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  • Ocean's 11
    Short and sweet-to the point. If you are a fan of the 1960's Las Vegas scene or a fan of the Rat Pack, then you'll love this movie.
    Also, if you enjoy "heist movies", then you'll enjoy this movie....more info
  • Dino at his best
    This movie has to be one of my all time favs! Dean is great as always with an all star cast! The Rat Pack is in full force baby! A movie every movie lover will enjoy!...more info
  • The "Pack" at its best!
    Talk about an All-Star cast,the list is long and the talent is Superior! The Rat Pack plus some other familiar faces like Norman Fell,(Mr. Roper),Cesar Romero,(The Joker,old Batman & Robin)Angie Dickinson,(Police Woman),and not to mention the "Pack". From the start the talent starts pouring in! As someone who loves Las Vegas, this movie shows it in its Grand and Glorious days. Where everyone knew everyone and the shows were great! The story line is a great fantasy tale of old Army buddies trying to make that one last "Big Score", target: the five main Casinos on the strip. What starts off great turns upside down,but enough with the description of the movie, just rent it and then when your hooked, buy it!...more info
  • ring-a-ding-ding baby here comes the rat pack
    if all you have ever seen is the remake of ocean's 11 then you really haven't seen one of the best comedy caper movies of the 60's. frank , dean , sammy ,peter , joey , and many more are on hand to rob 5 casinos in one very big new years eve job. with this cast plot shouldn't matter but the plot is sound and you can tell the boys are having fun. turn your brain off and let the rat pack show you what cool was really about in the 60's...more info
  • Wonderful
    Being that I am a huge Sinatra fan- and the rest of the Rat Pack for that matter, my husband gave me this tape as one of my birthday gifts this year when I turned 24.

    This was originally released seventeen years prior to my birth, so I thought it would be one of those cheesy pre- technology movies that are usually on TNT. Well, I will say that the sexual undertones and the comedy material was a little heavy for those times. Nothing unusual for this day and age, but for the time when this was released, it was way ahead of it's time.

    Funny as all get out, this movie is one of the best I have EVER seen. I loved the dialog, the comedy, the interaction and the genuine chemistry between each and every character. This is a movie to watch with your frineds, and people who enjoy a good laugh. This isn't a movie for those slow to figure one-liners and jokes out. No wimpy stuff here. Just good comedy and entertainment. If you enjoy Mafioso movies, you'll like Ocean's Eleven. Consider it the 'Goodfellas' of it's day- just not as violent.

    A wonderful movie to own....more info

  • Far Too Much Fun to be Fairly Critisised.
    This Film isn't Perfect, it has it's Flaws, but they are Over Shadowed by it's Overwhelming Sence of Fun. A Bunch of Mates getting together to make a Film about a Bunch of Mates getting together to Rob a Casino... Timeless.

    The Gang are Playing themselves so the Performances are Laid Back and Honest. The Pacing is Leisurely and Fits the "Take Our Time" Tone, the Music is a Great Asset, Especially Sammy's Solo and Dean's Piano Sing-Song.

    The Heist is Pretty Ingenious and the "Italian Job" / "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" ish ending leaves you with a Lingering Love of this Fun Flick. A Classic....more info

  • great
    an excellent movie that has action and a little bit of comedy also great stars such as sammy davis jr. dean martin and of course frank sinatra...more info
  • stinker
    Before seeing Soderbergh's remake I thought it would be a good thing to watch the originial. It stank. No-one (save two of the girls: Angie & Shirley) could be bothered to give a performance, no-one could be bothered to direct. It looked like the laziest piece of filmmaking I've seen since Bridget Jones's Diary. The excuse there was a first time director who was unable to display ANY knowledge of filmmaking; with Ocean's 11 there is no excuse - its director had made All Quiet on the Western Front! It has ONE good shot (and Bridget had at least three - but then give a chimp a typewriter and it might come up with SOME words correctly spelt. ) The good shot? The end, the one Soderbergh repeats before his own (superior) end.
    I give it one star because you don't invite fewer....more info
  • Comes out with seven or eleven on every roll of the dice!
    This is the way we want to remember Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. A very entertaining movie about the old Las Vegas which today is just a memory. A "must have" for all nostalgia fans....more info
  • Accidental Classic
    The Brat Pack has performed one great public service -- drawing attention back to this not-so-long-ago forgotten film, ressurrecting it out of the vast tar pits of yesterday's embarrassments. Now we can properly see it as the accidental classic that it is. Despite epic sloppiness and goofs that have been catalogued elsewhere, the movie eerily sums up a critical American moment, when the so-called "American Dream" finally unmasked as big bucks, period -- and however and how fast that you could get them.

