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Audio-Technica AT-LP2DA LP-to-Digital Recording System
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Product Description

Audio-Technica's AT-LP2DA LP To Digital Recording System has everything you need to transfer your vinyl collection to a PC or MP3 player. Audio-Technica brings its legendary quality and audio fidelity to the digital realm with the creation of the new LP-to-Digital Recording System. In the box, you'll find everything you need to transfer your classic LPs to digital files. The system is perfect for creating CDs and MP3 player files that get your old tunes off the shelf and into your portable player. So clear your closet shelves and take your vinyl discs into the digital mode for greater appreciation where ever you go. Save your files as MP3s, WMAs, or WAVs for easy transfer to your portable player. Or use the software to create full-color labels and jewel case inserts if you're burning the files to CD. Cast aluminum platter Wow & flutter - 0.25% Stereo RCA-to-stereo minijack cable Includes Cakewalk PYRO MP3 creation software Minor assembly required PC Requirements - 500MHz Intel or AMD processor (1.5GHz or better recommended), Windows 2000/XP/Me/98SE, 128MB RAM (256MB recommended), 1GB free hard drive space Dimensions(WxHxD) - 14-1/8 x 3-7/8 x 13-15/16

  • Digitally transfer and create CDs, MP3, WAV, and WMA files from LP records
  • AT-PL50 stereo turntable features built-in switchable phono preamp--no interface needed
  • Cakewalk PYRO Software remove clicks, pops, and crackles from noisy LPs with DeClicker
  • Includes adapter cable and phono cartridge
  • Note: For shipping convenience, the AT-PL50 stereo turntable is packaged inside the AT-LP2DA retail box with the Cakewalk PYRO software and kit accessories.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great!
    This item did exactly what I needed it to do - convert LP's to CD - easy use, great software and great price!...more info
  • Nice item.
    Does what it's supposed to do but I'm having a little trouble with the hookup to my Omni Delta series soundcard/system. Can't seem to hear sound when recording. I'm thinking it's just my ignorance. ...more info
  • Never lose the oldies!!
    Awesome machine that turns your smoldy oldy vinyls into cd's-right on your PC AND saves your music files. Quick and inexpensive-perfect for the baby boomers who are holding onto Deep Purple and Alice Cooper vinyls!!...more info
  • Digital Recording
    The software instructions should be more explicit. Several subtle roadblocks were encountered in trying to get the finised product,i.e.,conversion of an LP track to a CD track.Getting sound for monitoring became a case for trial and error as did saving and conversion of the project to a CD. For instance, the term "Drop Out" popped up and there was no explanation or cure available in any of the instructions or tutorials. Echo was discussed but the suggested solution was useless....more info
  • Audio- Technica Digital Recording System
    Had problem getting started . Instructions were a little fuzzy.
    Did not tell you that you had to register first before it would
    play. That piece of imformation would have me a lot of time.
    they need redo their book. Also did not know what the (time remaining)
    meant. Does that mean it will quit recording at some point.
    Other than that it works fine.
    ...more info
  • No CD burning, burn your money
    Purchasing this product, you might be able to burn CD's, but most likely, you'll burn your money.
    It's actually a good standart turntable with a RCA to miniplug adaptor.
    They talk about a preamp switch, but they forget to place it on the product.
    Software is lousy -close to garbage-. In order to record my vinil records on CD, I had to buy another software, wich worked better.
    It actually could be considered a misleading advertising.
    ...more info
  • Ripping LPs for my IPod
    I got this a couple of weeks back. The s/w installed very easily and despite no documentation it is pretty easy to use. The only catch for me was that on my initial recordings the playback was great but when I replayed the recordings they were terrible. Windows had the Audio recording source as my Webcam and what was recorded was the sound coming out of the speakers being picked up by the Webcam. Once that was corrected via Windows Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Audio tab -> Sound Recording (Default Device) the recordings were great. I haven't even bothered running any filters to take out the hiss yet as it is pretty insignificant.

    You have to set the input recording level before starting to record but that is a minor setup that will avoid problems later.

    The turntable itself is simple to set up and use. Not the greatest turntable ever but at the price it is a complete steal.

