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Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Photo Printer
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Product Description

The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 photo printer creates vibrant and crystal-clear standard 4-by-6-inch photo prints with a maximum resolution of 5760 by 1440 optimized dpi in less than one minute, and 8-by-10-inch prints in less than two minutes, with the capacity to print up to 13-by-19-inch enlargements without losing photo vibrancy or clarity. The Photo 1400 uses six individual, high-capacity Claria Hi-Definition Ink cartridges for high-quality smudge, water, scratch, and fade resistant prints that will impress family and colleagues, and last for generations to come (up to 200 years in a photo album).

The 24.2 by 31.6 by 16.3 inch Photo 1400 printer also features auto photo correction capabilities, a PictBridge port for PC-free photo printing from digital cameras and mobile camera phones, and it can print onto inkjet printable CDs and DVDs. In addition, it comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
Stylus Photo 1400 ink jet printer, cyan high-capacity ink cartridge (T079220), magenta high-capacity ink cartridge (T079320), yellow high-capacity ink cartridge (T079420), light cyan high-capacity ink cartridge (T079520), light magenta high-capacity ink cartridge (T079620), black high-capacity ink cartridge (T079120), CD print tray and software, printer documentation, CD-ROM (printer drivers and software), and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

The Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Wide Format Printer quickly creates large, archival quality glossy and matte photos worthy of display. The unique Claria inks give you smudge-free pictures that never fade. The copies are ready when you are with quick-drying, smudge proof inks. Borderless printing and multiple paper size support gives you a better choice of materials to print on. Experience the rich, true-to-life colors and subtle detail that's evident in every image. PictBridge and EXIFPrint support Maximum Paper Size - Up to 13 x 19 BorderFree Prints CD and DVD labels Supported Paper Sizes - 4 x 6, 5 x 7, 8 x 10, A4 (8.3 x 11.7), letter (8.5 x 11), legal (8.5 x 14), 11 x 14, 12 x 12, B (11 x 17), A3 (11.7 x 16.5) and Super B (13 x 19) Supported Paper Types - Supports plain paper, Epson Bright White Paper, Photo Paper Glossy, Premium Photo Paper Glossy, Ultra Premium Photo Paper Glossy, Premium Photo Paper Semi-gloss, Ultra Premium Photo Paper Luster, Presentation Paper Matte, Premium Presentation Paper Matte, Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte, and Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte Double-sided Supported Envelopes - No. 10 Paper Capacity - 120 sheets plain paper; 20 sheets Premium Photo Paper Glossy Color Management - PhotoEnhance, ICM or ColorSync with ICC profiles Sound Level - 47 dB (per ISO 7779) Case Color - Silver and Black Software Included - Epson printer driver, Epson Print CD, Web to Page, Adobe Photoshop Elements Connectivity - Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Operating Systems - Windows 2000, XP, XP Professional x64 and Windows Vista; Macintosh OS X 10.2.8, 10.3.9 and 10.4.x Dimensions(WxDxH) - 24.2 x 31.6 x 16.3 Weight - 25.4 lbs.