    Those recently enamored with this film glory in its cool and swagger. Without detracting at all from that, take a look at the hard edge of realism here. Sinatra leads the unmasking, about as far from his early teen idol as you could get, droll and spooky, sweaty and obsessed. This throw away role becomes one of his finest performances. No romance or finesse about it, whatsoever: "broads" are to be used and discarded once over the hill, but bucks could solve a lot of problems. The needs and tawdry ambitions of the other hoods are all at least lightly explored. Sammy, in alley cat glory, sings of the outrageous dream: a penthouse, no work. Lawford looks like a living dead, rarely better used. The creepy funeral home finale and the memorable ending shot of the hoods panning out, dejected, across a parking lot says it all, and undercuts the picture at precisely the proper angle.

    Well, that sounds like a downer. Why don't you notice it? For me, the magnificent Dino just carries it along wonderfully, especially his classic Vegas performances. Ole number 2 comes through. His over the hill blowsy crooner is still able to hypnotize the nearby vixens, in a sequence so over the top it must be seen to be believed.

    This movie perfectly documents the other side -- in other words the real side -- of the so-called "Camelot" era. It uncannily does so by not trying to do any such thing at all. ...more info
  • Old Vegas is Gone Now,but this Movie was Great....
    If U have seen Oceans 11 with Brad Pitt & George Clooney I think U will like this movie if nothing else to see how Old Vegas was and looked,ran,a Fun look onto the Past..I wouldn't be born for quite a few years after this movie even came out & I can totally "Agree" New Vegas doesn't hold a candle to New Vegas,which is a shame because it's lost something when big corp's took over & I would've Loved to go when Vegas was Vegas,too bad.
    The only thing about the movie I didn't like too much was how they did the ending,but it's still a great movie...
    This movie was shot for the most part in the casinos which is very cool & so too the performers but it's nice to visit.. ...more info
  • Ocean's 11
    I haven't seen this movie in years, and still haven't taken the time.
    I DO remember it being VERY GOOD, the only reason I purchase the "oldies."
    All and All, this movie is much better than any of the new versions!
    ...more info
  • Don't believe the hype or the nostalgia
    Frankly this film (is horrible). Nostalgia is a dangerous thing, and while all things Rat Pack are considered the height of retro-cool, Oceans 11 was just a bad movie. Why do you think it has been unavailable for so long? It is just that with all the pr surounding remake they thought they could sneak it in without anyone noticing it. This is not a slur on the cast, as they set out to just have a good time, which is obviously just what they did. However, in having such a good time they forgot a few crucial things.... such as acting, a script, a director, a plot etc etc. Oceans 11 is great idea and in the minds of those that haven't seen in for 20 years it is still cool, but in reality it is painfully unwatchable....more info
  • "Cocktail Lounge Cool Circa 1960"
    The marquee at the Sands hotel in January of 1960 was historic, even by Las Vegas standards


    The guys shot "Ocean's 11" by day and took over the stage of the Copa room at night for 'The Summit,' a show filled with song parodies and racial humor that was dated even 40 years ago...


    Dean picks up Sammy...carries him up to the mike and announces "I'd like to thank the B'nai Brith for this trophy."

    There's no doubt that these gentlemen were considered the zenith of Cocktail Lounge "cool" in 1960; they campaigned for politicians, exchanged 'broads', made movies, recorded for Frank's company and guested on each other's tv shows.

    Unfortunately, the film "Ocean's 11" turned out to be a dull, witless bore...a heist movie with all the suspense of an afternoon in the local supermarket.

    No matter...

    It was a way of spending a couple of hours with the country's leading adult swingers in the city they made their playground.

    DVD has excellent picture and sound transfer..commentary by Frank Jr (who turned 58 as I write this) FRANK JR--58???!!!!
    and a clip from a 1977 "Tonight" show hosted by Sinatra with guest Angie Dickinson (who played Frank's ex-wife in the film).

