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SIGMA PC15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch
List Price: $79.99

Our Price: $49.99

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Product Description

The PC 15 is like its users: sporty, ambitious, committed. It is an individual trainer that allows you to control, plan, and evaluate your exercise sessions with total precision complete with Training Manager and Lap Counter. Displays the difference between current and maximum heart rate in percent.

Sigma Sport's PC 15 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is like its users: sporty, ambitious and committed to excellence. Anyone with a passion for sport and fitness will soon find a place for it in their heart. It is an individual trainer that allows you to control, plan, and evaluate your exercise sessions with total precision--complete with Training Manager, Lap Counter and is 100% electro cardiogram (EKG) exact.


  • Training manager for optimum exercise evaluation and monitoring
  • Time menu with 7 functions
  • Pulse menu with 6 functions
  • Automatic exercise zone feature to calculate individual ideal limits
  • Zone indicator
  • 3 zone alarm
  • Easy-to-use menu
  • My name function
  • 5 language support
  • Lap counter (50 laps)
  • Backlight
  • Battery compartment

What's in the Box?
PC 15 heart rate monitor watch, elastic chest strap, transmitter belt, bicycle mounting bracket with O-ring.

Manufacturer's Warranty
Five-year warranty on defective parts or products.

About Sigma Sport
Sigma Sport represents German technology at its highest level, combining innovative design with precision engineering. Sigma tests all their products in their in-house laboratories to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring quality continually throughout production. All Sigma Sport standard lights conform to the stringent German traffic standard, and all Sigma Sport products are CE-approved.

  • 15 Functions: Clock, Date, Stopwatch, Alarm clock, Lap Counter, Total training time, Training time per exercise zone, Current HR, Avg HR, Max HR, Training Manager
  • 3 settable zones with audible alarm, Calorie counter, Total Calories, Back light, My name function
  • ECG Precise, Compatible with cardio machines
  • Water proof
  • Includes handlebar Mount

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent features, instructions and menu could better
    I've been running with Heart Rate monitors for over five years. In this time I have used products by Sports Instruments and its predecessor Freestyle. The thing I liked about their heart rate monitors was the abundance of data, in particular the 3 zones (health, fitness, performance). The Sigma gives this data as well as the percentage of time spent in each zone. Naturally it also gives average heart rate and estimated calorie burn. As indicated in the description the watch also has numerous other features, but I really don't use them. I primarily like to track my time in the various zones, so I was very happy to find that the Sigma PC 15 provides this data.

    When I first used my PC15 I thought it wasn't working. It turns out that I needed to moisten the chest strap a bit (as per the instructions!). My previous monitor/strap must have been more sensitive as I never had to moisten. In any case, once I moistened the electrodes the watch picked up the signal almost immediately.

    The monitor is definitely worthy of 5 stars. I give it only 4 stars because the menu isn't the most intuitive. The instructions are somewhat confusing and could have been clearer.

    Finally, I am very happy with my Sigma PC 15 and recommend it as an alternative to its higher-priced, name-brand alternatives....more info
  • Great for the price
    I have this device for over a year and I love it. It is accurate and simple to use (once you learn how to). All the threadmils I have run on were able to receive and identify the belt signal. this is a great device. ...more info
  • Watch
    Works good the only problem I see is when trying to locate the heart rate takes a couple of minutes to do so but other than that the watch works great....more info
  • Good monitor
    This is a good HR monitor for the price, both myself and my Girlfriend have one and we like them a lot. They're mainly very accurate and have good functions.

    PROs: accurate, customizable(IE age, weight, training zone) simple (I don't like having to mess with a lot of buttons when working out.) Kcal is acually somewhat accurate unlike the timex I tried out and the polar wrist only model. bicycle mount included.

    CONs: prone to interference from other HR monitors. ( I was on an eliptical @ the gym next to my GF and my monitor read 285bpm, which means I should be dead, once I moved it away from hers it was fine.)very prone to interference outside the gym (IE wireless networks, cell hpones, radios) tends to disconnect when seated like on a recumbent bike, other languages make this a little cumbersome.

    ...more info
  • Short useful life
    Used the monitor for six months, worked great. Suddenly "NO SIGNAL" appears whenever I try it. Changed batteries, slathered self with conducting gel, still NO SIGNAL. Shouldn't a $50 HRM last longer than six months?...more info
  • Great Monitor, Great Price
    I ordered this item when I saw it on an special. It was the right price and had the chest band. It actually works really well and does all the thinking for me, for instance I put in my gender, weight, and age and it calculates the correct cardiovascular zones for me, keeps track of KCal, total KCal, and can keep track of laps. Its consistent, meaning that if I do approximately the same exercise I burn the same number of calories, so I can rest assured that it is functioning correctly and takes stable, reproducible readings.

