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Casino Royale (2-Disc Full Screen Edition)
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In his first mission james bond must stop le chiffre a banker to the worlds terrorist organizations from winning a high-stakes poker game at casino royale in montenegro. Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 01/22/2008 Starring: Daniel Craig Mads Mikkelsen Run time: 144 minutes Rating: Pg13

The most successful invigoration of a cinematic franchise since Batman Begins, Casino Royale offers a new Bond identity. Based on the Ian Fleming novel that introduced Agent 007 into a Cold War world, Casino Royale is the most brutal and viscerally exciting James Bond film since Sean Connery left Her Majesty's Secret Service. Meet the new Bond; not the same as the old Bond. Daniel Craig gives a galvanizing performance as the freshly minted double-0 agent. Suave, yes, but also a "blunt instrument," reckless, and possessed with an ego that compromises his judgment during his first mission to root out the mastermind behind an operation that funds international terrorists. In classic Bond film tradition, his global itinerary takes him to far-flung locales, including Uganda, Madagascar, the Bahamas (that's more like it), and Montenegro, where he is pitted against his nemesis in a poker game, with hundreds of millions in the pot. The stakes get even higher when Bond lets down his "armor" and falls in love with Vesper (Eva Green), the ravishing banker's representative fronting him the money.

For longtime fans of the franchise, Casino Royale offers some retro kicks. Bond wins his iconic Astin-Martin at the gaming table, and when a bartender asks if he wants his martini "shaken or stirred," he disdainfully replies, "Do I look like I give a damn?" There's no Moneypenny or "Q," but Dame Judi Dench is back as the exasperated M, who one senses, admires Bond's "bloody cheek." A Bond film is only as good as its villain, and Mads Mikkelsen as Le Chiffre, who weeps blood, is a sinister dandy. From its punishing violence and virtuoso action sequences to its romance, Casino Royale is a Bond film that, in the words of one character, makes you feel it, particularly during an excruciating torture sequence. Double-0s, Bond observes early on, "have a short life expectancy." But with Craig, there is new life in the old franchise yet, as well as genuine anticipation for the next one when, at last, the signature James Bond theme kicks in following the best last line ever in any Bond film. To quote Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, now I know what I've been faking all these years. --Donald Liebenson

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Customer Reviews:

  • Different kind of Bond and different kind of Bond film.
    When was the last time you were wowed by a Bond film?

    Mine was the first Bond film I watched when I was 7 and it was The Spy Who Loved Me. Since then, I have watched all the Bond films, and none seem to have the depth nor character development usually required in a real film.

    This Bond movie is different. This is a different kind of Bond and a different kind of a Bond film.

    Daniel Craig plays a Bond with a actual psyche. Yes, Bond has feelings now! He even has psychological vulnerabilities!

    Vesper Lynd, played so skillfully by Eva Green, pokes at Bond's vulnerabilities by guessing, presumably correctly, "you are an orphan! did not come from money and your friends at Oxford never let you forget it!".

    The fight sequences has Bond getting hurt and even getting a few scratches on his face. Yes, Bond gets hit and gets hurt too. Whoever thought that was possible? Bond is far from mythical, he is all too human. And that makes him far more interesting than ever.

    Daniel Craig portrays Bond as an angry, almost psychotic, man willing to do anything to achieve his mission. Sometimes, he lets his anger get the better of his judgment and he even unravels.

    Did I also mention this is the best casino gambling film I have ever seen?

    Overall, this is a masterpiece that will be remembered by Bond fans for a long time to come. It will be hard to beat this one....more info
  • Long but amazing.
    An all around good flick gets a little drawn out at the end but jumps right back into the action....more info
  • great
    I like behind the scene actions so this version is a Must to have. A+...more info
  • The reason Bond is who he is!!!
    Well, they certainly got it right after so long!!!! Imagine over 50 years to find out why our favourite Secret Agent does what he does!!! Most enjoyable!!! My only problem is, as the other Bond films are in DTS, why is it not available here??? Check out anyone selling the region 3 disc for the DTS track. I did & I am not disappointed!!! ...more info
  • Not the old movie Bond, but not the book Bond either
    Set prior to the previous Bond movies, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is sent on a mission to partake in a high-stakes poker game with the aim of bankrupting Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), the banker to a major terrorist organization.

