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My Word Coach
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Product Description

My Word Coach, developed in collaboration with linguists, helps players improve their verbal communication and vocabulary in a fun way. Practice need never get boring with six different exercises to choose between. Players can input missing letters from words, spell out the answers to various definitions, choose which word matches a particular definition, form specific words with Scrabble-like tiles, and more. Three levels of difficulty are available, and the game includes a built-in dictionary of over 17,000 words. Two of the games can be played multiplayer over wireless and the data of three different players can be saved. ESRB Rated E for Everyone.

My Word Coach, developed in collaboration with linguists, helps players improve their verbal communication and vocabulary in a fun way. Practice with six different exercises to choose between. Players can input missing letters from words, spell out the answers to various definitions, choose which word matches a particular definition, form specific words with Scrabble-like tiles, and more. Three levels of difficulty are available, and the game includes a built-in dictionary of over 17,000 words. Two of the games can be played multiplayer over wireless and five multiplayer games can be accessed when linking the Wii and DS. The data of up to three different players can be saved.

  • The game evaluates your level, tracks and rewards your personal progression
  • 17,000 words
  • Large variety of games
  • DS-Wii connectivity
  • Includes 5 multiplayer games when linking the DS and Wii

Customer Reviews:

  • I found bugs in this game - is it just me?
    I have been playing Word Coach everyday for over a month and I find three very annoying error. Did anyone else have these bugs.
    1. The EP does not go any higher than 59%. It moved steadily up and has stayed at 59% for the last three weeks.
    2. The word "Abbot" comes up every day almost every game I play for the last three weeks. I know what it means please retire the word.
    3. In Word Shuffle the target time is 3 minute but they end the rounds before that time is up. I have tried by holding back during the first round to see if it is 1 and 1/2 minute for each round and I ended up with 2.39 second.
    These are the three main bugs I have found. It takes away from the fun of the game.
    After playing this game for over a month I am getting bored of the game....more info
  • Words and more words
    This game is fun -- it teaches you grammar and new words. We like the "block" game in which there's a list of letters; you spell themm out with blocks, but if the blocks reach the top, the game's over. We also like the daily challenge. It's easy to use if you're 10 or older....more info
  • Good instructional game for a variety of ages and stages
    We really liked this game. As a translator, it's definitely in my best interest to increase my vocabulary constantly, and this game is a great help in achieving that while having fun. You have a goal to achieve daily (or every time you play) and it only requires about 30 minutes of play. My daughter, who is 8 and growing up multilingual (English is her third language) loves being able to learn new words and test her knowledge of the language while playing games - as opposed to taking tests ;-)

    A really great idea, kudos to the creators!...more info
  • Great game for increasing your vocabulary!
    I bought this game for my adult daughter who is working on brain rehab. She struggles with word finding, so I thought this might help. She loves it and continues to play it daily. Whenever we see each other, I also play it. I really appreciate the chance for both of us to improve our vocabulary! ...more info
  • Briefly entertaining
    I purchased My Word Coach for my 12 year old son as an educational alternative to the mindless, pointless games that Ninentendo seems bent on making. I had high hopes for this game. I wanted it to challenge my son with fun games while subtly improving his vocabulary. A tall order, I know!

    There are three games:

    The first reminds me of Tetris. On the right screen, blocks with letters on them fall to the ground and begin stacking up. On the left screen, a list of vocabulary words is offered. The gamer must correctly spell the vocabulary words from the "letter blocks" on the right screen before the blocks stack to the top. This is a fun game but, like all of the games on My Word Coach, it doesn't last long enough nor offer enough of a challenge.

    The second game is a fill-in-the-blank type game where gamers must write the missing letter in a word on the screen.

    The final game tests the gamers knowledge of word definitions. The player must choose between two different definitions for a single word.

    The positive: The games are short, which helps to keep the young player interested while building their confidence. The game seems to recognize a wide range of handwriting. I purposely wrote several letters different ways and the game did an impressive job of correctly recognizing the letters. The tetris game is a lot of fun.

