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CatGenie-Self Washing, Self Flushing Cat Box
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Product Description

CatGenie, the world's only self-flushing, self-washing cat box. You'll never scoop, touch or change litter again. What's the CatGenie Cat Box Secret?...Washable Granules, not litter. Manually collecting cat waste from a cat litter box is unsanitary. Cleaning the mess out is unpleasant. To satisfy a cat's need to dig and cover, CatGenie uses comfy, permanent Washable Granules instead of disposable litter. To cats, it's just like using a clean litter box. The CatGenie Cat Box is more than a cat toilet, it's a modern appliance. Every day, it automatically flushes cat waste completely out of the home. Then, it washes itself clean. You never scoop, touch or change litter. CatGenie is cat sanitation that is as clean as a cat. Unlike many cat litter boxes, only CatGenie automatically: FLUSHES The GenieHand scoops and separates solids, which get liquefied and flushed along with liquid waste for safe, easy drainage out of the home. WASHES Cold water mixes with SaniSolution. The GenieHand scrubs and scours both Basin and Granules. It also thoroughly washes and eliminates germs and odors. DRIES The GenieHand aerates the Granules so the built-in hot air blower can completely dry the interior of the cat litter box for your cat's comfort. So easy to use Push a button to start or pre set to run automatically. SaniSolution and Washable Granules are all you need for safe and easy operation of your CatGenie Cat Box. SaniSolution contains the same ingredients that veterinarians use to disinfect their exam tables. One cartridge lasts for 60 washings. Washable Granules need occasional replenishment, not changing. CatGenie Cat Box is recommended for 1-2 cats per unit and no more than 3. So easy to set up 1) Add the supplied "T" connector to a cold water supply from a toilet, sink or laundry 2) Screw on the CatGenie Cat Box GenieHose. 3) Place the drain hose over a toilet rim or laundry drain. Plug into an electrical outlet. You're done. Maximum Cat Genie Size: 19" dia bowl, 16" W, 23" D,

  • Unique self-flushing, self-washing cat box maintains itself
  • Uses permanent washable granules that never need changing
  • Ideal for homes with 2 to 3 cats over 6 months old
  • Hardware, granules, cleaning solution, and instructions included
  • Measures 24 by 19 by 21 inches; 2-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • heidi
    I would totally purchase this product again. Easy to install. Don't have to deal with the little box again or dust! Awesome product. Good going Cat Genie, I am recommending to all of my friends:-)...more info
  • Poo Stinks
    I have had my unit for a little over a month now. I love it because I don't have to scoop. My wife hates it because it now resides in our laundry room. I was under the impression that it sensed somehow that the box had been used and then scooped it immediately. Like the littermaid box does with motion sensors. Nope... the cat can use it and it will sit there until a predetermined time. That depends on the setting 1, 2, 3, or 4 times a day. I think this is a ploy to sell the sanisolution, because to keep the smell down the user is forced to run it four times a day automatically and then to start it manually every time the cat creates the offensive smelling poo.

    Come on cat Genie, make it motion sensing so the thing doesn't have to scoop unecessarily and use up so much solution, and so my wife doesn't have to smell it and complain once again about the expensive smelly cat box I wasted the money on.

    Like I said a love hate relationship with cat Genie. I wish I could tie a motion sensor on it.

    Also it does bake poo. Not all the time, But wow what a smell. IN OUR LAUNDRY ROOM.

    Do I smell like poo?

    ...more info
  • Now reset your CatGenie Cartridges and use them over and over!
    A cartridge resetter is now available so you can refill and reset the cartridge after the 60 washes are up. See it here:


    ...more info
  • Great Idea, Disgusting Mess.
    I purchased my Cat Genie in Feb 2008. It is now Nov 2008 and I'm fed up. The first week it started flashing an error and beeping. It didn't clean out the feces and thus cooked the feces and created a big bowl of feces slush in the bowl. After two hours on the phone and a whole lot more involvement than I wanted with the litter box, the problem was solved. The box occasionally failed in a similar manner and I had to smell cooked fecal matter for a few hours.

