Garmin n¨švi 370 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator with Text-To-Speech, North American and European Maps
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Product Description

Now you can go from North America to Europe without loading any more maps with the Garmin's transatlantic n¨švi 370 Personal Travel Assistant. This pocket-sized personal travel assistant comes with built-in street maps for both continents, making traveling abroad as easy as getting off the plane. The n¨švi 370 is loaded with convenience features such as a travel kit and hands-free calling, on top of which it provides you with even more maps and an integrated traffic receiver.

The n¨švi 370 comes with built-in street maps for both continents, making traveling abroad so easy. See side view.

Keep track of all of your speed and timed information on one single screen.

The 370's travel kit menu delivers access to audio books, pictures, and more.
Despite being loaded with features, the n¨švi 370 still allows you to navigate with ease. This unit comes ready to go right out of the box with preloaded NavTeq City Navigator NT street maps for both North America and Europe, and includes a hefty points of interest (POIs) database with hotels, restaurants, fuel stops, ATMs and more. Simply touch the super-bright, sunlight-readable color screen to enter a destination, and the 370 takes you there with either 2D or 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice directions. This navigator voice even announces the name of exits and streets so you never have to take your eyes off the road, and can concentrate on your driving to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. In addition, the 370 accepts custom points of interest (POIs), such as school zones and safety cameras, and lets you set proximity alerts to warn you of upcoming POIs that require your special consideration such as speed zones and safety cameras.

Speaking of keeping you safe, the n¨švi 370 lets you make hands-free calls so you can talk freely during your worry-free driving. By integrating Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker, you can pair your n¨švi with any compatible Bluetooth phone and talk hands-free while staying focused on the road. You no longer have to fumble with your phone's handset to answer a call or dial a number, just tap the 370's screen and you're instantly connected. And with 1-touch dialing for your POIs, you can quickly and conveniently call ahead to make reservations or get needed information.

You can also avoid tie-ups and steer clear of traffic with the n¨švi 370's integrated FM TMC traffic receiver. This unit allows you to receive alerts about road construction and traffic problems that lie ahead on your route. Simply touch the n¨švi's screen to view traffic details or change your route so you can detour around the problem area. All of which can be customized with configurable vehicle icons that let you choose individual car-shaped icons in a variety of colors that show your position on the map.

In additional to all this functionality, the n¨švi 370 includes many must-have entertainment and travel tools such as an MP3 player, an audio book player (subscription to required), and a JPEG picture viewer so you can take your favorite music and pictures with you wherever you go. This unit also features a world travel clock with time zones, a currency converter, a measurement converter, and a calculator so that wherever you travel it will be easy to know what you are getting and keep track of your costs. The MP3 player lets you browse music by artist, album, and/or song, while the optional audio books may be purchased from which features over 70,000 hours of audio programs. What's more, the n¨švi 370 allows further customization via optional software such as travel guide, savings programs and language translation on plug-and-play SD cards for all your travel needs.

The Garmin n¨švi 370 comes with a built-in, high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, and lets you view and operate it via its bright, LCD TFT touch-screen display that measures 2.8 x 2.1 inches (W x H) and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels with 64,000 colors and a white backlight. As a whole, the n¨švi 370 measures 3.87 x 2.91 x 0.87 inches (W x H x D), and weighs only 5.1 ounces for easy portability. This unit provides you with from four to eight hours of battery life (depending on use) via its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and comes with Garmin Lock, which is an anti-theft feature to protect your investment. While you can add software via the SD card slot, the Garmin n¨švi 370 also lets you interface via high-speed USB for loading data, though users should note that, like most USB mass storage devices, this unit is not compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Me.

What's in the Box
Garmin n¨švi 370, City Navigator NT maps for North America and Europe (preloaded, full coverage), FM traffic receiver, vehicle suction cup mount, AC charger, vehicle power cable, dashboard disk, USB cable, carrying case, quick reference guide and, owner's manual.

  • 3.5-inch, touch-screen TFT LCD display with 320 x 240 pixels of resolution
  • Voice announcements, alerts for traffic-related tie-ups, and maps for all of North America and Europe
  • Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling, and USB interface for loading data
  • Includes MP3 player, picture viewer, world clock, currency and measurement converters, calculator and more
  • Weighs 5 ounces and measures 3.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches (W x H x D)

Customer Reviews:

  • Very good "standard" navigator
    I used navigator in 3 week US trips (New England, Canada - Montreal and 1000 islands) and, as a rule there were not any problems with the navigation.

