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Collapsible Trekking Hiking Staff Pole
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Stansport Collapsible Wading Staff features a Cork handle with compass and a Lightweight aluminum shaft. Triple shock corded. Carbide steel tip with removable protector. Adjustable wrist strap with pad. 50 length. Collapses to 10 . Great for fishing, wading, and hiking. Carry pouch included.

  • Great for fishing, wading, and hiking
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum shaft
  • Cork handle with built-in compass on top
  • Triple shock corded
  • Fits in convenient Real Tree APG Camo carry pouch (included)

Customer Reviews:

  • Great trekking stick
    This trekking pole is great for my husband who is elderly. It is light, collapses into a small size so is handy for local walking and long walks on trips. Packs well into a suitcase. Prevents him from falling when walking on uneven ground or where there are holes. Great product for people of all ages who walk or hike....more info
  • stansport trekking hiking pole
    Great for packing as airlines get tough about size of carry-on. Shock cord is strong and adequate. However joints feel loose - shaky. OK for simple balance or scaring off dogs while walking around the neighborhood but would not trust it in really difficult terrain - such as bearing my weight to prevent a fall. The quality is about proportionate compared to the price of expensive poles....more info
  • grand canyon trekker
    Purchased these for a friend who hiked down into the Grand Canyon and back up again, he said he could not have made it without these. Shipping was fast and we were very pleased. Thanks...more info
  • Only fair, but packable
    I bought an expensive collapsable trekking pole to take on a trip to Machupicchu, only to discover that it wouldn't fit into my carry-on suitcase. As it turns out, nearly every one of the expensive collapsable walking sticks - which are supposedly designed for carry-on luggage - are about 1 inch too large for that purpose. Go figure. Plus, many travel sites claim that TSA (the airport security folks) won't let those sticks in the cabin.

    So, I bought this item. It is nicely compact and very easily transported. No problem getting it through TSA. My only complaint is that the connections become a little loose and flimsy. It's just not that sturdy. Then again, it's a trade off between this packable trekking stick and more durable ones that would have to be checked at the airport....more info
  • Collapsing hiking stick
    Good buy, Easy to pack, snaps immediately into use with single release. Easy to collapse and carry in one hand. ...more info
  • For More Than Hiking
    I suffered a spinal cord injury last summer, and it has taken months to regain my footing. With only partial feeling below the waist, balance and gate are shakey at best. I was using a wooden hiking staff, but it was always in the way. This collapsible staff has a removable foot for smooth surfaces and a point for rough terrain. The cork handle is comfortable and the hand strap adds to my stability. Best of all, it folds quickly and fits inside its own case for inside or vehicle times. The little compass on the end may seem silly, but I've actually used it on long rehab walks. Great Product!!!...more info