Chicco DJ Baby Walker Safari
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Product Description

The DJ Baby Walker tray promotes development by allowing child to experiment with music and rhythm. The DJ tray can be easily mounted on Chicco strollers with the included straps. Features a keyboard, drum button, lights, sounds and a rattle. Mobile or piano themes are also available. Baby's safety is protected by the six brake pads to help prevent falls on stairs. Padded seat and rounded lines promote a comfortable ride. Folds flat for easy storage and transportation. Seat liner removes for machine washing. Three adjustable height settings allow you to pick the right one for your baby.Use is recommended for 6 months plus.

Measures 31.5" x 26" x 17.5"

  • DJ tray features keyboard, drum button, lights, sounds, and a rattle
  • Tray can be mounted on Chicco strollers
  • Brake pads to prevent falls on stairs
  • Padded seat and rounded lines for comfort
  • Folds flat
  • Seat liner removable and machine-washable
  • Three adjustable height grows with baby
  • Removable electronic play tray develops senses
  • 3 Seat height adjustments for cusomized ride
  • Folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • 6 brake pads help prevent falls
  • Removable, washable seat pad keeps baby crusing clean!

Customer Reviews:

  • Walker is Great, Musical tray however, not so good
    I was so excited when I got the walker. The walker works great. It has two different height levels to adjust. The musical tray that snaps on however, broke 5 min after I installed it. I was very disappointed. They also don't provide a number to call customer service and the website doesn't help at all either. All in all, I think I should have just bought a regular walker and save me the extra money on the musical tray....more info
  • Awesome Walker
    This walker is so awesome! I got it a few months ago for my 6 months old and she absolutly loves it! The activity center on it keeps her entertained so I'm able to get stuff done! It moves so easily, its height adjustable and the break system on it is great! It even move on the carpet. It was so easy to assemble, no tools required, it only took me about 10 minutes to get it together! I would def recommend this product!...more info
  • Great! Worth every penny
    I bought this for my son in December when he was 4 months..some thought i was crazy for putting him in there so young but he LOVES it..he took about 2 weeks of getting used to how to manuever but once he got the hang of it, he no longer sits still..he needs to always be on the move.
    The walker itself is pretty solid and well built. It folds up nicely for easy storage and transport.
    The rubber breaks on it work pretty well..seems like a change in floors (even about 1/4 inch) seems to trigger the breaking.
    But that being said, i still ALWAYS make sure the basement door is closed/locked before i put him in there and i never leave him in the walker when he's upstairs onthe second floor.
    My first floor is one smooth level of hardwood he the walker rolls smoothly, however it gets stuck on the small area rugs we have. I don't think it would work well on carpeted flooring especially the really plush kind. ...more info
  • Best Walker Of All Time!!
    For moms out there who's searching for a great, great walker, this is a must-buy! My baby started using this walker at around 6 months, and she enjoys the sounds, lights and colors of it. Check out my 3 photos that I uploaded and see how happy my baby is! It is sturdy and lightweight. Color is for both gender, although the splash is kinda hot pink, not red. But it's not that noticeable even if you have a baby boy! It is a bit pricey compared to the other ones, but I'm telling you that it's all worth it! No bulky design for toys. Great sounds and music. My baby's been rockin'! Another great item from chicco! Highly recommended!! ...more info
  • Great Product
    After trying and returning 4 different walkers-I litereally tried every available walker at Target and Babies R Us, I ordered this online from It is the best walker ever. All the other walkers were way too short for my taller than usual son at 95th percentile. He loves the walker, and he loves the music tunes, too. He runs, runs, and then stops to dance to the tune of the music. It's his (and my) favorite walker ever, even after 2 months so far. You can't go wrong with this walker, if you want a walker. It's definitely worth the extra money, and it's the best quality in the market. I am not sure if it helps him to learn how to walk, but it gives him freedom to cruise around by himself, and he's really happy about that.
    Note: Don't expect to use it on the carpet, it's not made to work on the carpet. ...more info
  • Great Walker- not great for tall babies though. . .
