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  • tell me something i don't know
    ** movie spoiler ahead ** i have seen so many movies like this -- want to be glamorous -- find that it is against their natural being or conscience -- and then learn the opposite.

    maybe if you never watch something like this, then you will find the movie very original. otherwise, i don't see anything special about this movie.

    the reason i give it 1 star is: the movie trailer i saw, it showed 2 minutes of the movie, instead of showing different parts of the movie briefly, which is the usual way of showing a trailer. If I had seen the various parts, i will know what this movie is about, and will not watch it, knowing that it is the same old same old. Well, the marketing is smart to just show 2 minutes of an interesting part of the movie. In a way, they are pretending to be something that they are not. Just like what the story is about: pretending to be somebody who you are not....more info
  • One of the most perfect comedies ever made
    Oh, I am sure I will ruffle some feathers calling it "One of the most perfect comedies ever made," but that is my opinion. Let's look at what goes into a great film:
    Great Dialogue: Check
    Great Performances: Check (anyone who disagrees on this one is an idiot)
    Original Story: Check
    Great Theme: Check
    Good Art Direction: Check

    This handles dialogue beautifully, presents interesting arguments (both sides) about the world of fashion, and Meryl Streep's performance is deceptively complex... she is brilliant, as are many of her co-stars. This is a first-class film that makes you feel good. After a bad day at work, this is one of the films I love to pop in the DVD player!

    One of my all-time favorites!...more info
  • Devil Wears Prada
    This was a good movie. Kept you entertained throughout. They picked the roles very well I thought. I recommend this one....more info
  • I'll Have A Model To Go, Super Size, Please
    Look, I don't even know what "prada" is (nor am I inclined to take the time to find out). What I do know is I've seen THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA several times, and I find it a clever and engaging comedy for two reasons: Because Anne Hathaway is so absolutely delightful and because Meryl Streep is so absolutely good.

    Playing a New York newbie who's hired to be an assistant to an editor of a chic fashion magazine, Hathaway brings an innocent naivete that is appealing and genuine. Plus she's easy on the eye; I find her to be one of the most beautiful actresses on the big screen today. And then there's Meryl Streep as the beastly Miranda Priestly--the boss who won't take "No", or "I can't get that done" for an answer. We've all had bosses from hell, but Miranda easily sets the bar as the most self-centered, diabolical, conniving--duplicitous. And all the while, Streep plays this role in a soft-spoken manner; her Miranda may appear to be in control, but the volcano could erupt at any moment. And is it ever fun to watch.

    Adrian Grenier, Stanley Tucci, and Simon Baker furnished the main male roles in this film, and none of them (count 'em) were interesting (okay, maybe Tucci's role as a frustrated fashion designer was a tad interesting); this, I think, was intentional. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is a flick made for chicks. Speaking of, I enjoyed Emily Blunt as the stressed other assistant willing in an instant to fall on her sword for Miranda; Blunt gets more than her fair share of funny scenes. But she doesn't tell me what prada is. But that's okay.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning

    ...more info
  • Meaner Than the Devil
    Just picked up a dvd of this movie and it's so much tamer than the book. What a horrifyingly stupid decision for the writers to make Miranda Priestly a sympathetic character, from boo-hooing about her divorce to privately smiling in fond satisfaction at her protege's progress. . . . after deliberately snubbing Andrea as she got into her car! I mean, come on. She never would have felt ANYTHING but annoyed contempt for her assistant; the girl was nothing to her but a slave to bully and denigrate. A mean person is a mean person is a mean person - - there is nothing amusing, sympathetic, or even particularly human about such virulently nasty people. I know that because I worked for a toxic boss over 10 years ago, back in the days before academia would have called someone like on the carpet for her atrociously cruel abuse of the adminstrative staff. She was a sociopath. Sure, she was bitter and unhappy, but did we pity her for her misery? No, everyone despised, feared, and resented her, and most of them toadied to her in terrified genuflecting awe, as if the sun rose and set on that old bat. And that, my friends, is how Bosses From Hell Get Away With It.