    The new "Ocean's 11" may have a lot of hi-tech thrills...but Clooney, Pitt, Damon et al as appealing as they may be, simply AIN'T Frank, Dean and Sammy!...more info

  • "Coo-Coo, Baby!"
    OCEAN'S 11 is a real time-capsule classic. The ultimate "heist" movie, starring The Chairman of The Board, Dino, Sammy, Joey, Peter, and the rest of The Rat Pack, this one is worth seeing just to watch "the boys" hanging out together and getting into trouble.

    The late Fifties All-Adult ambience of Vegas is priceless, as is the hep cat cool which just oozes off the screen. Let's face it: How many men could get away with calling the President of the United States "Chickee Baby"? Well, Frank called JFK precisely that. Even Bill Clinton was never that swingin'!

    The storyline is a standard potboiler involving a group of old Army buddies setting up the biggest theft in American history, five Vegas casinos. Frankie ain't doin' no singin', and the film's a bit slow moving in spots. They're playing it a little too straight and serious,and there are less laughs than chuckles, and no sex, but the film was a product of it's times (1960) and still had to get past the censors in those days. Peter Lawford is over the line as a forty year old Mama's Boy trying for the Big Score.

    No matter how good the Clooney remake is, he won't touch this one at all...There's only one Rat Pack!

    Call this an addendum:

    After seeing the Clooney release of OCEAN'S 11, I decided to add a few more thoughts. Well, the new movie is ALMOST better---more action and more pacing, better scriptwriting. In short, a technically superior film in most ways, which is marred by the one thing you can't put a price tag on---the chemistry.

    Although Clooney is grand (he swanks across the screen like a Bond villain on vacation), Brad Pitt is appropriately and irreverently serious, and Carl Reiner is outrageously funny, the "new crew" can't replicate the charisma of the Rat Pack.

    Although the Eleven in both films are con artists and thieves, they are the antiheroes we all dream of. At the end of the original, you feel for the "bad guys," who, after all, ain't really that bad ("Coo-coo, baby!"). The remake hardly introduces most of the Eleven, and you don't really give a Rat's Pack whether most of them get away with it or not. They're only props.

    Julia Roberts is curiously flat, colorless, and dried up as Danny Ocean's wife (where in the original, Angie Dickinson was undeniably THERE in what was a really very minor role). Andy Garcia is an evil presence as the "good guy" casino owner.

    Both films are worth your time. The one has what the other lacks. In short, if computer imnaging could ever morph the original actors into the remake, this might just be the best film ever made.
    ...more info
  • It's All About the Swagger, Baby!
    People argue about "cool." Some say John Coltrane is cool. Other say Clapton, Dylan, or Lennon are "cool." Lenny Bruce is "cool" to some, and Miles Davis epitomizes "cool" for others. For me, there isn't a man who has EVER lived who personified "cool" more that Mr. Sinatra. You can see what I mean here in the first motion picture that casts the infamous "Rat Pack" in major roles, "Oceans 11." Playing an ex-WWII soldier, Sinatra's Danny Oceans plans the greatest heist in history: Rob five Las Vegas casinos at once on New Year's Eve. It's a bold plot for a bold cast. There's Frank with his "I own the world" charisma. There's Sammy Davis Jr. with his usual flair for the song and dance routine. "Deano" Dean Martin also croons in the picture, and Peter Lawford, the only non-singer of the four main Rat Packers, still holds the audience with his charm and wit.

    This film shows what Las Vegas was like when it was an "adults only" city. This was when Sinatra and his boys ruled Vegas, and we should be thankful that they had the foresight to put some of the flavor of the times on film.

    Now, where's my martini? I'm late for my craps game....more info

  • Two stars is a gift
    The GOOD:
    - Some nice historical shots of Las Vegas during its golden age
    - Sammy's musical / dance number

    The BAD:
    - Comes across as just a pure star ego project (which apparently it was)
    - Silly dialog
    - Lots of non-value added characters (remember this was a full employment project for Frank's buddies)


    The folks giving this movie 4-5 stars have definitely drunk the nostalgic Rat Pack cool aid. I honestly think they are reviewing the idea of this movie, rather than the film itself. If you not one of these fans, then I would recommend

    - Wait for the original to appear on late night TV
    - Get the "remake" - much better...more info

