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Entourage - Season Three, Part 1
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Explores the life of a young Los Angeles man who has become a successful actor, his close group of friends, and his agent.
Genre: Television: HBO
Rating: NR
Release Date: 3-APR-2007
Media Type: DVD

The third season of HBO's inside-showbiz comedy kicks off with a familiar anxiety for Tinseltown's best: your film's opening-weekend box office. In the case of Vince (Adrian Grenier) and company, it's Aquaman, Vince's big break that took up most of last season and elevated the group to even bigger perks and tchotchkes. Luckily, the numbers are good (creator Doug Ellin reveals in the commentary that the episode was inspired by his friend who was with Tobey Maguire when he first heard Spider-Man's opening numbers) and Vince uses the leverage to chase his dream project, a biopic of Pablo Escobar called Medellin. But first he has to schmooze the film's eccentric producer who's strangely attached to his Shrek doll (Bruno Kirby, in his last role before his death in 2006) and juggle scheduling conflicts with the Aquaman sequel, which leads to an ego war with Warner studio chief Allen Grey (Paul Ben-Victor). Meanwhile, Turtle's (Jerry Ferrara) management of upstart rapper Saigon takes some sharp turns; Eric (Kevin Connolly) finds his relationship with Sloan (Emmanuelle Chiriqui) on shaky ground; and Johnny "Drama" Chase (Kevin Dillon) gets to audition for a television pilot directed by Ed Burns (playing himself). But the overarching storyline for season 3 involves Vince's agent Ari Gold (Emmy winner Jeremy Piven), who was canned last season by his agency. Taking his flamboyant, hilarious assistant Lloyd (Rex Lee) with him, Ari goes about setting up his own firm, but not before drawing fire from the mafia of other agents and threatening his relationship with star client Vince. The only weak storyline involves an old childhood pal (Domenick Lombardozzi), fresh out of prison, trying to nudge his way into Vince's gang. But otherwise the show's inside look at the baptism of the newly famous continues to tickle the funny bone.

As usual, Entourage sprinkles in cameos, including Crash director Paul Haggis hilariously playing himself as a wound-up neurotic ("If I let contracts run my life, I'd still be doing The Facts of Life rather than hanging with my boys," he says as he points to his Oscars). James Woods filches Aquaman premiere tickets for his friends, and Seth Green gets in a rumble with Eric in the episode "Vegas Baby Vegas." Extras are still scant: just three commentaries and a featurette on their Vegas-location episode. --Ellen A. Kim

Customer Reviews:

  • Vegas, Baby!!
    Entourage is by far one of the best shows out there right now. I know Jeremy Piven has become the name attached to the show, and he is hilarious as Ari, but the rest of the cast is worth watching also. They play so well off each other, and there's no better example of that than the Vegas episode in Season 3. Easily one of the funniest episodes I've seen on television in a long time. If you're thinking about buying Season 3, buy it to see the Vegas episode at least!!! ...more info
  • The boys are back!
    This installment of my favorite show did not disappoint. Turtle, E, Drama and Vince are back and up to their same ol' antics. I recommend this series to anyone who is looking for a great new show to watch....more info
  • Two Seperate Packages
    Personally, this is the beginning of the flourishing of the careers of all those crazy guys (except for Ari). What I don't fully understand is how they would sell this season in two parts like that. To make more money? Still, this is a great addition to a wonderful series....more info
  • Season 3, Part 1 is Awesome.
    I recently purchased Entourage Season 3, Part 1 from a BJ's Wholesale Club on 3.6.2007 and as it seems it's not supposed to of been sold until April. This dvd is Amazing, and don't be worried about it being a part 1. This dvd box set pretty much leads right up to the next episode that will be aired in April it has 12 episodes on the discs just 2 episodes short of the amount on Season 2 Box set and 4 more than the season 1 box set. This show is amazing....more info
  • Three and a half...i guess..*shrug*
    REALLY wanted to like this one. Like everyone else that's seen ONE episode of the show, my anticipation for this season was pretty high.... Utter, utter disappointment. I don't think you can call any one of the three seasons great. All three have their glaring flaws, but the entertainment value/what's gonna happen next? value was strong, no doubt. Anyone else think Eric is overly timid, or Turtle obviously try-hard? Good. Whilst watching each episode I kept on thinking, "this could be so much better." e.g.,


    Secondary character acting: Saigon? Just bad, bad acting across the, cue-card bad. The shoe store clerk was just as weak. Their "street" personas just seemed forced. Couldn't stand Dom. Cringers for sure. And the party that Drama and Turtle went to was chock-full of mannequin garble. They need to tighten-up their extra-recruiting.