  • Creates 4 x 6 inch photo prints with maximum resolution of 5760 by 1440 optimized dpi in less than 1 minute
  • Prints 8-by-10-inch images in under two minutes
  • Six individual, high-capacity Claria Hi-Definition Ink cartridges create high-quality smudge, water, scratch, and fade resistant prints
  • Features a PictBridge port for PC-free photo printing from digital cameras and mobile camera phones
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Epson Stylus Photo 1400 Printer
    I make my living taking photographs. I have been using the 1400 for a couple of months. It is a great printer for my purposes. I mostly use it for portfolio prints, and promo cards. Otherwise for word processing too. Hook up and install to my iMac was simple. It worked right away. It does suck up a lot of ink. The price for the printer at Amazon was low, but the cost of ink is high. Seems like Epson is in the ink business more than printers, but don't want to risk gumming up the works with generic inks....more info
  • If you are looking for 13x19 prints think about switch brands or upgrading
    This is the second large format printer I have owned. This printer does not print true borderless 13x19 prints -- It claims it does but it only will when it it set to enlarge the photo and crop the photo with out giving you a preview. If you turn off this setting it will leave a 1/8 to 1/4 of inch white edge on one side of the photo. The printer other than that has done well but most people do not purchase a large format printer to print 5x7 or 8x10. I wish I had purchase an HP again and not switched to Epson (nothing against epson my small format printer in Epson and I love it!) ...more info
  • I love this printer
    I got this for myself in December, and love it so far. The built-in ICM profiles are pretty good (though a little better if you make your own) and the pictures that it prints look great on both glossy and matte, color or B/W. Easy to use, reliable, great price on!...more info
  • Wondeful Printer!
    I have had this printer for about a month. The output is crisp and clean. The over-sized prints I have done (up to 13x19) have all gotten "wows" when they have been displayed. The print quality is the best I have seen in an ink-jet. As others have mentioned, it is hungry for ink, but when you enter a high end printer your gonna pay a premium. You get what you pay for. Ink is still hard to find, but this model is still fairly new. I can almost always get the ink at staples off the shelf. So if your looking for a serious over-sized printer... this is the one....more info
  • Picture Perfect!
    I bought the Epson Stylus 1400 Claria Photo Printer for my wife for Christmas and she cried when she opened the package. But tears quickly turned to a huge smile when she printed her first set of photos on it! This machine is perfect for printing incredibly sharp photos, up to 13 inches by 19 inches. The ink is dry immediately and is equal to any professional prints. Awesome!...more info
  • Great Printer
    Alot of searching to find the right price but entirely happy with the printer and service. Perfect for wife to print all the digital photos on!! GReat Printer...more info
  • Excellent Machine--Especially for the price.
    I bought this to replace another 13x19 printer from Epson. The old one was doing fine, but this new one intrigued me-- more inks, and thus better photos, plus the ability to do borderless 13x19 was a nice bonus. But what put it over the edge was the ability to print on CDs.

    After having used the printer for several projects, I can say that I am fully satisfied. The inks are very nice, and true to life. CD printing is easy and effective....more info
  • great color
    The Epson Stylus Photo Printer 1400 was a breeze to set up. The colors are deep and clear. On b&w archive scanned photos, the richness was outstanding. Works great with Photoshop Elements. Great value for being able to print 11x17 borderless prints....more info
  • Diappointing
    I've had this printer about six months, and it has really been a let-down. I bought it for photos and CDs.

    For a couple months it produced lovely photos. Now, the ink has to be recalibrated every time, which takes about 45 mins and pounds of ink. After calibration, it prints about 20 good-looking photos, and then they look like trash again.

    For such an expensive printer, I expected better.

    The CDs on the special tray always come out looking great. For that, I give this two stars. I wish I had bought a cheaper printer. I will NEVER buy another Epson....more info
  • Doesn't recognize label stock
    This printer replaced my previous Epson Stylus Photo model that wore out after years of service. It's satisfactory in every way, except that it frequently doesn't recognize standard Avery label stock as paper. It will often push it right through and tell me that the paper is out or not loaded properly. Sometimes shutting down the printer and starting over works, and sometimes not.

    This problem didn't occur the Stylus Photo printer I bought several years ago, so it's a big disappointment to me in this newer model....more info
  • Great for low volume color work
    Overall, this is a very nice printer. It's a very good choice for someone who does mainly (or entirely) low volume color work. It's geared toward the home user/low end hobbyist and hits the mark quite well. It's not targeted to high end hobbyist/semi-pro or professional printers - you'll have to step up a bit in the Epson line for that. But if you're a home user and want to work with larger format paper, give this a hard look.

    Set up is (thankfully) a breeze -- good instructions that are easy to follow and, more importantly, easy to install software that works the first time (at least on XP - have not tried it on a Vista machine). Build quality is very solid -- the paper guides feel substantial (not all that common at this price point) as does the overall printer. Ink installation is fool-proof since the cartridges won't fit in the wrong slot.

    So far, I've been very pleased with the color output using Photoshop. Epson claims that the printhead is a new design that provides more detail. While I'm not one of those who peers at prints with a magnifying glass, to my eye the output was equal to that produced by my higher-end printers (Both Epson and Canon). The key to working well with any printer is to profile your monitor and printer using something such as the ColorMunki (there are several other options as well).

