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Sony NPFH70 H Series Actiforce Hybrid InfoLithium Battery for most Sony Camcorders
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $37.99

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Product Description

Be sure your camcorder is always ready to capture just about anything with an extra Sony batteries. The compact NP-FH70 rechargeable battery pack features InfoLithium(R) & ActiForce technologies which ensure maximum power, minimum charging time and excellent battery performance. It's the perfect battery for newer, ultra-compact camcorders.

  • ActiForce technology ensures fast recharge rate, extended power & optimal performance in all weather conditions
  • Compact and lightweight InfoLithium(R) H Series Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Dimensions - Approximately 31.8mm x 33.3mm x 45.0mm
  • Weight - Approximately 95 grams

Customer Reviews:

  • Shipment intentionally help due to using "FREE Super Saver Shipping"?
    I have ordered a fair amount of stuff from Amazon over the past week, and have noticed some major changes in the MO of how Amazon seems to be treating customers, prompting me to do these reviews, the first I have ever done. At the time of doing these reviews, I haven't even received some these products, but I feel I must share my experience and opinions with other all of you who spend money with Amazon and make its executives very rich! Please check out some of my other reviews relating to Amazon changing the vendor, price and shipping rates on the same web page/product several times within a 24hrs period. What I now call Amazon roulette shopping.

    This review is related to choosing I "FREE Super Saver Shipping". It seems to me that if one opts for "FREE Super Saver Shipping", Amazon will intentionally hold up some of your orders at their distribution warehouses. The evidence for this with this product is that at the time of writing this review, on the product page they make the following statement. "Want it delivered Monday, October 27? Order it in the next 39 hours and 9 minutes, and choose One-Day Shipping at checkout." I ordered this and other products 'Order Date: October 21, 2008' and my shipping date is given as "Shipping estimate: October 27, 2008". Amazon can get the product to me by October 27, if I pay so clearly these items are in stock NOW and ready to ship, yet I am having to wait until October 27, before Amazon will even start to ship my product. It seems obvious to me that this has nothing to do with shipping speed and all to do with Amazon holding up the processing on purchases that use "FREE Super Saver Shipping".

    The reason seems equally as obvious, Amazon are trying to coerce it's customers into paying for shipping (which seems to have really increased these days) or to sign up for "Amazon Prime membership" and gouge customers annual membership fee of $79. With the other issues mentioned in my other reviews in Amazon service and sales ethics, it makes one wonder about doing business with such a company....more info
  • Worth the money!
    This is totally worth the money. It lasts for several hours of video. I wouldn't own my camera without this battery if I wanted to go anywhere. ...more info
  • Solves a problem for me
    In Mini-DV, the tape size is short enough that a long-life battery isn't all that important, but I use my camcorder for underwater video in a housing. If you snorkel for hours, you need the longer battery-life because you have to leave the camera on in case something come by. The price was really good on this battery and it doubled my cruising time....more info
  • Good quality, fast charge
    I use it for my Sony DCR-SR47. The lebal on the box was saying this battery stands 4.5 hour. In my Sony DCR-SR47, it actually stands 5 hours. I am pretty happy....more info
  • Good buy
    Good buy,....stays for long hours in the hour of need. I would say its a must to get a spare batt. when you get your cam. ...more info
  • Great Battery!
    We recently bought this battery for our Sony HDD Camcorder. I was very please with the length of charge and how it performed while skiing at Crested Butte, CO.
    I would definately recommend this battery for your camcorder! Great Purchase....more info
  • Very Good Results from this Product
    I purchased this as a backup battery for my new Sony Camcorder for a tour of Israel. I used it as the primary battery because it had twice as much life as the battery that came with the camera I purchased. It actually lasted for all day tours and lots of video and I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Does everything you could ask
    Great product, when fully charged it displays over four hours of battery life in my HDD camcorder, which should handle any foreseeable situation....more info
  • It's a big battery and lasts accordingly
    It's a battery.

    If you want a long recording time, you need a bigger battery. It's not heavy, but it does protrude a bit more from your camera, but that's to be expected.