  • Ocean of Nostalgia and Stars
    When shown on network television padded with commercials, OCEAN'S 11 seems to run on forever (approx 3 hrs) and the pacing is too slow. However, when shown on cable or on DVD/Tape without the interruptions, the movie flows much better. This is a pretty good caper film. Also, now that there has been a resurgence in interest in the swingin' early sixties concerning the "Rat Pack" the movie has become somewhat of a classic. No need to list the participants, the plot, or the great surprise ending. Overall, a fun movie to watch with a great cast and a nostalgic look at the early sixties before the advent the Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, the Beatles, and the whole sixties counterculture. It is too bad that the interest in the "Rat Pack" has not done anything to release another one of their movies on tape or DVD, and that is the film, SEARGENT'S 3 that is under some red tape because of its source material, GUNGA DIN....more info
  • Ocean's Eleven
    The older version of Ocean's Eleven was great...made me a little sick at the end, oops, I almost revealed THE END!!...more info
  • This is it baby.
    Let's get the flaws out of the way: not enough laughs, moves a bit slow, coulda had more action, no Sinatra number (!?). Everything else about this movie is legendary: the cats, the cards, the dough the heist, the attitude, the ambience, the booze, an appearance by Red Norvo backing Dean Martin on "Ain't That a Kick In The Head", and a bunch of guys being real guys. Not sensitive sissy males, not trashy, not cheesy Night at The Roxbury greaseballs, but high class pallies having a good time. In the days before dressy casual (bleh), Izod shirts (double-bleh), polyester, and before the male standard-bearers became ex-jocks in beer commercials and movies like "Road House" (triple-bleh) and "Point Break" (sextuple-bleh)...this was the living end, pure decadence, the high life personified as only Frankie and Dean could do it. Thank you Lord, for giving us Saint Francis of Hoboken, Saint Dino of Steubenville, St. Norman of Fell and all their followers to show us the light!...more info
  • Vegas Time Capsule
    "Ocean's 11" (1960) has survived as a cult favorite among Rat Pack aficionados. The film also represents a time capsule of a Las Vegas that no longer exists, as evidenced by the destruction of the Sands in 1996. Unfortunately, there is little else that remains memorable, except for the famous "twist" ending and some amusing cameos by Red Skelton, George Raft and Shirley MacLaine. In retrospect, director Lewis Milestone was better off filming the Rat Pack's "Summit" performances, which had more energy and spontaneity. For a "caper" film, "Ocean's 11" moves at a lethargic pace - bogged down by too many secondary characters and subplots. Amazingly, the heist is not introduced until the halfway mark. In terms of Rat Pack portrayals, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. come off best, with Frank Sinatra displaying little enthusiasm for the material. A potentially good film was buried in "Ocean's 11," which director Steven Soderbergh unearthed with his 2001 remake. ...more info
  • Aint that a hole in the boat!
    A CLASSIC! Best part is seeing Dino on stage singing "Aint that a kick in the head" PRICELESS BABY...more info
    If you enjoy a movie with a great story, loads of talented actors, great direction and production this is the one you are looking for. Wait for the remake to come on cable, but buy this one for your collection....more info
  • Keeps You on your toes
    With the remake of this movie coming to theatres this weekend, I feel I best write a review of the original movie. Ocean's Eleven will probably be one of my favorite movies around. If they are showing it, I will watch. No, it probably wasn't Oscar calibrated material, and the guys here was just having fun while making a movie here, but, it was their money. But,now that the majority of these men are dead, it is fun to sit up and watch this caper from time to time.. It will keep you laughing,singing,at the edge of your seat and running for more. Now, I plan to see the new version of it soon and perhaps it would be interesting to see how they changed the film to fit today's standaards. I am sure it is worth a look see for that reason alone. But I am a classic movie buff, so I will be sentimental on the original....more info
  • One of my top five favorite films.
    I have to say I love this movie. Even if you hate the Rat Pack, the scenes of Las Vegas in 1960 are worth the price. I was in high school when this movie came out and saw it at least five times when it played at the local drive-in. My dad had taken me to Vegas a few times and I will always remember how it looked in 50-60's era. This film captures that glamour. Great performances by all the gang and even a song or two. Sammy Davis singing E-O-Eleven still comes to mind when I visit Vegas today. Cameos by Shirley McLane and Red Skelton add to the good humor this film offers. Ingenous methods of breaking into the casino's, and the suspense of "will they succeed?" make for great entertainment. If you have'nt seen it and like movies made back when Hollywood made great films without heavy and bloody sex and violence, then this movie is for you. I only hope it comes out on dvd soon so I can have a copy to last my lifetime....more info
  • Real Celebrities!
    Others have reviewed the movie's plot and setting. I want to concentrate more on the all-star cast... not quite like "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," but loaded with "celebrity" today's younger generation doesn't comprehend. The Rat Pack guys and their peers will be revered a century from now....more info
  • 7 COME 11....PLEASE!
    After we saw the new Movie called "OCEAN'S 11" Allen went out and rented a Video called 'OCEAN'S ELEVEN" so I could see the difference, (besides the 11/ELEVEN).