    The novel Devil Wears Prada is exactly what that author went through; if it isn't the truth it's pretty close to it - - no one could make such ghastly incidents up. That roman a clef was written for a reason, but notice how NO ONE in the dvd's bonus featurettes discussed whom the character was REALLY based on, and how all the interviewss breathlessly decreed that they were going to treat the fashion industry with "respect." What, were the New York designers going to hire thugs to go beat up the producers, directors, writers and actors who made this movie? Threaten to have their careers ruined? Make sure that they "never ate lunch in this town again"? What in blue blazes was everyone so AFRAID of? During the filmed interviews of the people who made this movie, they all but looked over their shoulders while they talked, the whites of their eyes showing in terror.

    That said, this was an absolutely scrumptuous movie to watch as far as clothes, scenery, snide confrontations. . . . but if only the character of Andrea had fought back more or somehow retaliated, instead of being so nicey-nice to all those vicious clacking fashionistas who snubbed, berated, and insulted her. That tray of dishes hurled into the sink - Miranda's suddenly unwanted lunch - - should have been hurled at her over-coiffed head.
    ...more info
  • Very Good Look at the Fashion Business
    Anne Hathaway plays a rootsy, down to earth girl who is looking for a job as a journalist. But the only decent paying job she can find is working as a personal assistant for a renowned fashion critic (played brilliantly by Meryl Streep).

    Anne falters at first, but then learns how to excelt at her jon. But the demands of the job and the morally compromising situations she finds herself in put a major strain on her relationships with her boyfriend and her long time friends.

    As her life begins to head in the wrong direction, her friends try to save their down to earth friend from being carried away by the demands of her pressing new life.

    The movie is well done, a fine adaptation of the best selling novel....more info
  • Horrible
    Thankfully, I rented this movie as opposed to seeing it in the theater. I hated it. The plot was stupid. I thought that maybe the film was going to be about how a girl who thinks fashion is stupid finds that it isn't just full of anorexic, stuck-up snobs who only care about what they look like. I was incorrect. This movie serves only to reinforce negative stereotypes of the industry. They make a big scene of making the lead character "pretty and fashionable" but in the end she is the same person she was to start except now she has a job recommendation that almost says "work for a bitch and let them treat you like crap and it might work out in the end" to the viewer. Not to mention that she cheats on her boyfriend pretty much and suffers no consequences for it. Waste of money and time....more info
  • Mostly solid film, Prada looks devishly good on Blu-ray
    The Devil Wears Prada has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. I'm a guy who loves romance, comedies, and other chick flicks; however, my sense of fashion (or even interest in it, for that matter) is lacking, and I don't have a desire to jump into the fashion world. I suppose Miranda Priestly would completely despise me, but that's not such a bad thing.

    The Devil Wears Prada is about Andy Sachs--a recent graduate looking to make something happen for herself in the professional world. She's interested mostly in journalism, but, unfortunately, she's run into little to no luck landing a job. This supposed strike against her doesn't appear to be as bad as the one she experiences within the first 15 minutes of the film. For some strange reason, she applies and interviews for an assistant-to-the-chief-editor position at Runway, the world's premiere magazine in fashion. The reason this is so strange is that she literally has no sense of fashion whatsoever (an understatement! Watch the first ten minutes and you'll know what I mean, and I don't even have a sense of fashion!). Miranda (Chief Editor) takes one look at her and practically judges Andy's entire life based on the sweater and skirt she's wearing. It's a subtle, tense, and completely hilarious scene all at once, and we see Andy leave in disgust as she's sure she's not gotten the job.

    Well, as odd ironic movie fate would have it, Andy lands the job and works as Miranda's second assistant. The film steadily shows Andy's strong dedication to her job and her ever-increasing fashionable side. She grows into a character whom she loves and eventually dislikes, leading to more irony and self-realization.

    Even though the film does not have incredible character arcs and overwhelming tension, it still remains clever and well-written. The actors (especially Streep and Blunt) give outstanding performances, and it's through these listed elements that makes this film one to enjoy a few times over.