    Good picture, good loud voice, a lot of suggestions when you seek attractions, food, fuel etc. I used option "turn" a lot of times: it helps to be ready to "keep left/right" instruction

    Evident disadvantage is the navigator resolution. Sometimes it misunderstands "left" or "right" directions when they are very close, for example at NJ Turnpike, several ramps etc. You should look for the road information also!

    I recommend buying Garmin Portable Friction Dashboard also.

    I did not use it in Europe yet but I'll do it in a short time
    ...more info
  • Maps Lack Basic Addresses
    I've used my Gamin Nuvi 370 for two months now, and have found that the maps are depressingly incomplete, often lacking the most basic of addresses. Major streets can't be found. This morning I entered the address of a major metro stop on the DC systems and it couldn't find it. Google Maps and Mapquest find the missing addresses without problem. The situation might be resolved with a map update, but the update downloads are not "currently" compatible with the MAC OS, something that wasn't included in the purchasing information.

    I've tossed mine into the bottom of the drawer and will go back to Google Maps....more info
  • Good, not great
    I've had this for 3 or so weeks, now. It's convenient, BUT... I find that not every road is listed and it takes a long time to "boot up" and "acquire satellites". The traffic is behind just like many of the radio traffic reports, so I'm sorry to report that this feature is probably a waste of money. I'd suggest saving a couple hundred and get the Garmin w/o the traffic....more info
  • Garmin 350
    The Garmin 350 is a versatile GPS. I have been using it for Bluetooth and the people I call hear me well. It also has European maps, which I will find helpful when I travel. I haven't used it often for actual navagation. When I did , I was disappointed because I was not able to change to actual visual turning directions. It may have been something I was doing wrong. Overall, it is a wonderful GPS....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 370
    Garmin's Nuvi 370 has it all... I purchased this as a gift for my daughter who is off to college soon and I was so impressed with it's performance ( I had to try it out of course!!! ) that I purchased one for myself. Not only are maps of North America included in the 370's memory, but most of Europe as well. As the son of a long distance trucker, I grew up with road maps (a new road atlas was always the perfect gift to get) and having travelled many, many, many miles over the highway on my own with a good road map, locating a nearby store, restaurant or a hospital in an emergency when in a new area is something the Garmin does that a roadmap cannot offer. The Garmin's ability to recalculate a route to offer an alternative route is also a very good option when there is a roadblock ahead. While there are larger screens available on other GPS units, the 370's screen size is just right. Who needs more of their vision blocked as these units are generally placed in line of sight on the dash or windshield? No need to buy additional chargers as the unit was shipped with both a 12 volt DC and 120 volt AC charger....more info
  • Was a lifesaver in Europe
    We just returned from a trip to Normandy. The GPS was so helpful in getting us around. Once the road we came in on closed while there and we needed to find an alternate - the GPS got us back so efficiently. I believe it saved our trip as well as our marriage.
    ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi
    The Garmin Nuvi is a wonderful product I am truly happy. I bought the product about 2 weeks before I was supposed to depart to Germany, it arrived on time and has been wonderful. It is quick and easy to use, I really recommend it for anyone who needs assistance while traveling. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 370
    The Garmin Nuvi 370 performed very well on a recent overseas trip to the UK including Scotland, Wales and England. I'd estimate approx. 95% accurate in guiding us on our driving vacation thru the countryside. Although it missed a few newly changed road improvements here and there, it took awhile to get used to outguessing it in locating specific sites and historic attractions we were seeking out. Some sites were not in its database and thus we had to look at the map and input a town nearby. We could not have managed the trip without it. ...more info
  • Pleased with product
    I received the GPS unit in a timely manner. It was in pristine condition (new). Everything was perfect. It will take me a few tries to learn all that this Garmin can do while I'm traveling. Taking it to Italy so will try out European features (maps and language translation)....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 370 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Portable GPS, North America and European Maps
    I was looking for a GPS which works both North America and Europe. When I was happy when I found this in Amazon site especially for the price $240.00 which was offered. This works great in North Americal, but when I took it to Europe it does not work and gives an error sign which reads "Not enough memory". I am not trying to give this product to my friend and will buy Garmin 1370T which is getting released in June 2009.