    In June, the box began giving me an error and stopping mid-cycle. No matter what I did, I couldn't get it to stop starting mid-cycle and not complete its cycle. A few phone calls, a disgusting night of taking the box apart and trying to shoot water through the hose to clear a clog that apparently wasn't even there, I finally figured out that the arm and programming were broken. I wasn't able to get a return to Amazon, nor any real help from Cat Genie because I purchased it here. So I figured out how to manually scoop the feces and run the cycle to clean the urine and litter and dispose of the scooped feces. I've been doing that for months, but today, it failed to drain the water from the tub and I've had it. I called to get help from Cat Genie. They wanted to send me all kinds of replacement parts, but I've had it with taking the box apart and touching things I never wanted to touch (getting into grosser things than simply scooping litter). I told them I was extremely disappointed with the box and don't want any replacement parts. I'm just going to throw it away and purchase a litter box that won't leave my cats holding it for hours while I try to restore their potty. This is a great idea and a failure of a product. I hope you are one of the lucky ones whose box doesn't break. If you aren't, good luck getting knee deep in vomit-inducing situations and becoming a repair-person. I wish I'd never purchased this. Waste of $400....more info
  • Horrible waste of money - doesn't work
    I had the cat genie for 2 weeks. It was easy to set up. It worked for a total of 4 days and then the motor blew up. I had to wait 5 days for it to be replaced. It then worked for another 6 washings before breaking again. I returned the unit at my own expense ($33 shipping) and the cat genie company kept $66 of my money. Shipping doesn't cost that much. Do not waste your time or money. $100 lost for 10 uses. Back to scooping, yet glad nonetheless to be rid of the thing. By the way, the unit I bought is the newly improved version. Or so they say....more info
    hi, i purchased the cat genie with great anticipation! no more changing litter cartridges every week! (2 large cats) yea!! however, after 2 1/2 weeks of tricking, coaxing, cats would not use the cat genie. boo! i loved my new cat genie! UNTIL I HAD A PROBLEM!!! contacted cat genie only to be told that my "accessories" would not be refunded. only the actual unit itself. but that i could try to sell the dome hood on another site myself if i wanted to. NOT!!! then i asked to speak with a manager only to be told that he was busy and would call me whenever he had time. what part of "90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE" does that fall under???? i am very unhappy with cat genie at this point and want to caution anyone looking to do business with this company that they do not stand behind their guarantee. i,too, am a small business owner, and would NEVER create a disgruntled customer over $34!!!!! shame on cat genie! ...more info
  • WHAT A WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My husband ordered one of these machines and we rcvd it last week. I was less than thrilled but with 2 children under the age of 2 I decided to give it a chance. What a waste of money. The cleaning cycle lasts over a half hour and is loud. The sani solution which is pricey smells very strong like dollar store air freshener. oh and my upstairs bathroom gets at least 10degrees hotter when the thing is running. My cats have yet to look at the stupid thing. After reading other reviews and hearing about the clogging problems this has done it for me. This is going back after a week in my home. So not worth the $300 plus....more info
  • Great machine, Great support
    I have owned my Cat Genie for a little over a year now. I definetly get use out if it for my 4 adult cats. We unplug it at night because it is in our master bath, and it can be a little loud while we are sleeping. Because we have more cats than it is designed for, and we don't let it run for atleast 8 hours a day, it does get clogged occasionally. However it's not too bad to clear it out. I can usually unclog it in about 15 minutes with a good cleaning. We have ours In our spare bathtub, so the dog can't get to it. Cleaning out the thing when it is clogged is as hard as removing the cover/processor, and turning on the shower to clean out the rest.

    When we allow it to run 4 times a day, it never gets clogged. It's only when we let poo dry out all night and build up. When it scoops that much in the morning, the accumulated granules make the clog.

    Customer Service is excellent. I have called them several times. When we moved it to our spare bathroom, there was not enough water pressure to run it off the toilet line. So they walked me through installing it from the sink line. I have broken the little T connector twice, probably using too much pressure with a monkey wrench. They overnighted me a new one both times for free. I honestly didn't expect to recieve it the very next day.

    Great product, great company....more info
  • Stinks up your house!!!!
    When I first bought this item I was elated. Soon after it began to break down on a regular basis. Each time it broke I was sent replacement parts that I had to replace myself. The parts took up to a week to come and my cat would stop using it and start using my living room carpet. It took me about two weeks each time (about four times) to get her to start using the cat genie again.

    Now that it "works" again it stinks up my house!!! Small solids get through the scooper and then are washed and dried along with the litter granules. Dirty water remains at the bottom of the unit as well. The dryer then blows hot air on the granules and small solids spreading a putrid odor through your house.

    It may take a few washes for this to happen but it will happen and regularly. When it does happen the only solution is to take the filthy unit apart, clean it with disinfectant and put it all back together again until the next time.

    I think i am going to go back to a plain old litter box ......more info
  • Lifesaver for me
    For me the CatGenie is a lifesaver in so many ways. READ this if you want to keep your cats, save your back, your health, and help the earth, and in these times, your money. I am just a regular person who loves her cats. I know it sounds crazy that cat litter can cause back problems, but I pulled my back because of stupid heavy cat litter. I thought that I had to give up my three loves because I couldn't take care of their litter box.

    I got the CatGenie because it makes sense. The people who invented this product really care. You can see it is high quality and a lot of thought and genius went into it. I did have some problems, which really had to do with how I changed the setup. (The actual setup is easy) I had an unusual situation. The service people could not have been more helpful and corrected my faux pas.

    I have an early model and the CatGenie newsletter gives me news about upgrade parts that the company sends out for free.

    The CatGenie doesn't use sand litter that doesn't biodegrade. Instead it uses a permanent litter substance that get washed and reused. So as they say: no litter dust to breathe, no litter odors to smell (I have allergies), no litter to buy, and best of all for me, no heavy litter to lug in and out. I can go on and on. I strongly recommend the CatGenie!

    W. Orr, Livingston, TX...more info
  • can genie hell
    i have been an owner of the cat genie for a little over a year and I have replaced the processor, $130 value, twice because it keeps sucking up the cartriges in less than a week, $15 value, when it goes bad. The cartriges are supposed last 2 months if you wash 1x a day. It first malfunctioned within 4 months of owning the cat genie and I went through 4 boxes of solution, at my expense. The second time it malfunctioned, the new processor functioned for 11 months and I went through 2 boxes of solution. It will cost $130 plus the cost of wasted solution every time it goes bad so be prepared to spend a lot of money. ...more info
  • Count on tearing it apart once a month
    We bought this at the beginning of the year and we were very excited when it came. However the excitement didn't last. I can't even tell you how many calls we have made to the support desk to help us fix it. We now have become experts at tearing it apart. It always gets clogged and I can't even begin to describe how disgusting it is to deal with soupy cat poop. Also, if any poop gets left behind then it gets blown with hot air and stinks up the whole house. I would not recommend buying this until they fix a few things.

    May 6, 2009
    I have truely come to hate the Cat Genie. I am 2 steps away from throwing it into the desert. I have called customer service so many times I've lost count. I have done all the upgrades, etc. And it still won't work. I would not reccommend this item unless you like dealing with smelly cat poo. Maybe I have a lemon, maybe not. Don't reccommend this product.

    Carol De Poy...more info