    The Blu-ray disc for The Devil Wears Prada is single layer BD-25, and the picture comes across strong in most scenes. The city takes are relatively short, so don't expect to be blown away by nighttime New York (there's just not much to oooh aaaww at here), and there's really no special effects because, honestly, this isn't an action film. But the colors are all natural and breath-taking, keeping the film relateable instead of surreal. What you see is a drama about fashion and self-realization delicately worked on by hi-def fashion artists. The film works and so does its picture. Take it for what it is, and you should be pleased....more info
  • Breezy Predictable Fun
    Not quite a grown-up's movie (maybe more like 14), it's still a fun way to wile away a couple of hours when you aren't in the mood for thinking. Meryl Streep's role isn't difficult, but she's fun to watch and effective enough to distract you from the well-worn plot. The heroine is more believable as a fashion trollop than a serious journalist. The saucy co-worker is too stereotyped, and a collection of friends only adds filler and backdrop to the story. Even the poor boyfriend only gets one dimension to his character. Did I mention the pat ending? But it has it's moments of charm. Those of us who have worked for a Miranda Priestly can nod along as we laugh. ...more info
  • Devil Wears Parda DVD Review
    I think my wife has worn out the DVD, she can't stop watching it.The Devil Wears Prada (Widescreen Edition)...more info
  • 20 min too short and too much focus on banal characters.
    This movie works because the three central chracters (Andrea Sachs, Miranda Priestly, and Emily) are so interesting. This movie does not work as well as it should because it focuses too much of its time on the relatively banal peripheral (Andrea's boyfriend, friends, and father etc) characters.

    That is really too bad because I found Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) to be one of the most fascinating characters I have seen in the movies in a long time. At the end of the movie, the viewer is left wanting to know more of her. Yet we know so little of her except her superficial outerself which so obviously belies something far more complex.

    The central character, Andrea Sachs, is played by ever so likeable Anne Hathaway. When Anne Hatahaway plays a character, it is very hard to dislike that character. That ability is a major plus in a starlet, but it also limits her ability to play different and more complex roles.

    Emily Blunt (who plays Emily) is, as Meryl Streep describes her, one of the best, if not the best, young actresses today. She successfully makes her limited role into a colorful and memorable character.

    At the end of the movie, you will feel entertained and glad to know the glimpses of the 3 main characters. But you will also wish you had known more of them.
    ...more info
  • "Prada" is a Charismatic Movie
    "The Devil Wears Prada" is a staple in my personal movie library. Rarely has a lioness been more enticing or vicious in corporate America as Meryl Streep's "Miranda Priestley." Priestley is equal to task to Michael Douglas' "Gordon Gekko" in the movie "Wall Street." But, why do we love these characters that would do anything to achieve and maintain professional success? I believe "...Prada" is a microcosm of the world. Most people are afraid to wholeheartedly go after the "Brass Ring." When we see the likes of a Miranda Priestley (Streep) entering onto the world stage, we love and loathe her simultaneously for her viciousness as well as her victories. While she may exhibit somewhat psychopathic tendencies, she is not the shrinking violet many would have her be. In fact, her subordinates become victims of the "Stockholm Syndrome." While the fashion industry isn't a philanthropic endeavor, the characters become sucked into her vortex, enamored by the passion and sheer excellence Miranda puts into her vocation. Meryl Streep was edged out by Helen Mirren's "The Queen" for the Oscar, but it's Streep's riveting performance that keeps me repeating the experience.

    Watch "The Devil Wears Prada" to be entertained and educated about the ways of the world. The most salient one liner in the movie was Streep's divulging a truism of contemporary society and its pursuit of acclaim, fame and fortune, "Everyone wants to be us."

    Edward Brown
    Core Edge Image & Charisma Institute
    ...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    If you take aside Meryl Streep's ice queen and the appealingly bitchy Emily Blunt, all you have left is a ridiculously contrived story without an inch of unpredictability; it's disposable entertainment for people who fetishize clothes....more info
  • Great Movie
    Great movie for a girl's night. I just wish I could afford those clothes myself! ...more info
  • Lazy adaptation of the book
    I didn't love the book, but this movie barely even resembles it. As someone who just finished the book a couple weeks ago, it was impossible for me to watch the movie without constantly noticing things that were shockingly different. With the exception of Andrea herself, every single character in the movie was either changed completely or simply left out. Miranda's more sympathetic, Emily's less sympathetic, Lily has her life under control, and the security guy who makes Andrea sing doesn't exist. Andrea doesn't buy Starbucks for homeless people or smoke cigarettes whenever she gets a chance. Even her boyfriend has a different name and career. Andrea's life seems a lot more pleasant here.