    The down sides to this printer are in its B/W work. I didn't expect a whole lot from it since it does not have the dedicated black cartridges as the 2400 or 3800. True to form, B/W prints from the 1400 have a color cast. You can tweak it to minimize it, but a perfectly neutral B/W print is a challenge to produce with this printer. If you do mainly color work, you'll be happy with this printer. If you do a lot of B/W work, you should look elsewhere.

    The ink cartridges are on the small side, but that can be a good thing if you don't run a lot of volume through the printer. Inks do go bad if they sit for a long time unused, so a smaller cartridge ensures you'll empty the ink in a timely manner. Of course, this works against you if you're doing a lot of prints, since larger cart's are less costly per ounce. While you can save money with third party refills, it can be a false economy -- while some are just as good as Epson inks, others will produce sub-par results (at best) and can really foul up the printer with clogs. If you're willing to spend the money for the printer, you should figure in the cost of using Epson inks.

    An unexpected treat was the noise, or rather, lack thereof. Very quiet running.

    In short, this is a very good choice for low volume color work with the flexibility for larger formats, and delivers prints that look like they came from a much more expensive printer. ...more info
  • Good printer, but may be tarnished...
    I just bought this printer about a week ago, and have not had any trouble with the quality. When I was in college, and at my old work, I used other (higher quality) Epsons, and this one prints look just as good and with the price as cheap as it is, you can't go wrong. I got some quotes from commercial printers who would print on an Epson for $30 a print! I would have spent as much get portfolio pieces as I would have from just buying this printer. Ridiculous.

    That said, I've come across what seems to be a unique problem. Everything that I've printed so far as come out a bit larger than it should. For example, after I cut out a cd booklet I printed with crop marks, which should being 4.75", it came out 1/8" larger. Other things that should have been 11" x 14" came out about a quarter inch larger. I just wrote Epson asking about this problem, so I'll have to update once they respond. While trying to come across others who might have had this problem, I stumbled back upon Amazon, so I thought I might as well write one of these.

    So there's a setting in the printer's dialogue box (outside of the program's print menu), called Expansion. For some reason the default is on "Max," which means that it distorts the print by enlarging it, so that you can have a bleed. Now I see how Epson thinks of the people it is marketing this printer to: idiots....more info
  • Excellent
    This printer has excellent clarity and color. Also it is very user friendly and easy to understand the directions....more info
  • Great Printer, Great Price.
    I already owned an Epson 1400 when I spotted this ad on Amazon. The printer is one of the best I've ever used (In the 13" x 19" category). The price was the deciding factor for me. I'll be using the second printer as a back-up although I've had no problems with the first one. I am a professional digital artist and I run ink jets all day long. The Epson Photo 1400 is a good solid work horse that produces very high quality images. I would recommend it to any digital artist who wants to produce their own finished prints....more info
  • Very Good Printer
    The Epson is a very good printer for photo printing in color but lacks a little in the black & white prints. It is nice to have a wide format photo printer that works like they say it will.. Made some nice pan pic with it and some poster's that really came out good.. Epson made the 1400 Photo like they have a lot other in the past, I would buy another printer from them any time I need something with excellent printing.. The 1400 is one nice printer for any price.. Amazon had it for the best price I could find..
    Butchc..........more info
  • Great prints
    I have had this printer a couple weeks, prints look good so far. I have printed on Office Depot premium glossy photo paper and Epson Ultra Premium Luster, both 8.5" x 11". The Ultra Premium is definitely better. It's really convenient being able to print photos at home; I can see immediately how the prints will look and make any necessary adjustments to the color and re print them. That's great, but it's not cheap. I have not yet figured out what I am paying per print with the 8.5" x 11" prints, but with 4" x 6" prints it seems it would be cheaper to have them done professionally. Photo paper isn't cheap, and neither is the ink. There are 6 ink cartridges, and they are around $20 each. Of course they don't all run out at the same time, but still its $120 worth of ink in this printer. Overall, I think this is a really good printer for the amateur photographer....more info
  • Epson 1400
    I was looking for a printer that would do 12x12 pages. After reading the reviews I decided this one would fit my needs. And I was not disappointed. All my printers have been HP and I thought they printed out good photos. But this one is fabulous. Yes, the ink does disappear faster but at least I can track it every time I print. The photos are clear and crisp and I can now print on larger pages for my scrapbooking projects....more info
  • Very high quality prints
    I have been testing this printer for a week or so, with a Windows XP based system. I am a hobbyist, and don't have access to the advanced Photoshop tools. I mention this to frame my review.