    The negative: The games could be a little longer - a few more words would make it more challenging and fun. I also think there should be an option to make each stage a little more difficult. Finally, only three games? I think the clever folks who brought out Animal Crossing and Mario Brothers could think of more than three spelling games. Why not some deviation of hangman wherein the player has to spell the word based on the definition?
    ...more info
  • Kinda fun.
    Okay, so I did not take this "game" too seriously at first. Because it is not really a game at all, but rather a program designed to improve your vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition. And as such, it does a rather good job. It is the only game I have ever played that made me feel stupid:-)

    That being said, I am not a big word playing guy. My wife likes this game, and plays these sorts of games often, just not the electronic variety. After she played it a few times, she said she thought it was okay, but she would rather stick to the paper and pencil. Can't please everyone I suppose.

    I will continue to play My Word Coach. I really do feel it does help somewhat to teach me new words and meanings.

    Fun game! For those who have a DS and don't enjoy classic arcade or Mario games. ...more info
  • I loved it - my 10 year old hates it
    I initially selected this game because my son doesn't enjoy anything to do with learning or grammar so I figured 'perfect' - make a game of learning and he'll never know what hit him.

    Within 2 minutes of putting this game in he was so frustrated because he didn't recognize any of the words and was getting them all wrong. I told him that I'd try it to see what I thought and I'm hooked. I'm left handed so yes I did have a bit of issue with some of the challenges and the fact that my handwritting tends to 'lean' meant that I had several words marked wrong but otherwise I'm having a lot of fun playing this game - and typically I don't play with the DS at all.

    I would say you'd have to have some sort of grammar knowledge or it would get frustrating as it did with my son but otherwise, this is a great game with some challenging vocabulary that not only makes you feel smart sometimes - but even improves your knowledge :)...more info
  • Lefties and folks who have trouble reading small print may not be able to use this
    This game looks like a very good one to improve your vocabulary if you're good at using a stylus to write with either hand and can read small print quickly.

    Initially, you are encouraged to set up a user profile. That profile helps you to keep track of your score as you work to improve what the game calls your EP or Expression Proficiency.

    There are six separate games you can play. One lets you fill in a letter to finish a word. Another lets you pick a word definition from two choices. A third has you spelling words from alphabet soup.

    They're all fun. My right handed husband with 20/15 vision does a lot better than I do at every game. Interesting, he'd score a lot less on any verbal test than I do; however, the game is an equalizer.

    "My Word Coach" looked like a lot of fun, but I've discovered two significant problems for me as a left-handed person and as a person with some difficulty reading really small print.

    First of all, much of the play in this game requires proficient use of a stylus. Many of my errors are due to the Nintendo not recognizing my writing and my inability to clear the screen fast enough.

    The blocks game, which is a Tetris-style game where you spell out words to eliminate them from the fall, is on the righthand screen. I kept having to move my left arm to see the words I was having to eliminate which slowed me down and made me drop the game machine once.

    In addition, the pasta letter game has a harder version where the pasta letters you need to spell your word sink into the soup. You have to hit either a control key or blow on the DS to make the letters re-emerge. I'm really not sure condensation from a person's breath is a good thing for a DS in the long run.

    ...more info
  • You WILL increase your vocabulary...if you stick with it.
    Word Coach will appeal to fans of games such as Brain Age. Those not interested in edutainment need not apply. That said, Word Coach provides a reasonably friendly environment in which to expand one's vocabulary. Mini-games are unlocked over time- each providing a different way to familiarize oneself with the words on offer. Over time, your vocabulary "level" is tracked and increased within the game.

    The two problems/issues I found are these:

    1) the game will probably start you out at a far easier level than you want. It tests you at the beginning of the game to assess your vocabulary level, but I felt that the words I was playing games with were far less complex than the ones I had identified in the initial test.

    2) You need to be dedicated and play often. In fact, the game will even chide you for not playing for a week or two. I ended up not playing the game after a while, but I'm pretty sure that there are people out there that would eat this up, as I'm admittedly not the type that loves the Brain Age games either.

    Aspiring wordsmiths will find much to enjoy, regardless of the game's faults....more info
  • Keep your wits about you!
    This is a great piece of software! I really enjoy expanding my vocabulary and this makes this activity fun. I bought this copy for my sister. I received this game for Christmas and it is my favorite. I highly recommend it for all. There is a activity in the beginning of use to ascertain your vocabulary level and will build up from there. This will also force your to build your spelling ability as well. Word Coach is a great buy....more info
  • Not that crazy about it
    Well, this game is OK, but not nearly as entertaining as either of the Brain Age games. My biggest issue with this game is that it uses the Cambridge dictionary and not the Webster. Not a big deal except that some of the words' definitions are more 'English' than American.

