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Shirley Valentine
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/01/2007

As movie midlife crises go, Shirley Valentine's is a doozy. A bored Northern England housewife, wondering what her life is about and how to navigate around her clueless husband, Shirley would be at her wits' end--except that she knows how to dream big. As played by the incomparable Pauline Collins (who created the role on Broadway, and won a Tony for it), Shirley embraces not only her own constricted life, but the dreams of the big, beautiful world beyond it.

Directed by Lewis Gilbert (Educating Rita), Shirley Valentine is an anthem to the freedom of the soul--with a generous dose of salt of the earth. As she assesses her life, Shirley's humor never fails her: "I think sex is like supermarkets, you know, overrated. Just a lot of pushing and shoving and you still come out with very little at the end." Yet Collins' Shirley gets as much out of defending her right to her dream (a sunny holiday in Greece) as she does realizing it, and that makes for much of the glow of the film. For while Shirley has a cinematic romance on her vacation (Tom Conti plays the dreamboat), the affair is more of a metaphor for what Shirley insists on having in her real daily life. Watch for Joanna Lumley in a delicious cameo, pre-Ab Fab. And embrace this Valentine, and share it with those you love, all year round. --A.T. Hurley

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Customer Reviews:

  • great and realistic film
    Great film, and shot in the first person. Shirley Valentine's story reflects the sometimes frustration of housewives who tire of being taken for granted by their husbands and children. However, it also shows how strong and independent Shirley really is and how she finally realizes this and finds herself again. Great film for those ladies who are secretly looking for adventure and want just one more chance and dream about taking it! Funny, quirky and so true at times! ...more info
  • Absolutely wonderful movie
    I saw this movie years ago and it is as wonderful as I remembered. It is not a "chick" movie. We all have regrets when we look at our lives in middle age. Shirley gets a chance to escape her boring life and reclaim her true fun-loving nature by living out one of her youthful dreams - a trip to Greece. Both Tom Conti and Pauline Collins are perfectly cast.

    ...more info
  • What every married women should see!!!!
    I was so happy to get Shirley Valentine on DVD....I had taped it years ago and had it in my collection, but the tape was no longer viewable. The DVD is clear and crisp and so enjoyable to watch. One of my all-time favorites.
    Pauline Collins is just wonderful and hysterical.

    ...more info
  • a must see for all women
    for any woman who has ever felt unappreciated or underappreciated, this movie is bound to lift your spirits. You can live vicariously through Shirley Valentine as she lives out her fantasy of breaking away from her humdrum life and rediscovers the person she used to be. check it out, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • A midlife Chick Flick
    I love this movie and all my 40-50 something women friends love this movie. I had it in VHS and was so happy when it came out as DVD so I could watch it again. We have Shirley Valentine parties where we invite women who haven't seen it over, serve wine and fall in love with Shirley all over again. A must watch movie for midlife crisis....more info
  • Great chick flick
    This great old movie is one that all women past the age of 40 can relate to and share together. I watched it with my 87 year old mother and she liked it as much as I did. My good friends recommended it to me and I plan to pass it on to others....more info
  • Shirley Valentine DVD
    I was thrilled to be able to get this film on DVD. I hadn't seen it in years and was certainly not disappointed when I saw it again. It's still one of my favorite movies....more info
    SHIRLEY VALENTINE is a winner!I have owned this film for many years on VHS, and wore it out. I was delighted to see that the DVD was available. Not only does this movie speak to all women, who find their lives have not turned out as they might have wished for, but to men as well. I would suggest all couples engaged to be married, watch this film.

    When Shirley takes her Greek holiday, and "finds herself", and the life she saw passsing her by, it is a rare and beautiful moment to be a part of. Miss Collins is a wonderful actress, and this part is ALL HERS. I've seen the stage play, and my Shirley was missing. There is just one Scarlett O'Hara, one Margo Channing, and for me there is only one Shirley Valentine.

    At the end of the movie, by the edge of the sea, you just know that Shirley and her "fella" will see each other with a new understanding and hope for the future together. You will laugh, and you will most surely cry. Most of all, you will say, BRILLIANT....more info
  • shirley valentine
    the movie is a great movie......HOWEVER. the movie that I recieved from AMOZON skipped in two different places. To me that does not speak well of AMOZON....

    ...more info
  • Brilliant!
    Hands down one of the most inspiring and uplifting movies I have ever seen. Everyone one who watches this film in one way or another will relate to Shirley. For me, it was the sadness and gut wrenching moment when she realizes that she can not recall at what moment she stopped being "Shirley Valentine"
    Though her life had reached a point of staleness and content, she realizes that it doesn't have to be.
    With a hesitant need to change, Shirley prevails fears and insecurity, capturing her confidence and desire
    to not settle....more info
  • I love Shirley V!!!
    Its the typical 80's movie but I love Shirley Valentine!! Its a great story of how a woman who feels unappreciated finally finds herself again by doing something totally out of the norm....more info
  • So good to see again
    Watch this movie any time you feel sad for a real pick me up--I laughed till I cried!!!!...more info
  • Favorite all-time British film
    "Shirley Valentine" is without a doubt one of the best British film ever! Maybe even one of the best firms from anywhere ever! Casting is perfect....more info
  • Shirley Valentine
    This movie is a wonderful suprise. It's about women who have lost their identity. We are someone's mother and someone's wife, but what happened to us, our hopes, our dreams. Shirley Valentine is about a woman who takes a chance by traveling to another country and discovering herself along the way.
    The movie is funny with lots of British humor, the characters are people you know and it shows the Shirley she was, the Shirley she is and the Shirley she wants to be. It's a must have for any woman over 35 who feels old, dreams of running away from everyday life, work, children and what to fix for dinner again. I've bought multi copies for women in my family and friends. ...more info
  • Love this Love Story
    I have watched this a few times on Video. Man oh Man it is beautiful on DVD. Great story, great scenery. ...more info
  • I haven't received the product!!!!
    I haven't received the product yet and I really wanna know what happened and how can I track it....more info
  • Shirley Valetine
    Quite intertaining. Probably more of a 'Chick-Flik' then not, but I would still recommend it. Quite humorous.