    Meryl Streep is very good in this, but I wished she acted more the way she did in the book and not as the kinder, gentler, and ultimately more sympathetic version of Miranda that's in the movie. "The Devil Wears Prada" hardly even seems like a fitting name for this since Miranda doesn't seem all that bad. Yes, she asks her assistants to do a lot of things all at once, including some things that are ridiculous, but that's a typical executive assistant job. In the book, not only was Miranda much more horrendous, but Andrea wasn't exactly the perfect employee either. Overall, this movie is much "nicer" while losing the angrier edge the book had. ...more info
  • Deliciously Devilish!
    When this film came out and the buzz began about Streep's Oscar worthy performance, I didn't find the time to see it. Now that it's on DVD, I am eating it up like a Junior's Cheesecake (New Yorkers will know what I mean). Here is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this film: I had a boss like Miranda Priestly once. The first day she placed her dirty lunch tray on my "out" box I knew the job was not going to be good on my psyche. In fact, much like Andy as the aspiring writer, I wrote my first college A+ essay on the trials of being someone's assistant thanks to the material my former boss gave me. In comparison, at least Andy's job had the perks of the fashion industry like shoes, clothes and accessories; mine just had the late nights and lowly paycheck.

    Nevertheless, back to my review. Streep is on point as the "Dragon Lady" Miranda, editor in chief of RUNWAY magazine (the equivalent of VOGUE). Her subtle glances of disapproval, slight snicker and tilt of the head, all speak volumes while hapless assistant, Andy, is trying her best to get the job done. Having no background in the fashion industry or its demands, she stumbles along trying to win over the respect or at least appreciation of her coworkers and superiors, all of whom seem to take pleasure in humiliating her in every area from her onion breath to the way she clops around in what looks like a pair of clumsy Payless loafers.

    The sheer materialism is no joke, this is really how it is in MANY corporate offices, not just in fashion, but also in the beauty industry, advertising and the list goes on. Give the wrong person a title and it will go to his or her head, making them behave as if somehow they are "above" the rest of us, they are irreplaceable, and maybe even immortal.

    The supporting characters are strong, especially Stanley Tucci as the senior designer who bascially takes Andy under his wing to transform her into a work of art, fashionably speaking. His wit and sarcasm are perfect, and again, I worked with people like him so I totally related to his character. The plot was predictable, and of course you get the sense that Andy will eventually disappoint her friends by choosing work over partying, but that in the end her conscience will take over and .... well, I don't want to be a spoiler here. Enjoy this for what it's worth, not for anything earth shattering or new, but for a sometimes comical, always sarcastic look at life in the world of high fashion. Plus, the on location filming in New York City is awesome, as is the soundtrack, chock full of hits from Madonna to U2 and Alanis Morissette. ...more info
  • Ah corporate greed; can it be overcome; should it be?
    This is a fun little story. It is adapted form a book and adjusted with a few changes to a formula (very predictable) story of corporate greed vs. individual morality. On this inner journey for the beauty of one's soul we are treated to an outward experience of the world of fashion.

    Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) an aspiring writer is hard up for a job and lands one as an assistant to Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep ), top fashion designer and feared ruthless executive. Soon she is sucked into a would that She had not idea existed. In the book she is entices by the perks of free stylish goodies. In the move she is slowly seduced by the devil (Miranda) herself . She is mentored and guides past the competition by Nigel (Stanley Tucci.)

    Do you recognize the Vivian West and Bill Ballast? How about the other vintage styles. Just as the styles will not distract from the movie neither will the sound score which does not try to compete with the dialog; however it does abruptly change volume.

    Even if the story is formula the acting and actors make this a fun way to pass time. So gird your loins.

    She-Devil ~ Meryl Streep...more info
  • Wakeup Call Kind of Movie
    If you know a woman who is still being controlled by her husband (financially as well as emotionally) then buy her any movie that portrays women in power and eventually she will get the message. After watching this movie my recipient got her own bank account and started investing. Some women have been purposely sheltered in their marriage for so long that a simple gesture like buying The Devil Wears Prada can lay the groundwork for a "Bad Marriage Intervention" talk. ...more info
  • Surprisingly Bad
    I presume the book was better. Here we toss some stereotyped characters into an "oooh, bad office" situation and let them do...nothing. Meryl Streep brought her character to life, as always, and delivered a remarkable quantity of dialogue, but so what? The movie goes nowhere. Bumpkin, bad boss, fashion models... Like those models, it never gets past the surface, and it's a boring surface at that. No character, no plot, no witty dialogue, no humor, no point....more info
  • Entertaining Chick Lit
    It's funny, entertaining, a la Sex and the City the way it's all about fashion and life in big city NY.