    Unbelievable story lines: The Fukijama encounter was just plain embarassing with the "gangster" hideout ordeal. 5-too many plot-twists in roughly 3/4 of the episodes. The Drama-trailer jerk episode was so predictable i could've sworn i've seen it before.. But i hadn't. The Threesome episode? All I can think of is "huh?" They pulled it in every direction but to no destination. Confusing as hell. Everytime it seems the show is headed in the right direction it cuts the wheel the opposite way. case in point, Sorry, Ari. It's mentioned that the last episode was written in a matter of hours and it shows.. Oh how it shows.


    And after all my ranting, I still like the show. I just feel it needs an injection of worthy writing. Plots are starting to wear thin. Please, no more old-fart bigwigs that don't matter. And for the love of money, put Turtle in a coma or something.

    ***1/3 Please believe!

    ...more info
  • Season 3 is just as good
    This is just such a nice show. Funny, offbeat at times, but always with characters that grow on you....more info
  • This series just keeps getting better
    The third season may very well be my favorite so far. Not to imply that the other seasons aren't great. We left off last season with Vince getting ready to shoot Aquaman and now we're back after the movie has wrapped and is ready to premiere. This season has character development in spades and the cast are given equal screen time to shine (save for Debi Mazur who's pregnant this season). To go into detail would ruin the experience.

    Another of my favorite aspects of this show are the amount of locations. This show shoots all over Hollywood and you get to see a lot of it in this season, from the Aquaman premiere in west LA, to the Warner and Universal lots, to a house party in Encino, this show is always on the move. We even catch a glimpse of Vince in the Aquaman movie at the Santa Monica pier. Best of all is when the boys hit Vegas and bump into Seth Green and his entourage. By far my favorite cameo. Other notables are James Woods, Paul Haggis and Ed Burns.

    Overall, a very entertaining show with a continually developing storyline. It's very funny, with plenty of industry inside jokes, but it's also got some great drama(and I don't mean Johnny, but he's good too.) Despite it being Part 1, it's got an excellent cliffhanger ending to reel you in for more. I caught the new episode tonight and it's hard to wait week to week instead of one after another on dvd, the way this show is meant to be watched, like one long movie. Can't get enough of this show....more info
  • Love it !
    I love it, I could wait to see the third season because when I discovered the first a few month back. And serioulsy this one is awesome. love to fallow the adventure of the characters....more info
  • Best Season So Far! By Far!
    Seriously, this season makes the first two look silly! It was so much fun to watch. You will love watching Ari and his office drama, while Vince holds all of the chips in the relationship. The gang has their own problems, but Vince is living large, and Ari is sweating bullets. It is entertaining and extremely fun. You will have a blast with this season!

    My only negative comment is that I hate the fact that they broke season 3 into two parts (basically because it is just annoying). I will tell you that you should buy both parts of season 3 at once, so that you can enjoy it more fluidly than I did.

    Have fun!...more info
  • One of the best shows on tv
    Season 3 part 1 is easily the best (Half) season so far for entourage i have the first two seasons on dvd also but imo the show really hit its straps in this season, my favorite character johnny drama is at his funniest in this season. If u liked the first two seasons of this great show than this dvd is a must....more info
  • The Best of the Series Yet
    Vince and the gang are back for another round. "Aquaman" is a major hit and sends Vince into the ranks of becoming a bona fide superstar. But as the Hollywood establishment soon learns much to Ari's chagrin, Vince is more concerned about acting and being an artist than he is in making tons of money and being famous. Not that he doesn't like fame, because he obviously does as do all the boys in the entourage. Ari and Eric spend most of their time trying to get Vince his next movie (though Eric gets sidetracked by having a threesome), Drama finds himself landing the lead role in pilot directed by Eddie Burns, and Turtle struggles to strike out on his own as rapper Saigon's manager. Beside trying to get Vince a job, Ari also has his hands full as he begins a new major talent agency.

    My favorite episodes in the series include:

    Episode 1: "Aquamom" & Episode 2: "One Day in the Valley"--these two episodes basically go together and flow nicely if watched back to back. "Aquamom" revolves around the premier of "Aquaman" and "One Day in the Valley" has Vince and the gang heading into the Valley on opening day to watch the movie in a local theatre as they wait and see if Vince's film can become the highest grossing opening day movie in history.

    Episode 8: "The Release"--Ari, Eric, and Vince get word that QUEEN'S BOULEVARD is going to get a major national release. But there's a catch, the studios have colorized the film making the black and white masterpiece into a monster of color that makes Willy Wonka look drab.

    Episode 10: "I Wanna Be Sedated"--Ari tries to get rid of both Eric and old-time legendary producer Bob Ryan (Martin Landau). Eric & Bob get along well and end up finding Vince's next movie, a biopic about The Ramones.

    Episode 11: "What About Bob?"--Ari, Eric, and Bob go to the studios to pitch The Ramones film for Vince, but Ari wants to leave Bob out of the meetings while he deals with the big boys.

    Episode 12: "Sorry, Ari."--upset about Ari's handling of The Ramones biopic, the Entourage begins shopping around for possible new agents and have to decide between Ari's friendship and the success of Vince's career.

