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Honeywell 2087 .87-Cubic-Foot One-Hour Fire Waterproof Safe
List Price: $188.00

Our Price: $169.00

You Save: $19.00 (10%)


Product Description

Features:Specifications: * Interior Dimensions (H x W x D)12.88" x 10.38" x 12.25" * Exterior Dimensions (H x W x D)16.5" x 14.50" x 19" * Product Weight77 lbs

  • 1 hour fire rating at 1700F
  • Fire and waterproof capacity
  • Stores standard 3 ring and A2 binders in an upright position
  • Emergency override key included
  • Lift assist handle

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazon screwed this up big time - TWICE!!!
    I really wanted this safe. I really wanted to buy it from Amazon. After reading a review about someone else purchasing it and the safe arriving damaged due to poor packaging, I called Amazon to share this concern. I placed the order. It arrived dented in several spots. AND, packaged in nothing more than a thin cardboard box with Styrofoam on only two of the six sides. I called Amazon immediately and was reassured that the next order would be packaged much better. NO. It wasn't. I'm done. ...more info
  • Good Safe - Wrong Combination
    This is a nice, heavy safe.

    The method for opening with the combination given in the manual was contradictory to the method on the sticker, and I could not get it open either way. Called the manufacturer to verify the combination. Still could not get it open.

    I opened the safe with the key and remove the plastic cover that protects the lock mechanism. I watched the mechanism as I dialed in the combination. Turns out that two of the numbers they gave were incorrect. Close, but incorrect. Now that I determined the correct combination, it is easy to open....more info
  • Honeywell safe
    The safe is very heavy and a good size for the money. My only complaint has to do with the combination. The orginal combination was unreadable and hand written. (Typed would have been nice.) It is easier to use the key than to do the combination. Overall the safe is good compared to the cost....more info
  • Combination Code
    The safe is nice. We can't open it because the combination won't work. We even called the company and it was the same combination as on the safe. Still won't open. We just use the key. ...more info
  • Damaged Due to Bad Shipping & Handling
    I returned mine because the plastic exterior and insulation arrived severely damaged from bad packaging, shipping and handling. If this safe can't even survive UPS I doubt it can survive a real life fire and water....more info
  • Very good safe
    This safe is mainly made of plastic, but the combination lock, 4 locking bolts and the internal gears (sounds like) are heavy-duty metal. There is a generous amount of room inside, unless you have a great deal of papers and other valuables to protect. I tried following the directions to open the safe door via the dial, but I could not until I found some better directions further back in the manual. I was able to open the safe. I memorized the combination, then practiced over and over again. After 1 day, I was able to open the safe every time, by memory. I can get into the safe, using the dial, in about 20 seconds. Read the directions. I would only use the keys in an emergency. If you do not learn how to use the combination and you should lose the keys, you will be locked out. Learn the combination and put the keys in a safe place away from the safe, not in the safe by any means. I recommend this safe; it is well-built....more info
  • Good, but the instruction...
    Looks good, haven't had chances to test it.
    was confused of the instruction, such a
    hard time to use the combination lock.
    however, after spent two hours to
    figure out, and it works fine....more info