    Merryl Streep makes an awesome Cruela Deville meets a somber Janice Dickinson type. Anne Hathaway's perfect in it and that good looking guy from that HBO show (can't remember his name...), nice to see him in it.

    The book's pretty good too! The Devil Wears Prada...more info
  • The Devil Wears Prada
    While this film highlights how a college student makes the leap from school to professional life, I also believe that it highlights Meryl Streep's enormous talent although she is not the lead character. She gives such a commanding performance as the dominant impossible boss. In fact there are several outstanding supporting characters such as Stanley Tucci. He is priceless as the guy you love to hate. A really good script, plus great actors equal a great movie!
    ...more info
  • The Devil Wears Prada (Widescreen Edition)
    I gave this for a gift and they loved it. They thought it was hilarious and said Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway's characters were priceless. An excellent movie to watch and to share....more info
  • Yuck...with 2 exceptions
    Streep & Tucci are great but they are like a diamond & an emerald set in a rotten half-eaten pizza. The feel is all wrong for the industries this movie is pretending to depict (fashion & publishing), too broad, too sloppy, too sophomorically smug.

    There is no edge to any of the humor (aside from Tucci & Streep's delightful performances) & the worst thing is the lead (Hathaway) has no comic timing & no sense of the character separate from her own narcissistic love of herself.

    Being a Katie Holmes look-alike is just not enough....more info
  • Classic Anne Hathaway & Meryl Streep! Loved This Movie!
    I enjoyed this movie so much, I went to the theatre to see it at least 10 times!

    I watch this movie over and over, because it is so funny! The fashions are really cool.

    A pleasant chick flick that the guys should also enjoy. Fabulous movie!...more info
  • An Unexpected Triumph - Deeper Than Anticipated
    Far more than just a humorous take on the fashion industry, a mere 40 minutes into the story, we begin developing deep connections and storylines. Amidst the office humor, we are introduced to the complexity of balancing career aspirations, intimate relationships and personal development. Pretty heavy stuff for what I presumed was a light breezy film.

    The story follows Andrea (known to friends as "Andy" - and played by Anne Hathaway) after she accepts a job as 2nd assistant to the "Devil" Miranda - played flawlessly by Meryl Streep. Think of Miranda as a real life Leona Helmsley, someone I personally admired. A woman with passion for excellence and a sharp (often misconstrued as b*itchy) attitude. Andrea develops in her new career, and agrees to "serve" one year, if she can "s*ck it up". Her career attitude affects her personal one, and her long-term relationship with her boyfriend and close circle of friends suffers. In the meantime, her career advances, and she is also pursued by a man of the business, who wants more than just her business assets.

    As the film draws to an end, Andrea realizes the person she "truly" is, and makes decisions that will affect her career, and her relationships. Some of which comes too late.

    While this review makes the movie out to be more of a drama than a comedy, there are ample laughs throughout the film. But unlike strict comedy's, this one has several serious moments, especially in the second half. Well worth viewing. Great on a cold winter night, or rainy summer evening. Or just anytime you need something on the light side with an ample amount of drama spliced in.

    This was a solid 4, but I gave it a 5, because I would watch it again (and I rarely watch movies twice). I found the deeper side of the story made this film rare in it's category. Without it, it would have been "just another" 3-star film (maybe 4)....more info
  • "Oh No that Wasn't A Question!"
    When I first saw this movie in the theaters, I was disappointed, because they made it seem hilarious in the previews. The movie was not laugh out loud humor, but a clever and witty humor. Nothing that was gut busting laughter. I viewed it for a second time when I bought it and I love it! Now I know its true form of humor. Meryl Streep plays an excellent role (as always!)as Miranda Priestley and Anne Hathaway also shines in her role as Miranda's new assistant trying to get used to her new physically demanding job. All in all it is a great movie in its humor, excellent acting and originality! This is a definite must see for movie lovers!...more info
  • The Heaven and Hell of the Fashion Industry
    "The Devil Wears Prada" is good,naughty fun. It's a cinematic petit four, small, sweet, not to be taken too seriously. Anne Hathaway, proving she's as good at comedy as she is at pathos (check out her performance in "Brokeback Mountain" as Jake Gyllenhaal's hapless,heartbroken wife),stars as Andrea Sachs,a journalism graduate. Andrea (who goes by the androgynous "Andy") tries her luck at a fashion magazine. First, she encounters the bland, arrogant Emily (chunky Canadian crooner Michael Buble's real-life bland girlfriend Emily Blunt) It is awkward. Then she encounters Miranda Priestley herself (a radiant Meryl Streep)