    How do I register this product. Thanks for listening. Mike...more info
  • Garmin GPS exceeds expectations
    Having exhaustively researched GPSs of the portable, 'Personal Assistant type, and aware of Garmins reputation as both a market leader and innovator, my expectations were high for this new technology which I'd only read about, but never seen in use. After receiving the product, and using it for the first of many times, I was constantly amazed by its versatility, exceptionally user-friendly interface, features such as "lodging", "Food", etc. which were, when employed in my own neighborhood, spot on in accuracy and ease of use. It's ability to 'simulate' a route when satellite acquisition is not possible was truly amazing. It's most basic function, mapping s route from a given location to the trip destination was extraordinary, and the visual map, audio instructions, and ancillary data such as ETA, driving data including speed, mileage, and so on blew me away. All doubts I harbored regarding its ease of use, accuracy, etc. about this first GPS I bought and used for the first time vanished the instant I turned it on and began experimenting, and learning about how to use it. I can honestly say it is one of those uncommon products which not only meets but FAR exceeds one's expectations. I recommend it whole-heartedly and without resrvation. ...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 370
    I have found this product very easy to use, although I discovered a number of routes resulting in dead ends (roads not completed). Good to have maps covering USA and Europe - at a very good price. I recommend a hard case (as it is easy to damage the touch panel if pressed or dropped). Friction mount is more flexible than windscreen mount....more info
  • Worked great on foot in Europe
    Just back from two weeks in London and Paris. I purchased this model because I wanted a pedestrian option and I needed Europe maps. It worked perfectly. Many times we came up from the Metro or Underground and were stumped on where we were. I just asked the Garmin to find our destination (she has all of the attractions listed) and she easily led the way every time. She was also excellent at finding the nearest Metro or Underground station. This model was really flawless and a great addition to our trip. It saved time and aggravation. When you're exploring on foot, you really don't want to get lost and use up precious energy. I would highly recommend this model for people who are travelling in London and Paris and exploring on foot....more info
  • Overall very good . . . but
    Overall very good value for the money provided you get a discount from list, which is almost always possible on Amazon. Two faults, however: 1. On a bright day with the unit mounted on the dash in the sun it nearly impossible to see anything on the screen. Thanks for good verbal directions. Maybe Garmin should provide a shroud to clip on the front to provide some shade. 2. Mine came with updated maps for 2008 but I quickly learned they were not always accurate. Just like Google and MapQuest maps, they do make mistakes. Cape May NJ was a good example . . . old town, lots of little streets, avenues,lanes, etc, that confused our Garmin navigator. Hardcopy maps are still a good back-up. Sorry Garmin! ...more info
  • An Excellent Way to Get European Maps
    In looking to update our Garmin with European maps, it turned out that, for a modest amount more, you can get a new Gamin, the 370, with updated US and European maps. Ours arrived promptly and worked like a charm in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and was a life saver on a couple of occasions. Some complained about the lack of packing support, but that didn't seem to trouble ours at all. A good buy....more info
  • help me... maps
    Hello good night.

    I'm a customers from venezuela, I want to know if this product garmin 370 including the map of venezuela, colombia, bolivia, brasil, ecuador.... I like to travel a lot for that reason I want to buy this item..

    Please the persons bought this item told me if have full all the maps of this countries.. Thanks

    Regards from venezuela...more info
  • Slow and not user-friendly
    I chose garmin over tom tom due to good reviews before i bought this product. Though, I'm disappointed. I have it set to "fastest route" and it gave me local streets than highway (which is faster, because I've tested). It's just not a very "smart" gps if you have high expectations, then you'll be real disappointed with this purchase. I'm thinking about returning it to amazon. ...more info
  • Good for travelers to Euopean countries
    Purchased this product because we will be traveling to Italy next year. It seems to work well in the US and has good reviews for use overseas. Hope that it makes my trips less nauseating because I won't have to look at a paper map for directions or to find out where I am on the map.

    ...more info
  • Exactly as expected
    After doing some research, we picked this particular model because 1) it is discontinued and so we got an awesome price and 2) I wanted the text to speech for street names and 3) we will be travelling in Europe next spring and it came bundled with both North America and Europe maps. (Even though the model is now discontinued, it came loaded with current maps - dated 2008 and 2009.)

    We love it. So far its major test was landing in a large, unfamiliar airport late at night and having to find our way 30 miles to our destination in the dark in a rental car. It was perfect.

    I really appreciate the "text to speech" feature - the exact street name is far easier to follow than just "turn right" when you're in a crowded area.