    The box contained all of the standard equipment (printer, software, ink cartridges, CD/DVD tray) except a USB cable. The printer has a USB and PictBridge socket. There is no print server built it, which is unfortunate.

    Setting up the printer was fast, easy and there was nothing unexpected. If you've installed a printer before, this one won't be a challenge. The software as well installed easily with no surprises.

    I printed a number of color photographs adjusting the various settings in the basic (default) menu. There is an advanced menu section for more advanced users. The quality of the prints was stunning, colors were vibrant and the prints were sharp. They are definitely on par with prints you will order from Walmart. Prints were fast, and the machine is quiet.

    The only other negative (aside from no USB cable or Print Server) is that the ink cartridges are small, and fairly expensive. On the plus side though, you only need to replace the one that is empty.

    In summary this is an excellent printer, probably not a professional grade, but certainly close....more info
  • Killer quality
    This printer is all and more than I expected. The quality is awsome and who could argue with the price!! I would recommend this to anyone......more info
  • So far so good, and some inkjet stuff I've learned
    The Background:
    I upgraded from an R1800 that had lots of banding. Cleaning would take care of the banding but would deplete the "number" of prints. You see, the chips on the cartridges tell the software how many prints you can make before the ink is "out", and cleaning uses up a good chunk of that "number". The software won't print if the chip tells it the ink is out. So after several cleanings to fix the banding, the ink was "out", despite the fact that physically there is still ink in the cartridge. I switched to the cheaper LD inks. This saved me some money because the problem was still there, but I wasn't paying as much, but the LD cartridges would leave random blobs of ink on my print. I finally decided to ditch the R1800 and settled on the 1400 as a suitable replacement.

    The Performance:
    So far, so good. The prints are superior to the R1800, and that's with 6 cartridges instead of the 8 in the R1800. I collect a lot of art online and print it out, scan in postcards and clip art and enlarge them, and also take lots of digital photos. I average 2-3 prints per day and they are beautiful. Ink is a little spendy but still cheaper now that I only buy 6 cartridges instead of 8. Plus they are high capacity cartridges that do seem to last longer than the R1800 cartridges did even when it worked right.

    What I've Learned:
    Let's face it folks. Printers, all of them (not just Epson), are made in a manufacturing process, just like cars, DVD players, iPods, and most everything else. I work in manufacturing and I know sometimes your process has problems. Usually it affects a batch of products run during a specific period until the problem is found and corrected. It is not uncommon for those bad batches to make their way to the consumer. I don't care who the manufacturer is, you can get a bad printer. Go look at Canon or HP reviews and you will see similar comments about banding or paper jams.

    I was a mechanic for several years, and despite all the technology, printers are still mechanical beasts. From my experience, the more you use something that is mechanical, the better it runs. If you let it sit too long (my R1800 sat for six months without being used) the parts just don't take idle time well - maybe it's because they need constant repetitive motion to stay lubricated and dust/dirt free. I don't know for sure. I for one am committed to replacing my printer every 3-4 years, which is how often I rebuild my PC. If my PC needs more memory, faster and bigger hard drives, and a new operating system, why wouldn't my printer need to be upgraded as well?

    I don't think printers are designed to last much beyond that time period anyway - the printer companies need you to come back and buy another printer to keep sales up and keep their shareholders happy....more info
  • Good Printer
    This is a large printer but capable of printing up to 13" X 19" prints. I have printed several photos from 4" X 6" up to 12" X 18" so far and I like the results I am getting.
    The quality of the prints varies considerably depending on the brand of paper used.
    It seems to have the most problem with Jetprint, but HP paper was good and Epson (of course) gave the best results. You may need to experiment with the settings (but do it with 4 x 6 paper or you could use up all you ink in the process)
    The "hi-yield" cartridges are not that big and the ink levels quickly went down to 60% after producing a few large size prints.
    Replacement cartridges cost about $20 each plus tax so expect to pay at least $120 to replace all cartridges. This is a huge chunk of change but the prints are of archival quality and should last for generations. My previous experience with generic ink is that the stunning prints I have hanging on my living room walls have faded badly after a couple of years, on some, the colors have blurred.
    This printer also prints very well onto CD's and has a nice program that makes this laughably easy.
    Another bonus is the included free copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements. Note this is version 3, an older version (they currently have version 6 on the market) but still a powerful program and a great freebie.