    I purchased this walker for my 5 1/2 month old son. I loved it from the moment I pulled it out of the box. The colors are great and the sounds/songs aren't annoying like many of his other toys. He is approx 29.5in with longs legs and we had to put the walker at the tallest setting from day 1. I wish there was just one more setting higher so that he will be able to use it longer. My nephew, who is 10 months and about 30in/26lbs was able to use it with ease because he isn't as "leggy". It's an adorable walker- all around!!! I love the price and features as well! The brakes are great but you still have to keep an eye on them at all times around stairs. They do stop the walker instantly but I don't trust them completely because you just never know. Putting together is a snap as well! I would definitely recommend this walker to everyone! Just needs one additional height adjustment, in my opinion....more info
  • Great Walker!
    We just bought this product for our 7 month old twins. They love it! It's a great size and easy for them to walk around in. They also LOVE the activity center. My only disappointment with this particular design is the areas that look red are really hot pink so it tends to look a little girly. But my boys don't know the difference so I don't mind. ...more info
  • Excellent product, as always Chicco products are high quality and save for our little ones.
    I bought it a little late for my little boy, but acctually he is still playing with it every day. The savety brakes are excellent and don't let him go to undesireable places. The parts went together ease and doens have any risk of injury if you keep a close watch. Don't let you little one by itself, it is too risky.
    But the development is amazing, they learn quickly how to coordinate the movements and acquire speed quickly.
    I do recommend this product, as long as you monitor every where they go....more info
  • fixed back wheels
    I love everything about this walker,i bought chicco because my first 2 kids had one and it was great,the toy tray isn't in babys face like some walkers ect......that being said the rear wheels are fixed so baby can't walk sideways,which is the direction they learn first,then backwards also a problem stearing only goes forward the 'red' on the walker is hot pink.Still really durable walker
    Recomended age 6-11 months not for walking babies or babies that can't sit propped up or have good head control!...more info
  • No problems!
    I love this walker. It has 2 different height settings and a really ALIVE entertainment setting, which also converts into a tray. It has 2 settings on the noise level which helps when you have the "baby screaming" headache. And its very cute. ...more info
  • Best walker available on the world wide web!
    My husbant was against buying a walker at all after we took a trip at Babies'R'Us they were all bulky and heavy and big. So in order to get a walker for my daughter I had to do my homework and shop around for the best walker out there. I checked out all prices and specs and I found it. Chicco's walker is the best priced, the litest, smallest, easiest to maneuver, most fun walker you can get for your child. I strongly reccommend it to any parent. My husband was sold on it, all he had to do was glue a rubber tape(he got at Home Depot) around the bottom edge to keep it from ruining our new base molding in the apartment. ...more info
  • Great Product. Our 8 Month Wont Stay Out Of It
    This product is awesome! Very happy with it and the brakes actually work. they will not even let her go into the other room over the threshold. works well on carpet but even better on the hardwood floor and tile. Would recomend this product and all other Chicco products!!!! ...more info
  • The BEST Walker
    Well done, Chicco! It is kind of expensive for a walker but the quality and thoughtful design are worth it. And seeing my little guy zipping around with a smile on his face the second we put him in it was priceless. :)
    + Smooth ride, very easy for baby to maneuver
    + Height is adjustable; the lowest setting is just right for my average-height 6.5 month old. I'm happy to know it will grow with him.
    + Funky, modern designs; Gender neutral patterns and colors
    + Folds down fairly flat, feels light but sturdy
    + Smooth lines, no ugly toys or gimmicky themes all over it
    + Removable DJ toy tray; clever interface with "real-world" details that my musician husband appreciates, like a joystick, drumpad, jog/shuttle wheel that trigger appropriate sounds/effects
    + Animals sounds, music and scales are fun and not too annoying (yet)
    ~ Colors are slightly less saturated than they appear on screen, but still sunny and pleasant
    ~ My home has all hardwood floors and does not have stairs so I can't speak to the performance on carpeting or efficacy of the safety bumpers.
    ...more info
  • GREAT Walker for those little ones who aren't walking at all yet!
    After researching reviews, we finally decided on this walker because of the great toys we have purchased from Chicco and the features it had. Unfortunetly for us, we purchased it a little too late for our little one! He was 11 months old and walking around with our help. He mainly used the walker like "Fred Flintstone" and would scoot around by picking up his feet. So although we loved the idea of giving our backs a break, once these little ones know that there is more to explore outside the walker, he didn't want anything to do with it. After it sitting around for a month, we are returning it as he is now walking on his own!