    Dean475...more info
    I actually saw this movie (on VHS at about 14 years ago. I loved it then. A friend of mine, who is from England was talking about this movie and it sounded so familiar. She was bragging about it but only saw it in England quite some time ago. She was having surgury, and I decided to check with you to see if the movie was available, and low and was. I bought 3 copies.....It is a great girls night in cheese and laughs......more info
  • Shirley Valentine
    I forgot how good this movie is and the meaning of keeping your identity throughout your life. Even though you are married and have a family....more info
  • God love you, Shirley Valentine!
    My dad actually introduced me to this. He's from England and loved this movie. He's passed now, but the family still loves it on so many levels. It's a brilliant film on self-discovery or rediscovery that makes you fall in love with yourself again. Perhaps when I'm eighty, I'll figure out why it touches so many of us. She is, I think, a bit of all of us. Cheers Shirley! I'll have a glass of wine in your tribute--and perhaps a ticket to Greece. :)...more info
  • Shirley Valentine
    It's an older movie with a timeless, universal message for women on how to get your 'groove back'! It takes place in London, Shirley is a spirited young woman who ultimately & happily marries, has the two kids, grows them up & in the process loses her identity & spirit. Along the way,her husband loses his sense of humor & zest for life & Shirley is reduced to talking to her kitchen wall. Her chance to regain her spirit comes when a girlfriend offers her a fortnight trip to Greece.
    Shirley Valentine, is a poignant, intelligent & funny movie with a message for all. ...more info
  • Great Item
    Item was exactly how it was described. Shipping was a little slow, but that was USPS not the vendor. ...more info
  • Inspiring and witty
    Pauline Collins does a fantastic job of portraying this middle-aged, bored woman who finds a new life on a Greek island, away from the dreary and mundane existence of her home in England.
    She becomes the person she had once been, but only after she leaves her present life behind. When she jumps into the ocean from the boat, it's the start of her transformation.
    Sometimes I think I should do the same! ...more info
  • Fantastic Movie
    This has to be my all-time favorite movie. Pauline Collins and Tom Conti give brilliant performances. This movie has some of the best lines in any comedy/drama I've ever seen. I have watched this movie so many times I can't count, and have been enjoying it (I have VHS edition as well) since the 1980's. It is very funny, but touching too. This is a must-see, and though it may be considered a woman's movie, I know many men who have enjoyed it immensely because of the great lines and acting....more info
  • reality
    I first saw this movie in 1989 - there is something for most women who have become less than themselves by taking care of everyone except themself. You can identify with the husband/wife , girlfriends and mother/child relationships. So if you need to get away - even though it is through Shirley - do it. This is a wonderful story of a 40'ish English woman who finds herself again - and has a good time on the way. I am so glad it is finally out in DVD - I have been looking for it for years.
    I have to honestly say that this is my favorite movie!...more info
  • Love Shirley Valentine and finally the DVD
    This has been a favorite movie of mine since I first saw it in the theatre. (Friends have told me that on Broadway Pauline Collins was just as brilliant.) The author and filmmakers have opened up the movie really well, and each character is so real, funny and touching. If you haven't seen it, get it and watch it with a best friend....more info
  • Well worth seeing
    Definitely a 'chick flick'...Wonderful acting and a story many will relate to...Pauline Collins amazing...Don't miss this one......more info
  • Go Shirley!
    This has to be one of the best films I have ever seen!!! Some people have a little trouble with the accents but you can always go back and hear the dialogue again if necessary. If you never see this movie, you are cheating yourself of an incredible experience....more info
  • Shirley Valentine
    The movie came in great time and i really enjoyed it. It was in excellent condition. I will use this method again....more info
  • Shirley Valentine
    Prompt service, I received the Shirley Valentine DVD within the week. Quality was much better than the video that I had been renting for years. LOL. Would not hesitate to order DVDs through Amazon again....more info
  • to change your life
    I have been wanting to see Shirley Valentine again.
    I wasn't disapponted. I love Pauline Collins and her talk.
    I found myself yerning to visit Greece again for the
    weather and beautiful colours. I think many women can learn
    something- because it is so easy to fill the roll of good
    mother wife and lose your own identity....more info
  • Shirley Valentine at long last on DVD
    I have watched this movie many times, and always end it with a smile. The writing and acting are great, but my VHS tapes skip and are deteriorating. I have waited for years for this to be placed on DVD and the wait was worth it. Of all the dreck on TV and in the theatre's today, and all the constant remaking of movies which were perfect the first time, as if there are no good writers any more, this is another movie perfect in the first version....more info