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Fujifilm Finepix F40fd 8.3MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Silver)
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Product Description

With the Fuji FinePix F40FD, every picture is a keeper. This 8.3 megapixel camera gives you high-quality, high-resolution photos you can enlarge & edit easily. ISO2000 provides the sensitivity you need for bright, crisp, clear pictures -- even when your subject is moving fast in low light. Its advanced face detection feature looks for & finds up to 10 faces in your shot - then sets the focus and exposure to take the best portrait shot. The 2.5" LCD monitor lets you take that perfect shot with ease & confidence. Intelligent Flash delivers ideal exposure in most lighting conditions. Picture Stabilization prevents blur caused by camera shake. All you need for better digital photos is right here, in the Fuji FinePix F40FD Digital Camera. Intelligent Flash IrSImple for wireless communication Video recording - 640 x 480 resolution, monaural sound Internal memory - 10MB Storage formats - xD-Picture Card (16MB-2GB); SD card Interface - USB 2.0 Picture Stabilization mode Video output - NTSC & PAL USB 2.0 PictBridge compatible Slim, stylish form factor Power - NP-70 lithium-ion battery; AC power adapter Dimensions - 95.7 x 59.0 x 23.3 mm Weight - 5.2 oz. (155 g)

  • 8.3-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD display
  • Face Detection Technology; up to 2000 ISO at full resolution
  • Real Photo Technology; Picture Stabilization; i-Flash (intelligent flash); Dual Shot mode
  • Stores images on xD Picture Cards or SD memory cards (includes 10MB internal memory); powered by Li-Ion NP-70 battery (included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Perfromance for its Class
    When I was looking to get a new Point and Shoot digital camera I went into the store looking for a Fuji F30/F31 for its manual controls, low light and seemingly infinite battery life. They didn't have the F31 but the salesman convinced me to get the F40fd instead. So far I would have to say "wow" this is an amazing little camera. From standards of performance its not quite an SLR of the 6-8mp generation but its closer to those than other PNS.

    Over a year ago I bought an Olympus Stylus 720SW. Amazingly durable, can go where other cameras fear to tread but I was not impressed with its other aspects. It still had three shortcomings of other PNS cameras I've used. Slow, low light issues and poor battery life. I could live with that for fact that you can go swimming with it. But for those times when a dip in the pool wasn't on the agenda but the SLR was overkill I wanted something more. So that left me going home from the camera store with the Fuji.

    Its got tech specs out the wazoo, so lets focus on the highlights. Its an 8 mp camera, you can reduce image size to 4mp and .3MP (VGA). At the 8MP setting it has two compression settings for its JPGS, the higher setting (more compression, more pictures) seems just fine. That gives you somewhere in the neighborhood of 500/shots per Gig of card space.

    Its got a number of different shooting modes, most of them access from a command wheel in the upper right hand corner. There is a lot here to choose from and its nice because it mostly eliminates the need to go menu diving to get what you want.

    So lets take a trip around the dial. It starts with Auto which is the classic don't think, just shoot. It has the "image stabilization" mode which is just and ISO boost. It decreases shutter speed but at a cost of picture quality.

    Then there is the Natural Light function. This is nice because it's a quick means of turning off the flash and bumping up the ISO to the appropriate levels that you would have to do to get a good ambient light photo.

    Then there is SP1, SP2 which are similar to the "scene" modes found on other cameras. Once you've got into SP1/2 you'll do a little menu diving to get the "scene" you want (night shot/landscape/fireworks etc). But once its done it remembers and with two SP settings you can switch back and forth between them.

    Then there is the natural light with flash. I cute feature takes two shots in rapid succession, one with flash one without. Not sure if it looks better with flash or ambient? Use this and take both.

    Then there is the "Manual" setting. On this you can set your ISO and white balance to fine tune your look if you know what your doing.

    There is the Movie mode 640x480 at 30FPS. Eats a Gig in about 15 minutes, it's a .AVI file. Can't zoom while shooting the movie. Decent quality though.

    Other controls include the play button and the usual 4 way rocker pad. There is also the "Fuji" button that gives you access to the a couple of controls in manual mode as well as the "IRSimple" which lets you exchange data via IR with other equipped Fuji cameras. Maybe in camera photo sharing is big in Japan but it left me asking "why".

    UPDATE- My mom got a Fuji F40FD, so I got to try out the IRSimple Mode. You put both cameras in that mode, set one to send, one to receive and they transfer a picture in a second or two. PRetty quick and easy. However it only works ONE picture at a time and doesn't work for movies. So much for sharing your photos instantly after the trip..It is what it is, I don't find it very useful though.

