Greatest Hits
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  • great CD
    This is a very good cd. It has all of Gary Allen hits on it. If u want of all his hits this is the cd to get....more info
  • Give me more Gary!!!
    I am relatively new to country music. I've listened to rock and heavy metal for years. Gary Allan's Greatest Hits CD is incredible! I've listened to this CD non-stop since it was released. I am looking forward to seeing him live this summer and to his newest release in the fall of 2007. What a beautiful ride............more info
  • Amazing...nuff said!
    CD just arrived today. All I can say is "AMAZING"! I have heard most of these tracks on the radio. Nice to have them all in this collection of hits. Well worth the $10.97 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. I highly recommend this album if you like country music. All 15 tracks are awesome!...more info
  • You will love it!
    Gary Allan is the best. I went to a concert many years ago because it was cheap and something to do and I was hooked by the first verse of his first song. His voice is like nothing you will hear out there. I agree that this album is great, but all his are great and worth the price (9.99 most here on amazon, what a steal). If Gary comes to your area- go it is so worth it and you will go away an awe struck fan from his vocals to his guitar playing....more info
  • A Solid Retrospective of a Great Country Artist
    From his debut in 1996 with the gentle top ten hit "Her Man," through his highly personal 2005 masterpiece Tough All Over, raspy-voiced Gary Allan has steadily built a career that ranks him among the finest talents in modern country music. This Greatest Hits collects Allan's 13 most successful country chart entries from his first six albums and does a great job at highlighting why he is so special.

    Amidst his trademark weepy guitars, Allan impishly looks forward to a night of passion ("Nothing On But The Radio"), eloquently reflects on lost love ("Best I Ever Had," "Life Ain't Always Beautiful"), extols the joys of fatherhood ("Tough Little Boys"), proclaims odes of devotion ("Right Where I Never To Be," "The One"), and oozes sexual bravado ("Man Of Me"). It's a nicely varied retrospective of familiar gems.

    There are also two new tracks on this hits set. The rousing lead-off single "A Feelin' Like That" finds Allan searching the world for thrills that can't compare with a woman's love. Meanwhile, on "As The Crows Flies," Allan rocks harder than ever before as he candidly admits his infatuation with life on the run.

    Allan's energetic rendition of Del Shannon's "Runaway" nipped the country charts due to listener requests and remains a huge favorite in concert. Its inclusion would have been strongly welcomed by longtime fans. Instead, you can find "Runaway" on Allan's breakthrough 1999 CD Smoke Rings In The Dark, a suggested follow-up purchase for Allan neophytes.
    ...more info
  • Awesome!
    This is my first Gary Allan cd. I'm a relatively new country fan but I loved Gary Allan the first time I saw Best I Ever Had on GAC, and fell in love with every song of his since. I got the Greatest Hits because it had all the songs I knew I loved on it, and I looove this cd! I've had it for about two week and I've played it about 13 times all the way through. His new songs for the album, A Feeling Like That and When The Crow Flies are great songs, but my favorites are the older stuff. Smoke Rings In The Dark, Man Of Me and Songs About Rain are probably my favorite. I defintely recommend to anyone. Gary Allan has an amazing voice and a dark but wonderful quality to his songs. I CAN'T wait to get his new cd. ...more info
  • Awesone......
    This collection of hits is decidedly one of the best CD's in my collection. Gary's passion clearly shines and his voice is one of the best in the business....more info
  • Gary Allan
    This CD is a must have. I can't disagree with any of these comments. I never was big on country until i was taken to see Keith Urban and Gary Allan opened up. This guy is very good at what he does. I can honestly say Gary Allan is one special artist, country or not. He will be recognized in a big way and soon I hope, he deserves it....more info
  • Another Great One
    An excellent compilation of Gary's good songs. I love greatest hits albums because you get all the good ones in one place without the fluff songs that never did anything....more info
  • Greatest hits of Gary Allan
    Great music from a talented and versatile singer. The new song, As The Crow Flies, is a rockin' tune. The whole cd is extremely good listening. Any country music fan or music fan in general would rate this at the top of the list in quality music. Gary's the man....more info
  • Gary Allen Greatest Hits
    Love this CD! Almost every song is great. Even my husband listens to this with me. :)...more info
  • Country's underdog continues to surprise
    Gary Allan is one of those rare artists who has gained commercial AND critical success, yet continues to be snubbed at the awards shows. His previous album, TOUGH ALL OVER (written and recorded shortly after his wife's suicide) was one of the most emotional, powerful albums ever released--in any genre. He has continuously released high-quality music; no cookie-cutter country for this California boy. He's one of the most recognizable singers currently in the genre; he's an impressive songwriter (although he doesn't write much); his guitar chops are to be reckoned with (see him live if you doubt it).

    So basically, it's about damn time he released a "greatest hits." And great they are. From modern classics such as "Smoke Rings in the Dark" and "Life Ain't Always Beautiful," to the rockers "Right Where I Need to Be" and "Man of Me," to the tenderness of "Tough Little Boys" and "Her Man"...Gary Allan can do it all. The new songs fit right in here--"A Feelin' Like That" is a rollickin' number about getting over a loved one (or failing to do so); "As The Crow Flies" is simply a great rocker ("like a blackbird, baby, you were born with wings") that fits Allan's voice and style to a "T".

    GREATEST HITS is possibly the best Gary Allan record to date, as it collects some of his absolute best material together in one package. I still highly reccommend you go out and purchase his individual albums, though--Allan has been crafting powerful, engaging country/rock/honky-tonk since the mid-nineties. Because of that, GREATEST HITS is more than a sum of its parts--it is a great country record, easily one of the best to be released this year....more info
  • Breathtakenly beautiful voice
    Gary Allan has the voice to set any stage, put you in the right mood and make you long for slow Summer afternoons under a shade tree.

    A compilation album of your favorite songs is the perfect way to wind down any day....more info
  • Great Music! Love it!
    I love this CD! Gary Allan is a very talented and underated singer in Nashville. He sings each song with such emotion. It's too hard to pick out one favorite song, because I like all of them. I enjoy listening to this CD alot! ...more info
  • Great Collection!
    I was very satisfied with this CD. For anyone who has listened to Gary Allan, it is a very good combination of his cheery and sappy music. Definitely a new favorite....more info