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HOMAK HS10036683 Electronic Access Pistol Box, 10-Inch by 3.5-Inch by 7.5-Inch
List Price: $37.90

Our Price: $29.97

You Save: $7.93 (21%)


Product Description

Electronic Locking Quick-access Safe is BIG BUCKS OFF! Protects your handguns, but offers pistol-quick access to them when needed, because keyless entry means no searching for your keys. To gain entry, you just push Electronic Quick-access buttons, using a pre-programmed code that only you know. Keeps firearms safe from little hands, too. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction. Mounts anywhere. Measures 3 1/2 x 10 x 7 1/2"h., weighs 10 lbs. Better play it "Safe" by ordering today in time for holiday gift-giving! Electronic Locking Quick-access Safe

  • Quick Access Keypad
  • Programmable
  • Battery Operated
  • Mountable
  • Warranty Against Manufacturing Defect

Customer Reviews:

  • Heavy Duty and Reliable
    This is an incredible value. I feel totally safe leaving a weapon unattended in this product. Mounted to a stud this is not coming off the wall without a fight. Then accessing the contents would be difficult as well. It can also be hidden behind cloths in any closet. This makes it difficult to find. I have a regular firearm fire safe that is for long term storage. However for the cost, this is the best product on the market.

    This Item can secure a full sized firearm. I keep an H&K USP in one of mine.

    At the price, I bought one for upstairs and one for downstairs....more info
  • HOMAK Pistol Box
    Good robust design and quailty for the price. I selected free standard delivery and received it with 5 days. There is a reset micro switch behind the push buttons required to personalized the code. Its really tricky to find. The 3.5 inch deep version is just big enough for one standard size pistol and clip (ideally could do with being slightly bigger) but I guess the compact size makes it descrete. All in all, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend it to others....more info
  • Quick access, not necessarily quick draw.
    Great buy, works well and fits in my nightstand. It's a tight fit for my Beretta 92FS though, I can't get it in or out without bumping the sides of the door opening. Amazon should have added the door dimensions in the descrption with the overall dimensions, but I can make it work. And if you follow the directions, it opens and closes as advertised....more info
  • Not Safe for Handguns !!!
    First, I question the quality of a product that right out of the box does not work. It would not lock which is due to the flimsy electronic latch not closing firmly. It obviously bypassed quality control in the overseas factory where it was made. Second, had it locked properly, I believe it could be easily pried open with a screwdriver. Finally, it does not meet UL Home Security Container Requirements or the DOJ Home Security Container Standards, which basically means it has serious security flaws....more info
  • Difficult at first
    I purchased this product for storage of my Glock 23. I had trouble reprogramming it for my own code. Once I figured that out it's been smooth sailing every since. It seems nice ands sturdy and it's easy to hide or mount....more info
  • Good buy
    Gun safe was a great buy with quick shipping. Heavy gauge steel and small in size for easy hiding....more info
    Super nice box for keeping things secure. I wish the door would pop open on it's own after the code is entered, but you have to push it to get it open. It is the only thing keeping it from 5 stars. Great buy for the price!!...more info
  • Quick-access to a quick draw
    This Electronic Locking Quick-access Safe is perfect for keeping your handgun
    save from little curious hands and save you a lot of grief later. Is perfectly size for a single gun, but there are larger one for more or bigger guns or used for storage of anything of value and needs quick access to them. Easily mounts anywhere, in closets, under a desk or in a cabinet or even in your car.
    With the easy programmable codes on the 5 push-buttons, it make for a very quick-draw without having to strap your gun to your hips. With the dead-battery by-pass feature, you don't have to worry what to do, when the batteries goes out....more info
  • Great Customer Service, Great Product, not so good instructions.
    This product works as advertised and is made of heavier metal than others in the price range. The locking system works smoothly and quietly. The only issue was the instructions for setting the personal code...they didn't match the model very well and were difficult to understand. One call to the manufacturer fixed that though and my lock boxes are working flawlessly now. The interior size of the box is excellent for a subcompact handgun but a larger frame weapon might be a tight fit (especially if you have big hands)....more info
  • Don't buy this safe!
    Don't buy this safe!!! There are two major design flaws.
    1. The first is the lack of a mechanical key backup to unlock the safe if the electronics fail. Remember, any electronic device will fail eventually. If the electronics fail you have no way to open the safe but to cut it open.
    2. The second flaw is exposed wiring and battery pack on the inside. I placed a metal object in the safe and it fell against the battery terminals shorting it out. This erased the electronic combination that was programmed into the safe and it could not be opened. I had to pick up the cabinet the unit was bolted to and tilt it over to get the object to slide away from the terminals. Once the metal object slid away from the battery terminals I had to hold a 9 V battery to the external connections and re-enter the default combination. Luckily I was able to determine what had happened and did not have to destroy the cabinet it was bolted to or cut open the safe and risk damaging the contents.

