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Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
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Actors/musicians Jack Black and Kyle Gass bring their infamous rock duo Tenacious D to the big screen! The hilarious story of how "The D" became the self-proclaimed greatest band on earth, Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny follows the pair's plan to steal a supernatural guitar pick on display in a rock-and-roll museum in order to create a masterpiece song that will cement their place in music history.

You don't have to be a munchie-loving stoner or an aspiring rock god to enjoy Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, but it helps. A dozen years after they introduced their mock-rock power duo on the Los Angeles club scene, Jack Black and Kyle Gass finally got the movie showcase (a partial spinoff from the D's short-lived HBO series) their fans had been waiting for, and it's a rockin' romp with plenty of crude laughs that will hit home for anyone who's ever played air guitar to Meat Loaf's "Bat out of Hell." It's a Beavis and Butt-head-like origin story, recalling the legend (ahem) of how JB (Black) and KG (Gass) met, bonded over bong-hits and rock-operatic guitar licks, then set out (on a tip from a crazed guitar-store clerk played by Ben Stiller) to find the mythic pick of destiny, used by all guitar gods and said to be fashioned from the tooth of Satan. Their quest includes a variety of well-cast cameos (including Tim Robbins, Meat Loaf, and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl as Satan himself), and there's plenty of flatulence, drug humor, at least one hilarious fantasy sequence, and outrageous sight gags too numerous to mention. Suffice it to say, it's about 90 minutes of lowbrow indulgence, and some of the jokes fall flat, but if you're a headbanger at heart, you'll know what Tenacious D is riffing on, and the sweet licks (also available on the soundtrack CD) will sound that much sweeter. If you're not ready to RAWK, this potential cult favorite may not be for you... but give it try anyway. It may not be better than Citizen Kane, but if you're properly stoked, it comes close to rock & roll heaven. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Far and Beyond The Most Important Film of All Time
    And on the million billionth day, God created Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Oh blessed is thy film. From the deepest bowels of your soul to the very core of the universe, you will feel it touch a place that no work of art has ever come close to before. STAND AT BAY NAYSAYER! You haven't earned the right to look upon its glory. Beware, only those pure of heart will survive its power. When Master Exploder graces the screen, your knees will quiver and your eyes will swell. Fear not! All will align when the moon and the stars meet the mediocre pot and fart humor. I like the Tenacious D movie because it was funny and had neat rock music... and God said... "That's good." ...more info
  • The Power of D and the Pick of Destiny
    I have faith in this movie, and I was saved! If you are a fan of Tenacious D, then you will LOVE this movie! The entire film is like a rock opera with jokes after jokes. There is cameo after cameo in the movie, but the songs are the star of the film. Let's just say that Tenacious D proves that they can indeed Rock your socks off! If you love the TV series, then you have to see this movie since this is almost a prequel to and makes a lot of references to the show. The biggest question that D fans have been asking is finally answered, what is the greatest song in the world that they wrote a "Tribute" about? Well, the question is answered in this movie! Be sure to watch all the way to the end of the credits at the end of the movie, there is more story afterwards....more info
  • Alright movie, but a little redundant
    This is an alright movie, and has it's funny parts, but the overall gist of the film just takes tenacious D nowhere they have not been. Quite a few of the rehashing of the old jokes, batroom humor, sensless annoying swearing, and the songs were not nearly the quality of the first Tencious D album, nor their d fun pak single/ep. If you really like the stuff from the original HBO work, and or the master works, then you will like this a lot. This movie is worth renting, but if you buy, get a good deal on it. ...more info
  • Flippin Awesome
    I am not even a rocker but I thought this movie was so flippin hilarious that I love to watch it over and over again. I first saw it on HBO but now I need to buy me the DVD so I can watch it anytime I want. I will just say this if you like Jack Black then you will love this movie. Plus it rocks!!!! Like I said I dont do rock music but this movie is the S**t.....One love ~ ...more info
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny - Mini Review
    Setting out to become the world's greatest band is no easy feat, so they set out to steal a magical guitar pick housed in a rock-and-roll 300 miles away....more info
  • Some Crazy JuJu
    They must have put some crazy JuJu into the recording of this movie because I can't stop watching it. I'm not even a fan of the D but I watched this on cable one night, now I can't stop watching Master Exploder (one of the songs) and the "Final Showdown." Sometimes if I'm having a lame day at work I'll watch Master Exploder on Youtube just for a laugh.

