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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 (Win/Mac) [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Adobe Lightroom software is the professional photographer's essential toolbox. It provides one easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens. Enjoy robust support for more than 150 camera raw formats, and experiment with confidence. Fine-tune your photographs with precise, easy-to-use tools for globally correcting white balance, exposure, tone curves, lens distortion, and color casts. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won't alter the original data, whether you're working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file. Enjoy an elegant, uncluttered interface: Ease the learning curve and be productive quickly. Task-oriented modules whisk you through typical workflow tasks by putting just the tools you need at your fingertips. Fast zooming - Check sharpness, noise, or small details with nearly instant zoomin Edit large numbers of images faster, by creating presets you can apply to many photographs at once -- or edit one image and then synchronize your adjustments to other photos Retrace your adjustments to any image & return to any state of the photo that you choose, with explicit history tracking Erase dust spots from an image with a single click Easy-to-use crop and straighten tools Red-eye removal Fine tuned black-and-white conversions Quickly and visually format high-quality prints -- recall your favorite layouts with saved presets and enjoy speedy output, even with large files Preview the results of your HTML or Adobe Flash based Web galleries -- for a better online presentation with little effort and no programming

New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is the professional photographer's essential toolbox, providing one easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens.

Watch the Feature Tour

Quickly download images from your camera to your computer. Automatically rename files, organize folders, and even add metadata to photos as you import them.

Work in the Library module to organize photos into collections, to browse, evaluate, and compare images, and to add keywords so that you can easily find your images.

Jump to the Develop module to make global adjustments to photographs, including correcting white balance, exposure, tone curves, and color casts.

Assemble and output high-quality printed contact sheets and generate sophisticated online web galleries and slide shows for client presentation.
To develop Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe worked directly with professional photographers. View this short video to hear what photographers have to say about their new application.

Watch the video (SWF, 2:50 mins)

Why Lightroom?

Perform nondestructive editing
Enjoy robust support for more than 150 camera raw formats, and experiment with confidence. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won't alter the original data, whether you're working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file.
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Enjoy an elegant, uncluttered interface
Ease the learning curve and be productive quickly. Task-oriented modules whisk you through typical workflow tasks by putting just the tools you need at your fingertips.
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Professional editing tools
Fine-tune your photographs with precise, easy-to-use tools for globally correcting white balance, exposure, tone curves, lens distortion, and color casts.
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How Lightroom Supports Your Workflow

1. Import

  • Robust tools to handle large shoots
    Speedily process high-volume shoots by automatically importing images whenever media cards or cameras are connected to your computer. Then automatically rename files, organize folders, and make nondestructive adjustments as images are imported.
  • Import/export presets
    Streamline the importing and exporting of your files by saving your frequently used settings in stored presets, which you can recall and apply when needed.
  • Automatic conversion to DNG
    If desired, automatically convert your images from proprietary file formats to the publicly available Digital Negative (DNG) format as they are imported, or easily export photographs from your Library in DNG format.

2. Manage

  • Multiple viewing options
    Quickly find and select your best shots with flexible display options like the Grid view for groups of thumbnails, the Loupe view for zeroing in on fine detail in a single image, or the Compare view for displaying two or more images side by side.
  • Flexible organization of images
    Bring order to voluminous image libraries by grouping your photographs in stored collections. Create collections for different tasks or subjects, and group similar images within a collection to organize them further.
  • Manual thumbnail reordering
    Put your images in the order that you need them for any particular task by selecting any number of photographs in your Library--continuous or not--and then simply dragging them to a new location on the Grid.
  • Easy file renaming
    Make your photographs easier to find and keep in sensible order using the Lightroom renaming feature. Simply set naming rules, and Lightroom automatically renames your images as they're imported.
  • Single or group metadata stamping
    Organize and annotate your images by adding metadata to a single photo or to groups of selected images. Save metadata sets as presets, which you can apply with one click.
  • Image versions without duplication
    Create as many alternate versions of an image as you desire without overloading your hard drive. Then, switch between versions with a single click.
  • IPTC/EXIF/XMP metadata support
    Read, add, or edit a comprehensive set of metadata entries, including IPTC, EXIF, and XMP data.
  • Metadata stamping on output
    Stamp crucial metadata--such as copyright notification, captions, and keywords--on print jobs or exported images so you can search on it later.
  • Keyword synchronization
    Make keywords consistent even if you're using Lightroom on two different computers by importing and exporting keyword sets to external, transferable files.
  • Offline image management
    Work with your image library in Lightroom even when some or all of the actual photo files are stored on offline media.
  • Easy Library backup to CD/DVD
    Help ensure the safety and preservation of your photographs by backing them up to CD or DVD using simple built-in tools.
  • Simple keywording
    Easily organize your photographs and make them searchable with keywords that make sense to you. Assign keywords to a single image or groups of selected images--just type and apply.

