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Logitech V320 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks- Grey
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Product Description

The Logitech V320 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks is designed for comfort and mobility. Rubber side grips and a sculpted shape provide secure control, while the compact size and storable micro-receiver make the mouse easy to transport. Secure 2.4 GHz digital cordless plus a high-definition optical sensor helps this mouse perform reliably whether you're on the road or in your living room.

Ergonomic comfort on the go.

The Logitech V320 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks is designed for comfort and mobility. Rubber side grips and a sculpted shape provide secure control, while the compact size and storable micro-receiver make the mouse easy to transport. Secure 2.4 GHz digital cordless plus a high-definition optical sensor helps this mouse perform reliably whether you're on the road or in your living room.


Storable Micro-Receiver
50% smaller than before, the USB micro-receiver fits inside the mouse, turning it on when removed, off when stored. Enjoy up to 6 months battery life.
High-Definition Optical
1,000-dpi resolution is 2.5 times more responsive than standard optical, to deliver the precision you need while you're on the move.
Side-to-Side Scrolling + Zoom
Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom makes it easier to view digital photos and spreadsheets. Zoom in and out, or scroll horizontally and vertically°™instantly!

Package Contents

  • Logitech V320 Cordless Optical Mouse for Notebooks
  • 2.4 GHz micro-receiver
  • Installation guide
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • 3-year limited hardware warranty


IBM or compatible PC

  • Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, or Windows Vista (requires Internet connection)
  • USB port

Macintosh system

  • Mac OS X 10.2.8+
  • USB port
  • Product #: 932219
  • Manufacturer: Logitech Inc
  • Manufacturer Item #: 932219-0403
  • UPC: 097855042118

Customer Reviews:

  • Gully happy with it
    I am totally happy with the mouse.
    The USB sender can be put into the mouse so that it is easy to transport. Also when you put the sender in the mouse it autmatically shut's off.
    So a really nice, small and hany mous for any user, especially those who use a laptop and want to travel with it....more info
  • pretty nifty little tool
    I was a little nervous about hooking the V320 cordless mouse up my new laptop (it was my very first cordless and I'm a little technophobic). It was almost too easy--thought maybe I messed up! Love the turn off button on underside of mouse when it's not in use. Excellent investment. My only complaint would be there were no color choices...I really wanted a blue mouse. Thanks to all of you who previously gave reviews on the many helped me make the right decision....more info
  • Works great
    This mouse works great. Just plug the receiver in the USB port, turn the mouse on and it works right out of the box. I use it to control my laptop which is about 25ft away. The mouse is responsive at all times, very nice. I never bothered to install the software it came with since I don't need any extra functions....more info
  • great mouse
    I really like this mouse. It has a lot of nice features that I haven't had before. I especially like the ability to scroll either sideways or up/down with the scroll roller that is in between the buttons on the mouse. That is a time saver for me.

    It works great with my laptop too.

    I am glad that I ordered it. It was worth the money that I spent on it.

    I also like the fact that it has a place on the bottom of the mouse for the usb connector to go when not plugged in to the computer. That way you don't have to worry about the connection point getting lost.

    It also has an on/off switch on the bottom of the mouse so you can turn it off when not in use to save battery life....more info
  • Great little notebook mouse.
    I had a Microsoft notebook mouse, but the receiver broke. When looking for replacement, I found this item and with such a good price I sprung for it. It is extremely responsive, and has very convenient slot for the receiver on the bottom of the mouse. Software can be downloaded from the Logitech web site (fewer cd's to clutter up my office). It is a quite small for a large hand, but the design seems to make it feel fine in mine. The receiver is about half the size of my previous mouse, which makes it protrude a lot less from the side of my notebook, and less likely to snag on something when moving your laptop with receiver in place.. The size makes it a good fit for most notebook bags. And best of all, you can't go wrong with Logitech. ...more info
  • Connection requires line of sight
    I tried this at two locations - home and office. Both are for desktop PC use. So maybe I'm not using it as intended.

    At home, the performance is about 2 stars. My desk surface and my PC is separated by two cabinets (the PC being inside one of them). The distance is however less than 6 feet. Also, the receiver being plugged in at the front of the computer, it almost sticks outside of the cabinet, so it was *almost* line-of-sight. The connection was very sporadic. Mousing around was acceptable but not 100% smooth, scrolling was somewhat unresponsive, and mouse clicks were sometimes not detected at all.