    There are two ways that you can look at "Casino Royale": as an entry in the James Bond series of movies or as an adaptation of Ian Fleming's novel of the same name. As a Bond movie, "Casino Royale" is in many ways a far cry from its predecessors. Gone are the clever quips and the gadgets, yet the makers of this film were smart enough to retain the action sequences (and lots of them), Bond girls (although Eva Green is by no means great) and Judi Dench as M, so there are enough parallels between "Casino Royale" and the earlier films to keep fans happy.

    As an adaptation of the novel, on the other hand, the success of "Casino Royale" is less clear. "Casino Royale" is far more faithful to its source than any of the Roger Moore Bond films, but not as faithful as the earlier Sean Connery films (in particular, "Dr No" - probably the most faithful of all of the Bond movies to its origins). The central elements of the story are taken from the novel, but a lot of extra scenes are added in around them. Almost the entire first hour of the film comprises original material. These extra scenes, however, are, more or less, in the spirit of the novel. The biggest departure from the novel is in the character of Bond himself. The Bond of this movie is an immature, disrespectful loose cannon, while Fleming's Bond is the exact opposite. Several scenes have Bond acting against the direct orders of M, which the Bond of the books would never do.

    As for whether Daniel Craig makes a good James Bond or not, that will largely depend on your personal tastes. In my opinion, Craig is not a bad actor, but he is nowhere near as effective a Bond as Sean Connery or even Pierce Brosnan.

    Overall, "Casino Royale" is worth watching, and I am glad that someone has finally made a proper film version of this novel (the earlier, David Niven film of the same name bears little resemblance to the book and is one of the worst films I have ever seen), but it doesn't quite live up to the high standards set by some of the earlier Bond films, in particular "Dr No" and "Goldfinger".
    ...more info
  • Casino leaves something to be desired...
    While there seems to be a lot of rallying support for "the new Bond", I can't say that I'm with that group at all. Casino Royale was "ok" and certainly 1000% better than the Woody Allen/Peter Sellers sham, but compared with more traditional Bond movies, I felt it left a great deal to be desired.

    First there was the tragic demise of a well established timeline. This could have been easily avoided by simply adding that the "previous" Bond had retired (or been killed) and that the new agent was simply replacing his predecessor, the way "M" and "Q" had been replaced as the actors portraying them aged and/or passed away. To "re-envision" such a well established franchise completely without paying tribute to that which has come before was simply a mistake.

    Then there is Daniel Craig's less than impressive portrayal of one of the most well known "action heros" of all time. Let's face it here...whether you are a fan of the books or the movies, when someone mentions the name "James Bond", it provokes a certain mental image. Regardless of who has portrayed Bond in the past, there is an image of a suave, sophisticated individual usually wearing a tux, drinking a vodka martini (shaken, not stirred). The image certainly includes having a beautiful woman on his arm, fancy gadgets to help him out of a tight spot and that attitude that "laughs in the face of danger"...usually accompanied by a "pithy come back". With the introduction of Daniel Craig in Casino Royal, gone is the tongue in cheek humor that typically accompanies the James Bond persona. To me this was a tragic mistake as it is simply a part of who James Bond is. In the Bond movie "Golden Eye" for example, there is a scene where Bond (portrayed excellently by Piece Brosnan) crashes a tank he is driving in a chase scene (wonderful in it's own right!). The camera zoom's in on Bond as he pauses, straightens his tie then continues with the chase. Truly a wonderful moment of humor to say the least! There are no such "moments" with this new Bond...he is simply a man with a bad attitude and "a chip on his shoulder" who's out to prove himself against the world. With Craig's portrayal, the character of James Bond could have just as easily been a disgruntled shoe salesman who's forced to smell stinky, fat feet day in and day out. I'm sorry to say but Craig does a very poor job of "filling the shoes" of his predecessors.