    Charges well... Works well... Amazon's price is very good compared to the local big-box store... so why not give it a 5-star rating?...more info
  • Wish I could give it a review
    If I received this product I'm sure I would give it a good review. But since I recived a generic version, and it was a brand I have never of. So DON'T EVER ORDER FROM E-Z BUY DIGITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You will not receive what you order... They advertise the name brand and will send you something else... I wish I had this product.. I really needed it.....more info
  • I haven't ran out of battery.
    I bought it a month ago and I haven't ran out of battery ever since. It's bigger than the OEM battery but quite handly....more info
  • Slow, slow, slow shipper - even paying for regular shipping
    My feedback is more about the seller than about the product. Slow, slow, slow shipper!!! Normally, I have found that when you pay the regular price for shipping, the item arrives within 2-3 days. Not this time; 7+ days and still waiting (from Colorado to Albuquerque)! I'm not ready to only blame the USPS - the seller should know which shippers are historically prompt and which shippers are historically inept....more info
  • Amazing Durability & Capacity
    So I get this battery new in the mail, and what is the first thing I do when I open the package? I dropped the thing (unintentional) on a cement floor, but it survived. It has the stamina to run with NightShot Plus all night, fill two 60 minute tapes and keep on going......more info
  • Incorrect advertisement
    Sony claims that this battery would be providing 6.5 Hrs of recording time but after full charging it shows up for only 4.5 Hrs. Such a reputed company like Sony should not be making such false claims about it's product....more info
  • Average Function and Over Priced, It Is Sony!
    Sony used to be a good brand, but not any more. Now they are average technology with worst customer service, and high price.

    This one is bulky, and not very powerful. It takes long time to charge, and loses power if not used. If I had the choice, I would buy a generic brand. Also, is this one risky for an explosion? Who knows, and I regret my purchase. ...more info
  • Would prefer the higher series of the same
    It gives 180 minutes of straight video recording.
    Really good but as always I want More !!!!
    4.5 stars , I feel the Higher Version is a better buy.
    ...more info
  • 2nd battery for camcorder
    great second battery for the price, much cheaper than the store also it gives me more battery life than the one included with the camera which only provides 30 mins of battery. ...more info
  • 6.5 hours of record time
    The Sony NP-FH70 battery is well worth the investment. It provides 6.5 hours of record time with a Sony MiniDV camcorder. Amazon's price is a lot less than if you purchased it from any other vendor. Word from the wise, do not purchase those after market batteries made to replace the NP series batteries. The after market batteries require a piece of wire to conncet from the battery to the camcorders DC input in order to work with the camera. You will only save $10 over the Sony original but will be poked in the eye a bunch of times by the stinking wires. Also the aftermarket batteries do not display the battery time on the camera screen. So you have to guess when the battery will die. Sony did well with this product, though I wonder why stupid batteries are so damn expensive??????????????!!!!!!!!