    Spend the extra money and buy a safe with a better design and a back up key entry in case the batteries or electronics fail.
    ...more info
  • Nice way to keep everyone safe.
    The first one of these that arrived at my home had some problems. However, I called Homak and they told me to ship it to them and they would simply send a new one. "Great!" I thought. I was sure this would take 6-8 weeks. However, a new one showed up in about a week and a half and problem free. This has been a great way to have my pistol under my bed and not worry about kids finding something they shouldn't. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Goofy shape
    Works as intended. One of the reviews complained about it being easy to break, etc. OK! I can kick your door down in probably 2-3 kicks! It will stop kids! In addition to the combination (which can be a combination of keys are once) you have to push the door down to release it within 5 seconds. When your kids get big enough to cram screwdrivers in and open it, you've got bigger problems on you hands! If you conceal it well, you've got a good chance that it will be secured. For the price, it's a winner! Oh! The shape is goofy, but the picture shows that. ...more info
  • safe reliable mid security option
    I am an experienced gun owner with the legal right to carry concealed. So I was very concerned with the earlier review that indicated you could "pry it open easily with a screwdriver" and "not TSA or DOJ rated". I contacted HOMAK directly and received an email and a phone call from their vice president, who stated that the safe is a recent purchase for Homak from another maker. The previous maker had the safe DOJ and TSA and UL certified . Homak has submitted the paperwork for the same certifications but have not received their formal certs yet. I went ahead and ordered the safe and tested it myself. It is of a very sturdy construction that COULD be pried open with a VERY HEAVY DUTY screwdriver or a large prybar, but it would take some serious leverage and a great deal of time to do so. Bottom line is this safe is very secure for it's intended purpose, which is to prevent access by children and curious adults, as well as petty thieves with very little time to work on it. Yes it could be broken into by a determined thief with large tools and some time, but that would certainly attract attention. I am confident that you will not find a better safe around for the money, and I've been looking for close to a year. I highly recommend this product, and have done so, and so far, two of my friends have purchased a total of 8 of these to place in their vehicles and homes for their off-duty weapons. If law enforcement professionals feel it's good enough for them with the responsibilities they have surrounding the ownership of their guns, you should too....more info
  • Pistol Box is a good buy for the money.
    The Pistol Box is a decent buy for the price. It does what is intended to do, which is secure you pistol.
    Word of advice don't try making a new code just use the one that is provided. When the batteries die you have to revert to the original code. In my case, my gun would dislodge the batteries and then I have to use the original code...luckly I didnt throw the manual away.
    All in all good buy for the money....more info
  • Great product for the money
    I was pleasently surprised with the quality of the product. I wanted an inexpensive way to keep my bedside firearm secure from small children. This will serve that purpose very well. This safe isn't totally theft proof, but it is small children proof. It is also easily accessable if you need it. Great product for the money. ...more info
  • Eh...
    It's okay. Easy to break into with a screwdriver. Not a secure gun safe!!! It is what it says, quick access safe....more info
  • Great Pistol Box
    I got this because I needed a budget-minded way to store my home defense pistol. The unit comes with clear instructions and it pretty easy to setup. The outside of the box is a black enamel with a sturdy coating on it. The letter keys are padded with raised markings for touch.

    The box performs great for what I need; a simple, safe solution for pistol storage in the home. With the combination entry I feel safe that my little one, were he to even find the box (which is unlikely), could not open it. It operates on AA battery power. There is also a fail-safe method of opening the box if the batteries fail which is outlined in the manual. With the raised letters on the pads I can even open the box in complete darkness (after some practice) so it is suitable for a home defense safe that may need to be opened without the use of lights in the middle of the night.

    The interior of this safe is not very large though it easily holds a small frame revolver or automatic. You could probably get most Glock pistols in there but I'm not so sure about a 1911 or full sized H&K (I didn't test fit them) but it may be possible. The limiting factor will be the opening of the box, which is limited by the pads on the left side. You don't want to cram a big gun in there that might be hard to remove in an emergency. A small frame Smith & Wesson revolver fits easily still in its holster and can be removed very quickly.

    Bottom Line: A nice budget gun box for the home; peace of mind, easy on the wallet, works as advertised....more info