    Bottom line, if you are interested in stunning beautiful prints that will last for generations and you can handle the high cost of replacement cartridges (I accept you don't need to replace them all at once, but you still need a spare set on hand) this will be an ideal printer. ...more info
  • Continuous problems and the worst customer service...
    From the beginning this printer was difficult to use. The driver with my imac had to be continuously reinstalled. (I use two other printers with no problems at all). If you don't clean the rollers regularly, the paper doesn't feed. But the worst of all was when I printed a CD, the met`al rollers left small marks. I emailed customer service and they responded with links on how to print CD's. Then they said they didn't understand. when I emailed back asking them what they did not understand they told me to take it to a repair center. No help, guidance or troubleshooting at all. In addition it says you are low on ink before you run out. The ink is ridiculously priced already - you would think they would be happy with the profit the're making already. I am through with epson for sure....more info
  • Absolutly LUV my printer!
    I have had my 1400 for almost 1 month and I am thrilled with it. My old printer was a Stylus 1280 which was great for 4 years. The new printer far surpasses the old in quietness and ink usage. I have printed 8 8"x10" photos, 12 8"x10"prints of paintings, over 300 invitations to my latest art exhibit, plus just every day stuff such as letters, calendars, etc. I have bought a new set of inks but haven't replaced the ones that came with the 1400. Several of them are quite low but I do believe I am using less ink....more info
  • Not a bad printer
    While a bit on the big side because of its large format printing, it is a very nice printer. The quality of printing is excellent with its Claria inks. Text printing is speedy for an inkjet while photo print speed is actually quite reasonable considering its size. Price is less expensive than some of the other comparable printers but inks are very pricy in my opinion (each cartridge is $20). This is where Epson really makes its money. Everyone knows that when you buy a printer, you are buying the inks and getting a free printer for the most part. A set of inks for this printer cost $120 retail... yow.... at least they give you the 079 ink cartridges which is the big brother to the 078... same size, just more ink in them. Now I know why generic cartridge manufacturers are so popular with the Epson crowd....more info
  • Worst photo printer I've owned
    This is the worst printer I've owned. The print head has to be cleaned constantly or there is a line going thru pictures and letters. I have yet to get a good photo out of it. Next time I will stick with Cannon! ...more info
  • Excellent printer
    First of all, I rated this printer at four stars only because its an ink hog. To be fair, I print high resolution photos so I suppose thats to be expected. As for the quality of prints, my friends ooh and ahh over them. I like the way it handles high-key landscape photos. In all, an excellent printer. Now, if they just made bulk magazine cartridges... ...more info
  • Epson 1400
    I really do love this printer. The quality of the prints are exceptional. I only find one flaw, and that is that it's hard to find ink for it! Most office supply stores do not carry the ink, nor do the online ink sites. You must buy it directly from Epson, or if you are lucky, Comp USA will have some in stock....more info
  • Great Printer, Expensive Ink
    I am no stranger to Epson photo printers having owned a Stylus Photo 1240 and a Stylus Photo R1800. As with its predecessors, the 1400 is itself a work of art. The prints it produces are sharp, vibrant, and lifelike. I tested all of the sizes this printer is capable of producing from 4x6 all the way up to 13x19. All color prints were flawless.


    This is a big printer. It has to be to handle 13x19 prints. Even so, Epson has made many parts collapsible so that you can tuck it under your bed. Inside the box, the printer is kept in a handy lift bag that allows you to pull the printer straight up and out of the box. Most of what you need is included - a manual, a CD, and a special feeder for printing directly onto CDs.

    What's NOT in the box is a USB cable and sample paper. Admittedly, I have scores of USB cables, and I have a lot of printer paper, but Epson has previously included these items.

    Simple. Pull off all the tape. Open the 2 packages of ink cartridges and remove all their tapes. Plug in the printer and hit the ink button. Load the cartridges. Press the ink button again. Load your paper.