    Bottom line is I expected this to totally suck and figured I probably wouldn't even get through it and instead got several laugh out loud moments and even scenes that I would consider absolute comedy classics. Very funny cameos from Dio, Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins and an extremely amusing Dave Grohl. Damn Funny. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    I bought this DVD for my brother-in-law for Christmas! He absolutely loved it and so did my sister and parents! Comical musical, and Jack Black is a riot as usual....more info
    I am only a quarter of the way through this movie as I type this but I can honestly tell you that there is no movie in history that even comes close to the sheer magnitude of brilliance, genius, originality and charm that is projected here. This embracing Master Work of Glory will go down in history as the Greatest Movie ever, and will remembered for generations to come for it's sensitivity and bravado. I can see 20th, 30th, and 40th anniversary Deluxe Reissues a la Dark Side of the Moon or Pet Sounds happening too. I haven't even started about the music yet either. The soundtracks' compositions are simply amazing, and incredibly beautiful. The vocal melodies, arrangements, lyrics, virtually every thing about this album is perfect. Every single track on this album is a finely-crafted masterpiece: sweeping, dreamy instrumentals with warm, embracing vocal arrangements, all painting pictures of youth and naive love. The melodies are soaring and lyrics seem deceivingly simple, which is just about the point. It's heart and soul on put on film, and it will leave you breathless from beginning to end.
  • POD
    The best movie ever, which happens to be the best DVD ever with the greatest bonus features of all time.
    Also, the soundtrack is quite possibly the most amazing soundtrack in the history of films....more info
  • Rock On!
    This movie is fantastic! If you like Jack Black or rock music, you will love this movie, it is sensational....more info
  • Jables and Kage the Perfect Pair
    One thing is for curtain about this film, it is by far the greatest movie ever made! But on the contrary to some, you'll only come to find that true if A) You're a long time fan of the "D". B) You're a stoner. Or C) You love crude humored films, because this film was made simply for those. It is more than likely to become a cult classic.

    So JB or Jables (Jack Black) runs away from home to the land of Hollywood to pursue the rock and roll life as told to do so by Dio (Himself). Eventually he runs into KG or Kage (Kyle Gass) while he's playing his acoustic guitar (Kyle can shred on an acoustic like non other by the way) by the beach side and is completely blown away becoming an instant fan. Well as things go along they become friends and start a band with each other called the Kyle Gass Project...until they discover that they both have "buttmarks" that when standing side by side it spells out Tenacious D. As things go on from there they eventually stumble on a secret legend of a pick that derived from Satan's tooth and holds magical rockin powers. Can you guess what it is? You guessed it, The Pick of Destiny.

    Thru-out the course of this quest you'll enjoy one great crack-up after another, including my favorite when the two split and JB gets hungry and decides to eat a bunch of mushrooms that he finds in the forest and, well you can guess where it goes from there. You'll also enjoy the great cameos they have in this film including Meat Loaf as JB's dad, Dave Grohl as Satan, Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins and a bunch of other familiar faces. Also on this DVD, be sure to check out all of the special features, which include some good deleted scenes and outtakes, commentary with Jack Black and Kyle Gass, studio sessions, the making of the video for "The Pick of Destiny" and the music video itself.