    Highly recommended

    Nathan...more info
  • Great!
    Works great. No complaints so far. Put this in my Sony DCR-SR65 and it displayed 245min remaining recording time on a full charge. That's on highest quality, which is great compared to the stock battery (approx. 95). Doesn't weigh too much and doesn't stick out nearly as much as the FH100. Props to the seller, Outlet, this is genuine Sony brand and received earlier than the estimate. Good buy....more info
  • item falls short
    The sony battery falls short of the promised storage capacity (6-hours).
    This battery is alleged to have a storage time of 6-hours but it barely lasts for 3-hours. I do not mind paying this price for a battery as long as it performs as promised. Looks like another Dud product from over seas.
    I used to believe that you get what you pay for, but not in this case....more info
  • Excellent battery
    Purchased this battery as a back up for the Sony Camcorder supplied one.
    The NPFH70H worked on my trip to Rome for nearly two days each use without
    having to recharge. The Camcorder supplied battery worked about half a day each time. Highly recommend the NPFH70 H for its reliability and longevity.
    It is almost a necessity if you plan to shoot for more than a few minutes a day....more info
  • Does what it is suppose to do.
    The battery has about 3 to 3.5 hour life. This is about what I expected after reading some other reviews. The only way you will get 6 hours is if you turn the camera on and do not touch another button. Once you start zooming and changing settings, the life of the battery decreases. Good product and I am happy with my purchase. ...more info
  • Less than half of battery life than you expected.
    Battery advertised as good up to 6.5 hours, I supposed it is being used with LCD off, with using Sony Handycam HDR-HC5, it gives me less than 3 hours (172 minutes). Received an replacement from Amazon, it is no different than the first one. false advertisement!...more info
  • Not Impressed with Seller
    Purchased the battery from TechGlobal, monitored the arrival date on Amazon and waited 14days and had not shipped. Emailed seller twice with no response, and suddenly the battery showed up from a private residence in a small bubble envelope with no packaging, shipping invoice or guarantee. Contacted Amazon and was told to return the battery for refund at my expense to the seller. The battery looked like it had been used when it should have been new. Sony and Sony accessories are top quality products, but beware of some of sellers on Amazon. ...more info
  • Sony InfoLithium Battery
    Excellent battery - long life, many videos before charging. Charges very fast with the Sony charger....more info
  • Needed in a Rush
    I purchased this item to use along with the standard NPFH50 battery that comes standard with the Sony DCR-SX41 Handycam. It charges very quickly and I never had to use the NPFH50 as the NPFH70 had a sufficient charge to last all day long. The shipment came when it said it would arrive, which was just in the nick of time....last minute purchase....more info
  • Good replacement
    Solid replacement, holds a good charge, worth several hours of recording time. My only issues with the battery are (1) if possible it is even bigger than the "factory" battery and (2) the "fit" is not quite perfectly tight on the camera. It is acceptable, but it doesn't seem to fully lock into place. This does not impact performance, but it doesn't feel solid....more info
  • Awesome battery!
    This battery pack is ideal for long day trips. I used it for my Sony SR82 camcorder on a month long trip to Asia and it provided me a little over 4hrs of recording time. This is an ideal size battery packed with more than enough power for a day trip. ...more info
  • Great battery
    Awesome battery, its 50% cheaper here than anywhere else, lasts for at least 4 hours, never got close to losing power, buy with new camcorder(stock battery is a joke)...more info
  • Sony NPFH70 H Battery Sony Camcorder
    Great product - Great price - Great delivery! It's wonderful not having to recharge during an important event....more info
  • SUCKS!
    I just threw it away! Causen it came in defect! The chagring connector pin came in a loose condition ,and after my first attempt to charge it , it just went broken! Since I was not able to come back to the States for another few months , I assumed that I can not get a full money back returned, So I just trashed it! This is a very bad battery, folks! Try to buy a SONY battery, if you can !...more info
  • Sony NPFH70 Lithium battery
    This battery worked fine. It fit the camcorder with no problem. It held it's charge a long time. Good Deal....more info
  • A Fun Friend inDeed
    The Sony NPFH70 is a fun friend inDeed--small, light and able to power your Sony camcorder for almost 3-4 hours depending on how your Camcorder is set--High Def vs. Standard def. I purchased the battery along with the Sony BCTRP charger- it was cheaper to purchase both together instead of individually. You can also purchase the Sony NPFH100 whick will give you longer running time---but the battery will stick out of the housing and will add extra weight to the camcorder. With the battery that comes with the Sony Hanycam and this extra battery pac- the FH70, you should have enough battery power for over 5 hours of taping. Please remember to have all your batteries charged and ready for your taping day!
    The battery is a fun friend that you will want to take with you everywhere!
    Have a great day Mr. Smith! Rocketeer ...more info
  • Great value - reliable so far
    Finding this battery for a discontinued camcorder model was a cinch. The price was right, compared to what was sold on the sony website. The shipping charges for this product through Amazon sweetened the deal. Whenever you are searching for a particular battery, record the model number and try an find it in Amazon before ordering from anywhere else.

    I've had the camera and battery for 5 months now and I am far from draining it. Having the battery "talk" back to the camera is worth the extra $$ versus others that are cheaper, but don't communicate its battery levels to the unit.