    There is a button to enable/disable face detection. Kind of cool feature, it detects faces and locks onto them as the focal point. When it works it looks like you've locked a missile onto your target. It works ok as long as there pretty much looking straight at you. Off angle it isn't much help.

    Finally there is a disp button that controls what info goes up on the LCD and a few other things.

    Overall the controls seem reasonably well laid out, a lot of real estate goes to some not commonly used functions but the command wheel makes up for it.

    The F40fd can take either XD memory cards or SD memory cards. That's great because XD is proprietary format used by Fuji/Olympus and it sucks compared to other formats (its slow and expensive). But there is a gotcha. It can only handle SD cards up to 2 gigs in size. Still an SD card is half to 2/3 the cost of an XD. I still use XD because of my Olympus. I use a Type M 2G card and it works fine, full video, no hangups.

    UPDATE 2-15-08
    Fuji released a firmware update (1.01) which will presuambly ship with all new units. It allows you to use SDHC cards up to 4G in size. So you can now use XD (2g tops) SD (2g tops) or SDHC (4g tops)

    The screen (2.5 inch LCD) is really nice. Its got excellent off angle viewing. You can be off to the side and still frame your shot. The pictures look in play mode. One gripe with that is that the zoom in play mode (where you zoom up to see detail) is rather slow.

    Ok, enough of that, how does it shoot. For a point and shoot its amazing. To be fair I shoot most of my stuff with a Nikon D-70 and I have not extensively used with current generation Nikon/Canon PNS cameras. But from what I have seen the Fuji is in another class.

    One of the dreaded features of a PNS camera is the shutter lag. You push the button and then wait, and wait, and wait for it to take the picture. By then the kids moved and the shot is wasted. The Fuji is a LOT faster than others I've used. Not quite SLR speed but in the same neighborhood. It very quickly focuses (or not). The AF system is reasonably accurate. Its not perfect, expect some out of focus shots, but with the faster speed you'll have a higher % of keepers. Switching to the continuous autofocus may help, haven't tried that yet. But the speed is amazing for that class of camera.

    Another big claim to fame for this is its ablility to handle low(er) light conditions than others of its class. It does this by increasing the ISO. This makes the sensor more sensitive but also adds "noise" which degrades image quality. The Fuji can go from ISO 100 to ISO 2000. ISO 2000 is insane for little cameras. Of course just because you can doesn't mean you should.

    Generally speaking its pretty good up to ISO 800. 100-200-400 are fine, no real gripes in image quality. I've seen some ISO 100-200 images that are "wow" quality. Sharp, smooth and looking as good as they would have out of my SLR. ISO 400 for the most part is pretty good, if you look you'll find flaws but not at a glance. ISO 800 is Ok. When used in combination with the flash (which it does frequently) they look great. By themselves in natural light things can start to de-rez. At ISO 1600 things start to fall apart. A good chunk of those images are "well I guess its better than nothing". At ISO 2000 it falls off a cliff. They suck. Its an image.

    Something unique (that I've seen) to the Fuji is the character of the noise. Normally noise looks like TV static that congeals into ugly blotches. The noise on the Fuji is different. When the noise builds its like the picture De-rezzes into some impressionistic watercolor. Its more of a dithering pattern than static. It some ways it makes the image more pleasing (or rather less objectionable) but it also makes the image softer, faster.

    Still for a camera of this class the ISO performance is phenomenal. Most PNS cameras are pretty ugly at ISO 400.

    So to recap

    Fast - Fasted picture taker I've ever seen in this class
    Good Low Light - Best in class performance
    Image Quality - A cut above what I'd expect
    Battery Life - Rated at 300, I got about 350 with a lot of playing around.

    Cons -
    Image stabilization - Really just an ISO boost, costs quality, doesn't help when your already at high ISO.
    Slow Zoom in Playback mode - No real biggie

    This is a GREAT point and shoot camera. Its got a lot going for it and no serious issues for a camera of this class. It really is an advancement in terms of speed and image quality at a very reasonable price. If your looking for a something to capture life's little moments this is an excellent choice.

    ...more info
  • Fuji F40fd is easy to use.
    I gave the camera to my wife for a pre-Christmas gift. She is in love with the camera. She is not mechanical and the camera is easy for her to use. The best gifts are the ones that are used!...more info
  • Great little camera
    I bough this camera for my boyfriend and he loved it. It has many features including face detection and motion picture technology. I have a fuji finepix w 5.1 megapixels and i love it so i bought him this camera and it didn't disappoint. The battery seemed to last a long time. I would highly recommend it. The kingston memory card works great with it also. ...more info
  • Great Camera
    This was a gift for my wife to replace her aging canon, this was camera is small and fits easy into her purse, has great battery life and with face detection and auto-fill flash takes great pictures with little effort....more info
  • Fantastic camera.
    The camera Fuji Finepix is a very good camera. I am soooo happy to have purchased it. Thank you very much....more info
  • Great in low light, poor outdoors
    I got this camera in New York hoping that it would live up to fuji's reputaiton for compacts that perform well in low light.
    It did indeed produce some excellent shots of the city.
    Good performance at mid ISOs (400/800) meant it could take sharp prints. Also pretty decent indoors.

