Sony Mdrnc22/Blk Noise Canceling Headphone (Black)
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Product Description

No matter where you go, enjoy peace and quiet with the MDR-NC22 Noise Canceling headphones. These compact and comfortable bud-style headphones can reduce noise by 75% (12dB at 200 Hz) and the 13.5mm driver units produce powerful sound. Perfect for tuning out noise at work, traveling, or even when you are trying to sleep in a loud environment. The noise canceling circuit actually senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal-but-opposite canceling signal to the headphones. Additional features include an in-flight adapter, compact battery box and it even comes with a carrying pouch.

  • 13.5Mm Driver For Better Sound Quality
  • Up To 75 Noise Reduction
  • Slim Battery Compartment
  • Monitor Switch To Mute Audio & Turn Off Nc Temporarily
  • Black

Customer Reviews:

  • Good noise cancelling, but average audio quality
    For me, the noise cancelling feature was main reason to buy this earphone. I got mixed results. It worked really well for low frequency noise like humming noise from exhaust fan, but not for high pitch noise. On the plane, it worked well for most of time, but some types of airplane had high pitch noise also. On the package box, it says 75% noise cancelling. I don't know what exactly means, but I can tell it worked well for about 3 out of 4 times. When it didn't work very well, it was still better to have the noise cancelling turned on.
    The audio quality was a little disappointing since it was not as good as my regular earphone SONY MDR EX-71 when it was quite. Though, it still did much better on the plane with noise cancelling on. When you turn off the noise cancelling, you can use as a regular earphone.
    If you make a lot of travel or work in noisy environment, it is a very good earphone, especially if you don't like bulky headpnones. If you don't care about the size, over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones from panasonic or Bese will be better choice....more info
  • best value
    I have owned these headphones for about 4 months now, and I still use them everyday. Yes, there is a slight "hiss" when you first turn on the noise-canceling switch, but that hiss is only noticeable if you are not listening to anything (i.e. music).

    The noise-canceling itself works like a miracle. I almost missed my flight at the airport because I didn't hear the announcement to board the plane. And then on the plane I almost missed my chance to get a drink because I didn't hear the attendant. They work equally as well at drowning out little kids and big roaring plane engines. And when the noise-canceling switch is off, they work well to passively block or at least muffle most sounds, but only if you use the right size earbuds (I have to use a different size for each ear for best effect).

    They have pretty good bass response, infinitely better than the response on the stock iPod headphones. Speaking of which, I was able to set my iPod volume limit to less than 15% of the maximum volume because these Sony headphones are much louder than the iPod ones.

    The battery life is great. In the 4 months of use, I've only had to replace the battery once (they come with kind of a generic, cheap Sony battery, I'm sure higher quality batteries like Duracell or Energizer will last much longer). When the red light starts to dim, change the battery, it makes a huge difference in sound quality.

    The only thing I dislike about these headphones is the cord design. For some reason, Sony thought it would be cool to make one side longer than the other, thus the right headphone cord is longer than the left one, and that is just annoying sometimes. And for some reason they thought it would be ok to place the battery box half way between the plug and the headphones, when in reality a better idea would have been to put the box much closer to the plug, so it can easily be placed in a pocket. I mostly use them when sitting anyways, so these things are too big of a problem for me.

    These are definitely not for sport use, because the constant tugging motion on the cord will cause the headphones to frequently pop out of your ears.

    ...more info
  • Very good overall
    These headphones have very good noise attenuation and great sound. I was very pleased with what they did to the noise level on an airplane. They are light weight and portable. They also run for a long time on a single battery. Some reviewers have commented on a hiss when they are on. This is the case (it even says you will hear this in the instructions). But if you are listening to music or on an airplane, you won't even notice it. One criticism would be that there is some noise caused by the cord moving if you use them while exercising or moving around a lot. Wearing them with the cord around the back of your neck (per the instructions) can help with this. They can also be a little uncomfortable after being worn for a long time since the rubber earpiece must be wedged into the ear firmly. Overall I'm very pleased with these headphones....more info
  • Real Value ..Real Performance
    This was my first noise canceling phones and I researched for over a week before buying these, and I wasn't disappointed. It gives the performance that you expect. The ergonomic design gives you the comfort feel that is unmatched over the normal earphones. The noise canceling technology really works and I tend to use it to test in different places with high decibel levels and every time these phones work.Its a good buy....more info
  • I couldn't take the hissing sound
    The noise reduction works ok, and they were comfortable. The thing that I just couldn't deal with was the loud hissing noise when the noise reduction function is turned on......more info
  • You get more than what you pay for
    These cannot be compared to a product costing four times as much, and besides, most people won't find that the high-end Bose won't give them four times the value. Also, choosing not to spend more money does not mean "can't afford." In my case, I could more than afford Bose, but I refuse to since I tend to be rough on my hardware (most of my headphones and earbuds last just a few months, half a year at most). I was unwilling to buy even these Sonys, at first.