    So besides the fact that this is the best movie ever made, it's for sure a great rock opera comedy that will rock your face off! Have fun.
    ...more info
  • Tenaciously D issapointed
    This was not worth the money at all. I love rock-n-roll parady like SPINAL TAP, THE SCHOOL OF ROCK and really thought that this would be good and funny, boy was I wrong. It really sucked, way too stupid and way too immature, even for me a 46 yr old teenager. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Jack needs to go back to the drawingboard before attempting another one of these....more info
  • Tenacious D the TV show "Movieized"...!
    I loved this movie, it got the cold shoulder from a lot of critics but to me it was just like the HBO series, em effing funny! Lots of swearing and mention of sex acts (mostly homosexual) and all around over the top retardation. It has an awesome soundtrack that features updated old classics and rocks the effing socks off of you. I say YAY to anybody who enjoyed the HBO show, this will be right up your alley. And remember, there is a little bit of Satan in all of us....more info
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This masterpiece is an underrated work of genius. Fans of the HBO series should love this. J.B. is so cool & K.G. is so raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. ROCK ON...more info
  • Enjoyable even if you aren't into rock
    I'm 71 and don't know much about rock in general, and even less about heavy metal. Yet I found this small film to be a lot of fun. Unlike a metal rock concert, I could actually hear and understand the lyrics (maybe it helped that I watched it on TV with closed captions.)

    The story is about a kid (played by Jack Black) who leaves his rigid religious parent's home after a rock poster comes to life (or he imagines it; either interpretation fits) and predicts his future success. He meets the partner of his destiny (Kyle Gass) in la la land. Initially jb becomes kg's apprentice after mistaking him for a successful master guitarist guru. JB learns that kg is just a loser. Then they notice the same model pick in photos of all the top guitarists. The rest of the story is their quest to get the holy (satanic, that is) grail pick.

    Ben Stiller is easy to recognize in his cameo role, but I didn't recognize Tim Robbins and I wouldn't recognize Meatloaf. ...more info
    Jack Black is a comedic genius! Who else could star in two really dumb movies(Pick of Destiny and Nacho Libre) and make them both work so well. This is much funnier than I expected it to be. The DVD transfer is very good with some cool and funny extras....more info
  • If you love Rock n' Roll, then you NEED Tenacious D!
    The D are at their best in this movie. The deleted scenes make you wonder why so many scenes were cut out of the movie. I can understand at the theatres being cut, but I thought for sure on DVD the could've included them into the movie. Not upset though. Still a great movie and a great DVD. A must own for Rock n' Roll fans....more info
  • Buy the masterworks vol 1 instead
    I love the D. I listened to bootlegs of the HBO series and live shows with my old roommate before they released their first CD. The first CD is awesome. The second is the soundtrack to this terrible movie. Jack Black is hilarious in most movies and Tenacious D totally rock in my opinion, but this movie was horrendous.

    I must confess I am writing a review of the movie I saw in the theater, not the DVD version (I cannot endure the pain of watching it again). The plot was aimless. The ending was stupid. The jokes fell very flat, even the ones that were retreads.

    That is the worst part, most of the almost funny bits were really funny when they did them earlier on the HBO series. So do yourself a favor and buy the masterworks volume 1 DVD which has all of the HBO shows and a live concert with all of their best songs from the first album. They still swear worse than sailors and the jokes are dumb, but they are actually funny dumb, unlike the pick of destiny jokes which are just stupid dumb....more info
  • Great Movie for goofy humor
    It's the D. After watching the complete master works and remembering they were in BioDome, seeing the movie was awesome. Great movie, not a classic but worth buying....more info
  • Buy this movie
    This is a great movie, buy it! The funniest Jack Black movie I have seen!...more info
  • There's a 2-disc set - it's worth it
    I absolutely love the D, but this movie didn't live up to my expectations. Still, it is easily recommendable to fans - and funny enough to possibly earn the D some new followers.

    The DVD is pretty well packed with special features (I'd rate the movie 3 stars, the extra star is for the effort put into the DVD). There is a generous selection of mostly funny deleted scenes. The footage of JB and KG in the studio working on the soundtrack album is interesting and entertaining.

    Word to the wise: there's a version out there that includes a bonus disc of even more features - it's highly worthy hunting down, it adds an additional 20+ minutes of deleted scenes and a bunch of other stuff too (including a series of internet shorts that runs about a half hour)....more info
  • hilarious.
    wish there was a little more music in it but they did a great job. strawberry river = LOL....more info
  • Bad
    Perhaps the problem was in the advertising of this movie, but I expected a high energy Jack Black comedy about how he started his band.