    However in good light I was very dissapointed.
    Firstly it always seemed to want to underexpose everything meaning I needed to use exposure compensation. People ended up as shadows.
    Then there was the colours. Rather cold, as if I was there in winter rather than summer. Barrel distortion was poor (a friend said it was obvious) and purple fringing was often a problem.

    I took the first half of holiday shots with a samsung L700, a very cheap budget camera and was interested in how much better the fuji's images would come out.
    To my horror I prefered the samsungs which actually did well in most conditions.

    I've since owned a sony P200 (in a different league) but as thats rather old and has a poor 2 inch screen, is a bit too bulky I've just got a canon SD1100 for the next big adventure! Seems pretty good but the fuji remains the best in low light....more info
  • Lens does not open after 7 months
    Unfortunately this does not seem to be a very reliable camera. After less that 7 months of limited use the lens will no longer open. ...more info
  • wish I knew a new model with optical image stabilizer &12mp
    It's ok for a point and shoot should be ok for most users the one feature I like is N flash it take one natural and one with holdig the release button. ...more info
  • Just a couple of points..
    The prior reviews are VERY informative, and worth reading through. I just wanted to add that I received this camera in TWO days, using Amazon's normal super saver shipping...a true record!
    I paid $205.xx for this, and currently, until I believe March, 2008, there is a $50 rebate from Fujifilm for this camera (if you pay over $200). Too bad I'm still waiting for my 2 Gb SD card from Amazon... Oh well, the F40's internal memory is just enough for me to play around with while waiting for the card. ...more info
  • Excellent pocket camera, but no manual mode
    I bought this camera last fall, which makes this a late review. However, this is an excellent camera featuring a great sensor from Fuji - a compact Super CCD sensor with hexagonal pixels, which improves its performance in low light (high ISO levels). This little camera can produce decent images at ISO800 and somewhat passable images at ISO1600. For last year (which is a pretty long ago in the digital camera market), this is an excellent camera. If you want a pocket camera that has a better lens-sensor combination, you should try the new Panasonic DMC LX-3, or if you have more money, a DSLR. This camera doesn't have full manual controls (exposure, flash and aperture compensations) but offers a few manual control features. Has a limited zoom range, but 3x has become the standard for most cameras this size. It was a good buy for me and takes great pictures without a hassle. However, you may find far better cameras for the same price today, from Fuji (F50/F60fd) and Canon's SD series....more info
  • great camera overall
    I'm really pleased with this camera. I've shot about 1500 shots (plus some videos) and have only had to charge the battery twice! A far cry from my last camera. The picture quality is excellent. The only thing I have to complain about is that I haven't figured out how to take close-up photos of flowers. Maybe it wont do it. But the face detection feature is lovely and the options on the little quick wheel are great. I also like how easy it is to switch from picture mode to viewing mode. And when you turn off the camera it automatically covers the lens. ...more info
  • Great Choice
    I have taken shots outdoor as well as indoor with this camera. The picture quality often compares that from my DSLR when I am shooting outdoors. The colors are saturated and edges are sharp.
    I also think that this camera gives the best quality for indoor shots from a P&S. You can safely shoot at ISO 800 and with a little photoshop noise reduction, the pictures are perfectly usable....more info
  • camera only lasted one year
    Camera last one year. That was it. Dead as a doornail. Battery has charge, memory cards are fine, camera just stopped working. Never dropped it, treated it very well.

    Very sad, won't ever buy a Fuji camera again. What a waste of money. My Canon I've had for years, it's been dropped and everything and it works fine.

    I don't know why it stopped working, funny that it's one year from when I bought it. ...more info
  • Amazing sensitivity! poor UI
    This is my 5th pocket camera but my first choice to carry with me due to its phenomenal light sensitivity. It fits snugly in my old elph case. With proper use in poor light this device will resolve beautiful images that I would expect only from something with a much larger lens and price tag. FUJI: please meet or excel Canon's responsiveness, usability, elegance and customer service. Thank you....more info
  • camera is good but not the memory stick
    I love the camera but it says it is compatible with Sandisk memory stick and it turns out that no it is not. let me know if I am misinformed on this but it seemed like only the special xd card worked for it.
    otherwise everything is really great!...more info
  • Very pleased with this choice
    After considering various options in the compact camera market, and then narrowing it down to this or the F31fd, I am happy with the F40fd. Our preference is for less complexity and automation and this is a feature of the F40. I understand that the F31 has manual options that allow better shots in low light conditions. However, the photos we have taken in low light in auto mode and in natural light mode appear outstanding.
    The image quality seems excellent for a relatively low priced camera, and it has a number of useful scene modes without it being too many to cause confusion.