3. Develop

  • Easy-to-use white balance, exposure, and contrast controls
    Quickly perfect white balance, exposure, and tone curves in your images, including camera raw files, with familiar slider controls, or enter numeric values for the most precise adjustments.
  • Simple yet powerful tone curve editor
    Precisely control the tonality and contrast of your images by individually targeting highlights, midtones, and shadows using sliders and visual controls.
  • Integration with Adobe Photoshop
    Instantly send any number of images to Adobe Photoshop (sold separately) for advanced editing, and see the changes you've made reflected in the Lightroom Library when you're done.
  • Advanced hue, saturation, and luminance editing
    Enhance color saturation and remove color casts in your images with individual control over six color ranges each for hue, saturation, and luminance.
  • Nondestructive editing
    Enjoy robust support for more than 140 camera raw formats, and experiment with confidence. Adjustments you make to images in Lightroom won't alter the original data, whether you're working on a JPEG, TIFF, DNG, or camera raw file.
  • Fast zooming
    Check sharpness, noise, or small details with nearly instant zooming--a simple keyboard command or mouse click toggles between 100% magnification and a full-image view. Smoothly navigate highly magnified areas using the Hand tool in the photo preview pane.
  • Convenient before/after comparison mode
    View a side-by-side display of your original picture and a duplicate that shows the effects of your edits as you make them, or display the before and after states in a split view of the image. Toggle either view between portrait and landscape modes, and even see images in "lights out" view.
  • Finely tuned black-and-white conversions
    Convert color images to black-and-white with precision. Familiar sliders allow you to control the contrast and detail based on the colors in the original photograph.
  • Synchronized adjustments across multiple images
    Edit large numbers of images faster by creating presets that you can apply to many photographs at once, or edit one image and then synchronize your adjustments to other photos you select.
  • Explicit history tracking
    Retrace your adjustments to any image--the History panel tracks them automatically as you edit--and instantly return to any state of the photo that you choose.
  • Dust buster
    Erase dust spots from an image with a single click.
  • Easy-to-use crop and straighten tools
    Crop and straighten your photographs in a snap.
  • Red-eye removal
    Quickly eliminate red eye when it occurs in your flash photos.

4. Present

  • Fast, high-quality printing
    Quickly and visually format high-quality prints, whether working with one photo or 100, on one page or many. Recall your favorite layouts with saved presets and enjoy speedy output, even of large files.
  • Live preview of HTML or Flash based web galleries
    Create HTML or Adobe Flashˇ§ based web galleries for online presentation with little effort and no programming, and preview the results in Lightroom before you publish them to your site.
  • Single-click web publishing
    Save your web server information in Lightroom as an FTP preset, and then publish your Flash or HTML galleries with a single click. There's no more need for a separate FTP client application in your imaging workflow.
  • Sophisticated slide shows
    Use the simple controls in Lightroom to create and play elegant slide shows, and include background music from your digital music library, including iTunes.
  • Signature stamps
    Stamp your slide shows, web galleries, and printed output with your studio or business logo for an added professional touch.

How Lightroom Works With Photoshop

Lightroom and Photoshop: See how they work together. Watch video

New Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the perfect complement to Adobe Photoshop. Use Lightroom to import, manage, adjust, and present large volumes of digital photographs, and use Photoshop to more thoroughly refine individual images.

Together, Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop work the way the digital photographer works, letting you efficiently and seamlessly process all of your digital images. The picture is complete.