    "The Devil Wears Prada" is an archetypal chick flick. Miranda sends Andy off on impossible tasks-such as delivering the rough draft of her magazine to her mansion, getting the right clothes, and so on. Since this is a materialistic movie, it's about Andy's transformation from ugly duckling to beautiful swan through high fashion. There are also product placements for Starbucks, Dean&Deluca, and the Harry Potter series (Miranda sends Andy to get the first copy of the seventh book) Andy's relationship with her boyfriend Nate (Adrian Grenier) gets strained,despite the fact he's in haute cuisine and makes "port reductions." You'd think haute couture and haute cuisine would complement and co-exist! Andy has a one-night stand with an improbably heterosexual fashion designer, Christian Thompson, who looks like he's gone to the plastic surgery one too many times. She also befriends the gay,flamboyant Nigel (Stanley Tucci) He confides in Andy of his childhood, saying that while his brothers played sports, he read fashion magazines. One wonders if Dr. Joseph Nicolosi would've said that going to a sports camp would've prevented Nigel's gayness. Swinging the bat makes boys straight!....well,maybe. The movie has a fairy tale ending- Andy reconciles with Nate, and she even gets a good recommendation from Miranda. Indeed, Miranda is less villainous than Emily. Emily is cold and conceited, while Miranda shows her vulnerable side when her marriage is breaking up. One feels sympathy for her. Miranda is a woman looking for redemption through fashion and power. She hasn't found what she's looking for.

    "Devil Wears Prada" has some good extras,such as "Fashion Visionary: Patricia Field" and "Finding Valentino." The "Fashion and NYC" is boring. I stopped it five minutes in. "Boss from Hell" and "Book to Movie" looked boringly self-referential.

    "Devil Wears Prada" is a fun fashion flick. If you like "Prada",you'll enjoy ABC's campy ode to fashion, "Ugly Betty."...more info
  • The Devil Wears Prada review
    [written: 2-10-06]

    I don't know why everyone is making such a fuss over this movie. It could very well be a Disney production like 'Freaky Friday', or 'Just My Luck'. Same sort of style, light and happy sort of vibe apart from when Miranda sinks her claws into everyone, and of course you know exactly what this movie is going to be all about. Another 'girl gets sweapt away by popularity and must remember her morals and values before it's too late'.
    First of all, Andy wasn't actually that badly dressed. From what I remember, she was in a businesslike cream blouse over another well-matched shirt. She could have looked ten thousand times more scruffy, and yet Miranda portrayed her as someone with no sense of fashion or style. Maybe this adds to the movie's funniness, but it just didn't make sense...
    In real life, everyone knows that you don't have to be surrounded by fashion magazine employees for the general public to treat each and every single person like life is a catwalk.
    Andy's boyfriend Nate has next to no personality. He has no spark, nothing to him to make him stand out amongst the crowd. Jeez, he looked like a homeless man who hadn't seen a scrubbing brush for months compared to Andy, and yet she was the one who was picked on... then again, of course, he wasn't the one who applied for the job in the first place...
    Nigel is completely insensitive, blunt and harsh towards Andy, almost like Miranda, and yet she treats him as if he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. That irks me a bit... all these characters who work for Miranda treat Andy like crap and yet she feels sorry for every single one of them. Emily is still a jealous cow who wishes nothing but bad luck on Andy, Nigel couldn't care less about anyone's feelings just so long as they get the job done, and Miranda is still snobbish as hell and overly self-centred. Yet they somehow find a way into Andy's patient and doormat-like heart.

