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Loaded with hyper-speed ring collecting fun, Sonic Mega Collection Plus features Sonic's early adventures that turned the blue dude with a 'tude into one of the first video game superstars. Both long time fanatics and newcomers to the series will enjoy the infectious fun of these 13 Sonic games and four other Sega classics. This redesigned, expanded collection also includes loads of bonus materials and a Sonic museum filled with art, comics, and more.

  • PC Games Software; for PC
  • Game Genre: Action/Adventure; Game Sub-Genre: Compilation
  • Published by Sega

Customer Reviews:

  • Great but not complete
    As much as I love the fact that they put this on PC, I find it incomplete just like the XBox and other systems this appears on. I hate that you have to unlock Sonic TH 2 with Knuckles and Sonic TH 3 with Knuckles. I think it is missing several sonic Game Gear titles.
    I Felt these Game Gear Titles were missing :
    1. Sonic Spinball
    2. Soinc TH 2
    3. Sonic Drift 2

    I felt these titles that are found on "Sonic Gems" for GameCube should have been included :
    1. Sonic CD
    2. Sonic The Fighters
    3. Sonic R

    I felt that if these were added, it would make a better collection. If those games were added, it would be a Complete back in the day Sonic Collection. Even though I find it dissappointing because 6 essentail Sonic Games are missing, It is still worth owning. Like I always say, some is better than none....more info
  • Sonic-sized
    With the success of the Sega Genesis, Sonic The Hedgehog has been one of the most dynamic video game franchise in the 16- bit era. Although it delivered then, it hasn't unfortunately shown its status these days on games like Sonic & The Secret Games for the Wii, and Sonic The Hedgehog for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. When Sega compiled the Sonic Mega Collection for the Nintendo Gamecube back in 2002, it absolutely delivered and welcomed a whole new generation of classic blue speed. Afterwards, the Gamecube success interluded also on the Xbox and PS2 and for the first time in the Mega Collection trimpuhs, it finally makes it to the P.C., but is it really worth the money.

    Sonic Mega Collection Plus for the P.C., brings the revival of the updated Sonic series from the PS2, and delivers the best from the Sega Genesis and Game Gear eras for those Windows crazy. The collection includes all the classics including the original Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic 2 which introduced Tails, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, and Sonic Spinball, as well as the off-shoot to the puzzle-crazed Tetris, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. The Game gear series also shines on well, with games like Triple Trouble, the thrilling Sonic Chaos, and the Mario Kart knockoff Sonic Drift 2. The games and graphics have all been remastered nicely, and thrives well like it did years ago when these classics were originally released. There is one big disadvantage though, the game overlooks the well-acclaimed Sonic CD from the overlooked Sega CD add-on to the Genesis. Sadly, if you want to play that one, you'd have to buy Sonic Gems Collection for the Gamecube.

    All in all, the Sonic Mega Collection Plus is a great classic addition to your home computer, if you're into the retro-feel of Sonic at what was his best era. Unfortunately, if you own the PS2 or the Xbox editions, it really isn't a great buy for you. If you don't have any of those systems, than it will be the right game for your P.C. Even though Sonic The Hedgehog has lost his momentum these days, I'm glad that his classics never faded away.

    Graphics: B+

    Sound: B

    Control: B-

    Fun & Enjoyment: B-

    Overall: B 1/2-...more info
  • sonic mega collection plus review
    these games brought back a lot of memories of playing sonic when i was younger, i am glad i purchased it...more info
  • The Best Sonic Value Bundle in Years
    Ah, Sonic. How well so many of us remember that little blue blur. How many of us are gamers becuase of Sonic, and other stars of his era? In this terrific value bundle, you get an excellent assortment of classic Genesis, and Game Gear Sonic games. Included are: Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, plus 6 of the original 12 Game Gear Sonic games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Labyrinth, Sonic Drift, Sonic Chaos, Sonic Blast, and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine). For the record, Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut contains all 12 Game Gear titles as unlockable mini-games, and remains readily available as a value title for all major platforms.

    As with any value title, it's buyer beware in some ways. I've yet to come across any serious bugs, but as one of the previous reviewers mentioned, you only discover in the manual that this is a DVD game--which could indeed get some toes stepped on if someone bought it without having a DVD ROM in their computer--oops--that's going to cost the developers some brownie points. In general, the games are visibly dated, and simplistic comparatively speaking to modern games, but have been nicely re-mastered, and look sharp and vibrant. The sound can't compare to modern games either of course, but is just as you remember it, and even sounds good over surround speakers. Gamepads work as well, and I use an older Thrustmaster (Firestorm Dual Power 3) gamepad, but I've yet to encounter any problems using it. Also, the game's system specs are modest, and it seems stable and well behaved.