Workflow between Lightroom and Photoshop

Import and manage photo shoots
Download images from your camera to your computer. In Lightroom, automatically rename files, organize folders, and add metadata to photos as you import them. Organize photos into collections to browse, evaluate, and compare images.

Develop entire photo shoots and perfect a single photo
In Lightroom, make global adjustments to groups of photos, including altering white balance, exposure, tone curves, and color casts. Open individual photos in Photoshop for precise image refinement. Changes made in Photoshop are reflected in Lightroom, and vice versa.

Present your photos in any format
In Lightroom, assemble and output high-quality printed contact sheets and generate sophisticated online web galleries and slide shows for client presentation.

  • One easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs
  • Automated features help speed the downloading, importing, and renaming of files
  • Fine-tune your photographs with precise, easy-to-use tools
  • Efficient image viewing, evaluation, and comparison
  • Elegant, uncluttered interface

Customer Reviews:

  • Buy this product at your own peril
    This software does not come close to the once-upon-a =-time quality of Adobe products. it is shot full of bugs overall. Not only does it cause your Photoshop system to quit working, it affects your entire Mac operating System. Adobe knows this is true because they try to cover up with a several page discussion about how operating systems, not Lightroom, can cause problems. Their approach of blaming someone else is shameful. The design of the product is marginal; almost impossible to read the dark grey print on black backgrounds. It is slower than anything I have ever seen. I could go on and on but it only raises my blood pressure . I have spent the entire weekend fixing the computer programs broken by this "half done" system.. If you buy it, you will waste a lot of time like I did. The software is going back to Amazon tomorrow morning. Amazon, shame on you for selling such a poor product. ...more info
  • Adobe Lightroom 1.0
    I purchased Adobe Lightroom 1.0 about a month ago. It has helped so much with my digital photography workflow. I shoot approx 600+ images at a typical wedding. With Adobe Lightroom 1.0 I have saved so much time behind the computer in pre-production. If you shoot lots of images, Lightroom is for you !...more info
  • Made for Photographers
    Adobe LightRoom is most definitely made for photographers.

    This program has amazing organizational features for your giant photo library. Giving you the ability to add tags to your photos for idenitfication, to flag a photo or reject it completely, and also to rate a photo from 1 to 5 stars or by 5 different colors, allowing for incredible diversity when it comes to sorting, comparing and filing photographs.

    A basic, but intuitive, development section gives you all the necessary Photoshop processing tools for tone adjustment, exposure, color, and more. This allows basic processing feature access without waiting for Photoshop to load. For more in-depth processing, you can open the photo with Photoshop right from the lightroom window, and it saves the results back to LightRoom.

    Lightroom also includes a section for preparing your Photos for the web or for print.

    As far as I'm concerned, this program is necessary for my work and is an incredible asset for any photographer with more than a few dozen files.

    As far as some of the complaints I've read, many bugs have been worked out since it's inception as would be expected. Working with photographers, Adobe has released LightRoom 2 which offers many new processing and filing features. ...more info
  • Dark Room
    In spite of all the hype I have found this program to be frustrating and useless. It does not interface with CS3 well and it regularly looses reference to files that have not been moved. A real disappointment....more info
  • Excellent Program
    I have used Photoshop for many years, starting with version 5 thru CS2 and find this to be one of the quickest ways to improve and clean up my photographs. The program is powerful and simple to use. ...more info
  • Amazing Software
    Abobe hits one out of the park. I find Adobe software clunky and hard to use. While I understand that the more flexibility you want the more complex the program but Photoshop and InDesign have learning curves that are steeper than Mount Everest. I expected Lightroom to be the same - an excellent program with a huge learning curve. Well it is and it isn't which it why Lightroom is such a pleasure to use. I don't know what Adobe is thinking in creating this gem of a program but the team who designed it are collective geniuses. For they have taken a complex and sometimes frustrating chore and for lack of better words made it gentle and pleasing. The program makes spending time with your photographs actually enjoyable.

    Lightroom is fabulous from look and feel to functionality. The strength is not only in the photo management portion of the program but also in the strong photo developing functions that can turn an OK photo into an amazing one.