    Easy to "steer" for him
    The edge of the seat prevented him from going under the pool table
    Loved the keyboard (outside the walker)
    Nice colors, easy to put together and put away
    *Downfall: Don't know if doctors would "recommend" a walker- something several articles have frown upon... something to think about

    ...more info
  • Great toy for active babies
    My daughter is 5 1/2 month old and loves to stand on her feet all the time. This is the best toy to fit her needs! She smiles, jumps up and down and screams while she's playing in this walker. It's her favorite toy so far....more info
  • Very pleased with Chicco DJ Baby Walker
    We bought this for our daughter a couple of weeks ago - and are very pleased with it. Our daughter is a year old and not crawling, let alone walking, yet (she was diagnosed with low muscle tone at 6 months). Her physical therapist advice us AGAINST putting her in her stationary Exersaucer - and recommended a walker instead. I researched walkers on Consumer Reports - and found that they had not reviwed many of them. I chose this particular walker because of the lack of any negative reviews on My daughter took to the walker right away and quickly became adept at manuveuring it - and is very clearly strengthing her leg muscles. She enjoys all of the onboard entertainment that is built into the walker - although we typically turn those off so that she can concentrate on exploring her surroundings instead. I have just ordered another of these walkers for her to use at her daycare, upon the recommendation of her physical therapist....more info
  • Already Broke
    This is by far one of the finer walkers I have seen. I made the rounds to Target, Wal-Mart ect, and they all seemed a bit flimsy and cheaply made. This product is very sturdy and allows my son to turn on a dime. The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is because the center flip toy quit generating noise when he flips it back and forth. I dont mind that much as everything seems to be noise activated anymore but for those who want the noise at every flip, turn, push of a button, be ware. Overall, very well done, very solid, good soft colors, brake pads on all 4 sides, very easy to fold up and take with as we dads seem to bring it all except the kitchen sink. If your looking for a walker, get this one and quit running all over comparing and looking. You wont be disapointed....more info
  • Love it!
    My daughter London loves her walker. She moves around nicely on our tile floor, doesn't move well on carpet though. She also enjoys playing the keyboard on it. I would definetly recommend this item! ...more info
  • My baby loves this walker!
    We searched online for a few days to find the right walker for our 9 month old daughter. I read the reviews on this one and even though it was a little more than I wanted to spend, it looked like the best one. Boy were we right! We have a laminate floored kitchen and front room and she zooms all over both in this! The toy tray is so much fun and it comes off so that I can put finger foods on there for her too. The brakes work great and stop her from changing surfaces so she can't get near the stairs! We are first time parents and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a walker!...more info
  • Very Nice Walker and Has a Great Music Toy
    The Chicco DJ Baby Walker arrived fully assembled, in the folded position, so it was really easy to put together. Since the walker can collapse, it makes it easy to store in when not in use. The electronic musical toy that is in the tray area is fanstastic! You can switch it from playing musical notes to animal sounds to common children's melodies. It also has two sounds volume levels, an on/off stitch and it is detachable from the walker itself.

    So here is the only downside for us - this walker is for babies 6 months and up (who can sit up on their own) and can accomodate a weight up to to 26 lbs. We bought this for when our four-month old is big enough to sit up on his own and then can use the walker. HOWEVER, we have a big 4-month old who is already 22 lbs. and is wearing nine month old clothing. We tried sitting him in the walker the other day just to try it out and his chubby thighs are already starting to get too tight in the seat/leg holes of the walker.

