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Digital Purple 630 Disney Pix Click Tinkerbell Digital Camera
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $22.99

You Save: $27.00 (54%)


Product Description

Aspiring photographers can record favorite moments in a snap with their very own digital camera. Each one features a cool Disney theme that allows kids to add that particular character on their photos for a special effect. Includes 16MB memory, USB cable and interactive effects software for adding flair to photos. Holds up to 200 pictures. Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included). 1.1" color LCD view screenMeasures 4.5" x 1.75" x 2.5".

  • 16 MB (Holds over 200 photos)
  • VGA 640x480
  • Built-in auto flash
  • 2x digital zoom

Customer Reviews:

  • Extreme Disappointment
    My daughter wants a digital camera more than just about anything. She received this Disney Pix for Christmas. The camera is a complete disappointment. First of all we had to go to the support website to find out the software that comes with the camera does NOT work with Vista, and they tell you to download something else. I followed all the directions (I am very software-friendly and have lots of experience with software so I didn't think this would be a problem) and got the new software installed and everytime we try to download the pictures the software freezes and won't do anything at all. After several very frustrating attempts at getting this camera to work on my brand new computer system (including uninstalling and starting all over again), I am giving up and getting her a different camera altogether. If you're shopping for a child's camera, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!! I wish I'd had the luxury of reading the reviews on this one before she got it as a gift, but I had no idea anyone was planning on getting her one. Now after the hectic holiday, I don't even know who gave it to her, so I cannot ask for a gift receipt to return it!!

    Thanks Disney / Digital Blue for creating a situation of disappointment for a 6 year old and making lots of tears, not to mention alot of wasted time on my part. I will never buy another Digital Blue product....more info
  • TERRIBLE Camera
    This camera is awful. My father got this camera for my daughter for Christmas on my reccomendation. I read the bad reviews and thought that it couldn't be that bad.....well, it is. The view finder is so dark (even after trying all 3 adjustments) that you can't even make out what you're looking at. That is what kids really want: to see what they are taking a picture of. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA! I just returned mine and bought the vtech pink camera (just found pink for the first time at toys-r-us for the first time, thought it was only orange). My nephew has the orange vtech and you can see through the viewer and it is expandable, can take video, play games, and won't break if dropped. Go get the Vtech instead!...more info
  • Not worth it
    Picture quality is horrible and that's with decent light. Forget anything darker than a very bright room.
    The overlay thing can be kind of fun for the kids but the almost indistinguishable photo part will keep it from lasting.
    It's fairly sturdy, more than a standard camera anyway.
    You're better off getting a used 1 or 2 megapixel camera at the same price.