    To use a food analogy, if you make spaghetti sauce without any spices what so ever, all you end up with is tomato soup. Daniel Craig's portrayal of Bond is watery tomato soup at best. While Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan (and even Dalton and Lazenby) all brought something new and unique to the role, they all managed to maintain the principle character that is "Bond". Here particularly, Craig falls abominably. While it is a ok action film with a fairly average plot (save the world...yawn), there is nothing in Craig's portrayal that really says "James Bond" in any way. The character names could have been easily changed and very simply, it would not have effected this movie at all (and probably would have been for the better).

    Gone too are the wonderful gadgets that are so iconic of James Bond movies. While a good story line is certainly the greatest success of any film let alone "Bond", high tech gadgetry is something that most loyal fans have come to expect (for example the submarine Lotus in "The Spy Who Loved Me"...priceless!). When watching James Bond using many of these devices, one can easily hear Q's words of wisdom saying "Grow up 007!". Such things are now apparently a part of the distant past. Apparently all a modern secret agent needs any more to defend himself against the evils of the world is his ever loyal and faithful cell phone.

    For the sake of fairness, I will add that there have certainly been other Bond "flops". Connery's "Diamonds Are Forever", Moore's "Man With The Golden Gun" and "Moonraker" and Brosnan's "Die Another Day". I guess even the best of Bonds are entitled to having a bad run. That said, it appears that this may not be a one time event due to the fact that the producers seem to want to take Bond in a new (and horrifying) direction. We loyal Bond fans can certainly hope but none of us should hold our breath for too long either.

    Final Thoughts...
    For those who are looking for an average action film with the proverbial explosions and car chases and an otherwise average plot, you will probably be satisfied with "Casino Royal". However for those like me who are long time fans of the James Bond franchise and all that it represents, you will probably be sorely disappointed. In and of itself it was an "ok" movie but it certainly wasn't "Bond" by any stretch of the imagination. It would have been better to simply change the character names and call this film something else and just let the Bond franchise rest until something better and more appropriate came along....more info
  • Much better than expected
    I grew up in the Sean Connery era of James Bond. The bigger than life super hero with bigger than life bad guys.
    So I didn't know what to expect from Daniel Craig...But WOW was I surprised. The movie went back to when Bond gets his 00 certentials.
    Like the new Star Trek Film no out this movie reintroduces Bond to a new generation and Daniel Craig puts in a great performance along with a great story.
    No super bad guys, no bigger than life Bond. This Bond doesn't have all the high tech wepons but for what he doesn't have in technology he makes up with toughness, smarts and a lot of guts.
    This movie along with Quantum of Solace have put James Bond back on the big screen for a long time to come...I really hope.
    ...more info
  • Well Done
    This is a more cold-sided demeanor of 007, but exciting no less. I took away a star because the ending felt incomplete; lacking closure at the end. Other than that, it's worth the buy on Blu-ray....more info
  • ***Smart, Gritty, Tough***Casino Royale (2006)
    Slick production. Lavish surroundings. Terse banter. Striking hero and villain. Ultrahigh stakes competition. This is the most entertaining Bond film since "You Only Live Twice". It recalls the witticism of "Goldfinger", the tough, pragmatic Bond of "The Living Daylights" and the shrewd M (Judi Dench) of "Goldeneye". This Bond is worth of look....more info
  • The NEW BOND
    After the disappointing use of DIE ANOTHER DAY ( I would personally like to add that that was not a way for Pierce Brosnan to end as James Bond after all his other good ones) I was real skeptical to continue with the james bond franchise. My roommate had told me about Casino Royale but I was not interested. But then my friend of 5 years of college was telling me about it, and this was around the time that Quantum of Solace was coming out in theaters, so I decided to watch it, hoping that I was not disappointed.