    The Film was made in 1960 from the Book by the same name. Lewis Milestone's the Director for Warner Brothers.


    1) At the time the Movie was made each Casino in Las Vegas was owned by a different "Mob Family". To get past the very strict Las Vegas Gambling Laws other People were needed to own the majority of shares.

    2) In each Casino there was the "cash room" and behind that was the "counting room". The "counting room" could not be entered by all shareholders. Only the Mob Family's Representatives could go into it. They went to "skim", (like my Family skim the cream off of 100 0/0 Milk when I was a Child), the percentage of money they would take before they divided the rest between all of the Shareholders.

    3) The "skimmed" money was nicknamed "dirty" money and it had to be "laundered", (cleaned). In order to do this the Mob Family's need to own Legitimate Business' that dealt mostly in cash. These Buisness' would be Cafes, Bars, Garbage Companies and Funeral Homes.

    4) There were no camera's in the "counting room" but it was protected by very big Men with very big Guns.

    5) There was a "seeing eye", (camera), which allowed Security to watch every table in the Casino.


    Frank Sinatra-Danny Ocean

    Dean Martin-Sam Harmon

    Sammy Davis Jr.-Josh Howard

    Angie Dicknson-Beatrice Ocean

    Richard Conte-Tony Bergdorf

    Joey Bishop-Mushy O'Connors.

    Cesar Romero, (who was not one of the "Rat Pack"-Jock Santos

    Peter Lawford- (President John F. Kennedy's Brother-in-Law),-Jimmie Foster

    Shabo Quin-is a 105 lb. Chinese Acrobat


    Ilka Chase-Mrs. Restes, (Jimmy's Mother), Buddy Lester-Vince Massler, Richard Benedict-George "Curly" Stephans, Jean Willes-Mrs. Gracie Bergdorf, Norman Fell-Peter Reimer a Demolition Expert, Hank Henry-Mr. Kelly who is a Mortician, Robert Foulk-Sheriff Wimmer, Red Skelton plays Himself, George Raft- Jack Strager who plays a Casino Owner, Ronnie Dapo-Timmy Bergdorf, (Tony's Son), Gregory Gaye-Freeman who is a Casino Owner, Hoot Gibson-The Deputy in charge of the Roadblock, Joe Gray-The Barber, John Indrisano-The Texan, Sparky Kaye-The Manager of the Riviera Hotel,Forrest Lederer- The Manager of Sands Hotel, Pinky Lee plays Himself, Shirley MacLaine-Tipsy Girl,Charles Meredith-Mr. Cohen a Mortician,Tom Middleton-Don Murphy, aTV Newscaster, Anne Neyland-Dolores, Red Norvo-"Vibraphonist",Steve Pendleton-Major Taylor,Carmen Phillips-Hungry girl, Louis Quinn-DeWolfe, Shiva-Snake dancer,Joan Staley-Helen,Barbara Sterling-Girl,George E. Stone-Proprietor and Jerry Velasco-a Harmonica playing Garbage Man.


    Sammy Cahn and Jimmy Van Heusen.


    The Nelson Riddle Orcastra.


    Dean Martin sings "Ain't Love A Kick In The Head" and Sammy Davis Jr. sings and dances to "E.O.Eleven". I found it strange that Frank Sinatra does not sing.

    I loved the Scene where the Burlesque Dancers take off their clothes to the song called "The Tender Trap".


    Danny Ocean was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division during WWII. He needs money because his Marriage to Beatrice is in trouble. He decided to plan to rob the five biggest Casino's in Las Vegas on New Years Eve. To do this he need ten other People to help him.

    He goes out to find his 10 Pals from his old Division. He has not trouble convincing them into helping him as they all need money for a variety of reasons.

    Everyone can use the money especially Tony Bergdorf who needs some money for his Son's Education and Josh is driving a Garbage Truck, (and feels that after he won a Distinguished Service Metal he should have been treated better),

    The one person who can stop them is Jock Santos, (an ex-Convict). It takes a lot of "slapstick " tricks to do this.