    If you do anything with photographs buy this program. You won't regret it....more info
  • Covers most needs
    As one other reviewer commented, I've tried many of the other software packages out there, and they all have their highlights, but none was really satisfying my needs end-to-end. Lightroom differs. It truly provides me with an efficient workflow for my pictures, has an intuitive user interface, and enough feature power to cover 99% of my shots in a single tool. The edit functions are powerful enough that when you belong to the school that tries to get the photo right in the camera rather than in the digital dark room, you can make those small tweaks in Lightroom without having to go to another editor.

    Specific features I like: The non-destructive editing is great. Never have to worry about keeping extra copies of the original image. Just make the changes. Want to see later what was outside your crop area? No problem, it's still there a mouse click away. Want to test different versions of edition (e.g. color and b/w version, or low/high sat version)? No problem make a virtual copy, apply different edits, and then compare side by side. Seamless integration with Photoshop CS3. Click on edit in CS3, and Lightroom will create a .psd file from your preview image and automatically stack it with your raw image. Easy to switch back and forth.

    Concerns: Because of the non-destructive editing, Lightroom has to keep a DB around that is essential to the integrity of your photos. That makes it more fragile than other photo software. Make sure to backup your DB. I also export all the key shots as JPEG and keep both the original RAW and the JPEG just in case....more info
  • Beautiful but unreliable
    Lightroom is a beautiful well designed product, crafted for the way photographers work. Unfortunately, Adobe just released the 1.1 version w/o the same attention to quality that the original design implied. In upgrading to the new version, the program corrupted all the lightroom files on my main and backup hard drives rendering them useless. It then refused to be re-directed from the corrupted library and wouldn't even open. No matter how elegant the design, a program for managing photography files that instead destroys them is worse than useless. This is a wonderful product, that has been destroyed by a lack of attention to quality. Don't buy it, because you can't trust it....more info
  • Photoshop for photographers!
    They say, if Ansel Adams was around he'd be snapping away with a digital camera. Maybe so, but I doubt he would be adding type to his images or cutting, pasting and warping. What for? My point is that from the beginning, Photoshop has had very little to do with photography.

    So Adobe got together with some photographers and ended up with something that leaves the emphasis on taking and fine-tuning a great photo--not altering, retouching or salvaging a poor one (although it can do all that). And what a program it is! Fast, intuitive and surprisingly easy to use. Reasonably priced, too.

    Lightroom also adapts to different ways of working. If you take pictures the old fashioned way and spend a day making 3 or 4 really memorable images, no problem. Or, if you want to take hundreds of shots and edit, in the hope that a few will be good, Lightroom is even better for that.

    Really great software and such a pleasure to see Adobe "gets it"....more info
  • What we have been waiting for.
    Who would expect anything less from the producers of Photoshop? It has as much or as little as you need....more info
  • great product when it works.
    I found it to be inconsisent on the PC, on my laptop it rus without problems, on my descktop (same os - xp) it crashes on export and hangs alot. Photoshop has no problems on the system on Lightroom. If you are into digital photograhy, this product is a must buy. Will see how it works on a new high end desktop, otherwise I will wait till I get a Mac to reall use it....more info
  • Printing a deal breaker
    Lot's of nice stuff in Lightroom, but you have to be a Photoshop expert to print properly. Unless you have the Color Management set just right you prints are going to look horrible and there is no, I repeat, no useful instructions on how to do this - only the vaguest of explanations that leave you looking for more explanations. The entire help text on Printer Color Management is less than 400 words and none of it actually tells you how to do anything. It tells you what Lightroom can do, but not how to do it. Any question you ask about Color Management on Adobe's website simply refer you back to Lightroom's Help/User Guide which, as I've said, has only the vaguest of explanations.

    I'm sure all this stuff is covered in Photoshop because Photoshop people who move to Lightroom don't seem to have any problem printing, but I'm not buying Photoshop.