    I would like to point out that now I own Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. I like this new bond, Daniel Craig. I remember seeing him in the first Tomb Raider movie alongside Jolie, and when I was seeing the movie, I was thinking this guy looks familiar. But along with the movie. Well, those of you that are fans of the james bond franchise, you would know that the movies always start of with the gun barrel. Well, not this one. Keeping in mind that this is a reboot of the franchise, this movie is his very first mission. All throughout the introduction (opening sequence) I asked, "Where is the gun barrel?" and then a moment later, we see james bond picks up a gun, and the guy behind him tries to shoot james bond, but then the view shifts to the gun barrel and james bond shoots the guy. To this day I think that was the perfect use of the gun barrel. The rest of the movie is real good: see for yourself what happens. I think this is the best plot in the franchise, and fans will not be disappointed. ...more info
  • Is this supposed to be Bond?
    What the hell is this? This movie does not resemble any James Bond I know. It is painful to watch as it is overly serious and sorely lacking in any sense of excitement, personality or fun.
    Daniel Craig has no sense of suaveness, sarcasm or humour and physically more closely resembles Dumbo than James Bond. He is by far the worst James Bond ever. 0 stars!...more info
  • Is this supposed to be Bond?
    What the hell is this? This movie does not resemble any James Bond I know. It is painful to watch as it is overly serious and sorely lacking in any sense of excitement, personality or fun.
    Daniel Craig has no sense of suaveness, sarcasm or humour and physically more closely resembles Dumbo than James Bond. He is by far the worst James Bond ever. 0 stars!...more info
  • An excellent transfer
    I'm not looking to review the movie; plenty of good reviews can be found. I'll just say it's a solid action movie that takes the best of Bond and sheds the worst excesses and eccentricities of the franchise, and is thus the best Bond movie in a long time, if not ever.

    The Blu-ray edition is a flawless transfer. There's nothing at all to complain about regarding video or audio quality. I haven't watched the various bonus features so I can't comment on them. But what's important is that you get the movie theater experience, as well as your home theater can give it, at least. And that's what this disc does....more info
  • The best Bond thus far: two years on, people are still looking for blown-off socks
    An artful turn of phrase, an upturned eyebrow, and a casual air in the midst of a deadly situation means only one thing: James Bond has returned. Curiously absent on the big screen for the last half-decade, the famous, womanizing MI6 agent ignited the fires of controversy--off-screen for a change--when gossip-mongers discovered that the actor cast for the role would be, gasp, blond. Luckily, the producers and directors of "Casino Royale" forged ahead regardless, giving actor Daniel Craig ("Layer Cake") a chance to prove his worth. The short version of this review would be that he succeeded spectacularly; further, he was working with one of the best scripts the series has had in years. The long version of this review, as befits this reviewer's compulsion, will continue below.

    By the mid-to-late 1980's, fans were beginning to view the franchise in a light similar to how nearly all Americans viewed "SNL" since the seventies--as a once-great thing long past its peak. Then, "Goldeneye" was released, and new life entered the series as a new generation was indoctrinated into the cult of the Sultan of Suave. Pierce Brosnan was the new captain, but even his brave leadership couldn't save future episodes ("Tomorrow Never Dies," "The World is Not Enough," and "Die Another Day") from being simply okay at best, and silly at worst. Another idea floating around is the somewhat specious view that the "Austin Powers" franchise diminished Fleming's cinematic translations. This is convenient in that blame is removed from the producers, writers, and directors of the Bond films, which was probably the entire reason for forwarding such as ridiculous idea in the first place. Regardless, the series was far past the time for something new--director Martin Campbell ("Goldeneye," "Beyond Borders") proves far more than capable at injecting a little modernity into the aging series. Ironically, he pulls this off by starting at the beginning: the beginning of Bond's "00" career, of Fleming's novels, and of the agent's descent into total emotional detachment. Campbell is not above resurrecting a few ideas and scenes from past "Bond" films--several of which may be lost of today's audience--but the overall effect still feels remarkably fresh.