    At the office, however, the PC sits on the desk next to my monitor, and it works perfectly. So, 5 stars there....more info
  • Good but small
    Pros: Excellent movement and control. Works great on multiple smooth surfaces. Responsive clicks. Fits both hands. USB receiver dongle is very small and unobtrusive, yet still transmits well. Light weight. Best of all, for me, the wheel clicks as you roll it.

    Cons: Too small for my tastes at roughly 4.5" x 2.5". It really only supports my fingers and part of my palm, which makes it uncomfortable to use for any length of time. The battery compartment is on top of mouse and slides around while I'm using the mouse. Feels cheaply made. Left-mouse button dead on arrival....more info
  • Not the best a battery eater
    I never had a cordless mouse before and loved it, at first. I have had it now for less than 4 weeks. have used it every day but not exclusively with my laptop. I spend a couple of hours on email and general things and the rest of the time watching some dvd or other via streaming video and that is it. I read the review on this mouse and it touted the great battery life of up to a year and certainly 8 months . I bought brand new batteries of the highest grade and they are now dead as a doornail. I , at first thought the usb port quit because with so litte use and all the features of the mouse for battery longevity, how could it be the batteries? they last longer than this powering my cd player. I am rather frustrated with the logitech hype on battery. if it is only going to last a month , say so for crying out loud. Dont they think that sooner or later we will find out? i hate them now for the hype. it isnt like one leaves the mouse playing all night long as i might in a radio it supposedly shuts off my itself. ...more info
  • Love it - bought two.
    I was very happy with this mouse. Small but works great.
    I bought one for my desktop and another for my laptop.
    Reasonable price on Amazon. Love the onboard storage
    for the USB transmitter and it's small size. Works much
    better than the laser mouse I use at work. Would highly
    recommend....more info
  • Cute but stopped working twice
    I am a great fan of Logitech and have been using their mice and webcams for years. Unfortunately, the V320 froze on my desktop twice (after one replacement). The excellent tech rep determined I had done everything right. Finally I asked him to let me have a proven "workhorse" mouse and he sent me a V200. That model works like dream! Logitech has one of the best customer services around....more info
  • I love this mouse!
    I bought this mouse to go with my Dell laptop, and I absolutely love it. I love the fact that the usb stick fits in the body of the mouse. and the off button feature on the bottom of the mouse handy too if you want turn it off but come back to it later. Logitech is on of my most trusted brands and I have never had a problem with any of their products. I have even dropped it a few times (clumsy!) and it still works fine.

    there are a ton of optical mice to choose from but I say for the price the quality is outstanding. plug and play! and the battery life is amazing (two AA batteries) I have had this mouse for almost 2 years and I have only had to change the batteries once so far and I use it every day! I am even considering buying another one for my asus eee pc! I say pick this mouse! you wont be sorry!...more info
  • here mousy mousy
    Sets up easy without using disc. Batteries last a long time. USB receiver fits easily into the mouse when transported...more info
  • Great but...
    CONS: Bluetooth receiver broke clean in half while attached to laptop (bent like a stick of gum!)! Most likely due to placing it in laptop bag with receiver still attached.

    PROS: Excellent battery life, range, optical performance/response, ergonomics, size, style, value.

    BOTTOM LINE: Always *stow* your receiver while you travel *inside* the mouse! Don't leave connected to USB port on computer!...more info
  • Works at 10 feet, and very battery efficient
    Got a good deal on this one, I use it to control my home theater PC. 10 feet is all I needed and it does the job. I recommend this mouse if you are looking for cordless. This mouse is too small to game with, I recommend something bigger if that is your intent....more info
  • Works like a charm
    This mouse works great haven't any problems with it and it's very easy to use. Also like the fact that it's wireless!...more info
  • review of Logitech V320 Cordless Optical Mouse - Black
    First, as far as I can tell, there is no operational difference between this black version of the Logitech V320 wireless mouse and the grotesquely ugly grey and silver version of the Logitech V320. It was worth the price difference for me to have this much more attractive black version. The images of the product shown here on Amazon are *exactly* what it looks like.

    I am using this product with Windows XP Pro SP2, without the Logitech driver.