    Of note is the noisy (scary) print head alignment when the printer is turned on for the first time. Just let it go. It never does it after the first time.

    Next, you'll need to install the drivers. The printer comes with drivers but it is almost always best to ignore those and go online to get the most recent releases. That's what I did. Just go to, navigate to the printer drivers and select the 1400. They have drivers for Mac and Windows, XP and Vista32/64. I installed the Vista 32 driver and the Epson EasyPrint software which helps you navigate through the printer options on your computer.

    As I said, I have experience with photo printing. Unfortunately, that means that I have had to learn about color models, Photoshop, and everything that can make what looks great on the screen look dreadful on the printed page. I brought this knowledge with me when testing the 1400. Since this is a review of the printer, I won't go into those other aspects, but do keep in mind that there are a dozen things that can cause your prints to look "off." But if you've got those under control, then this printer works like a charm.

    NOTE: Once you think you're ready to print, do this first - clean the print heads. Buried in the printer dialog box is a tab labeled Maintenance. Under that tab is an option to clean the print heads, another noisy task. You'll have to do this 2 or 3 times in a row. I didn't and my first print looked like a drug-induced hallucination. Yikes! After the cleaning, it was perfect.

    Also buried in the printer dialog is the option to print fast or slow. If you just want an idea of what the real photo will look like, then choose fast. The quality is awful, so avoid that for your real photos. There are dozens of options and possible combinations of settings but that's an obvious one that is confined to the printer.

    Black and White:
    I said earlier that all color prints were flawless. But when I tried printing a black and white photo, I got more of a sepia and white photo. I checked all of the myriad things I could think of that might cause this but in the end, I could not get a true black and white image. It was black and white on the screen and in fact had no color information at all. When printing, I told the 1400 to print in grayscale and everything was using the printer's color model, including the photo itself. So this is a failing of either the printer or this reviewer.

    Paper and Ink:
    Epson paper is good. For my tests, I used Epson Luster and Konica Glossy. You have to tell the printer what kind of paper you're using. Again, buried in the print dialog, is a pull down menu for that. Unfortunately, Epson chose to use abbreviations such as PLPP for their Premium Luster Photo Paper. When using the Konica paper, I had to guess, since Konica uses a different naming convention. Cost for the paper ranges from $.16 for a 4x6 sheet, to $.60 for an 8.5x11 sheet up to $1.63 for a 13x9 sheet.

    The ink that comes with the printer is Epson's Claria "High-Definition" ink. Epson says the ink will not fade for 98 years. That seems plenty long for pictures of me in a Halloween costume to last. Too long. But here's the thing about inks: That's where all printer companies make their money. This printer retails for $300. Each of the 6 ink cartridges retails of $22. Some places sell the ink for less, but then add big shipping charges bringing the total back to $22. Lots of places sell "replacement" inks that will work in this printer, but my experience with such inks for the R1800 have not been good. I've ended up going back to the original Epson inks.

    Bottom Line:
    It's a great printer but it's a lot more expensive than it seems, because of ink replacement costs. Epson bills it as the little sister to the R1800, but I have both and really can't see a difference....more info
    I bought the Epson 1400, quirky but works fine. However, as a package deal, couples the wrong ink with this printer under "FREQUENTLY BOUGHT TOGETHER." #78 Ink cartridges DO NOT FIT into this printer. You have to buy Epson #79 for the Epson Stylus 1400. I got caught to the tune of $66.67, don't let it happen to you. Hopefully will rectify this situation soon....more info
    This printer was such a disappointment. I returned the Epson 1400 because the quality was awful and I couldn't get the colors right no matter what adjustments I did. I have always been a fan of HP but I had read reviews for the 1400 and got it instead. What a disappointment. I returned it and bought the HP 8550 and it is best purchase I have made since my Nikon D50. I printed a borderless 13x19 and the quality is better than anything I have had professionally printed. The ink levels didn't even move. The software takes a little while to load but that's it. If you are looking for a quality photo printer the HP 8550 is the best way to go. I should have trusted my gut and the bought the HP to begin with. I wasted so much time trying to adjust the Epson and only ended up frustrated. My HP all in one did a better job. Then I got the 8550 and WOW - what a difference. Don't waste your energy and time with this Epson. It is an ink hog and a pain....more info