69.95

Our Price: $36.90

You Save: $33.05 (47%)


Product Description

The Microsoft Reclusa gaming keyboard sets a new standard in gaming innovation. Reclusa will help set gamers apart from their competitors with advanced features and best-in-class design elements such as ambient backlighting, Hyperesponse gaming key action for maximum response with minimal latency, and two built-in gold-plated USB ports. With

Backlighting keeps you in control in any lighting situation. See more features.

A smart cabling system allows you to stow away the USB cable.
this keyboard, you get the best of both worlds--the latest in Razer gaming technology with the comfort and reliability you expect from Microsoft.

You'll also be able to improve your efficiency with 12 custom-programmable buttons that include two 360 degree jog-dials and two bumper buttons conveniently located on each side of the keyboard for faster control and optimized gameplay. What's more, you'll never lose sight of your keys in the dark with the cool blue ambient backlighting. Get the edge over your opponents in dim lighting conditions. There's also a detachable wrist rest for maximizing comfort and ergonomics.

Store your macros onto five different profiles with the Razer Reclusa Configurator to suit your gaming needs. With "on-the-fly" gaming detection, switching profiles has never been so convenient. Gaming detection allows you to automatically switch to the appropriate profile when a particular game is launched. Meanwhile, a smart cabling system allows you to stow away the USB cable when not in use or shorten it when necessary. Lastly, two gold-plated USB connector ports maximize connectivity and maintain transmission integrity.

Games are fun but can be very serious and tense. That's why an ordinary keyboard just won't do. You need a keyboard that's specifically designed to withstand the challenges of gaming. The Microsoft Reclusa is the second collaborative effort between Razer and Microsoft Hardware. Featuring 12 programmable gaming hotkeys, including two 360-degree jog dials, it comes with advanced features and best-in-class design elements that will set gamers apart from their competitors. While this can also be used as a regular keyboard, as well, the Reclusa with Razer technology has been optimized for game performance. Connect it to your PC and claim the winner's edge. On-The-Fly Profile Management - Users can create and store Key Mapping and Macros for each game profile; keyboard software also automatically assigns different game profiles for supported games Detachable Padded Wrist Rest - Ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort Approximate size - 551mm (length) x 236mm (breadth) x 61mm (height) USB Cable with gold-plated port - Gold-plated USB Port Provides additional peripheral plug-in access with maximum conductivity.

  • Features ambient backlighting and two built-in gold-plated USB ports
  • 12 custom-programmable buttons, including two 360 degree jog-dials and two bumper buttons
  • Comes with detachable wrist rest
  • Smart cabling system allows you to stow away USB cable when not in use
  • Hyperesponse gaming key action for maximum response with minimal latency

Customer Reviews:

  • Great
    A great product,however it is quite a bit bigger than a standard keyboard and that tends to make you miss keys when your not accustomed to it. The backlight is great and is nice for gaming in the dark. However I got done for shipping, got a bone to pick with amazon, but all in all a great product....more info
  • YAY!
    I bought this keyboard, not as a gaming keyboard as it is touted, but as just an everyday regular keyboard for the system that I just built. The keyboard my fiance had given me for the system was really getting on my nerves because it had the laptop type keys, and I kept mistyping. I was looking for a nice keyboard that had regular keys, but I wanted to have backlighting (my system has all kinds of blue light up stuff). I looked at most of what was available, and decided on this one.
    The keys are easy to hit, and have a really nice tactile feel to them. I like clicky keys, and while these aren't super clicky, they are just enough so that they feel really good. I haven't really played with any of the macro keys, but like I said, I didn't really buy this keyboard for gaming (even though I do game).
    I agree with the previous poster that the shiny plastic part on the top is going to be really scratch prone, and I am also a little disappointed that it doesn't have the Razer logo on it. All in all, I might not have spent so much on a keyboard had I not had a gift card, but I am glad that I was able to get this one. It does what I need it to do without making me crazy. If I were a true gamer, I could see that this may not be the best choice out there, but for my purposes, it is the perfect addition to my system.

