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Sisco SC081BP Protector 8-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder
List Price: $60.00

Our Price: $49.00

You Save: $11.00 (18%)


  • Eight sheet cutting capacity
  • Automatic turn on
  • Powerful AC motor
  • Three function switch
  • 3.96 gallon wastebasket. UL Listed

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for home use!
    This item was just what I needed to add to home security--not too large--but does everything the site says. And it was shipped in great conditon quickly!...more info
  • 8 sheets?
    I guess technically this shredder will handle 8 sheets, but it doesn't like it. When you stick 6-8 sheets of paper in the shredder at one time the motor sounds like it's going to seize.
    This shredder is perfect for throwing one piece of junk mail in at a time, but not for shredding a lot of paper. ...more info
  • Not the best shredder...just okay.
    All around, this shredder is okay. Not super, not really bad. One flaw it has (less than one month after I received it) is that the AUTO shred feature does not work. It just runs without stopping, even if there is no paper in front of the sensor. I have to actually turn it on and off. It is definitely not quiet, and the paper pieces are a little bigger than I was expecting. I also noticed a small crack in the housing on the bottom by one of the screws. I hope that doesn't become a problem later. Other than that, it gets the job done....more info
  • love this shredder
    This works so well. I like that it makes little pieces instead of strips. It's a little loud but it works great....more info
  • Good value
    I was pleasantly surprised by this shredder. It is not meant for heavy use but has stood up under the stress of reorganizing my home office. It is good value for money. It's not mentioned on the instructions but the light sensor located in the middle of the top where there is a little notch needs to be cleaned now and then to keep it from running continuously. I use a cotton swab with a little alcohol....more info