    For example, one of the words it uses is 'throttling'. I have heard that word used in two ways. A friend of mine used to use it in reference to revving up his boat. My uncle used to say that if my cousin misbehaved he would throttle him. In this game, throttling means really messing something up. So far that's the only word I've found to be really different but I'm expecting more. I've only used this game for a week, but have learned no new words (unless you count throttling) at all which is disappointing as well.

    The objective for the day seems to be 100 correct answers. When you are new to the game you have only a few choices of activities and each only has 20 or less possibilities to get those 100 answers. If you replay the same games too much in order to get that 100-answer daily score you get a warning that if you continue to choose the same games, it will stop adding points for those games. Huh?

    So far I'm not all that thrilled with it, and probably wouldn't recommend it without detailing the short-comings.

    ...more info
  • Good, with one caveat
    I like the game - different, fun, challenging, educational.

    I have one big problem - THE GAME SHOULD GIVE US THE PRONUNCIATION OF THE WORDS!! I would prefer to hear the words spoken, but at least provide the phonetic spelling in the glossary! As it is, I have to go look up the words in a dictionary for pronunciation.

    Overall, though, an excellent game. ...more info
  • Great!!!!
    Expanding your vocabulary and having fun at the same time.... What could be better???? Nothing!!!!!

    Unless you have a very extensive vocabulary, you may not feel challenged but if you are the average Jane or Joe or even slightly above the average you're gonna like it.

    When I first got it, I played it almost everyday and I have noticed that unlike before when I read a book and came across a word I previously didn't know, I breezed over it. Now... Come across the same word having learned its definition and it is amazing what a difference it makes to fully understand what the author was trying to convey....

    Highly recommend this game to both children and adults!!!!...more info
  • a helpful additive to reading comprehension
    I honestly can say that I normally do not allow my children to play on their Nintendo DS's during the school week but I have made an exception for helps my sons develop a greater vocabulary so that reading can be done with more ease. The fact that it is in a game format inspires the kids to play on it......whatever helps them in reading and at school is a good thing where I am concerned....more info
  • Expanding your vocabulary, one minigame at a time...
    "My Word Coach" was made for those who of us who love words -- spelling them, learning their definitions, and -- in the end -- having the ability to sound like a walking, talking dictionary in front of our friends!

    Through a series of minigames, you'll become more familiar with words in the English language. There's a nice variety of activities; over the course of seven days, at least seven new games or game levels were unlocked for me. Some are fun; "Pasta Letters" is one of my favorites. In this minigame, you try to unscramble a word whose letters appear in an alphabet soup. If you wait too long, they'll begin to sink under the surface of the soup; to retrieve them, you may have to blow into the DS's microphone. In "Word Shuffle," you have to match vocabulary words to the appropriate definition on an index card. In "Split Decision" you must rapidly choose the correct definition of a word from two choices, all the while trying to beat your previous time record.

    I am impressed by the variety of activities that have appeared so far. However, I do not like all of the minigames. "Safecracker" is difficult for me. "Missing Letter" sometimes doesn't recognize the letter you've written; like, I'll write an "O" and it'll recognize it as an "R." You are allowed to fix your mistakes within a certain amount of time, but I think the recognition software could be a little better. Furthermore, I don't like how some of the games time you and penalize you if you don't complete it quickly enough. No matter how quickly I play "Block Letters," or how many times I try, I can't finish within the suggested time. The good news is, you get to choose which games you want to play each day, so if there's one you loathe, you can avoid it.

    Other fun features in this game include an extensive glossary and a place where you can monitor your progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Thanks to this game, I've not only learned some new words, but I've had a few epiphanies, ala "Hey, I've always wondered what that word meant, but I've been too lazy to pick up my 15-pound Webster's dictionary! But now I know!"

    "My Word Coach" puts a fun spin on expanding your vocabulary. Recommended for word lovers ages 8 and up....more info
  • A Great Learning Game for Kids
    I tried the game and after several weeks of interaction I've decided that this is definitely a game for kids. Way too much slang, definitions are off on too many of the words, most of the words are not applicable in the U.S. and those that are one would have already learn them in grade school. The pace is also very slow. Once you have reached your peak in the game it basically stops you from going any further. I stopped at 98% and best time 22 seconds and that's it, unless I can do less than the 22 seconds on each game it will not go any higher. So I reached my EP and learn a lot of British slang, yea! ...more info
  • It's ok for entertainment, not a study tool
    letters in the soup, tetris kind of a game does not make you learn anything. You learn techniques to score rather then expand your vocabulary. You will see what I'm saying if you played it. It's just how fast can you copy letters.