    {EDIT} Also happily works with my mac. I was concerned that I would not have volume control and eject available on this keyboard through the Mac. I am very excited that it works great, and I can get rid of my Mac keyboard and mouse in order to use this keyboard and the Razer Diamondback G3. I have both the PC and Mac set up on the same desk and having two of each was making me nuts! Now I just need to get a switch so there isn't unplugging each time I decide to go from one to the other!...more info
  • Excellent Keyboard
    I am very happy with this keyboard. My computer is in my home theater room and I often use it during commercials while I am watching TV in the evening. The lighted keyboard is really nice as I don't have to turn on any lights....more info
  • Quality all the way
    It took me about 3 months to decide on getting a Reclusa and a Razer Diamondback. I would never have anything else. I was lookin at the saitek eclipse keyboards, along with a few others at fry's (when my interest really became sparked!), and i couldn't make up my mind. I went with my gut instinct and trusted M$ would make a better keyboard (despite backlight is NOT as bright as saitek or others, but who cares it serves its purpose and looks really sweet from an over the top view, especially when a key is pressed). It has plenty of hotkeys, and the software is excellent. I have then all set to what i need them to be. I don't really use the usb ports it add/replaces. Go with a sweet brand, it is definitely quality all the way....more info
  • Is it the Keyb too sensitiive or is my fault?
    I really like this keyb. It is absolutely fancy, mmatch my PC coolors and add a soome style to my desk.

    Hoow dooes it works? Not that goood IMO. Great when gaming, but so far horrible typing a docuument.

    II come from a very standard keyb, one of those for 10 bucks att any store, and typing docs and email i never had typo issues. Noisy clicks, mayybe yes, not fanncyy look, ok.. for 10 bucks, but no typo mistakes whatsoever.

    The Reclusa, looks nice, has a soft keyb, not too noisy, but for me is a nightmare to type on. mayybe tooo sensitiive, but thhere is no way to really fix thhe problem. I already set evverything I could at low sensitivity. Ok I''ll show you what I mean:

    -- Starting now, I am typing withhout fix alll the typo errors gennerated by thhe kkeyboard. As you can see, it''s a nightmare. of course iit possibble it s mme, althou withh my old keybb iit never hhappened and at mmyy office i have no issues wiithh a bbasic DDELLL kkeybb. ----

    So, now you have an idea. I am tryinng to get used to it. Writiing a documents takes ages now and I am not happy for this. It is possible I will send it back if i cannot improve my typing skills on it.

    I will give it a shot, and that s why I set 2 stars. otherwise it would be only 1 star. All the othher functionalities are absolutely OK and a snap to programm.

    Unfortunately, if u cannot use a keyb to type, in my mind it fails the reasoon why it exists....more info
  • great keyboad
    I have been very happy with my keyboad. It works great in low light situations and even better in no light!...more info
  • Decent
    I tend to buy things based on price and reviews. I don't like spending a ton of money on something that'll be obsolete in a year, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, I wanted a simple backlit keyboard and this was on sale (cheaper than current price). The backlight works great; I can see the keys just right even in total darkness. The keyboard is wider than avg b/c of the extra keys. I use the computer a lot for gaming but I'm pretty simple so I don't use the extra macro keys. I didn't install the software in hopes that the extra keys would not work. Well, unfortunately, the "cute" shortcut keys (home, email and music) on the left (next to the tab, caps lock and shift) were already enabled. Urgh! Plenty of times instead of hitting the caps lock (for example) I would accidently hit the email key. Very frustrating b/c this causes my Outlook to launch and minimizes my game! Terrible when you're about to score a point. Still trying to figure out how to disable these keys. Other than that, one of the little tabs for the wrist pad has already broken off.

    Overall, its a decent backlit keyboard. I would not recommend it for gaming IF you're not going to use the macros. ...more info
  • My lighted Reclusa keyboard
    I love this product. It has all the features I hoped for. It is easy to use & looks great. I'm sorry I did'nt get sooner....more info
  • Fantastic Keyboard
    This keyboard is great. I love the feel of this keyboard. I bought it for the backlit keys, though, so I really like that feature. The programmable buttons are great. I enjoy having a volume wheel on the keyboard, too, instead of up and down buttons....more info
  • I've bought two
    I'm a computer science guy, and I'm very picky when it comes to accessories to my computer. Keyboards and mice have to feel just-so, monitors can't have the flicker I see on 75% of LCD screens, etc.