    I'm really glad I used the 30 day trial. I'd be very upset if I'd spent any money on this product.
    ...more info
  • Not for everybody, but neither is photography.
    It is very easy to go wrong with this product. It is being brought out in a relatively simple form that you just know is going to grow. It is NOT photoshop or even photoshop like. It isn't what you use to fix a picture (though you sure can).

    Something has happened. Film is going away. People used to have to pay for film and for images that were anything from totally black to whiteout with maybe 1 good image out of 24?

    Now we preview and shoot freebies as digital. Lots and lots of pictures. Some of us shoot over 1000 images in one outing. Ohhhh, but it gets more hairy than that. Now digital cameras are taking images that are as good in print as film. And - if you use the original data from the camera (in raw form called RAW data) rather than an automatically interpreted shrunk (JPEG) version, you might even get paid money for what you take.

    But those unshrunk RAW files are big? Yes. So how do you zip through 1000 RAW data files and sort them into Aunty EM, Lion, Scare Crow, Oz... or make a slide show, or print certain ones or make contact sheets. and brighten 30 at a time or boost the contrast in this bunch - fast.

    Lightroom....more info
  • Excellent
    Wonderful product. Very fast and intuitive. Excellent editing and works smoothly with my digital camera. Easy to incorportate into a workflow and makes my pictures much better than they probably should be. Highly recommend....more info
  • Very nice product, just SLLLLOOOOOWWW
    The only thing lightroom is missing is speed. My goodness it is slow, but it really has improved my workflow. If it was a little faster, I would have given it five stars. Being able to sync multiple images with a corrected one is one of the best features....more info
  • Superb
    Lightroom does many things well. Cataloging and adjusting images is easy. Uploading images to a web site is easy. Uploading to photo sharing web sites is easy with some free Lightroom plugins. Printing is easy. If you are using iPhoto or Picasa and are looking for something better, Lightroom is worth trying....more info
  • Crash after crash
    In wandering around the web, I find I am not the only person to experience crash after crash upon importing (from Photoshop Elements 5). When importing, Lightroom "thinks" for a long time (that's fine, and they do warn you it can be slow), but then the program crashes before it gets even close to finishing the import.
    About the rest of the program? I don't know. Too frustrated just trying to get it up and running.
    ...more info
  • Fills a niche
    I echo the other reviewers on Lightroom's capabilities, and highly recommend this software. I use Adobe's Creative Suite Premium CS3, and I'm a little miffed that Lightroom isn't included. Lightroom doesn't replace Photoshop by any means, and it doesn't have the overall photo/file review capabilities of Bridge, but it fills a much needed niche for Adobe. It's a must have for sorting large volumes of digital images, for reviewing directly from your digital camera, (be careful if your using it for B & W, i.e., TIF images scanned from negatives). Lightroom is terrific for creating web galleries, and probably indispensable for many digital photography tasks ... still left to explore/discover. I strongly recommend getting the free 30 trial before you buy....more info
  • No Soft Proofing Feature
    The claim to fame purports to make this a one-stop processing shop for Photographers.

    Most photographers prefer to send their post-processed files to the lab. And if they really know their stuff, they are probably profiling their images to the lab printers. This is where LR fails miserably.

    To make my point, I will start off by explaining how RawShooter worked (RawShooter was purchased by Adobe and after major surgical procedure sold as Lightroom):

    For Rawshooter:
    1. Open the RAW file.
    2. Choose the profile of the printer I wish to use for the final output. This results in a significant color shift to the image as seen on the screen. After all, the benefit of the profile is to ensure that What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).
    3. Make changes to the image so that the final output is to your liking. (remember, the RAW files themselves are never modified. All you do is create offset points and save that data seperately)
    4. Export to JPG
    5. Send image to the lab with an assurance that WYSIWYG.

    With Lightroom:
    1. Open the RAW file
    2. No ability to choose a printer profile.
    3. Make changes to the image with no idea how the final output is going to look. (remember, the RAW files themselves are never modified. All you do is create offset points and save that data seperately)
    4. Export to JPG
    5. Send image to lab with the hope you like what you get (HYLWYG)

    So, LR cannot be a one-stop shop for processing and printing RAW files. Any one who understands the importance of printer profiles would demand a WYSIWYG image to which one can apply the changes.