    * Stylish design and color.
    * Very responsive and accurate, which gives you a wide range of actually usable mouse speeds via the Windows Control Panel --> Mouse pointer speed adjustments. If I am doing some digital photo editing, I can slow the mouse down via Windows to give me greater control. When I am browsing the internet, I speed the mouse up to make swift movements across my dual display setup. In fact, the fastest setting in the Mouse Control Panel is almost too fast.
    * Fits my hand well. I am a man, but I wear gloves in size small (male) or size medium (female LOL), so the diminutive size is handy not only for travel but it fits my hand much better than the huge desktop mice (such as the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 1000 which this mouse is replacing).
    * Furthermore, the ergonomics are excellent: the curvature on the top feels perfect, the sides are rubberized for easier gripping, and the Teflon pads on the bottom are large and allow the mouse to slide easily across my desktop, and these pads look thick enough to last a long time before wearing out.
    * The left and right clicks are sure and smooth. It does NOT require much pressure to click the left or right buttons, and this is important to me to reduce the stress on the tendons of my arm. I can click and click and click and my arm does not grow fatigued.
    * The scroll wheel is also reasonably responsive.
    * There is an on/off button on the bottom.
    * Or you can plug the receiver into the mouse and the mouse will automatically turn off. When you remove the receiver, the mouse automatically turns on again.
    * It uses easy-to-find inexpensive AAA batteries. I use alkaline batteries, because a mouse is a very low-drain device, but of course you could use NiMH rechargeable batteries--I use and recommend Sanyo eneloop batteries, since they hold their charge much longer than regular NiMH batteries.

    * In order to middle-click, you must press down pretty hard on the scroll wheel. I do find this quite aggravating, as I often need that middle-click to open new tabs in Firefox. This is my only complaint about the mouse, as I love everything else about it.

    UPDATE: I thought I would add the following information: This mouse does *NOT* turn off automatically after a period of disuse. Yay! I have a Kensington Optical Wireless Mini mouse (model # 72214) that *does* turn off after a few minutes if you do not move or click the mouse, and I find that behavior quite aggravating. Let's face it, modern mice are *very low drain* devices, so it already costs next to nothing to operate them on regular alkaline batteries. I don't need the nuisance, just to save a few pennies a year, of grabbing the mouse and having it not respond until I click a button. Also, a mouse that is rechargeable is going to co$t much more, and comes with the additional bother of being *required* to recharge it periodically.

    SECOND EDIT (on June 21, 2008): A fresh pair of alkaline batteries will last about 4 months in this mouse. And, while the mouse is still working, but just before the batteries expire, the little green LED on top of the mouse will very slowly blink on and off as a warning that it is time to change the batteries....more info
  • Love this little mouse!
    Wow, this mouse is excellent! It's slightly smaller than most wireless mice out there, is tapered at the sides, and it has nice rubberized grips on the sides as well. The USB dongle is tiny - it only sticks out an inch when in the USB port, and stows easily in the mouse.

    The only drawback I found is that to use the wheel as a center button (I use it to paste text), takes more pressure than I'm used to, and makes my editing jobs a little harder. But not much.

    What a great mouse to de-tether yourself from your computer!...more info
  • Really Really Like This Mouse
    This mouse is especially made for laptops, which is why I purchased it. It's so smooth and works beautifully. It comes with a USB which is part of the mouse. You just put it back into the mouse and that's how it turns itself off. I have found that Logitech products are among my favorites, so after reading the good reviews on this product, I did not need any more convincing. It's small, but also just the right size. I would recommend it and would purchase again. ...more info
  • Logitech V320
    I love this mouse. I've had it for a while and as a matter of fact I'm using it right now as I write this review....more info
  • Excellent Mouse
    I purchased two of these for my husband's laptop and my PC. I love the convenience of not having unsightly, cumbersome wires of the conventional mouse. The size is comfortable for both our hands. Although, I've used it briefly while trying out my husband's new laptop, I haven't opened mine and am basing this review on my husband's experience of 6 weeks. He likes to surf the net in the comfort of the bedroom and oft times, the bed, and finds that the mouse easily glides over practically all types of surfaces. The mouse is still going strong after daily use without having to change the batteries. This is an excellent size for any computer or laptop user. The wireless receiver stores handily underneath the mouse and reminds me that I need to turn the power switch off after use. We're very happy with these purchases and feel it's an excellent mouse at a great price.

    The only con for me is that the scroll wheel is free-rolling and I prefer the clickable ones where I can control the amount of scrolling with each click. That is not a problem, though, as it is a matter of preference. This is highly recommended in my book. ...more info
  • Cool notebook mouse!
    This is a great little mouse I use with my laptop. Works quickly after plugging in, and you can add functionality to the extra buttons by downloading the Logitech software.

    The one thing that slightly bothers me is that the side scrolling buttons are clicked a bit easily, especially when trying to middle click the wheel. But I haven't really assigned any function to the side scrolling buttons, so it's not that big a deal.