    I don't know if its because I'm female, but I do have some problems with the signal dropping from time to time. Its usually very brief and typically happens during sit-ups or stretching, which is fine with me as that's not really when I need to watch my heart rate. I also have to make sure the plastic that covers the sensor is warm and I have to breathe on it to provide some moisture so that it will actually start reading before I get 5 minutes into my workout. I also cannot use a sports bra I have to use a top with a shelf bra, or exercise top with a shelf bra. Fabric from my sports bras tended to get in the way of the chest band and caused some signal problems, this of course is not the fault of the chest band....more info
  • UPDATE: Bought Sept '07, Died July '08
    My earlier comments are below...

    July 2008 Update...

    My SIGMA PC15 is now dead. It lasted less than a year.

    Note: I never took my PC15 in the water.

    Now in search of another heart rate monitor. Looking for one that can last longer than a year.

    Disappointed. Worked great while it lasted...


    I was going to wait a while to review the Sigma PC15, but as I was just asked for a HRM recommendation from a friend, it makes sense to got ahead now.


    A while back I bought two HRMs for my work as a clinical psychologist. Got a coupla small HRMs, wristwatch size with a wire running to a "cuff" over a finger. Each of them cost $20-$25 more than the PC15. And all they did was monitor HR with an option to set an alarm. Seems to me the price for the Sigma PC15 is more than reasonable.


    I am NOT fond of digital watches with buttons. iPods OK. Cell phones, just fine. Complicated computer programs, no problem. But not digital watches with buttons. Add translated-from-the-German instructions written by techies for techies and you'd think a bad appraisal was forthcoming. But no. Non-digital-watch-techies can use the PC15. I still think some of the access is "random," but I can usually get to where I want to be.

    RUN / CYCLE.

    I've used the Sigma PC on both of my bikes and on one long run. No difference in signal strength or accessibility with wrist (running) vs. mounting (cycling). Another reviewer commented on the ease of viewing the data and I would concur.


    The warning that users should not push the buttons when swimming has warned me off using this in the water. Although I'm training for a triathlon in 2008, I really don't need this.


    Another reviewer noticed that SIGNAL LOST is common. My experience: it's related to signal strength and interference. Attempts to see what my HR was while driving failed: too much interference in the car. Also, while going around the BWI Airport (cycle) loop I notice that the SIGNAL LOST message came up in predictable, high interference areas. So if you lose signal? Be patient, check to see what might be interfering, move past, etc. My signal always came back as predictably as it disappeared.


    I gather some folks like to download HRM information to their laptops. Although I am OCD enough to warm to this marvelous notion, I'm not willing to pay for it and am pleased with the functionality available with the PC15 at this price. Happy using pen and paper, later *laboriously* transferring data to my Excel spreadsheet.


    So far can only say the PC15 is a great piece of kit at a reasonable price. Very pleased indeed.

    If Amazon allows double entries I'll check back in a few months. If others could do the same that would be a real service.

    Dr. Kirtland Peterson

    ADDITIONAL NOTES July 25, 2008________________


    In general I remain very happy with the PC15.

    When my wife wanted a HRM, she too went for the PC15 and is pleased with her decision.


    Minor things...

    The strap that comes with the monitor gets loose rather quickly. Be prepared to shorten it with staples, thread, knots, etc. Irritating.

    Even tho' I've never used my PC15 in the water and did not wear it on my first tri, the display on the watch has started to go. A "band" near the top of the display no longer registers data--it's just blank. Of course, what used to be visible here is crucially important for functionality. Annoying....more info
  • Inexpensive, but frustrating
    I've had this heart rate monitor for over a year now. I use it for running and biking. It was one or the lower priced models I could find with features such as target zones. For the most part it has been reliable and helpful.