    The daily sessions are too long. You should decide how long you want to play not the meter.

    Some words/definations does not sound right. deathless? isn't immortal more appropriate? I never use that word before.
    The defination for 'termination' was to end a pregnency. I think termination has more defination then just ending a pregnency and certainly not apporiate for an E game. And there's others but I'm just writing what's on my head.

    Lastly, handwriting reconition is not too good compaired to brain age. specially have problem with E which it thinks it's a G and G might be a C.

    I was going to get the spanish version too but after the experience, I don't think I'll learn a thing with these games.
    Just my thoughts
    Thank You ...more info
  • word coach-great!
    Good game for all ages, and very educational! Pleasant change from violence and you learn something to boot! I would recommend for everyone. We don't have any children and my hubby and I play it all the time! ...more info
  • Fail.
    [...] While it might be useful to a foreign learner of English, with such "useful" advice as, "A verb is an action word in a sentence!", it has some deficiencies that limit it for both native and foreign speakers. Many of the games require you to know the meaning of a word in advance, otherwise you'll simply be playing "guess which meaning is the right one". That is not a good way to learn new words. It can be a good way to reinforce what one already knows, but that goes against the entire point. As a linguist myself, I seriously question this product.

    In addition, the process by which your abilities are rated is entirely artificial. Even scoring perfectly on many of the games (I already have an extensive vocabulary), I was rated as basically a simpleton in order to preserve the illusion that I am "improving".

    Not recommended. Language learning software has tremendous potential, but it isn't even hinted at here. In fact, it's made to look laughable.

    [...]...more info
  • You'll love Word Coach!
    I bought Word Coach for myself (50+) to go along with Brain Age and other mind-stimulating games. I was happy to find that my 2 children can use the game to improve their English and Grammar skills. With over 10,000 words, each of the children uses it daily as part of their English homework. They have fun and their vocabulary is really expanding and it improves their spelling skills. One of my best game purchases!!!
    ...more info
  • Great for the brain
    I'm not one to like a bunch of action in a video game. No evil monsters for me. So I really like this game. I have to actually use my brain to learn new words. Nothing new to me...sometimes I read the dictionary. It starts out on lower levels so you feel very bright. But then the words get harder and the games more difficult.

    If you love the English language, then you should enjoy this game....more info
  • Fun with Learning even for adults
    This is one of those games that in certain circles you say something about how you really prefer games that can teach you something. Well with this game I think you can actually make that statement and still be telling the truth.

    Was this game more fun Mario Kart on the DS? No way.

    Was this game more fun than most games on the DS? Yup!

    I really enjoyed playing this. I found that most of the words, puzzles and games were not difficult at all. This is ok. If you learn one thing out of every 20 questions or so that is OK with me. I like to know I am not an idiot so a little validation in my game experience is OK with me.

    The only complaint I have is often I would not score as high as I thought I should have and it would take me longer to answer a timed question or I would get it wrong due to the hand writing recognition software not recognizing my input. I am sure this is due to the way I am writing the letters and numbers but I did read the directions and it seems that the system has some consistent difficulty parsing my meaning. I don't see this as a complaint that others are raising so it must be mostly me. I wouldn't let it concern you. This is still a great game and I gave it 4 stars and probably would still have given it 4 stars with a perfect writing input featurset.
    ...more info
  • Some good minigames but the progression in difficulty is off
    This is an interesting vocabulary building game. The handwriting recognition is excellent and can be adapted to quite readily. Some of the minigames are also good although not particularly educational beyond just introducing new words. The features of the game are unlocked through repeated use. This is somewhat frustrating as it can mean repeating unchallenging games many times in order to unlock a higher level of difficulty. It would have been better to have included a performance based criteria for unlocking higher difficulties at least in addition to the brute force approach. It is also annoying that the overall progress indicator is improved by getting 80 correct answers regardless of difficulty. The progression feels artificial and this lack of real feedback doesn't provide much incentive for improvement.
    ...more info
  • Big words
    I have always been a big fan of education and learning how to speak well. Word coach gave me a chance to make myself better and have fun while I'm doing it. The best way to learn is to do it while having fun and Word coach achieves that by providing games like FILL IN THE BLANKS, WORD STACK, and UNSCRAMBLE WORDS. Each game helps you to get familiar with new words. the game examines your current vocabulary level then helps to build that level up higher. With just playing 20-30 minutes a day it will help to build a great vocabulary. I also like it because I have my 9 year old son play it and he is learning new words while having fun. so it is definitely a game for all ages. The only down fall is the game does have problems with the letter recognition and sometimes confuses letters that you are writing. Other than that this game is perfect....more info
  • Great concept, fairly lame execution
    I really wanted to like this product. I love some of the other learning products that my kids play on their DS's, like Big Brain Academy. I've been looking for a way to help them build their vocabulary, and I could use a refresher as well. Unfortunately, this product does not really offer a very enjoyable gaming experience. You'd have almost as much fun with flashcards, and would probably learn as much. If you want something to save you the trouble, though, this wouldn't be a bad product. I expect to tinker with it a few minutes each day, and see where I am in terms of vocabulary after a few weeks. A few features may bug you a little bit, though.