    I now get to listen to all my old albums on my IPod and am delighted with the purchase....more info
  • AT-LP2DA LP to Digital Recording
    I purchased this unit over the next up models strictly due to price and reading other reviews that said the basic abilities were the same, so I thought I'd save a few bucks. I still have quite a few records from my youth, late 60's to early 80's and really liked the idea of this device. Not everything has been re-released as a CD. At the time there wasn't anything availible like it in our general area of Northern Idaho. Since then and with Christmas coming up, several area stores have various models of USB turn tables, or those 'all in one' units that look like old table radio units. Oh well, this was still less expensive than those are. Anyway, the first unit we got from Amazon was actually a well worn or not quite ready to go out refurbished unit (first time for any problems from a purchase from Amazon). Even at that it worked great, for about 45 minutes, then the turn table motor died and would no longer maintain an even speed at any setting. I contacted the company that makes them and in describing the problem the tech said to fax proof of the recent purchase and they'd send out a new one! EXCELLENT!!! So, proof faxed and a week later new unit arrived. Worked great ever since. Even have a spare needle and some parts now. The PYRO-5 program works fine and although I read some reviews about getting Audacity off the Internet, the stock program is fine as far as I'm concerned. The program is pretty good at the scratch and pop removal on my records. I've only worked with LP's so far and so I can't say about using with a cassette to CD conversion. It does what it is supposed to do, and does it great as far as I'm concerned. The next model up now out by the same company is an actual USB connection. Before you order the standard unit MAKE SURE YOUR COMPUTER HAS A 'LINE IN' plug. It states in the directions and in talking with the techs, the standard unit will not work on my Sony VIAO desktop, or other model computers if there isn't a line in plug for the adapter cables included. The USB system seems to be more universal for that reason alone. The standard unit worked great on my HP. For the price, go ahead and get one! Add some songs to your collection that nobody else will have!...more info
    I received this as a gift and am really disappointed. I contacted the companies customer service and was informed that what was purchased is not complete. I have to purchase more equipment in order to get my product working. This is going to cost about $30-$60 for stuff that should have been mentioned when ordering this product. I am not happy with this product nor Amazon who should have did the research before they recommend this turntable. I plan on sending this back and getting a refund and getting what I really want. ...more info
  • audio-technica turntable
    Arrived safely. My only problem is it would have been nice if the turntable had a usb output to make it easier to connect to a computer.
    Thx Dan...more info
  • Good Old Music
    Audio-Technica AT-LP2DA LP-to-Digital Recording System

    Excellent purchase. Very good price. Decent software.
    Very easy to setup and use right away. I am very pleased with the results.
    I received a good deal of satisfaction for the money I spent.

    David Rowen...more info
  • It somewhat works
    After two weeks of experimentation, I can honestly say that while the turntable works pretty much as advertised the Cakewalk software does not.

    First, in order to hear the music I was trying to convert to CD or MP3, I had to jury rig a pre-amp and powered speakers.

    Second, the sound that goes into the computer goes in at full, distorting volume. I had to plug in a small mixer to reduce the volume.

    Third, once you record, it is difficult to edit the result. The software does not split the album into separate tracks as advertised. That has to be done manually.

    Fourth, when I tried to burn a CD of the music converted, my computer crashed EVERY TIME. Cakewalk did give me a fix for that. But it still won't download properly. Only one song of a recently recorded file downloaded to a disc.

    Fifth, Cakewalk only recognizes a few obscure brands and models of MP3 players. It will not download to your Ipod or my brand new Zune.

    Sixth, after recording and saving a full album as a music file, I can not access the file by any other software or even another music player. In fact, it lost one entire recorded album after about four days. I know it was saved properly was that I recorded it one day, cleaned it and put in the track separations the next day. On the fourth day, I listened to it and tried to burn it onto a CD with no sucsess.

    It is obvious that the Cakewalk software just flat out DOES NOT WORK as advertised. I will probably have to purchase additional software that usually costs just under $100. I don't know if the professional version of this product (which sells for around $180) is better or not.