    The commercial did not tell me it was going to be a long winded. low energy, boring movie that used awful language, crude gestures, and drugs while trying to get Satan's power. (Btw movies about trying to get Satan's power are rarely funny or meaningful. Learning that you can accomplish something great on your own is much funnier and momentous.) I love Jack Black but was so disappointed in this wannabe musical--though they are talented musicians, the songs were stupid without anything catchy. Not one song stayed in my mind. I tried to enjoy this as a parody, but it just isn't parody-like enough. There were many opportunities for funny jokes that started off good but then just fell flat. You cannot compare this to Spinal Tap which was very funny with consistent humor as a pure mockumentary.

    This script was probably conceived and written while in a drug or alcohol based stupor. Nobody involved who was sober had the guts to tell JB that this movie was only funny to stoners or possibly, some, but not all, Satanist teenagers.

    Jack Black should have hired a professional comedy writer and a sober editor. Many lame scenes should have been cut out. Many crude words and gestures should have been cut out. And don't think I was offended by the bad language because I have virgin ears--I don't. My husband is Italian from Long Island, and everyone knows they take cursing seriously; in fact they call it Sicilian Poetry. My husband uses the f-word as a verb, a noun, and an adjective--so I know what I am talking about when I say the language in this movie was awful and crude and made me cringe. But worst of all, the crude language was not funny. I can forgive anything if it is funny or has a good purpose.

    This movie was so boring, so pointless, I couldn't believe JB could be a part of something so incredibly worthless. Which brings me up to my final disappointment, the ending was totally lame. I will not detail it because I do not wish to include any spoilers. I will just say that this movie did NOT get better as it went on, it may have even gotten worse Save your money and your time, this movie is not worth it. ...more info
  • Best movie I have every seen.
    If you like rock, Tenacious D, or Jack Black and his bro's, then this movie will change your life! I've watched it 6 times so rar including the commentaries, and I'm still convinced its a freakin MASTERPIECE! At first it was tied with The Matrix, and Pulp Fiction for my favorite movie of all time, but then I realized I didn't watch either one of those 6 times in a row in 3 days! Its a thing of beauty, I'm tearing up just thinking about it now....more info
  • Snort, Snert, Guffaw
    I knew nothing whatsoever of Tenacious D before I watched this movie. And it did not matter. I laughed until I SCREAMED! The first 2 scenes and the rockoff with "Beelzeboss" are murder! I had to get up and jump up and down to get all the laughter out!...more info
  • good movie for a rock fan
    Good movie lame sometimes but a good movie and the final battle is a master piece....more info
  • A Full-Blown Rock Opera
    The Pick of Destiny is really is a rock opera with some great music and mostly dumb lyrics. KG plays a nasty, self-centered jerk in the first half of the movie. The supposedly successful KG, who relies on handouts from his parents, promises to let JB join his band by tricking him into cleaning his apartment. The "Rock Training" JB gets is one of the highlights in the film. If you enjoy Tenacious D, you'll probably love "The Pick of Destiny", but I wish it had been made about 10 years ago. Better late than never....more info
  • Tenacious D in the Pick Of Destiny
    DVD was entertaining.
    DVD arrived in very timely fashion.
    DVD arrived in excellent condition....more info
    Picked this up with 2 other movies (3 for $20 at Hollywood video) and am so glad I did. I keep it on constant rotation in my DVD player. Seen it about 12 times in a row now. It's great. Everything's pretty much awesome about it. Jack Black is so funny! This movies really brings me back to the mentality I had when I was 14. Love it!...more info
  • The D Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great little movie for D enthusiasts. I feel that if a viewer doesn't "Get the D" they will certainly not like this movie....more info
  • It was ok.
    The cameos from DIO, Meat Loaf, and the story of the pick kept my interest for a little while...but movie got lame after that. Funny to Dave Grohl from Nirvana playing metal.....but not that funny....more info
  • I've seen this movie about 5 times already
    And it rocks my nuts off every time...more info
  • Tenacious D rocks my socks off...but the movie, alas, did not
    I know I will be in the minority here, but I gotta say it. I am a huge Tenacious D fan (I loved the eponymous album, played it a million times until I had memorized nearly every lyric; also own the far superior "Masterworks" DVD, which I can't recommend enough). This movie was just okay...maybe I had really high expectations because of how much I love KG and Jables, also I already owned the soundtrack CD (bought it the first day it was out!) so things like the showdown with the demon (Dave Grohl) didn't hold a lot of surprise value for me. I do like the opening sequence, and parts of the movie, but it just could have been SO much better, given the talent involved. Even watching 10 minutes of the D in concert holds more laughs than 90 minutes of this movie, in my opinion. I do hope they record a second album (I don't think the soundtrack to this movie "counts") which will be incredibly triumphant just like the first album was. Finally, another reviewer stated that this movie features "the best showdown ever" (the D vs. the demon)...go check out the movie "Crossroads" to see an amazing guitar showdown between Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai, you won't be disappointed. I wonder if that may have been a small part of their inspiration here? ...more info
  • Blew my mind
    My boyfriend got this movie for $2 at walmart, and I have to say, i rolled my eyes at first because the movie looked stupid to me. But being a fan of Jack Black and because curiosity got the best of me, I watched the movie. And I have to say... well, the movie is in fact stupid, but it is hilarious too. To summarize, I wouldn't pay full price for this movie or anything, but if you can get it cheap, it is a nice funny movie to watch with friends. i'm glad i watched it....more info
  • Buy the masterworks vol 1 instead
    I love the D. I listened to bootlegs of the HBO series and live shows with my old roommate before they released their first CD. The first CD is awesome. The second is the soundtrack to this terrible movie. Jack Black is hilarious in most movies and Tenacious D totally rock in my opinion, but this movie was horrendous.