    Therefore, I would highly recommend that if you have a bigger-size baby, take him/her to a children's store that sells the walker to see if they will fit in it. Other than this one item, it is a very nice baby walker for the price. We checked around and had the best price for the Chicco DJ Baby Walker in Splash....more info
  • Chicco DJ Baby Walker in Splash
    This walker is perfect for our 5-month-old granddaughter. She is a little too short for it at the moment, but a pillow placed underneath on the floor lets her flex her legs and try to stand. She loves the lively music, animal sounds, percussion sounds, colored lights, etc. This is one product that has pleasant sounds - nothing irritating at all! The Chicco removable DJ tray only requires a very light baby touch for the sounds and lights to function, whereas on other equipment, such as Baby Einstein, it requires much more effort. I actually purchased one for our house and one for our daughter's house - that's how great this product is!! A+++++ product; great colors, incredibly easy to fold up and store; it's just the best walker out there!...more info
  • WE LOVE IT!!!!
    We bought this walker for my baby girl and she really likes it. It's not heavy and I can take with me everywhere. I love the colors and the quality has been great....more info
    My little one loves this walker- has opened up her world ! Easy to assemble and fold down to put in car when we go to friends' houses. Great mix of music, good songs, some classical...keyboard has animal noises- cat, dog, cow, bird, duck etc...she loves flipping the book. I bought the Fisher Price jumperoo and although she likes that too she spends much more time in the walker chasing the cat and exploring the house. Quality item...I would recommend it highly....more info
  • My Niece loves this walker.
    I purchased this walker for my niece to keep her occupied throughout the day and she absolutely loves it. It has an entertaining console and she zips through the house like a pro. It's very sturdy and durable. It can be adjusted to different height levels. I love it and she loves it. Good for boys and girls. Great buy!...more info
  • Excellent choice in baby walker!
    I bought this for my 6 mos. old daughter. She loves it and is all smiles as she is able to explore the house! It took about 10 minutes to put together, seems very sturdy, and the brake pads on the bottom stop the walker if one of the wheels hits a different surface (this would prevent walker from falling down a step). The colors include pink, majenta, pale green and blue. Her feet reach the ground on the lowest setting (she's just over 26 inches tall). The activities on it are great and volume can be adjusted or can be turned off. Worth the extra cost and super fast and free shipping with Amazon!...more info
  • Surprisingly great!
    I was not entirely convinced that a walker was the best thing for my son, but he really wants to be standing all the time and can't do it on his own. My arms were getting REALLY tired, so I broke down and got this walker despite all the anti-walker propaganda out there.
    It was relatively easy to put together: it took about ten or fifteen minutes, and it involved no outside tools (except for the battery cover)! The toy on it was an immediate hit -- we ordered the DJ one, which really is a lot like a baby's version of a DJ's mixer. It is a little loud (as said in PPs), but I took the suggestion and covered the speaker holes with some tape. Now it's perfect! My son loves the book, keyboard, drum pad, and "speed knob" -- and he even likes the walker without the toy.
    We have wood floors, so he glides around with no problem. I've taken him out in the hall of our condo where there is a very short-nap carpet, and it is a lot harder for him to get moving, but he can still do it. If we had carpet inside I would probably just remove the safety bumpers, since we are on one floor and don't really have anything that they'd save him from anyway.
    It is incredibly stable; I've never had it collapse on me (unless I was making it fold up of course), and it doesn't do any of the funny "catch on one side but not the other" business that I hear about from a lot of other walker owners.
    It is also widely adjustable: it can be set wherever you decide, not just a couple of specific settings. That way your little one never has to walk with knees extra-bent or on tippy-toes.
    My son had a little trouble getting used to the fixed wheels in the back (only the front ones swivel), but it only took him a week. I planned to replace them with office chair wheels (stuck in the bumper holes near the original wheels' place - they'll fit) if he didn't get it right away.
    Again, I have to say how surprised I am to feel so confident in a product that as a category made me a little nervous. Chicco appears to make one of the few reliable walkers left on the market. It's a little more money, but I say it is definitely worth it....more info
  • Great walker, GREAT customer service
    This walker is great--my six month old baby loves cruising around in it. She is one of those constant movers so really doesn't like to be in her stationary play center that much. She loves this walker and her big sister loves to push her around in it as well. Unfortunately we encountered a problem with the play tray and the buttons getting stuck and then it just stopped working. I called chicco and they took my name and address and sent one out no questions asked, not even how long have I had it or anything, just "we'll send one out right away." All customer service should be that way! This makes me want to buy every product Chicco has to offer--unfortunately we are not that wealthy ;) But I will definitely check to see if Chicco makes it when I need something new for my baby. ...more info
  • Good quality and look
    my 6 month son liked it and enjoys it. We use it 2-3 times a day for not more than 30 mins at a time and he is happy in it. I am pleased with purchase...more info
  • great product
    My baby is only 5 months old and she really likes the walker. She can spend a long time in it without getting bored and she's quite mobile after playing with the walker for only a couple of weeks....more info