    I picked up one of these on a whim when CompUSA went out of business (at 70% off), and fell in love with it. Even though it bears the Microsoft logo (which generally means average quality), it bears the marks of the quality engineering of the Razer co-developers.

    Yes, as other people have said, the software for it is terrible, and by default, the eject button will eject your CD. But -- you can set the keyboard to control Winamp (or Windows Media Player) instead, and then the play/shuffle/eject/next/previous keys on the keyboard control your mp3 player *from inside a game*. If I'm playing a full-screen game and a song I want to skip comes on my playlist, I no longer have to alt-tab out and back in (which can take ages, or crash some games) -- I can control winamp directly from inside of the game. Including the volume, which is also awesome.

    I also disable the buttons which launch Firefox and Thunderbird when in full-screen mode, so as to avoid accidentally punching them (though after using the keyboard for a week, I no longer do so), and don't see any use for the copy/paste buttons or the left jog dial (which works just like a mouse scroll button).

    However, the ability to control Winamp from inside of a game + the LED backlighting (which is critical in low light situations) + the very well-tuned feel of the keys made me like the keyboard so much, I bought a second one for my second main computer. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Nice keyboard for the price
    This is nice for the price ,,only paid around 40$ at know that this keyboard is fairly big in size and does have some heft to it,,but it is well built ,works well and has a lot of xtra features.Its no razor keyboard but I also paid twice as much for the razor...more info
  • Keyboard is a pain to use
    The special purpose buttons are preset mostly to media functions (eject, play/pause) and document functions (copy, paste, etc.). Most of the backlighting bleeds between the keys, and the function keys barely light up at all.

    Basic keyboard functions such as sleep are absent and cannot be added to using the included software. Microsoft's more basic media keyboard has more special keys as well as having five programmable keys that are easier to program.

    The main defect of the Reclusa is that the extra keys are full size and sit too close to the standard keys, making it easy to hit them by mistake. This was particularly the case with the Eject button which is right next to the numeric keypad's Enter key.

    The key faces are flatter and some will find this less comfortable.

    Apart from the USB ports, this keyboard does not have much else to recommend it. I sent mine back for a refund....more info
  • An O.K. keyboard.
    Let me start with the pros.

    1) Affordable
    2) Blue LED Illumination.
    3) Easy to type on.
    4) Programmable buttons.
    5) Great Software.

    Now, for the good stuff.

    1) Useless side buttons. They are easy to hit. They put a Eject CD button right next to the enter on the keypad.
    2) Blue LED does NOT turn off. There is no option to turn it off. The software doesn't have anything either.
    3) Top of the keyboard attracts dust and gets scratched up WAY too easily.
    4) Not worth the $60.00 price tag.
    5) The lights are dim in many places.
    6) Can't program the "Windows" key to something else.

    Overall, it isn't bad. The cons outweigh the pros easily. The buttons are easy to hit, and very smooth. There is ghosting with the arrow keys, if you use them. Kind of frustrating the lights can't be turned off. Or, even turned brighter. Might as well spend 10-20 more and get the Razor keyboard itself.

    ...more info
  • listed wrong
    Amazon lists this product as wireless when in fact it is wired. You would think a site like amazon wouldn't make these kind of mistakes. It is a good key board other than that big mislabeling so don't buy unless you want a wired one....more info
  • Very Nice Affortable Keyboard
    It's a very nice keyboerd with cool lights especialy in the dark. Very Nice.
    Good Price. Oo it also has some shortcut keys.
    ...more info
  • Great but...
    I really must say that I do really like this keyboard and think that it is great but, the shiny black strip at the top collects dust and fingerprints and smudges like no other. It drives me insane. If you are moderately OCD or a clean freak please keep this in mind. ...more info
  • Not bad
    I purchased this as a replacement for a vendor provided keyboard that came with the system and in general am very happy. I use the system 4+ hours per day for both gaming and work. The backlit feature makes the system for me - great in low light situations, especially late night gaming. My only complaint, the pad in the front of the keyboard has cheap plastic attachment clips, one of which I broke the first day - however, as long as the keyboard stays stationary on my desk, it is not an issue - if you move your keyboard around a lot, the pad will quickly get left behind....more info