    I also like the size - the screen is easy to see, yet it's very compact - and the fact that it's really easy to pop into a pocket or purse. We're looking forward to using it off-road walking around European cities. The limitation there will be the battery time, but it did come with European adapters for the AC charger, so we can charge it up each night.

    This model came with other features I have not tried and will probably never use (MP3 and bluetooth e.g.) but the basic navigational functioning is great....more info
  • Nearly perfect
    Excellent product - gets me everywhere I've wanted to go so far. It's already gotten me out of some places that I have gotten lost in the past. Size is perfect for what I wanted, and it boots up in a reasonable amount of time. Usually. I do wish Garmin would make it easier to find suggestions though. On my iPhone, I can just type "pizza" and get a list of pizza place; it takes too many steps on the Garmin.

    Also, why not a QWERTY keyboard?? This is the only thing keeping the unit from getting five stars. It takes way too much reorienting to get accustomed to the alphabetised keyboard....more info
  • Garmin nuvi 370
    Since it is to be used in the car, I liked the ease of use and minimum key strokes. The displays are making me more aware of distances and street names in areas I already travel.

    There is both a quick start booklet and an online manual. However, there is a great deal of functionality packed into my nuvi that the documentation only hints at. I wish that there were tutorials that demonstrated sever practical applications of the model I purchased.

    ...more info
  • disappointed in Amazon
    I was shipped a referbed unit sold as new. After years of good service from Amazon I was disappointed and returned it. The unit itself is a great GPS. Bought the same thing from another vendor ...more info
  • Terrible reception
    I had high hopes for this unit based on the reviews, especially for a trip to Europe and the Pacific I planned.

    The unit never got a signal in Germany for 3 days. When i arrived in Hawaii, it took forever to acquire a signal, then lost it at underpasses. In Miami and Tampa it took forever to get a signal leaving the airport.

    The call to take exits comes way too close to the turn. And the display doesn't offer enough detailed info (arrival time, total distance, etc.)

    Go with Tom Tom...more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 370
    5/5 for Amazon's service
    4.5/5 for product quality
    4/5 for the price of the product! On a comparative basis, I paid 20% more....more info
  • Garmin Nuvi 370
    We bought the Nuvi 370 for our trip to France. It was great to have the preloaded European maps and it saved us from getting lost. Would definitely recommend this when traveling in a foreign country....more info
  • Trip to Europe
    I was very pleased with the GPS.I had to make a business trip to Sweden and Denmark. If I did not have this GPS I would have been completely lost in the big cities. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I have been using a Mio C310x for two years and bought the Nuvi 370 for a recent trip to Germany and Italy--I needed a GPS with the European map and the text-to-speech feature and the Nuvi seemed to be a good fit. However, I am disappointed because of its inconvenience to use. It's a very BASIC GPS: if you want to go to a place, find it on the GPS and it will take you there. But if you want to do some more complicated planning or research, it's probably going to disappoint you. After using it, I can understand why it has been discontinued. I think the Nuvi 370 represents five-year old technology (if not ten).

    Pros. OK--It DOES work. The signal was fine most of the time during my road trip of Frankfurt-Nurnberg-Munich-Florence. On several occasions I have to wait for 5-10 minutes to get a signal, but I think it's not uncommon for any GPS.

    Cons. I find the following tasks either inconvenient or impossible to do with this GPS. (1) Incapable of planning a trip with multiple "via points". You cannot edit the trip by swapping or deleting a via point; you have to do it all over again from scratch (2) Planning a trip from A to B while you're at C--a very simple task but it's too much hassle than it should be on this GPS. (3) The points of interest you saved are all in one folder; you cannot create any sub-folders. (4) No QWERTY keyboard layout. (5) No cockpit mode, making it more difficult to find your way in the European roundabouts. (6) The external traffic receiver cannot be used in Europe because it needs additional power accessory. (7) When you find a point of interest, you have to save it before you hit the "go-to" button. Otherwise you will lose the chance to save it and have to start anew to find it.

    I think the Mio C370 is only a BASIC GPS. However, compared to it, the Nuvi 370 is RAW and RUDIMENTARY in terms of functioning....more info
  • "Jill" takes us everywhere - North America and Europe
    We don't go on any long trips without "Jill" any more. She's great - quite helpful in North America, and totally invaluable in Europe, where the signage in some countries is difficult to interpret at times.

