Waterproof 420TVL Color Day/Night Camera
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Product Description

You'll rest easier at night knowing that a close watch is being kept on your home day and night, even if you're out of town. The Waterproof 420TVL Color Day/Night Camera is safe for both indoor and outdoor use, and this surveillance camera connects to your television or recording device so that you can view or record any activity around your property. With 36 built-in IR illuminators, this color surveillance device can even capture images up to 90 feet away in almost complete darkness. Fitted with a short BNC connector and a female power plug, this camera connects easily to power and video cables (sold separately). This weather-proof color surveillance camera has built-in 6mm lens and a third-inch CCD Sony processor that provides 420 TV lines of resolution. Its IR illuminators can capture images in the dark up to 90 feet away, so you'll be able to see visitors or intruders approaching in the dark.

  • Has 36 built-in IR illuminators to capture images in almost complete darkness
  • Weatherproof color camera is safe for use indoors and out
  • Third-inch CCD color image sensor provides 420 lines of resolution for ultra-clear color images
  • Dimensions: 4.84" L x 2.68" diameter (123mm L x 68mm diameter)
  • Operating Temperature: 14กใ F to 122กใ F (-10กใ C to 50กใ C)