    In general, this is a great product....more info
  • Sone NPFH70 Battery
    Sony NPFH70 H Series Actiforce Hybrid InfoLithium Battery for most Sony Camcorders
    This battery is far superior to any battery that comes with the camera when purchased I was able to tape a whole football game witn no recharge or changing to another battery....more info
  • Sony Spare Battery
    I'm using this battery in my DCR-DVD108. If I do not use the 2.5 inch view finder I can get 6.5 hours out of this battery.

    Great for long videos.
    I would recommend this battery! ...more info
  • SONY NPFH70... It'll go the distance
    The Sony NPFH70 H Series Actiforce Hybrid InfoLithium Battery is a great addition to anyone who shoots a lot of video, and needs that extra power for the long haul. This is my second NPFH70 and I am very happy with this product. It provides at least 3 - 4 Hours of power for my SONY HDSR7 HD Camcorder, as I shoot a lot of sporting events in the Highest quality HD setting...

    Long story short, I highly recommend this SONY battery....more info
  • Reliable, and efficient
    I purchased this battery pack (3 actually) for my Sony HDR SR - 12 camcorder because I am going on a long trip and needed batteries with longer recording periods. A full charge of the battery lasts approximately 2.5 hours with the camcorder (HDR SR12) and charging time was ok. It did not charge as fast as I would personally like, but nevertheless from right out the package to the charger it took about 3 hours (I used the Sony BCTRP charger), which is impressively quick.

    Smaller camcorders compatible with this type will definately have a longer life per charge....more info
  • Good one
    The original battery that came with my Sony DCR SR-62 sucks!.. It lasts for just 1 hour 15 minutes and so i decided to buy one on my own. NPFH70 last for a cool 5 hours and 30 minutes and is worth every penny. (for under 60 it is a great buy) Sony should seriously consider making this one the default battery atleast in their 500$+ camcorders...more info
  • Just right
    The NPFH70 is the perfect battery for the DCR camcorders. It's not to expensive like the NPFH100 and it gives a pretty good amount of recording time. I have averaged about 220 minutes with this battery which is great for beginners to intermediate users....more info
  • Waiting for a response on an overcharge
    This item was given as a gift. When ordering it I pushed 2 in stead of 1.
    They billed me for two and am waiting for the credit on the one I did not get.

    The person I gave it to for Christmas was excited about having it and has used her camera constantly since Christmas.

    Please forward this question about getting my acct credited to the proper department so I may receive credit ASAP.

    Thank you. Dorothy May...more info
  • Sony just excelent
    This is a another excelent product of Sony, and it's absolutly nessesary if you are used to rec long video with your cam....more info
  • Stay away from this seller!
    I'm absolutely disappointed with the battery and the service provided by the seller. I bought this battery as Sony NP-FH70 and after delivery it turned out it is replacement for original Sony battery. When I called to the seller, he told me that original battery wasn't on stock, so he sent me that one. I don't believe this story. I think he sells that battery using Sony brand. It's a deception. Be careful!!! That battery is bigger and more heavy than original Sony one (I compared the products details). I assume that it is also less efficient. Then when I returned it, I had to wait 2.5 week for reimbursement. And I had to remind the seller all the time to return my money back. Stay away from this seller and that battery!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • product fine, software stinks
    i'm too exasperated to make this into a decent review. i have no clue why Sony feels the need to have proprietary issues over its downloading software. this makes this machine EXTREMELY frustrating for those that work on different computers or need to transfer video to other sources. i wish someone or SONY would just let me know, WHAT'S THE POINT? WHAT DO YOU GAIN? i feel like throwing this camcorder against the wall....more info
  • Much better than two NP-FH60
    I bought it to replace the original NP-FH60 that came with my Sony HDR-UX5 camcorder. The NP-FH70 lasts more that twice the original battery. Now I can record at least two mini-DVD full of short sequences, even indoors with an attached Sony HVL-HL1 video-light of high consumption. And yes it also charges faster!...more info
  • Can't supply what they advertise.
    I bought the featured deal of battery + charger. I bought it specifically from this seller and not one of the others b/c the combo + free shipping offered made it cheaper. They couldn't supply the charger and were slow on shipping the battery. Interestingly, they still advertise the charger! So, I have to buy it again, I didn't get the combo discount and now I see they are offering the battery for less here. Not satisfied with the service. ...more info