    Rawshooter was much better at this.

    ...more info
  • nice program
    great program to white balance all your photos that you shoot in raw format (nef). Color correction is easy and so is exposure and white balance. I dont like the way it imports or saves items, can be a little tricky in that area, otherwise this is a good program to get the professional finish to your pictures for the best picture and color quality....more info
  • More than Photo Lightbox
    Working with Photoshop Lightroom

    First, I click on develop and then click on Basic sliders. Next, I use the sliders to send instructions to Photoshop Lightroom stored in my hard drive's Picture folder. The Metadata allows me to name my photo images. Lightroom does not change my flash card digital numbers.

    You can Heal photo spots and blemishes with Photoshop Lightroom. Check out the excellent help menu in Photoshop Lightroom. The Remove Spots tool lets you repair a selected area of a photo with a sample from another area. In the Develop module, select the Remove Spots tool from the Lightroom Toolbar.

    Using the Toolbar

    Clone: Applies the sampled area of the photo to the selected area.
    Heal: Match the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled area to the selected area. (Optional) In the Toolbar, drag the Spot Size slider to specify the size of the area affected by the Remove Spots tool.

    Keywords become my search engine for locating my edited photo images. My favorite Photoshop Lightroom keyboard shortcuts and Function Keys:

    B - Add to Quick Collection
    *D - Loupe view
    E - Jump to Library in Loupe View
    G - Grid View in Library module
    L - Cycles through Light Out modes
    *N - Remove spots
    R - Crop the overlays
    T - Hide/Show Toolbar
    V - Grayscale/Color
    Z - Zoom to 100%

    Control-Click Virtual Copy
    Function Keys F5 to F8 Various functions

    *The above missing Keyboard shortcuts letter functions.

    Excellent Instructions in Photoshop Lightroom

    Photoshop Lightroom is nondestructive editing of your photos. Your photographs are not changed by Photoshop Lightroom. Your photo changes are stored in metadata as a series of instructions. This saves your hard drive space because you do not have to save your edited photographs.

    Lightroom applies instructions to the original photo file. This allows you complete control over your photographs. Changes you make to your photo images are reversible.

    Pro Reaction

    The answer is Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 developed for professional photographers. This is the Adobe application that is quick and easy to use for editing your digital photographs. Now, you can create your own digital photo style and look.

    You have elegance and power in your hands when you use Lightroom application. The Photoshop Lightroom tool suite is powerful. You can use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop CS2 for your difficult photo editing work.

    The fill colors in Photoshop Lightroom are white, light grays to dark gray and black. Lightroom's Library views are grid and loupe. You can use Lightroom's clone stamp features and make virtual copies of your photos.

    Con Reaction

    More fill color themes in the preference file would be a good addition since Photoshop Lightroom's interface is black. Different color theme interfaces in the preference file would be a good addition to Lightroom.

    Keyboard shortcuts is incomplete. The following are the missing letter functions: N - Remove spots, D - Loupe view, Control-Click Virtual Copy. There is no help menu's mention of Function Keys F5 to F8 for Photoshop Lightroom's various functions.

    Final Notes

    Photoshop Lightroom allows you to spend less time sorting and organizing images. You have more time to shoot and edit your digital photos.
    ...more info
  • An excellent way to manage & improve your digital photo collections
    This is an excellent digital photo management tool. Given that it's just in version 1.0 this is already an outstanding product and can only get better with future releases and updates. I wouldn't recommend anybody who was thinking about it to wait - I'd say go get it!

    The metadata and keywording aspects of the programme allow you to organise your photos in a standard fashion but in a way that is relevant to you and your work/life-style. The develop tools are intuitive and responsive and immediate (the sharpening tool needs looking at by Adobe though) and the real beauty is that you know that you are not affecting your original image in any way - it's all done with xml attributes. There are still issues with regard to speed on Windows platform but these are known about at Adobe and are being dealt with (according to the user forums).