    First, you turn it on and a professor type explains the program and its importance. You set up a profile and the program introduces you to games one at a time, and explains how to check your stats. You are encouraged to play each game every day, about 15 minutes daily, and as you play and get better new features and play levels are introduced. Some of the games are okay, and others are a bit silly.

    One of the better games encourages you to match words to a definition, or definitions to a word. Another game encourages you to supply the missing letter by drawing it with the stylus. While the program has some trouble differentiating between certain letters (it kept reading my Hs as Rs, my Is as Ts or LS, etc.), it is pretty easy to adapt to it and write letters in a way it will recognize. Still, I'm not so sure about the educational value of filling in missing letters: being able to complete a spelling is not the same as knowing a word. Of course, each exercise gives you the opportunity to review definitions of the words you've just covered, but that part -- which is where the learning seems to take place -- feels like those flash cards again.

    One of the sillier (i.e. the most annoying) games is a sort of "Alphabet Soup" game. It seemed to be okay at first: a bunch of letters are in a soup and you are supposed to rearrange them to create a word that matches a definition that appears on the top screen. The problem is that as soon as the letters appear they start to sink back into the soup. You have to keep "mixing them" at the same time as you are trying to put them in order, so that the unplaced letters won't sink into the soup and be lost. What happens to me over and over again is that I get all the letters but one and then the last letter sinks into the soup. Then the game forces me to wait until my time runs out, which could be as much as another 30 seconds, before it goes on to the next word -- even though at this point it is impossible to finish the word since one of the letters is gone.

    The most frustrating feature is that there is no obvious connection between the words I am tested on each day. As far as I can tell, I just get new words each day. What I'd like is for the program to help me systematically review the words I miss in each program and occasionally review words I've gotten right. Then I could have some sense that I was actually building my vocabulary, that I was learning to use new words on a regular basis. As it stands, I am likely to pick up a few new words here and there, but there seems to be nothing in the program that guarantees this. This is where, in my view, flash cards may be even more effective than this program. When I use flash cards I remember and set aside the words I miss and review them until I've gotten them down and secure.

    I also have no clear sense that the exercises here are helping to create a usable vocabulary. For the most part I am tested on word recognition, and definition identification. There are no exercises that encourage me to select the right word to employ in the right context -- fill in the blank type exercises, and the like. So while this is a great concept, and while a good vocabulary builder would likely encourage me to take even more advantage of my son's DS, for now he can relax because this program is not really notable enough to win a lot of my attention. ...more info
  • Awesome game for expanding your vocabulary!
    When video games first started out they were merely a diversion, and still are very much designed for this purpose. Yet, in recent years there has been a new breed of games; games like DDR that get us to get off of our bottoms and get some exercize or games like "Big Brain Academy" that attempt to make us smarter or at least keep us from getting dumber. "My Word Coach" is yet another game that is targeted to make you more intelligent. "My Word Coach" was made to help expand your vocabulary while remaining fun to play, and it does succeed on those levels fairly well.

    As far as scoring and game play goes, I liked the game play of the original "Brain Age" because it scored you based on days. Everyday you did new test that gave you your brain age; the new "Brain Age" will change that, and "My Word Coach" is basically the same. MWC does not score you daily, but just scores you as you play, but it does recomend that you wait to retake your test to more accurately gage your increasing vocabulary.

