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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 4000
List Price: $79.95

Our Price: $41.99

You Save: $37.96 (47%)


Product Description

USB Port Required / Windows and Macintosh Compatible

  • Product #: 4GC00002
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft
  • Manufacturer Item #: 4GC-00002
  • UPC: 882224417754

Customer Reviews:

  • Core function missing
    While everything else about this keyboard/mouse combo is fine, the mouse is unable to handle what was originally the very core function of Windows in the first place: it cannot scroll through open programs. I worked with technical support for two hours trying to find a workaround to program in the Alt-Tab key combo to no avail. Funny how MS lost sight of it's own mission there....go Logitech....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    i ordered this item in December. I noticed that when I received it that the mouse actually is the 5000 instead of the 4000. No big deal I thought. I've later realized the the keyboard is the Wireless Comfort Keyboard 4000. I can't imagine that these were meant to be sold together.

    The mouse doesn't seem to work with some online games.

    I hate that the keyboard has no lights to show when the Cap Lock and Num Lock are on or off. ...more info
  • Much better than a basic keyboard
    I have had the combo for only a week, but I am satisfied. The keyboard is comfortable and the mouse is responsive. My only complaint was accidentally hitting the right side button very often. I just disabled the button with the software & no more problem. Very good units for the money. ...more info
  • Great Seller
    I love this product! We have 3 cats who all like to eat wires. The wireless keyboard and mouse are the only way to go. Great seller. I would certainly do business with them again....more info
  • Totally Awesome Keyboard for all!
    Dude this keyboard is so dam cool!!!!!!!!!!! Mad sweet come to you live just from this brand new one! Don't you just love the speed and convenience that ergonomic keyboard offer? It really like this one because I found it to have the most bang for the buck. I admit sometimes the reception isn't as god as some of its brothers and sisters from Microsoft, but does the job well. A great tool for all! I'm a avid web surfer so I love all the little features and kicks that it gives. Allows me to control my music photos and web pages seamlessly. It also helps when I am updating my websites as all the shortcuts are listed and there are many features that work with Microsoft Word.

    ...more info
  • Decent Wireless Keyboard
    It's a pretty decent keyboard for this price. It sits really comfortable on my lap, the keys feel nice when i type. It's not uncomfortable at all. I just wish the range was a little longer. after about 4 feet the keyboard and mouse start to lose reception with the receiver. Overall though it's a pretty good bang for our buck.

    I would only recommend this set to people who plan to be in front of their monitors or at most 4 feet away. ...more info
  • Terrific cordless keyboard and mouse for the OS Vista~64bit
    I was excited to have bought this new Hp Pavillion 6443b with a 500 Gb hard drive. Having not done my part of reading about the horrors of Vista ~ 64 bit OS I've been 'blindsided' by what all was not compatable with it. I am so very happy to say this Multimedia wireless keyboard and mouse work beautifully with the operating systen! Having been spoiled with Windows XP Professional and my previous wireless keyboard and mouse, when I did take the plunge with the new CPU and Vista~64bit, I realized how wonderful not being tied to the CPU with cords from the keyboard and mouse was! Not only did I receive superb delivery of this product but the packaging was flawless as well. Yes, I highly reccommend this product!...more info
  • real nice keyboard
    Love this keyboard, also the shape makes it more comfortable to rest my wrists on it, and the keys flow realy well. Haven't messed with all the bells & whistles yet, but it has several good options,.. the mouse came with it and I am very happy with both..the wireless keyboard & mouse have great range, even with the clutter I have on my desk. Recommended highly, great price for what it has....more info
  • Miserable out of the box experience....
    I purchased this item to replace my very old mouse and keyboard. The meager instructions from microsoft say nothing about what to do if the CD they include with the purchase DOES NOT WORK!

    Also, why is the keyboard the 4000 series and the mouse 5000??

    You can simply plug the reciever in and get the mouse and keyboard to work without installing the CD but if you want to customize any of the keys or access the help documents, thats another story.

    After many hours of searching online I have resolved my issues with this product, but I would not recommend it unless you have the time and patience to figure everything out. The keyboard and mouse are comfortable but the aggravation of getting them to work far outweighs any other benefit....more info
  • UN ergonomic mouse I've ever used.
    This has to be the worst and the most unergonomic bouse I've ever used. The way thumb and rest of fingers curls around this mouse is the most frustrating. The mouse is so slippery that your thumb and fingers constantly have to be under strain to keep it from slipping.
    Receiver have to be with literally 3" inches away to work appropriately. If foot apart, both keyboard and mouse goes haywire.
    Last thing the space bar makes the the most annoying sound.
    I think I'll go back to Logitech....more info
  • Too Big
    I ordered this product and returned it. There were other issues which caused me to return the unit and I never actually used it... so take this review with a grain of salt but one of the things which I did not like about it was its size. There really is no need for keyboards to be so big. It takes up real estate on the desk and looks awkward....more info
  • very dissapointed
    My biggest complaint is unresponsive keys, especially in the numbers key pad (the enter button within the keypad in particular). I use an accounting system and use the numbpad all the time.

    Another annoyance is the hypersensitive mouse. There is probably a way to adjust, I just haven't taken the time as I am more concerned with the keys that intermitantly don't work or require a heavy hand.

    On the is wireless which is what I wanted and it was easy to install....more info