Caillou - Caillou the Creative
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Join caillou as he explores everyday life where ordinary daily events spark his & your childs imagination. Your child will be inspired by caillous pretend play & they will join in the role-playing fun where beds become boats & caillou & your child can become anything they can imagine. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 05/01/2007 Run time: 90 minutes Rating: Nr

Customer Reviews:

  • You'll watch it again and again ...
    For the life of me, I'll never understand what it is about Caillou and the rest of his family that utterly transfixes my kids. He's a whiny, inexplicably chrome-domed little person who seems to crave attention all the time ... and yet, here I am, buying (and rating) his DVDs.

    For pint-sized Caillou fans (and the moms and dads who have to listen to him), "Caillou the Creative" is actually a good buy. Gone -- thankfully -- are the mawkish puppet skits involving Cailluo's dog and dinosaur that always seemed to annoy my little guys. The episodes also feature a calmer, more mature Caillou who often tries to help his little sister and his folks. The noted demeanor change is a welcome relief, especially when the DVD gets played on an endless loop....more info
  • Good choice - no puppets
    Our 18 mo old daughter loves Caillou, but hates the puppet shows in some Caillou TV and movies. We love this one because there are no puppet shows and the mini episodes in this DVD are entertaining for us too....more info
  • Bad role model

    I don't think Caillou is a good role model for kids he is very disobiedent and bratty. Kids already have don't need extra help with that....more info
  • no puppets and less whining
    I gave this 5 stars because my 2.5 yo daughter is a Caillou fanatic and she loves it (I live with it). This is a newer video *without* the puppets that every kid seems to hate, and a lot less of the whining found in older videos. The episodes on this video are much more positive, constructive and creative than many others I have rented. Much more like the episodes you would typically see on PBS now. MUCH less of the bratty whiny Caillou you will find in older collections. I bought this one after I rented it to make sure it was ok....more info
  • No Puppets!!!!!
    No puppets! It's all Caillou all the time. My daughter loves it. I recommend it too....more info
  • Caillou caillou!
    My dd love this DVD mostly due to the fact that the puppets do not interupt the cartoons just from one to next she doesnt like them and always wants me to skip them when they are on... ...more info
  • Caillou DVD
    My son just loves Caillou and this video is great. I especially like it because it doesn't have the short clips of the cat/bear/dinosaur in-between the cartoons....more info