    Tracking is perfect, and I have great range...from all the way across the room!...more info
  • Outstanding Mouse
    This Logitech wireless mouse is a must have for a laptop! I first bought one for myself and then another for my 76 year old Mother. She says it even works perfectly on the arm of a fabric covered recliner while she relaxes and answers her emails. What a quick and easy little install too! This mouse is very affordable and so easy to pack up with the way the usb snaps right into the back of the mouse! I can't even imagine using a wired mouse ever again. The best!!!!!...more info
  • Love this mouse
    I was looking for a mouse that I could use with my laptop when it is hooked to my 50" TV screen as a moniter for watching movies online. With this little guy I can put the laptop on the stand with the TV and use the mouse 14' away without any cords or wires stretched across the room. I've been using it for about 2 months and it works great! Battery is still going strong even though I have forgotten to turn it off numerous times. I don't have any complaints with this mouse, it is very comfortable to hold and use. I hope it lasts forever :)...more info
  • Perfect Product
    We loved the fact that the power button couldn't get accidentally hit draining the batteries when the USB device was plugged into the back of the mouse. My wife uses this mouse with our bed, her leg, the couch, or a pillow as her mouse pad. Works perfectly....more info
  • Comfortable, responsive, long battery life
    I've been using this mouse for almost a year and have not had to change the battery. When not in use, I either turn it off or store the USB adapter in the slot and that turns it off. The response is great. My hands are small and it is very comfortable....more info
  • Works on Polished Granite/Marble
    I travel extensively and end up working on many different work surfaces in hotel rooms. I have tried many wireless mice including different Logitech models and none have worked well on on granite and marble surfaces until I found the V320. Even the Nano (which I prefer due to the tiny receiver and advanced controls) will not work on these surfaces.
    ...more info
    Works even better than expected. Plastic package was nearly impossible to open. Because of that would not buy this product again. Eric from NC...more info
  • It works for me

    This mouse works Ok for me. It is easy to handle and the functions are what I expected from description, besides is light and has a good price. I bought a tiny bag to carry on.
    ...more info
  • No replacement parts from Logitech
    I bought this mouse for my daughter. She lost the little transmitter. Logitech doesn't carry/sell replacements, so the mouse is useless. I call this poor customer/technical support. ...more info
  • Good but Not Great.
    I liked this mouse, but it's not the best one I've ever had. The Microsoft model that I just picked up is actually a superior product overall. Although, the one thing present in the Logitech mouse and absent in the MS mouse is a super-high functioning scroll wheel. The great thing about having such a good scroll wheel is that with a Word file I can go between 100 percent to 200 percent size by slight degree; whereas, with my new one, I simply cannot do that. Another advantage is that this mouse has an on/off button which saves some juice and keeps you from buying as many 10 packs of AA batteries at the store. I do think that my MS optical is more sensitive and requires less wrist effort to move around, so, on aggregate, I'd say it's a better buy. ...more info
  • Ideal for Notebooks
    Compact sized, but not too small for my large hand. Tiny, tuck-away transmitter is about 1/3 the size of previous version. Very good item with no complaints thus far....more info
  • Easy and Instant Use
    I give this mouse 4 stars for the fact that it was a plug in and go operation. It loses a star because you have to download the software to use the one function that doesn't work on initial use. And function was the side scroll feature. I still have not downloaded the software and I don't think I will.
    ...more info
  • Cordless mouse review
    I recently bought two cordless logitech V320 mice... they simply work great... and Amazon offered the best deal that I found when researching the price... Now all Logitech needs to do is come up with a reliable bluetooth mouse... or improve on the one they already have as I want a bluetooth mouse as dependable as this cordless mouse is....more info
  • I love it!
    This is my second logitech wireless mouse and I love it more than my old one. Well worth the money!...more info
  • Excellent Choice
    This mouse approaches perfection, the best one I have ever used so far and I have used God only knows how many different mouses including Microsoft and Logitech and others over the past 20 or so years. Works great on XP or Vista systems and is wonderful on the little Netbook. You cannot go wrong on this Logitech mouse....more info
  • Best mouse ever!!!
    This mouse is awesome, in that you can store the USB receiver in the mouse, and it automatically turns off when stored. Never had a signal problem. Great price. Great purchase....more info
  • Good mouse
    This mouse was easy to set up and use. Only problem is that batteries seem to run down quickly. I've had a previous Logitech notebook mouse that ran for a very long time without battery change. I've changed batteries twice in the first few weeks with this one even though I've been careful to turn it off when not using. ...more info