    There is boxing Scene in this Film is between Mike Tyson and Holyfield.

    Davis takes down out electric Tower. This lets the group into the unprotected "conting rooms."

    During the Film is a lot of time for Danny and Sam to drink, joke, (a lot seem like insiders jokes), and smoke. I got very angry when Sam Harmon wants to remove the both the 14th and 20th Amendments of the United Stares so he can "make all Women Slaves"! Was this a joke in the '60's?

    I did like the Scenes at the "Platinum Horse Cabaret. The
    "ladies" did an excellent part in acting their small roles.

    Will Duke Santos be the winner or the loser in the end? Do they get the money? This time I will tell you that they do.

    I won't be telling you because I don't want to ruin it for anyone who might want to see the Movie.

    I will also tell you after you see the Film you will be able to tell me the ending.

    This Movie is nothing like "Ocean's 11" that just opened in America this Week. If you decide to see it you will have a different experience and will not know what is going to happen next.


    I did enjoy the 1 1/2 hours of the Film but I felt it was dated. I guess Allen and I will have to disagree on this one! I will rate this a four to be fair.

    It would be of interest to People at Opinions who remember the "Rat Pack" and I would recommend this Video to them....more info

  • E-O 5 Stars!
    Granted the pacing for this movie was a bit on the sluggish side. But then again, so was Psycho and Casablanca. The age of flashcut editing and grainy filters (see: Traffic). 1960's films didn't need to worry about bloggers going ape over the slow pace or the fact that Frank and Co. doesn't even "heist" until 60+ mins into the film. Character development was the key back then. George Bailey be damned, but you wouldn't have known the main reason he was on the bridge talking to Clarence until you saw ALL the problems he was having.
    NOW...as far as this movie goes, it is spectacular. The music, the story, even the wardrobe. Dean gives a couple combat fatigue'd gals a good song near the middle of the movie, Frank justifies his eager loins, Sammy contributes probably the best part of the movie. How ironic a city employee commits a MAJOR crime, and DOESN'T HAVE A MAJOR INQUIRY OR COMMITTEE hunting him down. Early on in her career, Shirley MacClaine was known for a Rat Pack friend. She looks her age now, but darn it if she didn't look fantastic back then!
    If you wanted to know what Vegas was like in the days after Bugsy, but before the Mob really came into town, check out "Ocean's 11".
    Perhaps I'm a little biased as well, but as I used to work at a radio station that played Dean, Frank, Sammy songs...as well as Theresa Brewer, Burl Ives (he of the "Holly Jolly Christmas" fame), et al I immediately fell in love with the movie.
    "Ocean's 11" gives you the Vegas that made Vegas...well, Vegas. Why did people spend money at a casino? To see Dino's lounge act. To hear Theresa Brewer belt out fantastic love songs...and to see Red Skelton's comedy act.

    For those that hadn't picked up on the pun in my review's title, I'll give you a moment to stick your head in sand....more info
  • Eleven Stars if Possible for the Rat Pack
    Probably one of the best "Heist" films of all time...period. OCEAN'S 11 has been scrutinized off and on over the years and now that all the original "Rat-Packers" have passed away, and with the Steve Soderbergh & George Clooney remake with sequels completed, the film has been elevated to "Classic" status. When the film was shown on network and local television over the years before the advent of VHS and DVD, the movie was padded with commercials and almost shown to 2-1/2 to 3 hour lengths. The movie suffered in its pacing and tone. When shown without the commercial interruptions on video, PBS, or cable, it fares way better. Even though there is really a serious and understated tone to this Rat Packer film, the real treat here is just to see "the guys"(who represented the swinging coolness of the late 50's/early 60's of America before the advent of the counter-culture late-60's, the Vietnam War, and the death of JFK) together on an adventure. The story is straight forward, and the technical jargon of the heist is easy to understand compared to its modern day remake(s), and the characters are all likeable. The twist ending is classic and that final stroll on the Las Vegas Strip of all the characters after that cruel irony of an ending surmises that even though the guys lost the dough, they didn't lose their cool....more info
  • The real deal!
    George Clooney has got nothing on the Rat Pack! An excellent story, great action, and even great singing! What else would you expect from these legendary entertainers? A must have for any fan of the Rat Pack, and any fan of Movies!...more info