    Everything chic and hip happens in Prague, so naturally that is exactly where Bond earns his "00" status. He kills Dryden, a regional MI6 section chief who has been appropriating extra funds illegally. After obtaining his promotion to "007" designation, we find James on surveillance duty in Madagascar. His partner bungles his cover and is made by the target, prompting the movie's first chase sequence. Chasing his acrobatic quarry through construction sites and city streets, James is finally able to corner him in an embassy. Interested only in the target's bag, Bond kills the man and blows up most of the embassy in what must be the world's most elaborate distractionary gambit. Finding a text message which says only "ellipsis," he begins on a journey to unravel a tangled web consisting of international crime syndicates, stock market manipulation, and Le Chiffre, (Mads Mikkelsen, "King Arthur") a banker who finances terror. Along the pathway to illumination, James finds time to play perhaps the largest-stake Texas Hold `em game ever, win the heart of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), hack into M's personal computer account, and seduce a vixen after first stripping her husband...of several thousand dollars, his pride, and his classic Aston Martin, that is.

    This film shows the filmmaker's desire to reinvent the franchise. "Casino Royale" was Fleming's first novel, and this movie seeks to similarly begin a new Bond continuum, with no relation to prior films in the series. As such, Craig's Bond is permitted to be shown as a flawed, vulnerable, and green agent who does not yet bear the scars of cumulative experiences. He is recognizable as the agent we know--brash, arrogant, ruthless, and philandering--but seems to almost be the adolescent version of later manifestations. The deep wound he sustains by the conclusion of "Casino Royale" may provide the viewer with a sense of why his later versions seemed so apathetic and aloof regarding--supposedly--key emotions like compassion, love, and honor. Prior to this film, the character of Bond seemed axiomatic: he simply was, and he was not a result of anything. Perhaps the success of this movie over its predecessors is partially due to better audience identification with the main character--it's easier to root for someone that you identify as human.

    Forget the character, for this is a Bond movie, right? That means blazing action sequences, smoldering women, hotter cars, technobabble, and cutting wisecracks garnished with the perfect martini to most fans. Fans need not fear to the slightest degree. Two of the chase sequences had my wife suspecting that I'd prefer a seat inside the screen, so riveted by the onscreen action was I. I'll never view an airplane refueling truck the same way again. Solange (Caterina Murino) heats up the screen with vibrant Mediterranean allure, probably causing most male viewers to miss the gist of several lines of dialogue. However, Eva Green as Vesper succeeds in taking first prize in the sex appeal department--despite a rather mousy appearance--via simple combination: presence, presence, and presence. The unspoken suggestion present in every line of dialogue between her and James is hotter than even Solange's bikini-on-horseback scene. Aston Martin brings several representative vehicles into the film--one car being most unfortunate, more's the pity. Speaking of Bond's Aston Martin, it conveniently comes equipped with cardiac defibrillator, chemical blood analyzer, silenced pistol, and GPS locator, so technophiles everywhere should be assuaged their concerns. Finally, James Bond--even as an agent just starting out--achieves a sum total of wit in one half sentence which most people aspire to in their entire lives. He even manages to be witty without actually uttering an entire phrase--as an audience, we so easily accept his innate verve that we are willing to forgive him such extraneous matters as actually finishing the witty sentence. In summary, 007 is supernaturally charming, capable, lucky, desirable, and macho, but this time, he's human, too.