    However, my previous noise-canceling headphones broke, and when I looked at replacements, these Sonys were recommended. They work wonders on my daily commute, drowning out the loud rumble of the commuter train and the subway. The in-ear design provides some passive noise isolation, helping a bit to drown out passengers' conversation (although nothing, not even Bose's best, will silence people who yak incessantly next to you). The noise-canceling does produce a slight hiss, but I find it noticeable only if you're not listening to anything.

    I personally prefer a medium-sized "suction cup" style of headphones, which make somewhat of a seal over the ears for passive noise isolation. This is more sanitary, also -- earbuds should be cleaned frequently with antibacterial wipes to avoid giving yourself an ear infection. Headphones also don't get pulled out of your ears. One problem with these Sonys is that if the circuitry becomes unclipped, the weight can pull the earbuds out of your ears. The clip could be stronger, but it will hold if you can clip it vertically.

    Nonetheless, I've come to like them very much. The audio quality is excellent, and the noise canceling works excellently for anyone without the most exacting standards....more info
  • pretty good
    I use these cans primarily for walking on a treadmill.
    If I don't tape the wires to my body, they bump against me and create an annoying thumping noise.
    The earcups create a reasonably decent seal but must be clean or they will slip out of the ear.
    The sound is very good for such a reasonably priced headphone.
    Delivery was prompt.

    ...more info
  • Does the job.
    I just bought these headphones and so far, I'm pretty impressed with them. Suction-cup like silicon jacket helps the headphones block out nearly all high pitched whisps while the noise cancelling feature really does make a difference in blocking out lower pitched hums (Perfect for airplanes).

    -Noise cancelling works, and unlike the in-ear solutions, you don't have to stick these way up your ear canals.
    -Extra long cord and light weight, unobtrusive, battery compartment.
    Pretty decent sound.

    -Average, but acceptable bass levels. Probably better than the competing models.
    -Price. A little more expensive than I would have liked to pay for any headphones. But at least now, I can hear my music in the train.

    ...more info
  • Good Quality for the Price
    These ear buds are good quality for the price. The quality is not diminished too much when the noise cancelling feature is turned on. I can still hear some outside noise, but when I use the ear buds to listen to an audiobook I do not notice the outside noise very much and it still will lull me to sleep at night. Yes, it is not as good as Boise, but who can afford Boise?
    When I do not use the noise cancelling feature the quality of music is excellent. With the noise cancelling feature there is some ambient noise, but soon you do not notice it and the quality of sound is still very good.
    I also appreciate that Sony include several sizes of ear plugs for the buds. It seems that I use a different size in each ear! Also if more than one person uses the ear buds, then they can put on their own clean plugs....more info
  • Much Better Than Expected
    I needed / wanted a pair of NC Headphones for couple of long airplane rides to Europe. I almost bought another brand that was very cheap, $19.95, but opted to get the Sony 22's , because if nothing else, battery life would be better than the cheapies.

    Also, I thought I would return them if they sounded really bad.

    Based on other reviews here, I didn't expect much performance unless using them in the NC mode, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    Without the NC turned on they sound almost as good as the earbuds that came with the Sony MP3 player (800 series player) , and almost as good as my V-Moda Vibes. They sounded even better with NC turned on.

    I ordered a second pair ( pink) for my daughter.

    I do have other versions( over the Ear) of Sony NC Headphones and they don't sound this good. It could be Earbud design of these that make the difference. Based on recent prices on Amazaon and at Staples, Sony may be getting ready to discontinue these phones, so if you want a pair with the Earbud design, grab them now. Best Buy no longer carries the NC22s and they have replaced them with another Sony over the ear design. Fry's Electronics was out of them too.

    They are not the most expensive ones out there, but probably the best bang for the buck.