    Another thing that was annoying was the whole 'You missed my birthday so therefore you don't love me' episode. Although this is just a movie, people need to realise that as adults, we all at times have demanding jobs which require overtime and busyness, sometimes it IS a matter of life and death (career-wise) whether you're there at the function or not. You could get fired and not be able to find something else. The lover is supposed to be supportive, and the bustling careerperson makes whatever time she or he can and doesn't love the person any less. He seemed overly whiny. Complaining about how she'd changed, when all she did was go to some functions, changed her clothes, it's not like she made a habit of tearing others down like Miranda...
    Surprise, surprise, another guy comes into the picture and Andy sleeps with him only two days? after having a 'break' from her boyfriend. Loyal woman. You'd want a girlfriend like that around. You lose all respect for her character after that; suddenly you don't care about the shy little girl who got picked on by the devil in prada.
    As for the actresses and actors, Anne Hathaway is always Anne Hathaway. You can't get past it. The roles of the awkward, shy teenager/adult seem to stick with her throughout her movie career. She's by no means a bad actress, she's quite good, but having seen 'The Princess Diaries 2' and 'Ella Enchanted'; she just let me down too many times before. This movie has got to be her best yet though.
    Meryl Streep did a much better job at being a spiteful, bitter hag than Jane Fonda did in 'Monster In Law', there is no comparison. Adrien Greinier... eh... and Stanley Tucci was... okay. Average.
    Just like an uncartooned version of a Disney film. On the plus side, the music they played in the background was super cool! :)...more info
  • Guys, if you are stuck watching a chick flick, this one isn't that bad.
    Well the subject pretty much explains it. I'm a guy, and I've seen some pretty crappy chick flicks in my life. They are so bad. I mean c'mon, how many times can you see the same storyline repeated? Oh sure sometimes the movie is set in the south, or new york, or wherever the hell it is, they're all the same. Guy likes girl, girl likes guy. For some reason or another they can't get together, and it appears they will live a life of unhappiness. Then something stupid happens which allows them to be together forever. the end. Wow. Well this one isn't like that. So I mean, don't watch it if you dont have to, but if you are forced into it, choose this one if you can. It's less painful. There isn't any nudity in this movie so if you find one that has nudity, you should probably pick that one instead....more info
  • Satan in stilettos
    Andrea Sachs is fresh out of college and turns down Stanford Law for a career as a writer. She's bright, perky, talented and motivated, but the only writing job she can find is second assistant to Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of Runway Magazine. A million girls would kill for her job, everyone tells Andy. Andy couldn't care less about fashion, she thinks it's all nonsense, but she only plans to stay there for a year anyway. A year working for Miranda Priestly will get her a job in any other magazine she wants.

    It's easy to see why. Miranda Priestly, whose character may or may not have been based on the real-life editor-in-chief of Vogue, is an evil boss-from-hell who revels in pure sadism. Between throwing her coat and purse in Andy's face every morning, belittling her lack of fashion sense, sending her on impossible errands and generally keeping her at her beck and call twenty-four hours a day, Andy's personal life and her relationship with her live-in boyfriend are both on the skids. But just when she's about to toss in the towel, Miranda's second-in-command Nigel takes her in hand and oversees her personal makeover, and she pulls off an impossible task Miranda has set for her, earning Miranda's approval on both points. The ugly duckling turns into a trendy swan.

    But at a considerable cost. As Nigel tells her, you know you're doing well at work when your personal life goes down the toilet. "I didn't have any choice," Andy wails when her soon-to-be-ex-live-in-boyfriend accuses her of choosing Miranda over him, and when she pulls off a coup that makes Miranda decide to take her to the annual fashion show in Paris instead of the first assistant, who had been starving herself for weeks in anticipation of the event. Only when Miranda tells her she sees a lot of herself in Andy, does Andy realize to her horror that if she stays in this job she's liable to turn into a mini-Miranda. Is it worth it, trips to Paris and all? That's the choice she has to make.

    The cast in this film is generally very good indeed. Anne Hathaway makes a winning Miranda, all big eyes and fresh-faced naivete. Stanley Tucci is excellent as Nigel, Miranda's second, who's sacrificed his personal life for the magazine he loves. And Emily Blunt does a very good acting job as Miranda's first assistant who finds herself outdone and out-gunned, however unwillingly, by Andy herself. But this movie belongs to Meryl Streep, whose usual mousy-blond looks were morphed into something drop-dead gorgeous, with silver-white hair that symbolizes her icy personality that nothing can thaw; one look from this woman could literally freeze hell over. If Miranda has a weak side to her, she'll never show it. She's harder than a block of cement and that's the reason for both her successes and her failures. The movie isn't very profound on any level, but the message comes across: make your work your priority at the expense of your family and friends and you'll end up rich, powerful and alone. But like any well-presented message, director David Frankel manages not to make it too obtrusive so as to spoil the fun, and "The Devil Wears Prada" is ultimately a fun movie. Kick back with a big bowl of popcorn and enjoy....more info