RIM Blackberry 8700 8700c 8700g 8703e Lambskin Leather Holster Case with Swivel Belt Clip (Black) - Hdw-11939-001
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Product Description

Finished in premium lambskin leather and featuring a convenient swivel clip, the BlackBerry Leather Lambskin Swivel Holster offers unparalleled comfort and elegance. Plus, it features a built-in proximity sensor, so it knows when your BlackBerry?? device is in place - and automatically shuts off the screen in order to help maximize battery life. This technology also allows you to choose different notification settings for incoming calls, emails, and other functions based on whether your device is in or out of the holster.

  • 1 year warranty from RIM

Customer Reviews:

  • Style, without the price!
    I bought this for myself, wanted something that was functional yet upscale. The workmanship is excellent and the protection it offers is great for type of case it is. You can store the phone in either direction and the sensor plate works fine. The best feature I liked, was the clip assembly. It rotates 90 degrees either way and is very strong. This case should have been the default case that comes with the phone, not the plastic framed one from RIM. You can't go wrong, great for dress-up or work....more info
  • As Advertised.
    This blackberry holster was exactly as advertised. It was a good value, and arrived within the expected time frame....more info
  • Most Pleased
    I am most pleased with my RIM BlackBerry case! The quality is excellent and the price was even better! It was delivered on the very date projected....more info
  • Disappointed
    Not very good - I have an 8703e and it was tough getting it in an out of this holster. The magnet did not work correctly either - I found a better one in the dollar store and gave this one away....more info
  • OK for the price
    The case itself is well constructed and holds up well. However, the phone does not always go into sleep mode when placed in the holster, and thus I have had to reprogram some keys a couple times after having the Blackberry in the case. ...more info
  • Holster Auto Dials Numbers
    I am on my third holster like this now. The first just became really worn (after about a year) and didn't look professional. The second got caught on the seatbelt or something when I was getting out of the car. The third, I just got.

    On all three, they seemed to need a breaking in period. They would all automatically dial someone on my address list when I would pull the Blackberry out of the holster. Usually, I wouldn't notice and the person would be at the other end saying "Hello? Hello?" This last one is especially bad for that and I have to remember to turn the key lock on each time I put it in the holster - quite a pain.

    I think that the root problem is that it is too tight and results in buttons being pushed when the holster is squeezed and when removing it from the holster. The other two seemed to get better over time. Hopefully this third one will too....more info
  • Case for 8700g
    The product is not as shiny and appealing as shown in the pic, but it did meet my requirement...more info
  • Practical & sleek
    I ordered one of these to test. Previous ones I had tried did not include the proximety sensor that is pretty much a necessity. (Otherwise, you have to remember to lock your keyboard before holstering to prevent dialing people unknowingly). Coworkers of mine liked this so much, I ordered a bunch more. It's a little snug if you have an extended battery, but after a little "breaking in" period, it works out just fine. My coworkers also liked the magnetic flap on the top as well as the extra padding the case provides when the unit is inevitably dropped. We haven't had these very long, so I can't speak to the longevity of the clip part. I expect it to last as long as other clips and be as susceptible to failures as similar models....more info
  • Nice case
    I was kind of disappointed when I first got this. The clasp is magnetic and barely feels strong enough to hold itself in place. Still, the case is tight enough that my blackberry doesn't fall out. Previously, I had bought another holster that spun freely on its swivel. The blackberry was always falling out of that one because it was constantly flipping upside down. This one doesn't have that problem. The swivel has indents similar to the plastic holster that I originally got with my blackberry.

    I've not had problems with my battery going dead. Unlike the photo for the item, I do keep my blackberry with the screen facing in toward my body, which is the same orientation as the original plastic holster. Don't know if that make a difference.

    The leather feels good. It's very soft. I haven't had any problem with the case coming apart either, though I've only been using it a couple of months.

    Update (10 Sep 08) - The rivet holding the clip to the case pulled loose the other day. It doesn't appear to be easily repairable. I like it well enough to get another one as a replacement, though....more info
  • A luxurious alternative to the standard plastic holster
    This holster is buttery soft and durable. It's so much better than the standard holder. ...more info
  • Great Quality, Unbeatable Price!
    The plastic holster that came with my BB 8700 is quite flimsy, and also scratches up the screen on my BB 8700. I purchased this based on the other reviews, the low cost, and the picture shown here. The quality of this case is great- the leather is really soft, it holds the BB 8700 very securely, it's easy to flip open to get the BB 8700 out, you can hear the BB 8700 ringing and feel it vibrate, and it looks great. Knowing wwhat I know now, I would gladly pay double what I paid for this case....more info
  • Love it!
    I am true 'road warrior'- on and off planes, in and out of rental cars every week. So, I need equipment I can count on to perform and protect the tools I rely upon on the road to do my job. I wanted a professional looking case that would protect and securely hold my Blackberry on my belt and I have found it in this case! It holds it securely (good clip); the flap holds it snuggly but it is easy to lift and remove it when I need to answer a call or view an email. I like the leather stitching as it looks professional when you wear a suit. It was delivered actually early and the picture represented the product exactly. I would not hesitate to order another product from this vendor based on this experience....more info
  • Great case
    ATTN to the reviewers:
    This product and other product #11939-001 are the same thing. The other product has better picture demos (all different views) than this one if you would like to check it out more.

    Other than that, my review is that there were several cases that I thought might be of great interest to me and wasn't sure which one is the best for me. This is my second case to try out and I loved it when I first started to use it. Nice design, great fit, and easy to use.

    Also I noticed that several people left reviews about other cases that they weren't happy about not being able to feel vibration when BlackBerry is inside the case. Not this one. I can feel the vibration which is another thing great about this case.

    This picture doesn't show sideways, but the other similar product does as mentioned above. This case has elastic band which is sewn together to two flaps which I liked better than to front and back with no flaps. Great design. ...more info
  • Aesome
    Comfort to use as wife love it so much better than their own oem plastic holster....more info
  • Great product
    Soft leather, nice fit and finish. Belt clip is very good too. Swivel and locks nice on dress belt.

    ...more info
  • Unexpected high quality for the price
    I ordered this holster after my company-supplied plastic holster broke. Even though the company replaced the plastic one, I've put it aside in favor of this leather case, which looks good, feels good, and does a great job of holding my Blackberry 8700c where it belongs: on my belt. Considering the price, I couldn't be happier, since I probably would have happily have spent double the money for this quality....more info
  • Very user friendly
    Soft leather, attractive look, and very easy to use. Over-the-top strap easily secures blackberry in place. Blackberry can easily be slid in and out of the holster. I purchased this with my brand new blackberry (8703e) and have not observed a single scuff or scratch on the device after numerous times sliding the phone in and out of the holster.

    The only potential negative is the plastic belt clip starts to dig into the side of your abdomen if worn for extended periods of time.

    I would definately recommend this item....more info