    If I knew then what I know now, I would not have purchased this product. With the right cables, I now believe that ANY turntable can be plugged into a computer. The software seems to be the key. This version of cakewalk, however, is not the software to use.Audio-Technica AT-LP2DA LP-to-Digital Recording System...more info
  • Great tool to copy our 1950's LPs to Apple Garage band
    I just hook up this turntable to my Apple computer and upload the music to garage band and then to iTunes and then burn it on a CD. Works great, the quality of music is super....more info
  • AudioTechnica LPDA2A LP to CD recording
    This is a very quality product. Plugs into the Microphone mini stereo
    jack on your computer. Works very well and the software that's included is easy to use and very powerful.
    Great value for your money...more info
  • Excellent turntable for recording
    As soon as I got it I connected it to my PC, installed the software and could record vinyl albums. I have even figured out how to record in Linux. It sounds great and I highly recommend it....more info
  • so far so good
    I bought this product after reading all the other reviews and price comparing. My recordings are coming out fine even without additional tweaking for pops and scratches(which I haven't quite figured out yet-software does need some explaining somewhere-a pdf guide would be helpful).I've recommended it to others-more bang for less buck!...more info
  • Works well.
    Used the AT-LP2DA to convert over 150 albums. It worked great. The software provided was too cumbersome and for me advanced. Used Microsoft Plus! Digital Media Edition software which did a great job at removing pops, hisses, etc. all handled very simply. Had to manually edit tracks/separate songs about 10-15% of the time...not too bad....more info
  • Gift for my husband
    I gave this to my husband for Christmas and he was thrilled! He has been using it as a turn-table than transferring to cds, but as long as he's happy! I highly recommend this item!...more info
  • a decent turntable with built-in preamp!
    Just a note: contrary to what this product's name might suggest, this is not some sort of fancy computer-ready turntable that will interface directly with your computer. Instead, this is essentially an ordinary turntable with a built-in preamp, that also happens to packaged with all the cables, adapters, and software that you need to plug directly it into your computer's sound card for the purposes of ripping vinyl.

    Full Disclosure: I have never used this product with my computer and I've never used the software that came with it. I bought this roduct because it was inexpensive and I simply use this as the turntable that is plugged into my stereo so I can listen to records, and it does that very well!

    If you have a stereo that doesn't have a PHONO input, the built-in preamp will allow you to plug your record player into any AUX jack, and you won't need to turn your volume all the way up just to hear anything. If you DO have a PHONO jack (or if you have a standalone preamp), you can simply flip a switch and turn the preamp off, and it's a regular turntable.

    I didn't give this 5 stars because I've noticed that, compared to my old turntable, the sound is *slightly* muddier and not as crisp. Most people wouldn't notice, but I am pretty anal. Still, I haven't rushed out to buy a new record player. This one works just fine, and I'll probably run it into the ground. If you can get it cheap, I recommend it!...more info
  • Transfer your records to cd's
    Great hardware product, software a little bit hard to work with should have better written instructions for operation. Difficult to master, three or four files before you have a decent copy, I don't know if it is because I was using a laptop, instead of my desktop.

    I plan in a near future to use the setup on my desktop. ...more info
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP2DA LP to Digital Recording System
    I purchased as a gift. It was delivered promptly, but the the box was not sealed and was open. The carrier left the box in a puddle and the box was damaged before received. The packaging was ruined and wasn't able to wrap. Fortunately the turntable was ok. It's easy to set up and fun to listen to the records. I was extremely unhappy with the delivery and sent message to the company that shipped the turntable, but I did not receive a response. Uncertain if I will order through Amazon again for a gift. ...more info
  • Where to put your old vinyl? - on a cd
    The system was easy set up and install. The turntable works well and the sound is of good quality even on very old scratched records. There are no directions as to how to burn or manipulate the music files but it is fairly intuitive. It takes a little time to figure out how to manipulate the files but the whole process is time consuming because you are playing records and not just downloading music files. I am very happy with the system. ...more info
  • Audio-Technica turntable
    Easy to set-up and use; good amplification when used without external amp; overall, a good value for the money....more info
  • Works as advertised and as I hoped.
    This turntable/preamplifier works as advertized, as expected, and as indicated by a PC magazine review. The proper cabling was received to connect to my Gateway laptop. I am very satisfied with the operation of the turntable and the software received in the package....more info
  • Great Product!!
    I bought the product to convert my LPs to CDs. The turntable was easy to assemble (just remember to set the pre-amp to ON). The Pyro 5 was also easy to install (you have to register the product).