    Update - 4/22/08

    Just returned from a recent trip to Europe. Used the phones for over 30 hours on 1 AAA battery, and the performance was awesome. Plane was most impressive using the Air France In Flight Entertainment system. Also used on the Eurostar Train ( London to Paris) and on a tour Bus. I will never travel without these again. I watched six inflight movies and I felt like I was sitting in my living room. Great Job Sony !

    Update - 5/5/08

    Still using same battery for an additional 10 hours. So now a total of over 50 hours on same battery. Also, used the earphones while running a backpack leafblower and the noise reduction is amazing. Even better than the ear protectors that I had been using.

    ...more info
  • HAPPY BUT...........
  • Best earphone
    Great price compared to the Bose units and work just as good if not better. A great hing about them is they stay in your ears unlike the earbubs that come with most small music systems. Have used then at home, on a plane and at work. ...more info
  • Nice, but other (better?) alternatives exist as well
    I purchased the Sony MDRNC10s many years ago and have used the 11s as well (each of which is a predecessor to this model, with, I believe, the same specs--it's the cosmetics which have changed over time). They are nice and indeed eradicate a noticeable portion of low-sound rumble on planes and on the street. I find that I arrive at a destination from a flight less tired, with using these.

    Having said that, I've also compared them in-flight to a set of Shure E2C in-ear earbuds with no noise-cancelling electronics (generally available, including at, for $70-$100). I've found that if I fit the Shures with the Shure triple-flange ear pieces (also available here, and which indeed can be fit onto the E2Cs with a small amount of effort, in a couple of minutes, even though not designed for the E2Cs), they exceed the "noise-cancelling" results of the Sonys. With the benefit of being smaller and even easier for travel (no separate electronics case) and no need for battery power. Plus, the Shures are well-recognized good earbud phones off a plane as well, for everyday use, and get great customer support from Shure, a leader in that area (as distinct from, unfortunately, Sony, which will leave customers high-and-dry, in my experience, and whose products, I also unfortunately have found, tend to break down over time while products from other companies will last longer). The only thing to be aware of is that the triple flanges really do go into the ear canal, more so than with the Sonys--some people may not like that, and I have found that the flanges indeed can tickle my inner ear every so often. (Note, in that regard, that the length of the triple flanges can be trimmed, as noted by Shure itself--presumably, they could be made into double flanges so as not to enter the ear as deeply (although I haven't tried that yet).)

    In the end, I've found that simple can, indeed, sometimes be better. And this also has saved me from $300 for a Bose (bulkier, especially for travel) headset....more info
  • Love them! The best noise-cancelling earphones I could find.
    The sound quality is very good, with a good balance between low and higher registers and is clear and musical. By comparison with the noise cancellation feature turned off, the old Shure E2Cs were more crisper and clearer, but had virtually no bass. The V-Moda Vibe has excessive bass and has less clarity. I never owned Bose products and was never impressed with their sound.

    The noise cancellation is also very good. Constant sounds like airplane and highway traffic noise (I live in front of a highway) is reduced significantly. Actually, when I walk outside my building, I can no longer hear the traffic! Unfortunately, it is harder to use the noise cancellation in subways and trains. The noise cancellation device intercepts signals emitted from cellphones, particularly Blackberries. To avoid it, I turn the noise cancellation feature off.

    There is little wire noise. Of the three models, Shure has the most durable and quiet wires. The V-Moda wires are both extremely fragile and noisy. Sony wires are quiet, but not as quiet or durable as Shure.

    To me, they are comfortable.

    I needed a pair of good sounding noise cancellation earphones (not headphones). These are the best pair I could find. When I broke my old pair, I went out and replaced it. I am fortunate to hear live music regularly, so poorer quality digital sounds (e.g., iPODS) irritate me. These earphones, combined with an older Sony player that uses Sony's higher-quality compression format, can make non-live music listening more enjoyable....more info
  • you wont know how bad your current headphones are until you use these
    this is my first pair of noise cancelling headspeakers. i did not want to break the bank, however i wanted a quality pair, in addition i needed the rubber ear buds due to the wierd shape of my ear canal. the headphones effectively cancel out the droning of an air conditioner or the city streets. i put these on when im on the bus, the whole world dissapears around me. i suggest these to anyone who wants a quality pair of buds without breaking the bank....more info
  • Good product - but do your homework before you buy
    First: I have read some reviews on the NC22 complaining about "weak noise cancellation" and "hiss".

    Current noise cancellation technology works on specific frequencies (in the low range, but not very low), on specific types of noises (continuous or cyclic) and has a limited effect (15 to 20 dB).