    You already know how great the Garmin products are in North America - so I won't waste your time on that.

    Where Jill has really helped us out it on trips to Europe. I have had her guide me through Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Czech Republic thus far, without any difficulties. Quite impressed at her database - I often go orienteering, which takes me well off the beaten path and onto back roads that other GPS systems didn't have in their databases. For example, in Czech this year, some friends rented a car in Prague with on-board GPS, while I rented one without and brought along Jill instead (a good savings there already, by the way). We were quite surprised to find that their GPS (rented in Czech) only had major roadways and larger cities on it, while Jill was able to navigate us successfully through the back roads and forests of the country.

    If you need to travel a lot, and especially if you need to drive alone in a new country, then you ought to have a GPS with you. And this Garmin series is quite impressive, both in terms of features and database. They are also quite readable on the move, and very portable (and durable). I travel often with this GPS unit, and definitely don't baby it. It's tough, and has withstood a fair bit of abuse at our hands. When the time comes to replace this unit, another Garmin will definitely be coming our way....more info
  • Not the best Garmin-refurb'ed bargain
    When thieves stole my faithful Garmin StreetPilot c320, I replaced it with a Garmin-refurb'ed c330 - essentially the 320 with pre-loaded maps. Amazon's price was VERY attractive. But I quickly realized there'd be a security advantage in a model I could easily slip into my pocket when leaving the car. So I opted for a second replacement, the slim and sexy Nuvi 370, again a Garmin-refurb'ed unit from Amazon at about 2.8x the price of the 330.

    After using the two units side-by-side for a couple of weeks my observation is that the 330 is the better value. Yes, I like the 370's ability to announce the street name ("Turn left at Main Street") rather than the 330's more generic "Turn left in 500 feet". Yes, it's fun having a unit that plays music I've downloaded to it, but that's superfluous because I already have an iPod and the 370's sound is gratingly tinny. The 370 also offers slide-shows of my transferred JPEG images, a feature I'd hate to defend to my insurance company after an accident.

    Worse, my 370 is flawed. (Is yours too?)
    * It randomly disregards my finger-tap-entered character, flashing the on-screen key to acknowledge my entry but then failing to show the character on the data-entry line.
    * The 370's screen is less legible than the 330's because it displays smaller characters but is comparably subject to wash-out in sunlight.
    * The battery life is about half the 330's.
    * After several hours the 370's mounting bracket loses its suction grip on either the windscreen or the dash-affixed metal plate despite my having lovingly prepared the components according to the directions.
    * And most egregiously for a Mac fancier, the 370 refuses to acknowledge the full deletion of the SD card's files; instead it insists on displaying (and playing if requested) the Mac-deleted MP3 files. I have to erase files by using my obsolete Toshiba laptop running Windows XP-SP1.

    But the 370 surely does fit neatly in my pocket.
    ...more info
  • My time in Europe -- Meh
    i just spent 45 days in Europe with a car. we spent the first month in Italy and then traveled to Austria, Czech Republic, Amsterdam and down to France. for the vast majority of the time, the 370 provided very good directions. however, one time the GPS sent us down a hiking path in Austria to the back door of the hotel (i had to turn around in a field of tall grass on the side of a mountain). on the way to Cinque Terre, the GPS sent me through a small village and onto a street between buildings where i had about 2 inches clearance on either side of the car for about 70 meandering meters -- very, very, very slow driving. this was clearly not the main traveled highway to Cinque Terre (using the default settings of the GPS). in Milan, the GPS wanted me to go down a 1-way road the wrong way and i had difficulty getting it to redirect me as it kept trying to get me to go back around the round-about and down the road wrongly.

    the GPS also uses some odd phrasings -- turn onto A3 sounds more like turn on 2A3. this really confused me for the first few days. "onto" should be 1 word.

    the GPS does a poor job of pronouncing street names. now granted, i'd have trouble with these as well. but i even heard the GPS stutter once, which gave us all a chuckle.

    i haven't used the GPS in the USA yet as it arrived a day before i left for Europe, so these comments only apply to using it in Europe . . . but that's largely why you'd get this model. if i was going back to Europe, I'd take this GPS with me again rather than look for a new GPS. i figure non of them are going to be perfect at the USA and Europe, but i also have learned more about its nuances that perplexed me at times over the first 2 weeks or so of using it. i still felt better having it than relying on maps. i'd honestly rate it a 3.5 if that was an option.
    ...more info