    For an average consumer who wants a point and shoot with little complexity and with high image quality in both day and low light situations, it appears to have been a very good choice.

    ...more info
  • Finepix Gives XtraFine Pics
    After endless research, both online and in stores, I purchased this camera after test driving a Fuji F45fd. The features were incredible, more than I thought I could afford. Came home and after doing a little digging found out that the P40fd and P45fd were the same camera, just packaged for different markets. The P40fd has so many great features such as face recognition that truly helps make your pics better. The flower setting has helped me take pics of my garden that will be even more appreciated in Jan and Feb. And, even though the dogs run away when they see me with the camera, I can still get great shots of them! There is a setting that takes 2 pics at once, one with flash and one without. You make the call as to which is the best. You can change ISO settings, which I learned thru another review can make a big difference in how your pics turn out. The instruction manual looks intimidating at first (it's chunky), but everything is laid out so that even the "instruction challenged" can follow along easily (there are illustrations, too). Ordering on Amazon was, as usual, awesome. I got a free 2G SD card when I ordered, and I saved over $80 on this purchase (price of camera, no tax, no shipping, free SD card) I would recommend this camera to anyone looking for great value, a great camera, and lots of good times taking pictures. Was always a Nikon girl, but am now a Fuji fan!...more info
  • great camera
    As advertised, this camera is great for low light conditions and as far as I can tell, most all other conditions as well. I can take almost 500 pictures on one battery charge. The only negative thing I can say is that there is now a F50fd which I wish I had....more info
  • Mediocore at best
    I purchased this camera based on reviews of older models (31d) because it used SD cards and I wanted a pocket sized camera for low light situations. Perhaps the older models were sharper in low light but this camera is very disappointing with grainy, blurry results. I am also extremely disappointed in Fuji's decision to misrepresent some of the features on this camera. It advertises Image Stabilization, but in reality all this feature does is boost the ISO enabling a higher shutter speed. This is not true chip based Image Stabilization. Also the mode dial has a large M for Manual setting. But when you read the instruction book you find out (and this is a quote) "M - Manual: this is an automatic mode to specify the settings except for the shutter speed and aperture" WHAT!
    I would have given three stars as it takes fine, color rich, photos under bright conditions, but this was not the selling point of the camera, the low light aspect was. This coupled with what I think is deliberate misrepresentation of the above features ranks it a maximum two. I will never purchase another one of their products....more info
  • One of the best low light/high ISO compact cameras available!!!
    I got this camera because of 1) the low light/high ISO capabilities 2) I couldn't afford to get the F31FD or F30, they are rare to find and go for +$300. I found this gem on ebay for $109!!! The pictures come out nice and clean in low light, up to ISO 800. At ISO 1600 & 2000 they are still viewable but with noise, but my tests shots were in very dim light conditions. In normal light conditions the images are great! I can only imagine the image quality for the F31FD/F30 since they are supposed to be better. The image stablization is not necessary if you have a camera like this that shoots with proper ISO & shutter speed. Camera responds fast and easy to use. I highly recommend it if you can find it. Great for social gatherings indoors or outdoors. I have owned/tried a few of the newer compacts, but they don't compare to the low light/high ISO capabilities (w/o flash) of this camera!...more info
  • Great Camera for the Price!!
    At first I was very unhappy with this camera taking outdoor pictures due to graininess. After complaining to my friend about this he looked at the camera and changed the setting to higher megapixels!! This fixed the problem completely! So to those with problems with the camera go into settings and make sure you are using all your megapixels because the default on mine was only on 4!

    I love the up close flower setting. I use it all the time! The details captured by this camera are absolutely amazing. I carry this camera in my purse everywhere I go. This camera also takes excellent pictures in dark settings just make sure you have it on forced flash. You cannot beat this camera for the price. Highly recommended!
    ...more info
  • Sharp beautiful images!!!
    I originally went with the Canon SD1000 and returned it because of all my son's pictures inside an auditorium didn't turn out. I've only owned Canons before (S400, G5) and was skeptical about the Finepix F40fd (even with all the good low-light quality reviews). But when I put my best picture with the SD1000 next to my favorite picture with the F40, amazingly, the Canon was beat! I compared other pictures too, and the Fuji's was much clearer. Since then, I've taken pictures inside an aquarium at night and was very please with the results especially with the picture stabilization turned on....more info