    Like the previous seasons of ENTOURAGE, this one is chock full of guest stars including James Cameron, Seth Green, Penny Marshall, Paul Haggis, James Woods, and Martin Landau to name a few. Martin Landau is an amazing talent and he steals every scene he is in. Episodes 10 & 11 are watching for his performance alone.

    Though ENTOURAGE has now become a hit cable series, the show is still essentially a soap opera for guys. However, in this season, there's a lot more dramatic action that occurs. For instance, Vince becomes a superstar but struggles to find the balance between fame and remaining true to his artistic sensibilities. Ari finally begins his own powerful talent agency, but struggles between his responsibilities as Vince's friend and his affection for him as his friend. Of the three seasons available, Season 3 is the best one out.

    The DVD includes commentaries on three episodes with executive producer Doug Ellin and stars Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara and the "Vegas Baby, Vegas!" featurette about the making of the Vegas episode....more info
  • Ari is the best
    The politically incorrect jabs Ari takes at his gay assistant are worth the price of the dvd alone. It's also good to see Ari's wife take a bigger role as Ari needs more people to play off of. It may not be the best comedy show, but it is satisfying and most important it's consistently funny....more info
  • Ari steals the show
    I got this series about a week ago and essentially did not stop watching it until I was done. It is just a show that draws you in, begging you to watch another episode. I was not a big fan of the 1st season, then the 2nd season won me over, but I think this is the best season yet. I simply cannot get enough of the Vegas episode! Throughout the season Ari is amazing, especially the last couple episodes ("Is that something you might be interested in?" - Priceless).

    Do yourself a favor and buy this. Now....more info
  • It's Addicting
    This is the only series that I have purchased on DVD so that I can watch it over and over and not get tired of it....more info
  • Victory!!!
    Best season so far. Don't be fooled by the `Part 1' tag, you are still getting the same number of shows as the first 2 DVD sets. These episodes have great cameos (Seth Green was hilarious) and they built up to a good break in the story. It was very satisfying as a stand alone season, so who really cares if HBO wants to call Season 4, "Season 3, Part 2?" I can't wait for `Part 2.' ...more info
  • The greatest show
    Entourage is, no doubt, the greatest show on tv. Each season is incredible, espically this one. Its a comedy/drama show on the life of the entotourage of a famous actor. Each actor and actress in the show do a great job, but the best is the hilarious agent Jeremy Piven aka Ari. This show may be hillarious but it also informs you on the fun and the hardships of the life of an actor and his entourage. This season also has some great episodes including the Vegas episode, the 2nd episode, actualy they are all great. So buy this season and the first two for the ultimate entertainment....more info
  • HBO's Anchor Show
    I have watched this show consistently since season 1. I have all three seasons on dvd and other than Lost this is my favorite show. Now with the Sopranos bowing out at the end of this year, Deadwood, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Sex in the City already all gone, HBO has one great show left and that is Entourage. If you have never watched the show, are new to the show or are a fan like the rest of us, the time has come...jump on board the Vinny Chase Express and take the ride of your life. ...more info
  • The Boys Are Coming To DVD - In Season 3
    I can't believe another reviewer complained about a 10 month hiatus, when in fact it is more like 6. Also, we're getting a much larger season, 20 episodes, which is 6 more than last season. The simple fact is that this is a great cast, and we'll be adding another great actor to the cast with Vinnie's new agent played by Carla Gugino. I'll be picking up this DVD set to watch before the new season starts April 8, and this re-sell it on ebay as the new season starts. Don't miss it!...more info
  • The Boys Still Rock
    Ignore the Part 1 description in the title, this is the whole season, and what a season it was, and is!! Great story lines, and the characters (at least some) develop nicely. Thankfully, it is the secondary characters. E and Vince are getting a little stale, but Drama and Ari really come alive. In both cases it is better material, but let's face it, these guys can act. Jeremy Piven is a virtuoso; Kevin Dillon is in no danger of being mistaken for a member of a Shakespearean troupe, or even his older brother, Matt. But as the neurotic, short-tempered Johnny Chase he absolutely rocks.

    This is now the best show on TV. ...more info
  • I love this show!
    I don't have HBO but I love this show. I bought a bunch of the DVD's after I gave birth to my daughter and needed something to watch while she was sleeping/nursing. It reminds me of Sex in the City in some ways, except more for guys but I simply adore Ari, one of the main characters. I love this show....more info
  • Best season yet
    Season three of Entourage is the best yet. The writing is witty and razor sharp. Jeremy Piven as agent Ari Gold is top notch this season. The show has been good all along, but they seem to have hit their stride with this season. The show is very addicting and has some of the best dialogue on TV....more info
  • Season 3 Part 1 Doesn't Dissapoint
    You're getting just as many episodes as the seasons before and these episodes are even better. Glad to buy this and can't wait for Part 2. =] ...more info