    Initially, I was not able to record. I could listen to the music via the PC speakers. Contacted Audio technica twice, via email, and they responded promptly both times. Corrected the problem by connecting the cables to the AUDIO IN, in the back of the PC (I was using the LINE IN at the front).

    Suggestion, request from Audio Technica, their guides to connect and to record (they are very, very good, you'll save time and aggravation). Especially the steps to follow, when you are going to record. Before recording, check the volume is not too loud when playing your LP. The Pyro Volume Window will tell you and you adjust the volume.

    The recorded CDs are fantastic! The music sounds better than when playing LPS. Your LPs will come to life!!! Great stuff!! ...more info
  • Right on time but with missing parts
    Even though the package arrived on time before Christmas, the equipment came without the rubber record mat (to protect the LP from being scratched by the turntable).

    I tried to communicate with the seller to solve the problem but they didn't replyied. I asked them only for the record mat, or at least a refund on the value of the mat, but without a response by them.

    Careful with what you order with them the next time....more info
  • audio-technica at-lp2da lp-to-dgital recording
    I bought this for my husband for christmas. He didnt open it till now. He loves it. He said its a little hard to understand how to hook it up the instructions arent that good, and as far as figuring out how to use it is a little hard, but once you figure it all out it works great....more info
  • LPs to CDs
    This turntable worked as well as you can expect. Everything about setting it up was easy but when it came time to use the enclosed software, PYRO Audio Creator and Audacity, I ran into trouble. I couldn't get either one to work and ended up using a Roxio program (which was totally up to the job). For $100 it's worth it. ...more info
  • Great Turntable, nice price
    I was looking for a turntable to play my old albums. Bought this one for a very good price. No tax and no shipping. Even comes with software so I can record my albums onto my computer and make a CD. Great Deal and all works well....more info
  • Best gift I could have given
    I bought this turntable for my father so he could finally convert and enjoy his record collection. I tried it out myself prior to giving it to him to make sure it was user-friendly enough for my dad the computer-curious novice. I was pleased with its ease of operation and that fact that it can be hooked up to a stereo for regular play. However, the software took a few tries to remember where to click for certain menus and to locate the saved files.

    Since Christmas, my father has been on a record-archiving mission. He's been working his way through his collection of 45s before trying his luck with albums. I'm going to have to go through the software with him to figure out how to save individual songs on an album as separate tracks. He and I both wish we could hear the record playing through the PC speakers while recording occurs. Overall, practice definitely helps perfect the process. However, much like the days of making cassettes, recording albums in real time takes time.

    I like the unit enough to consider buying one for myself. The price is better than anything I've seen in stores....more info
  • Easy as Pie
    I have read several reviews about this product and about how hard it was to hook up to the computer and run. I have had no problems what so ever and I am very happy with it. I have burned about 25 of my old albums and I am enjoying hearing them again....more info
  • Easy to use
    This product is easy to use. I am converting my husband's album collection to mp3s. I was afraid that it would be confusing and too hard for me to learn. But my son was able to install it and figure it out without too much difficulty. Now us Baby Boomers are able to enjoy the songs of our youth again....more info
  • Awesome product
    This product delivers as promised. I now have CD's from my old collection of LP's that I thought I would never listen to again. Set up is quite simple, and using the software is pretty easy too, with good documentation and help. This is the way to go if you have old LP's collecting dust that you want to hear again!...more info
  • LP to Digital Recording System
    This is such a fun system. I have over 300 albums (yes some of them are disco!) and recording them to CD has been a blast. I am able to custom make CDs. Haven't got into all the different features to manipulate the sound, but working on it. p.s. the price was right! ...more info
  • not for macs
    The Audio-Technica is a well made turntable but does not work on Macintosh MacBook Pro dual processor.

    The software that filters the input direct to computer without amplifier/preamp is supposed to be installed on Windows XP and would not install making it worthless....more info
  • not working turntable
    When my son open his Christmas gift set it up the turntable would not turn.This is something that is pretty easy to check before it leaves the factory. ?I was very disapointed, I will not buy another product produced by this company....more info
  • Audio-Technica Digital Turntable Impossible to Use
    There were no instructions on how to use the software for the turntable. There was no troubleshooting help and what hints there were did not fix anything.

    After 20 hours of adjusting all kinds of sound and audio drivers, the turntable did not play through my computer and it was impossible to make any recordings from the turntable....more info