    The circuitry does induce a subtle hiss. And here's why: since neither the earbuds or the noise cancellation can block high frequencies effectively, this hiss, which is made of white noise, helps to mask unwanted sounds. This same principle is used on white noise generators to make an environment seem less noisy.

    Of course, for US$ 150 you could get an over-the-ear which will block all sounds so it will have no hiss. But the NC22 goes for less than half their price and is much more discreet to use in the metro or in a bus.

    How loud is that hiss anyway? Well, my laptop fan is louder than that (I have tested). If the hiss becomes an issue, it means that the environment is so quiet that you can certainly turn the noise cancellation off.

    Plus, if you listen to music instead of just putting the earphones on, the hiss will become unnoticeable very quickly. This is because the brain will ignore weak, continuous sounds in the presence of louder, variable sounds.

    But not all hiss is induced by the earphone. Some is residual noise. Objects cutting through air (airplane, trains, cars) will generate noise in a wide range of frequencies. The lower frequencies are cancelled, but the higher remain, and that sounds like a hiss. About that, there isn't much to do, except wait for the next generation of affordable noise cancellation circuits.

    I have used the NC22 in a carpool, in the metro, in the bus, in an airplane, and for walking.

    I use it with my Sony Ericson W880. Bass is very nice if you turn the MegaBass (Sony proprietary) feature on. Otherwise, it's ok. Other frequencies are good. It sounds pretty much like an EX81 for me.

    Walking was definitely the worst experience. If it's windy, even just a little, the microphones (which are external) will capture the sound of the wind blowing on them and the circuitry will try to cancel that. Because this sound is not actually heard by you, only by the mics, this will create more windy sound instead. This is a very unpleasant artifact. The only solution: turn noise canceling off.

    The carpool and the bus were about the same. It cancels the engine noise nicely (not totally, tough). Other noises will remain. Some low frequency, rapidly changing noises (e.g. tires on concrete) generate mild high frequency artifacts. The solution: listen to the music a little louder (volume 3 1/2 was enough, I use 2 for the metro).

    In the metro, it works very well on the surface, and well enough in the tunnels. In the airplane, it works very well.

    On the wishlist department: the circuit could be detachable from the phones. Would make untangling easier. :)

    Bottom line: Good product, great value. Don't buy if you plan to use it outdoors....more info
  • Very satisfied.
    This is my second pair of Sony Noise Canceling earbuds. They don't compare to Bose QuietComfort, but for the price and size difference, I'm very satisfied....more info
  • Good Sound, But Bulky
    The noise canceling is selective, i.e., better with low pitch (airplane engines), not terrific with high pitch (trains). However, the sound is much better than any of the other five sets of earbuds and two noise canceling earphones. By comparison, I think Bose is overrated and certainly ridiculously priced.

    One con: the battery compartment is too centered on the cord, and the weight makes it awkward. If you clip it to a shirt pocket, then the cord is quite short and the player can't reach a belt or belt loop. If you don't clip it, the earbuds will pull out of your ears. And the clip doesn't hold well to a leather belt. It's clumsy, but the sound is well worth it.

    And this will sound a bit weird, but there is a hiss which just happens to be at the same frequency as a recent case of tinnitus. The earbuds made the tinnitus bearable for the three weeks that the hissing in my ears lasted.