    I must confess I am writing a review of the movie I saw in the theater, not the DVD version (I cannot endure the pain of watching it again). The plot was aimless. The ending was stupid. The jokes fell very flat, even the ones that were retreads.

    That is the worst part, most of the almost funny bits were really funny when they did them earlier on the HBO series. So do yourself a favor and buy the masterworks volume 1 DVD which has all of the HBO shows and a live concert with all of their best songs from the first album. They still swear worse than sailors and the jokes are dumb, but they are actually funny dumb, unlike the pick of destiny jokes which are just stupid dumb....more info
  • The greastest motion picture of all time from the greastest band of all time.
    If your even looking at this product then you fall under three groups. The first group know, heard, and love The D. The next group of people like Jack Black. And finnally the last group of people are movie fanatics. I'm saying this because no one really went to see this movie during its release.

    In case you don't know:

    Tenacious D consists of Kyle Gas and Jack Black and they've been rocking now for over a decade. They have been together for a long time and it really shows in their first movie together. Known only in the movie as "KG" and "JB", they share a freindship that shows on screen that could only, in ones mind, refelect in their personal lives as well and music is the catalyst of it all.

    The D's music is great with KG playing lead gutiar and back up vocals and while JB tears down the vocals and back up gutiar. Their music is what you should look foward too. They combine their adult themed lrics with some rocking music and the sound is always fun and energetic and the real reason why they work together.

    The plot of the movie is nothing really speacial. The two, after hooking up look for a pick that was made out of Statan's tooth. The two head out to grab the pick to win an open mic that will pay the rent. The plot isn't anything of a big deal and is mainly there to get to the next muical part or cool segments of random comedy just like the Blues Brothers before it.

    And like the Blues Brothers this movie has the potiental to become a cult classic and deserves the crowd it hopfully gets.
    ...more info
  • The "D" is back!
    im a big fan of the d even since their hbo show.
    but now they're on the big screen. plot-- jb and kg meet and jb thinks that kg is a famous sing, but he finds out he is not and he cant pay his rent, the d then does a gig at a club in hope they can play for a battle of the bands with a cash prize so they can pay the rent. but they figure out they suck, so they learn about a pick made from the devils tooth which gives them awsome musical power. so they are trying to find this pick so they can win the battle of the bands and get the money to pay the rent.
    also with ben stiller, tim robbins.
    this movie is pretty good not as good as the show but i still like this film. great soundtract as well....more info