    I bought a new DSLR and decided to try the trial version of LR, and was hooked immediately. A great product already and I look forward to the updates and new versions....more info
  • Lightroom Rocks
    This application is sweet! It can draw every pixel of information out of a camera RAW file with infinite tweaking ability. The main difference for me is the 16 bit work flow. I used to use just Photoshop for image work with 8 bit camera JPG's, now I use Lightroom to prepare image files and Photoshop to do the heavy photo-manipulation, keeping the files in 16 bit until the final output. Twice as much value information makes a big difference.

    I used to hear photographer's and the Photoshop TV guys going on and on about 16 bit and camera RAW without understanding what they were really talking about, now I'm a convert. Unfortunately some of Photoshop's filters only work in 8 bit, so I save those until the last.

    Adobe really thought out the layout, and it is a pleasure to look at, especially on a nice display. I've only scratched the surface of all of the control possibilities and look forward to discovering more. ...more info
  • Seamless Integration with Photoshop
    I've only been using Lightroom for a day, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Photoshop integration. Just hit Cmd-E, and Lightroom creates a copy of the photo (with our without the changes you applied in Lightroom) for editing in Photoshop format, and groups that copy in a stack with the original. As you save your changes in Photoshop, the image is updated in Lightroom.

    I felt that the workflow was very smooth. ...more info
  • First Impressions
    Installed the program after an issue with deleting all traces of the beta version... Took a call to Adobe Tech Support and an issue with a file in the CS2/Legal directory that used a Viet font.
    Until these issues were satisfied, the Lightroom installer crashed on the splash screen

    Installation complete.. Loaded my directory of image files.. Scans and Digital photos from misc cameras (Kodak, Canon) Got message that some files were not able to be imported for various reasons.. Some were too large, some were duplicates..
    Found also that if two files (IMG_001.JPG and IMG_001.TIF) were in the same directory, only the TIF would get imported.. Same applied to Canon .CR2 raw files along with associated .JPG.. Only the raw (CR2) file got imported but it seems taht both are there but the 2nd one not shown as if you change the name of the .TIF or .CR2 file using the Lightroom Library browser, both the files in question got their names changed on my hard drive.... Tech Support has been able to duplicate this bug on their machin so I guess a fix may be in the works?...more info
  • Post-Processing Workflow Solution -- Great and getting better all the time.
    Lightroom is a revolution for processing RAW and JPG files for photographers that create tons of images.

    As a user of Apple's Aperture and long time user of Photoshop, iView, and others I would say that Lightroom has an organic interface that's very logical and easy to adapt to. My favorite developmental tools are the draggable histogram for exposure control and targeted adjustment tools for tweaking saturation, color, curves, and more. Enjoy the fact you can trade adjustment presets with other computers and users and have a quick view when you drag over a preset name as well.

    Lightroom is not to be confused with "Photoshop" as an image editing tool. Although it offers basic cloning and healing tools, rotation, vignette, and cross processing tools, it's sole purpose is to act as "the photo lab" (in my view) as it batch edits any of it's adjustments with simple key commands and lightning speed. Also given the power to sort and rank, label and rename, print and slideshow, lightroom obviously has a lot of power as a post-production tool. Don't throw away photoshop; you'll want to use it for special effects and major image surgery.

    All-in-all, if you shoot a ton and find yourself buried in "workflow" with lots of time at the computer -- demo and possibly buy Lightroom. If you like the fancy box and think the name sounds neat, keep walking. It's only on version 1 and already incredibly powerful so with some of the suggestions we keep giving Adobe, Lightroom will be a force to be reckoned with. The relative weaknesses it has right now are eclipsed by the power, flexibility, and price tag....more info
  • Excellent workflow software for photographers
    We use lightroom in our photography business. Best to purchase some additional instructions as the manual isn't as detailed as it could be. Scott Kelby is a good one to start with....more info
  • Adbe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 is a Winner
    The most awkward part of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is the title; why Adobe didn't just stick with "Lightroom" is a mystery. If you were expecting Adobe Photoshop, this isn't it; instead, it is a specialized application tightly focused on the needs of a digital photographer. It is at once very similar to and quite distinct from Apple's Aperture package, with the most obvious distinction being that Aperture is Mac-only and Lightroom is not. Both applications are superbly focused on digital photography and the often burdensome tasks of reviewing, rating, sorting, classifying, and adding meta tags to photographs. Each has its own strengths, and there is a good chance that many serious photographers will end up purchasing both. Highly recommended for photographers, and completely unnecessary for graphic artists....more info
  • Finally everything in one place...almost
    I've just started using Lightroom 1.0 and I love it. I especially love the organizational capabilities and the develop module is terrific. There is a bit of a learning curve, but with time I know that Lightroom and I will be producing some superb images.