    Lacking a jewel case, production values aren't anything to brag about either, but that isn't uncommon for a low budget value title these days, so you can't smack it around too much for that. However, in-game presentation is much better, and you get plenty of extras like original concept art, comic book clips, and you can view the original manuals. Also, in the manual, the games are laid out chronologically, and each game is pictured with it's original box cover, a brief plot summary, date of launch, and a couple of screenshots. The game has also been spruced up a bit with a modernized front end menu, and in-game interface. Another aspect of this bundle's appeal is that even though there are user-created compatibility fixes avialable for most of them, older Sonic PC ports pre-date WinXP/Vista, and are often incmpatible with newer operating systems--whereas these are WinXP/Vista compatible, and don't fuss when you try to play them, or demand scouring the internet for a compatibility fix. The headline here though is that PC Sonic fans have never had a better chance to rack up on so many old school Sonic games all at once. Make no mistake: the PC hasn't seen a better Sonic value bundle since the Expert Software days, and PC Sonic fans won't want to miss this. All said and done, I'm satisfied with my purchase, and am going to give Sonic Mega Collection Plus a good grade with minor dings for the low production values. ...more info
  • Untitled
    A fun game collection, but some games are not included, like Sonic Drift 2 or STH2 for GameGear. It does have Sonic Chaos (also known as Sonic and Tails 1 ) but doesn't have Sonic and Tails 2 (also known as Sonic Triple Trouble) . It was worth the money.

    ...more info
  • This product needs improvement
    I loved the game Sonic and was excited when I saw this product offered. After receiving it though, I've had nothing but problems. When I finally get it to load on my machine and play, nothing else will run (graphic editing programs). When I get those to run, this will not load or run. There's spyware involved I think. Caution to anyone thinking they can buy this and play as they did on a game console....more info
  • Wonderful collection, thought it would never be out on the PC
    I ordered mine from another retailer online yesterday with 1 day shipping. I got it in this evening and I must say this is one fantastic collection on the PC that never gets boring. There are a few buyer beware points that need to be made before you purchase this:

    1. The game is a DVD-ROM version for the North American Release, not a CD-ROM as shown on the box and disc label. Sega did not change the packaging and this may lead to many unhappy people that this game does not work in their machine.

    2. The localization for this version of the game seems to be the European Localization and not the North American Localization found on the XBOX and Playstation 2. Sonic 3D Blast is known as Flickies Island in this compilation. Shows MegaDrive Icons too next to each game.

    3. The roms they use in this compilation seem to be the PAL versions , as shown in the file folder directories.

    4. The XBOX 360 Controller for Windows, and any controller that does not have dual analog sticks will not function properly in Sonic Mega Collection Plus and will exhibit behavior as if the DPAD is stuck in one direction. A controller such as the Logitech Dual Action or Rumblepad 2 will work just fine. There may be other dual analog ones that work fine too.

    On the plus side, you can save an unlimited amount of save games for the classic games something that had a limitation in the XBOX and PS2 versions of these games.

    Overall I am satisfied with my purchase and reccomend this to anyone who has wanted to play this game before but do not own a PS2 or XBOX and could not play it before.......more info
  • Good old school Sonic collection
    If you enjoyed any of the old Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games you need to buy this, it's an amazing deal at only $8. That beings said I was disappointed that some of the extras included on the original Gamecube Mega Collection did not make it to the Plus version but thats hardly a major issue. The only downfall to the collection is that they chose to include the mediocre Gamegear games over Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix. I also would of prefered the North American version of the game but beings it still is in English it ndoesnt matter a great deal....more info
  • ahhh the good old days
    its good to play the old games. and sonic was my favorite. so it's good to play them again. overall great buy....more info
  • A Truly Perfect Conversion of Sonic's Repertoire
    Often, when a game is transferred to another machine, the game developer tries to 'improve' it, and so in the process loses the game's charm. Sonic Mega Collection Plus painstakingly avoids this; it is a collection of all the Sonic the Hedgehog games from the Sega Megadrive and Game Gear, in perfect conversions.

    I grew up with the Sonic games and they have shaped my aesthetic senses and creativity, as well as standard for enjoyable and challenging games, forever. The gameplay is simple yet effort is required to get the most out of every game. From the 1991 debut Sonic the Hedgehog, the game that rocked the gaming industry to Sonic 3D (avoid the special PC version like the plague), Sonic Mega Collection Plus presents these finely-crafted, imaginative games in all their enveloping and eye-candyish glory.

    The collection also includes lots of extra content, including scans from the Archie Sonic comics and character art, as well as unlockable content which I won't spoil for you. It's just a shame that Sonic CD isn't on this, as the released version is unplayable on XP and up without a hard-obtained patch, but this is a great collection. Highly recommended for those of you who want to get to know Sonic and don't have the patience to buy a Megadrive. These games are as fresh and captivating today as they were back then....more info