    The games on here are fun, and I would have had even more fun were it not for my DS that is breaking. Even with this in mind, I had fun with games like "Split Decision" where you get to choose between two definitions of words and decide which one is write. There is also a tetris like game where you have to form words before the falling letter blocks reach the top, and even and alphabet soup game where scrambled letters have to be rearranged to form a word.

    Overall, this is a fun game, and if you are looking to extend your vocabulary without reading a bunch of books, this is a fun and easy way to do it.

    God Bless ~Amy...more info
  • Fun and Useful
    If you spend a lot time playing games you might as well spend your time well. This game is a lot of fun and really helps with your vocabulary. It starts out pretty easy but eventually gets harder. This game can be really useful, but only if you play it at least three times a week to drill the info into your head.
    Overall this game is fun if you're wishing to extend your vocabulary....more info
  • Good game but could have been better
    I like this game and it is a lot of fun. I have been playing for a week now and I feel that I improved my vocabulary slightly. I wish that they had an option where they actually said the word, because some of the words in the game I just cant say, so it would be nice to hear it. Also, it would have been nice if they used the words in a sentence so you actually see how it is used. Overall this is a good game game but if they added those options that I mentioned, it would make this a great game....more info
  • Addictive Play
    I got this yesterday and my eleven year old daughter and I played it. I was so much fun. Imagine learning new words that you didn't know before, that's what happened with both my daughter and myself. This game allows you to challenge yourself, and to see just how well you follow instruction,how well you use words in the correct context. The only downfall is once you have reached your quota for the day, it will not let you move on. Yes you can continue to play the game but it will keep reminding you that you need to rest or what you are trying to do will not work. Which is build up your vocabulary. This is fun for both children and adults alike....more info
  • Could be so much better
    It has potential, but falls way short. It needs pronunciations with the words - much like My Spanish Coach. It should also include part of speech in the definition, and at some point, should give you an example of the word being used. They need more games - some are just too tedious to do very often. It focuses more on spelling than on learning definitions. Nonetheless, both my husband and I have persisted through the game for two months and have both reached a point where our expression potential has not updated for three weeks of daily play regardless of the fact that we have reached our word quota almost every day. I hope UBI Soft will put some more time into this game and make the improvements necessary to make it both useful and fun....more info
  • Great learning game....
    This game is a great learning tool!! While it's not the first game my nephew will reach for for his Nintendo DS when he is visiting, when I tell him it is time to do something constructive, he will reach for My Word Coach. He thinks it's fun, and it challenges him. And it makes him curious, because it introduces him to new it's a great thing as far as I'm concerned. While it'll never be the Star Wars game, long as it's fun enough to keep him occupied, it's got my approval!!...more info
  • An Excellent Source to Learn more words - in a fun way!
    I was very pleased with this game; it is certainly an enjoyable way to learn lots of new vocabulary. Of course, on the other hand, it's a little distressing to realize how much I DON'T know!! Nevertheless, an excellent tool for students or really anyone who wishes to expand their vocabulary. As a writer, this reivewer finds the experience invaluable - kind of like forming your own thesaurus in your own mind!

    I only gave this FOUR stars on fun simply because it IS learning and sometimes the games can be a little difficult, especially when presented with several unknown words. That IS a good thing, it gives an opportunity to learn these words.

    What is very nice is that immediately following each mini game, the words utilized in the mini game are presented again along with definitions. Also, some of the same words will be used in subsequent games (especially those which the player "missed"); this is a wise thing to do in my opinion, what has one learned if the "missed" words are simply missed and the player simply goes on to new words? This at least will help the player (hopefully) retain the new words, even the "missed" ones.

    I DO wish that the game gave the player a little more time on the falling block games - it's one of my favorites; however, I almost always get a time PENALTY. Just a hint, to go a little faster, tap the down arrow and more letters will drop so you won't waste precious seconds waiting for the correct letter - you may have to use the bomb a few times but you won't get as much of a penalty. The penalty does not really mean anything other than your pride... You still get credit for correct answers.

    The handwriting recognition is certainly decent. It misses a few but it is not bad and it seems to be getting better as it gets "used" to my manner of playing.

    A fine addition, fun for adults. May be too difficult for youngsters under 10. They may be discouraged by lack of knowledge of many of the words. ...more info