    Problems I have encountered:
    1. Not sure how it reset, but one day it was displaying in German. Only way I could reset it (since I don't understand German) was to dig out the manual and match up the German instruction pictures to the English instructions (there are 6 languages in the manual) until I could get it back to English.
    2. Generally I find the menu system confusing. I'd like to be able to see Clock time with the Heart Rate, but that is not easy to do. It seems like you can get that, but that it switches out of that setting on its on.
    3. Sometimes it gets stuck at a heart rate - usually at some unreasonable rate, like twice what it should be. I have to stop running and wait until it corrects itself.
    4. Probably the most frustrating bit is that the training time doesn't work unless it is getting a pulse rate. If there is "No Signal" then the timer stops running. No signal and you can't start the stop watch. Went for a 30 minute run today and the watch only counted 19 minutes of the run, because the signal kept dropping.
    5. NO SIGNAL - After a year I have figured this out pretty well. Generally I can wet my chest and the band "pickup" areas (saliva works quite well) and get a signal. In the winter this may not work and I use an electrode gel I got from the drug store (most don't carry it in my area, so I had to shop around to find it.) The chest strap does stretch over time and you will need to adjust it ever now and then to get the band to stay put during exercise.
    6. The handle bar attachment for the bike is made for small bars. It still works on my road bike, but I can't use the O-ring they include to "lock" it in place. So when I take the watch off the attachment, I have to remove the attachment from the bike or it may fall off and get lost.
    7. The battery compartment cover was difficult to turn on my watch and I almost destroyed the slot you put the coin in before I got it open. Tried to open it last week and it is too damaged to open with a coin. Will need special attention to open it.

    For the money it isn't a bad deal. The transmitter isn't being picked up anymore by the watch, so I'm in the market for a new monitor. I won't buy another Sigma....more info
  • Doesn't work
    I bought this item a few weeks ago and have used it 4 - 5 times. The heart rate monitor works for about 10 minutes and then the signal is lost. I can pause it, reposition the monitor, find the signal and then start it again but it quits again and again. I'm going to try to replace the battery in the monitor but I don't know why the battery would be weak already. I think it is more likely the battery compartment is getting wet from sweat. Why doesn't the manufacturer put the battery compartment on the front away from the body? No one sees the monitor anyway....more info
  • Excellent value
    While the slew of menus and features in this HRM may be daunting to those using it for the first time, it soon becomes very simple, and those extra features in the product description become quite handy. My favorite feature is the display of the "zone" you're in, calculated from a percentage of your maximum rate. It seems to be quite accurate, and the only real criticism I have is that the backlight requires you to press two buttons at once, potentially going into another menu if you press one button slightly before the other. Also, the light turns off after a short time, even if you are still navigating through the menus....more info
  • Short Term Product
    I purchased this product in August,07 and I was pretty satisfied with it until after not even 3 months it stopped working. I replaced the batteries twice in the belt and once in the watch. Nothing! It simply stopped monitoring the heart rate. The watch still kept its normal functionality though. For last recourse, I sent an email to Niagara Cycle customer service asking only if they could help me in finding a solution to the problem. They replied informing that after 30 days of purchase they could not accept returns and suggested that I should contact the manufacturer. Very frustrating as I take my training very seriously. Well, I did get in contact with Sigma customer care and they were very cordial and helpful. They provided an excellent assistance and requested that I would return the product to them for repair/replacement.
    I really think this is a great product. That's why I insisted so much in trying to fix it! I don't know what's the reason of the problem with my watch...but I can't wait to get it back!...more info
  • Great product
    I own this product myself and liked it so much I bought it for my dad as a gift. It works very well, has a large display, and the strap is not uncomfortable at all. It has a ton of features, so much in fact that it's a bit confusing learning how everything works at first. This is the only reason I gave 4 stars....more info
  • Excellent
    I've had two Polars that never quite worked properly and eventually quit after a year. The Sigma works consistently, accurately and is easy to use yet gives a lot of information. Highly recommended....more info
  • Simply Wonderful!
    This heart rate system was so easy to use. You set your information and go. I do suggest setting it up using the guide, otherwise you will get lost in the menus. However, it works so great at the gym. Most of the treadmills, elipticals, and cycling machines will pick up the signal and send it to the machines Heart Rate Display. It is a good training tool!...more info
  • Great value, works well
    Compared to the other heart monitors, I feel this was a huge value. My husband asked me how much I paid for it when I first got it because he couldn't believe it was less than $100. Training with a heart monitor has changed my workouts for the better and improves the efficiency of my fitness routine. I bought this for spin class, but now I use it for every workout. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Very bad quality!!! Don't buy.
    Sigma watch has a very poor quality. I bought I PC7 one year ago and the first time I put it under the shower it stops working (it was supposed to be 3m water resistance). I sent to sigma and I have to pay for all transport expenses from (From China to Brazil).After 1 year the battery is down and the back is rusty (I have a 10 year old Casio watch that is used is swimming in pool and seawater and does not have any rusty).
    Don't recommend Sigma watches....more info
  • Works Well!
    I bought this HRM after my last Polar gave out. I'm pleased. The Sigma does everything it claims to do, and does it well. I wish the display were a little brighter, but otherwise I'm happy with it. If it were a bit more readable under my rather dim gym lights I would have given it 5 stars. This may not be a problem for anyone else....more info