    The movie had me chuckling from the moment Le Chiffre first took a puff from his silver inhaler to when Craig finally uttered the immortal introduction. The tension was present from the bathroom brawl to the final confrontation in a doomed building. The conspiracy runs deep and the movie may require several viewing before a viewer feels comfortable with the plot; however, the story does not end with the credits. Fans of "Dr. No" will note a playfully inverted take on perhaps the most famous Bond girl introduction scene of all time. "Casino Royale" is only the first movie of a planned trilogy, (the second film, "Quantum of Solace," was out last fall) so expect even more character development, as opposed to what you may be familiar with: an indestructible, unaltered agent who operates in a vacuum, without memory or care of past events. This movie is highly recommended for those interested in seeing both Bond's best film and Bond's best actor--and yes, I'm including Sean Connery amongst that list. ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    Daniel Craig has moved the bar way as the newest 007 actor. This Blu-ray disc is incredible. Amazing video and over-the-top soundtrack.

    The story line is a much-improved version of the James Bond series. Great extras on this disc....more info
  • One of the best Bond pictures
    I've been a fan of the Bond series since Sean Connery. I've seen them all, and Casino Royale is one of my favorites. This movie has it all with an interesting story, a grand and moving score, great action, intense drama, and heartfelt romantic scenes. From the opening moments I was hooked. I knew this was going to be a smart movie when they used the gun barrel introduction as part of the action. Outstanding!

    Daniel Craig gives a good performance as Bond, and his range seems somewhat broader than some of the actors who've played Bond in the past. Frankly, I would have a difficult time believing some of the previous incarnations would be capable of falling in love. We also get to see the evolution of Bond from his heated and nieve beginning, to the complex and colder agent we all know. I think Craig was a wise choice, and I look forward to his future roles. I just hope the series continues to focus on story, and the more realistic elements of the Bond character.

    The extras are nice including: Becoming Bond, James Bond: For Real, Bond girls are forever, and the Chris Cornell Music Video. If you're a fan of Bond, or just a great drama, pick up this DVD. ...more info
  • Casino Royale is Royal!
    This ended up being another birthday gift to my hubby and he loved the movie. He only wished it could have NOT been in wide-screen. The quality was great & I do think this will be just about his favorite Bond movie he owns, so far. Thanks ...more info
  • Casino Royale blu ray
    Fabulous blu ray- this first Daniel Craig Bond flick is much better than the second one! Great visual images and character development!...more info
  • Casino-Blu-Royale
    Really love this Bond movie, certainly one of the best. Craig is surprisingly great as Bond and Dench as M. Loved the action sequences, the script, and the sports car. It's great on blu-ray, video/audio quality - EXCELLENT !!!. Every Bond fans should own this movie. Highly recommend it. ENJOY !!!...more info
  • Craig IS Bond
    Daniel Craig takes the reins from Pierce Brosman in this classic Ian Fleming story. Unlike previous Bond films, this story shows how Bond got his OO status and the trials he had to endure to learn the one important lesson: trust no one.
    Craig is dynamic as Bond and shows how the British assassin is suppose to be portrayed. Sean Connery will always be the best but I can't think of a more worthy successor than Craig. The only other actor who portrayed the British agent correctly was Timothy Dalton. Brosman was okay and Moore portrayed Bond too much as a comedian.
    I love the way that Bond is portrayed as a vulnerable human being who is just as likely as anyone else to be fooled by love. But he also shows that when all is said and done, he can be efficiently ruthless against his foes and will do just about anything to get the job done. Now that is someone you want on your side (well, most of the time!)....more info
  • Casino Royale (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set; Widescreen)
    In my opinion this is one of the best James Bond movie made, I never had watched James Bond, until I meet my boyfriend he is a big fan of the series and has all of the movies , so we went to see this in the theater, and I was hooked right from the start, it is a great movie full of action, it keeps you locked in right from the start to the great ending, we couldn't wait to get this on dvd,and I even got him the books both are great, it is one movie you can watch over and over again never get bored, we just found out there will be a new movie out soon, we can't wait.

    Casino Royale (2-Disc Widescreen Edition)...more info