    For some reason I can't give this thing less than 2 stars. It really only gets a 1 from me....more info
  • Returned quickly
    Really a piece of junk. The software it comes with is fairly good but not worth it. No flash, the viewfinder was way off so in the event you did get a good picture the person's head was cut off. You really can't take a picture with these and expect it to turn out. My girls liked them, they looked cool but an absolute piece of junk. You had to have a very steady hand to get a picture that wasn't blurred. My girls didn't have that steady hand. Thankfully the store took them back with no questions. Save yourself a hassel and just don't buy them....more info
  • Piece of junk
    This camera may be good for kids, but they can take better quality pictures on a cell phone. The viewing screen is terrible. The flash isn't very good either. You need to take the pictures in a room with tons of light or outside in the bright sun. I was very disappointed, and I doubt this camera will ever be used....more info
  • Poor quality photos
    I'm surprised that they couldn't get better quality photos in a $50 camera. The quality looked like my RAZR phone years ago. The flash made the photos way too bright and actually worked better without. My 8yr old loves taking pictures but it would be so much better if it took good pictures....more info
  • Absolutely, positively garbage!
    I purchased this camera for my 7-year-old Daughter. It looks like a cute little camera but the pictures that it takes are horrible. They are so blurry and so dark that you can hardly see anything. The camera doesn't have any type of flash and it is badly needed. We even tried taking pictures in very bright light and the pictures still look like they were taken outside at midnight without a flash. I don't leave 1 star reviews very often but I feel this camera is very deserving of it.
    ...more info
  • this camera stinks
    you can hardly see the screen, the pictures come out with terrible quality and it was difficult for my daughter to use....more info
  • Please read
    If you bought the camera for 49.99, you did not get the 3.0 mega pixel camera. If you paid 89.99, you got the 3.0 mega pixel and are probably happy with it. it appears the bad reviews are for the lower mega pixel camera. The two cameras look alike....more info
  • Disappointed
    This camera is really small but has no viewer screen. We ended up getting a different camera for our 7 yr old. ...more info
  • Terrible product
    The pictures are horrible. It is not worth the money. You can not even make out what you are taking a picture of on the display. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Great product for the money
    This product is a really great value for the money. The camera is a very cute design and the software made the product that much more fun! I have bought several of these cameras and it is really great to see the kids use this camera on their own. If you are looking for something simple and inexpensive for kids this is a great option....more info
  • Poor. Very disappointing.
    My kids are always stealing my expensive Canon digital camera, so I bought 2 of these Disney cameras for them. They like to photograph silly things like their feet, their toys, and their lunch. This Disney camera is not even applicable to such silly-fun photography. I was fair warned that the pictures would be grainy when downloaded (only 1 megapixel), but I hoped that the act of photographing stuff would be a fun activity for the kids. No so. The LCD screen on the back of the camera is completely useless, as you can barely even make out objects within 1-2 feet away. When preparing to take a picture, you must hold the camera very still and about 12 inches from the subject. When using such a technique, you will be able to make out the outline of the object, at best. After the kids gave the cameras a try and discovered that the LCD images were impossible to decipher, the cameras were left in the bottom of the toy box. Do not waste money on this camera. ...more info
  • Lovely camera for kids
    this is lively camera for kids , but the screen is too small , and the resolution of the screen is really bad , but my daughter love it .....more info
  • ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The picture quality stinks. WHen downloaded, they are all black!!!! Even when taken in extreme bright light.!!!!!! I will never buy another disney product. What a rip-off. A sheer disgrace....more info
  • Horrible waste of money
    My son received this as a present for Christmas, and I can't imagine anyone buying this after seeing the already written reviews. DO NOT waste your money. We have not had 1 picture we could use or even see out of this thing. For the money, I don't expect much, but I would have thought we could at least see the images in the photo...but nope!
    Don't waste your money....more info
  • Awful
    We bought this for our son, a fan of Cars and also a kid who always wants to use the digital camera and wants to see the picture after it is taken. We had wanted the Fisher-Price camera that was sold out everywhere. The LCD display is awful, cannot make out the subject when you are taking a picture nor when reviewing. The pictures are all terrible - put them on the computer today - both those taken by our child and those taken by the parents. He can easily take a decent photo with my old Canon S 110 and with my cell phone.
    So, let's hope that Best Buy will take this back!...more info
  • sofar so good
    works great nothing fancey but able to use with other photo shops and picture programs so i give it an A...more info
  • So bad, I cannot believe it!
    I bought three of these for my three children who love to take pictures with my expensive camera--so at $49.99 each that would be $150! I should have just bought a low-end real digital camera for them to share. This is the worst product and if I were Disney Inc., I would be embarrassed to have my name on it. The pics are grainy at best, but since you cannot possibly see what you are taking pictures of (due to the LCD monitor being neglible) what can you expect. Take a pass on this one. It is truly sad that this is such an inferior camera....more info
  • warning- 2 different cameras!
    The link for two different cameras leads to the same page.
    The Disney Pix Micro is very different from the Disney Pix Click.

    I don't have either item but I just wanted to clarify the reviews- I was very confused as to how people could notice different megapixels and flash on the same item.

    Read the reviews carefully to try to figure out which camera you are reading about....more info
  • DO NOT BUY...if bought take back now!!
    This product is horrible! My 6 year old recieved this present for Xmas and we just opened it today. You can not see out the is like watching a bad digital movie..the people and object do not come into focus
    You literally can not see what you are taking a picture of!

    So we tried to download the pictures...such horrible quality!!
    This is going back today!...more info