    P.S. A week later: Still great sound, but the battery compartment is really beginning to bug me. It is too short to reach my lap, and too heavy to just have hanging. I clip it to a pocket, but I don't always wear a shirt with a pocket. I might go back to older Sony earbuds ... except for travel. I won't leave home without two pair....more info
  • Noise cancelling headphones
    I am really impressed with these headphones. I have used them on a few flights and find I arrive without the fatigue caused by the white noise of the planes. I wish there was a way to make them work with the MP3 player on my blackberry but apart from that I am very happy with these headphones.
    ...more info
  • weak noise canceling
    Having read many reviews, I had high hopes for this product.
    Sadly I found its noise canceling capability marginal and on a long flight to china reverted to using my old $25 over the ear headphones for a far superior result.
    Very disappointed and returning the earphones. ...more info
  • Poorly made, only 90 day warranty
    I bought these a few weeks before Christmas for my husband. About 10 weeks later, we were at an airport and noticed that the right ear had no sound. Amazon gave me a phone number for Sony, but since they were purchased more than 90 days ago, there was only "parts" coverage and there would be a fee to repair or replace them and Sony refused to fix them for free despite being used only a few times since they were received as a gift. I would expect that only 10 weeks after they were given as a gift, Sony should replace them at no charge. They were only used on planes, so have only a few hours of use. Thanks Amazon, for letting me return them for a refund. Not sure I will get them again and what a poor service from Sony over this defective product....more info
  • Great noise xanxellation for the price
    I've had these headphones for about 2 months now and I am very satisfied. The active noise cancellation works great on an airplane or at the gym without the clunky over-the-ear headphones you'd have to use otherwise. My only gripe is how they divided the cord (with the battery pack/active noise button). The clip barely reaches my belt so I sometimes have to clip on my shirt....more info
  • Good in certain situations
    Noise canceling is somewhat of a misnomer as it gives the impression that when you put these little buds in your ears all the noise around you will magically disappear. For example, when I first got them, I inserted them in my ears and banged on the table in front of me. Guess what, I could hear the sound of my fist on the table perfectly. I felt disappointment creeping in. Next I tried them at work; I work in a lab where there is a fair amount of background noise. The result was much better, about half the background sound disappeared, enough so that I could ignore it. next I tried it at the gym. While I sweated away on a tread mill I listened to a book on tape. About 20 feet away a few dozen kids were playing basketball, each with their own damn ball. Thud, thud, thud! All around me was the slapping of feet on moving belts, just like mine. With the MDR NC22 phones turned off, it was almost impossible to hear the tape I was listening to, with them activated the ambient noise faded to an almost imperceivable level. The effect was dramatic. The point is, the surrounding noise fades to a level you can easily ignore - don't expect to become stone deaf though.
    Other tests I have done suggest they are less successful at muting close to traffic noise, TV or high pitched sounds, but they work well when the annoying noise is a constant background rumble with a fairly low pitch. I have not yet had the opportunity to try them on an airplane.
    One thing I have learned is that it is important to have the earpieces fitting well into your ears. You can achieve this by licking the little rubber cups just before inserting them (gross!)- it will also remind you not to lend them to anyone else.
    Would I buy them again? Yes. The store price of $100 is too much, but around sixty bucks is fine, especially as the sound quality from the buds (irrespective of the noise reduction effect) is really pretty good....more info
  • Great for the size and price
    If I compare the Sony MDR-NC22 to the Bose QC2 or QC3, I'd probably rate the Sony a 4 to 4.5 stars, because I think the Bose edges them out a little (very little, in my opinion) on noise cancelling. However, they cannot be compared, because the Sony is about a quarter of the price and a small fraction of the size. I compared the Sony with a Philips of around the same size and price (can't remember the model number) and the Sony blew the Philips out of the water. And I couldn't even hear the explosion! ;-)

    When I was looking for this kind of thing, I was quite prepared to shell out the $350 or so for the Bose QC3. However, I was mostly looking for it for travel, so I wanted something I could chuck in my bag, but which would still do the job. I've found it.

    I have not tried the Bose with music, so although I can't really compare on that front, my experience with listening to music through the Sony has been great. If you listen to music at low volume with noise cancelling on and then turn NC off, the music disappears completely as the noise takes over. I am quite happy with that part of the performance. I also like the easy mute-function, which allows you to hear announcements without having to fumble for your volume- or pause-button.

    A previous reviewer has commented on the battery compartment (which contains a lot of the electronics as well, I'd assume) being in an awkward position. I agree with that, but I also realize that they had very little choice about where to put it. Since they're earbuds, the electronics couldn't go up there, as they do with the on- or around-ear models. It would also be very awkward nearer to the jack side, so I think they probably just compromized. There is a reasonable distance between the jack and the compartment, so I normally just clip the compartment to any part of my shirt (not necessarily the pocket). I find it works OK, even on a T-shirt. I didn't find that it pulls out of my ears when the compartment hangs loose, so I assume that is something that will just happen to some people and not to others.

    Speaking of battery compartment, I've gotten GREAT performance out of the single AAA battery it requires. I don't know exactly how long it lasts, but it is way longer than I would have expected. I use it quite extensively and I've gone through probably 2-3 batteries since I bought it about 4 months ago.

    So, if you're looking for a great-performing, active noise cancelling set of earbuds, you'd probably be happy with these....more info
  • This's all you need
    This is a very good headset, small, good sound & very good price, I can't believe who pays hundreds of $$$ for headsets, because all Speakers lose sound quality overtime....more info