    I'm not sure yet if I will bite the bullet for CS3. Digital photography is always expanding, always improving and alas....always getting more expensive.

    What does annoy me is the current trend towards very little printed documentation. Lightroom arrived with a little booklet...only much later did I discover the documentation file on the cd. What ever happened to providing a basic book with the software????...more info
  • If you need a nice efficient workflow this is it.
    Adobe Lightroom does exactly what I was looking for. Photo editing and organizing (keywords, ratings, renaming) this is a robust package.

    I currently use Photoshop CS2 and iPhoto. I never really like iPhotos method of organizing or trust it's editing capabilities. So I relied on Photoshop and then reimporting a copy of the image back into iPhoto. which all seemed like to many steps. Lightroom has changed my workflow and the way I work, eliminating 3 or 4 steps in the process.

    -Interface is beautiful to work in.
    -Simple switching view modes. (switch from G: Grid (thumbnails), E: Loupe (single image))
    -Menus Toggle (Tab)
    -Develop Mode D: Editing, Presets, Exposure, Curves, HSL, Crop, etc... This is the editing mode of Lightroom. Color edits only of the image. You need Photoshop to actually edit pixels, I.E. delete people from image and fill with background...etc.
    -Presets, think Actions in Photoshop, presaved and default image editing. Do a google search for free presets. there seem to be quite a few out there.
    -Copy Settings, once you edit an image, you can cut and paste those settings and apply them to another image or group of images. Very helpful.
    -Edit multiple images at once. grab like 50 images, brighten, white balance, etc. (simple things you can go into Develop mode with more than one image at a time, but again you can cut and paste edits.)
    -At any point you can "reset" edits to an image as the original is not actually edited until you export a file out. I have reset images from a month ago to their original.
    -Organizing there are two ways I have tried so far, 1) import directly from camera, create folders (in the finder) name folders, 2) import into finder, syncronize folders from Lightroom, new images will be updated in your Lightroom library as they exist in your finder folders. (this is awesome for me because I need to know exactly where they are and named)
    -Naming, while importing you can import as they are named by the camera, add dates to images, custom name (xxxxx-1234.jpg), add date, add sequence number... etc. again, I am an organization nut so this was a big plus for me.
    -Identity Plate, top left corner of the interface by default says, "Adobe Lightroom...." you can change this to a custom name, like John Smith Phothography, this is nice for presenting to clients.
    -Collections, quick folders created by drag and dropping images.

    -Could be faster, but I have about 30K images of all different sizes. Going from Grid to Loupe takes a few seconds for the image to redraw. I might need more ram.
    -No two monitor set up possible. The toggled menus slide out from left right and bottom and dissapear leaving a tiny arrow to indicate hiding. There is no way to drag and drop the menus to another location. This is find for one monitors as the menus hide rather quickly and i have gotten used to the quick keys, but I have two monitors and could use the extra space.

    besides all this, well I am sure there is more for me to learn but after the one month free trial I am happy I got this program, saved me many steps and feels like a smooth interface to show off images to clients and friends. Cheers....more info
  • NEARLY perfect tool
    This is a great software for Photographers looking for a faster way to manage and edit images. I gave it a four because I would hope that ADOBE would still find ways to improve this product. The functionality is superb, and for such a great program, it doesn't eat too much memory on your computer (I have a 4 year old PC with 768 MB of RAM). And because of this I'm shooting more pictures in RAW format and not worry about the time I spend in front of the computer.

    I'll definitely be buying the next upgrade....more info
  • Just what I wanted
    It is a great program if you're looking to edit your photographs easier than in photoshop, because its all in one window. If you're serious about photography and getting better photos when you edit this is the program you'll want....more info